HUSBAND: Baptist Smedley[1]
    Chr: 31 Jul 1609        Wilne, Sawley, Derbyshire, England
   Marr: 27 Mar 1645        Concord, Massachusetts
   Died: 16 Aug 1675        Concord, Massachusetts
 Father: Francis Smedley
 Mother: Ellen

WIFE: Katherine[2] Born: circa 1614 Other h: 1645: Robert Shorthose
1| Name: Samuel Smedley[3] M| Born: 27 Mar 1646 Concord, Massachusetts[4] | Marr: 11 Jul 1667 Concord, Massachusetts | To: Hannah Wheeler[5] | Died: 2 Aug 1675 Quaboag, Massachusetts[6]
2| Name: Mary Smedley[3] F| Born: 7 Jun 1648 Concord, Massachusetts[4] | Marr: 11 Dec 1667 Concord, Massachusetts | To: Isaac Shepherd[2] | Marr: 2 Jun 1676 Concord, Massachusetts | To: Nathaniel Jewell[2]
3| Name: James Smedley[3] M| Born: circa 1650 Concord, Massachusetts | Marr: 4 Dec 1671 Concord, Massachusetts | To: Mary Barrett | Died: 18 Jul 1717
[1]John B. Threlfall, English Origins of the Smedley Brothers of Concord, Mass., NEHGR, Vol. CXXXIX, January 1985, in custody of the Waco-McClennan County Library, Waco, Texas Cites parish records of Wilne, Sawley, Derbyshire, England. [2]Gerald Faulkner Shepard, The_Shepard Families of New_England, (New Haven, CT: The New Haven Colony Historical Society, 1971) [3]James Savage, A Genealogical Dictionary, of the First Settlers of New England , (Baltimore, MD: GPC, 1969), in the custody of the Waco-McClennan County Library, Waco, Texas. [4]LDS Ancestral File, August 1993, in custody of the Dallas Public Library, Dallas, Texas. [5]Clarence Almon Torrey, New England Marriages Prior to_1700, (Baltimore, MD: GPC, 1985), in custody of the Waco-McClennan County Library, Waco, Texas. [6]Killed by indians.
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