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Second Chance
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History Of Second Chance For Greyhounds

Second Chance for Greyhounds was founded by Helen Banks in 1986 in Bonita Springs Florida. Helen is a pioneer in greyhound rescues and an animal lover in the purest sense. Prior to her days of greyhound rescue she rescued retired race horses and even has a story to tell of physically placing herself between baby harp seals and the eminent clubs of death. Helen originally worked at the Naples/Fort Meyers Greyhound Track parading dogs down the field to the starting gate. She knew even then that these were a special breed of dog but it wasn't until she mistakenly walked through a wrong door at a veterinary clinic and found a stack of dead greyhounds that she became aware of her mission in life. Helen was told by the vet that this was the typical end to a brief career as a racing greyhound. With that knowledge and the help of the receptionist at the clinic, Helen stole the last 3 greyhounds left at the clinic and took them home to place with friends she trusted. Since then, she has placed over 6,000 greyhounds across the country and into Canada and Europe. Seven years ago, Jane Bolen of Grand Rapids met Helen in Florida while on vacation and took home her first greyhound, Colonel North (a.k.a. Ollie). From there, Jane and two friends, Gall Ayres-Roderick and Becky Reamon-Eddy got involved with Helen by showing the people of Michigan what wonderful pets greyhounds do make. In those seven years Second Chance for Greyhounds has placed approximately 400 greyhounds in our state, become a registered non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Michigan, developed a Board of Directors and we now have representatives in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Holland, Lansing, Battle Creek, and Detroit.


The mission of Second Chance for Greyhounds is to rescue as many retired racing greyhounds as possible and place them in responsible,loving homes as pets. Our mission is accomplished through public awareness, promotion and education.

Facts About Second Chance For Greyhounds,Inc.

Second Chance for Greyhounds was founded by Helen Banks in Bonita Springs, Florida in 1986.

Second Chance for Greyhounds of Michgan (SCfG) was started in 1990 by Jane Bolen, GailAyres-Roderick and Becky Reamon-Eddy in Grand Rapids.

SCfG now has satellite offices in Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Battle Creek and, most recently, Detroit.

We have a high-quality, stable supply of adoptable Greyhounds from Helen Banks. When Ms. Banks gets overloaded at her facility we fly dogs up to Michigan and put them into our foster network.

We also occasionally participate in mass rescues when needed from shut down racetracks and training facilities. We are called upon to do this by the ASPCA and the Greyhound Protection League.

SCfG has placed approximately 400 greyhounds in Michigan and a few in Minnesota,Illinois, Ohio and Indiana.

SCfG is incorporated in the state of Michigan and is federally-designated non-profit with a 501(c)3 status. All donations are tax-deductible.

SCfG's operation is volunteer-driven. Its Board of Directors receives no compensation.

SCfG receives no tax dollars. 60% of our annual budget is generated by adotion fees. The remainder is provided through merchandise sales and private donations.

SCfG is a retired racing greyhound welfare organization, not an animal rights organization.It does not take part of political actions or legislation.

All persons interested in adopting a racing greyhound through SCfG must be approved by application and interview with a SCfG representative. Final approval is made by a Board Member.

All greyhounds placed by SCfG must be neutered, vaccinated, teeth cleaned and heartworm tested prior to placement.

Our organization has a very liberal return policy if an adoption does not work out or if a family's living situation changes. This includes removal and/or replacement of the dog and possible refunds when appropriate.

SCfG adopts only to homeowners or renters who obtain permission of the property owner or landlord. Additionally, all adults in the perspective home must agree to the adoption and SCfG does not adopt pets who will be given as gifts unbeknownst to the receiver.

SCfG provides ongoing support through placement follow-up, social activities, an annual reunion and a quarterly newsletter.

Second Chance for Greyhounds

Sources For Greyhounds

Ft. Meyers/Naples Greyhound Race Track - This racetrack has 18 privately-owned kennels on-site and is our most stable, consistent source for adoptable greyhounds. Helen Banks has spent ten years developing rapport with several trainers at this track and knows specifically which trainers/operators best maintain their dogs. These dogs are usually well socialized, well-fed and well-cared for. It should also be noted that this track truly is a greyhound's last stop - being a lower grade/slower track, dog's have been graded down to this track and from there it is retirement, research or death. Mass rescues from other tracks - From time to time in the past we have been contacted by the Greyhound Protection League, American Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) or other greyhound rescue organizations to pitch in and save greyhounds in mass when the need arises. Such cases are caused from seasonal track closings, kennel abandonments, or permanent track shut-downs. When involved with these types of rescues, we understand the possibility of receiving less-healthy dogs or dogs that may be skittish or shy. That's okay we're still saving a life and these dogs bounce back quickly. It has always been a very positive experience when we've been involved in mass rescues because everyone walks away feeling good about what we've done. The down-side to mass rescues is usually the short notice we receive and the pressure to locate many foster homes and permanent homes quickly. Unwanted/stray greyhounds - Now that we are becoming well-known in southwest Michigan, we receive plenty of calls from area Humane Societies, animal control facilities, or just people who have adopted a dog from a racetrack and no longer want or are able to keep the greyhound. We never turn a greyhound away unless the dog is proven to be unadoptable for aggression reasons. We immediately have the dogs spayed/neutered if not already done and have the usual vet workup done, then it's off to a foster home. In some cases, a dog may have been hit by a car in which case the dog is treated by Dr. Jim Bader of Holland and kept there for observation prior to going to a permanent or foster home. Returned Dogs - Sometimes an adoption simply doesn't work out, no matter how much thought has gone into it. If, for whatever reason, an adoption doesn't work we always take a dog back and our contract states just that. We have a very liberal return policy and each return is considered separately as to whether the adopter will receive a refund or not.

There are Many Reasons Why These Beautiful,Graceful and Dignified Purebred Animals Make Excellent Pets. Here are a Few:

1. Greyhounds are extremely affectionate,well behaved and intelligent.
2. They are easy to train and discipline.
3. They shed very little and are very clean dogs with little or no odor.
4. They don't bark continuously.
5. They are terrific travelers by car, boat or plane.
6. They make excellent "second dogs" if you already have a pet.
7. Most of the dogs are young ,between two and three years old,with an average life expectancy of twelve to fourteen years.

These are general statements. Please remember that all dogs have individual personalities.

"Make A Fast Friend. Adopt A Greyhound."

Helen Banks and a few GREYTFUL Friends.

Things To Consider...

1. Retired Racing Greyhounds are given as house pets only! They cannot be kept as outside pets.
2 In order to relieve itself, a greyhound must be walked on a leash at least 4 times a day unless you have a properly fenced dog yard.
3. Never use a tie-out or chain on a greyhound; they will either slip their collar and escape or bound after a moving object and seriously injure themselves. Greyhounds reach speeds of up to 40 mph quickly and can break their necks on a tie-out chain.
4. The cost of adoption is the cost of the veterinary bill for a complete physical, neutering, shots, teeth-cleaning, heartworm protection, other health related items and transportation expenses (if necessary), which includes leash, collar and muzzle.

Required Reading:

Adopting the Racing Greyhound
by Cynthia A. Branigan,Howell Books.
Copies are available through
Second Chance For Greyhounds,Inc.,
bookstores and many local pet stores.

If you are interested in adopting a Greyhound,
you can meet one (or more)
by calling one of the following:

Joanne Conners (Vicksburg) 616-353-9149

Kim Edwards (GrandRapids)616-248-2975

Tim Fishell (Lansing) 517-484-8614

Lynda Hegg (Holland) 616-335-8725

Donna Lakin (Kalamazoo) 616-349-5104

Harold Laird (Battle Creek) 616-963-0885

Debbie Driscoll (Detroit) 810-645-9566

Second Chance for Greyhounds of Michigan
A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
your gifts are tax deductible.

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