This page contains people involved with the SPURLOCK surname.  Just click on the listed individual to see a report concerning them.

Charles Spurlock    born:  1717
                                 married: Elizabeth Unknown

David Spurlock       born:  1763 in Montgomery, Virginia
                                 died:  1864 in Lawrence County Arkansas
                                 married: Susan Hancock about 1804

John Spurlock         born:  About 1734
                                 married:  Mary Harbour about 1758 in North Carolina

Jonathan Spurlock  born: 1670 in Ireland   died:  1724 in New Kent County, VA

Robert Spurlock     born:  February 1816 in Floyd County, Kentucky
                                 died:  After 1870 in Arkansas
                                 married:  Serena Simpson about 1844

Susannah Spurlock    born:    1690

Susan F. Spurlock   born:  October 1850 in Sharp Co Arkansas
                                 died:   1910 in Portia Arkansas
                                 married:  William Benjamin Stalnaker about 1864

William Spurlock    born:  1686
                                married:  Anne Toney June 15, 1709 at St. Peter Parish in New Kent Co, VA