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Goldmint Winter Rose will be mated to Pino vom Drei Birkenzwinger Gmy Sch h3 IP3 Kkl1 V a Z

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Johny and my daughter Rachael when they were both alot younger

However Johny has not given up on trying to be a lap dog, he still insists on sitting on my visitors and sleeping on my bed!

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Our guys have loads of character and expression. Mana is out of Goldmint Winter Rose (Josie) and is very typical of her boys. 


All my dogs are linebred on A/Ch Prima Zorba Excelent Select.

It is my belief that German Shepherds should be able to show good male and female sex characteristics, whilst having the benefit of good structure, soundness and most importantly of all sound character.

Many of the dogs on this site have proven themselves in both the show and obedience arena. 

They have also proven themselves to be reliable family pets who have become much loved members of many families.


This web ring has been created for the free use of breeders and GSD enthusiasts from around the world. 

Please don't forget to sign the guest book.

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Looking for an interesting German Shepherd dog site that has lots of relevant information



General Interest!

If you have an article of interest and would like other enthusiasts to read it send it to me and I will place it here in this section.

Proudly standing at stud Seigen Kennels

Pino vom Drei Birkenzwinger Gmy Sch h3 IP3 Kkl1 V a Z


Proudly standing at stud Iccara Kennels

Ravdansenís Orvar Kkl1a Z Exc Select  H neg

(Imp Sweden)

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If you have an interesting article on bloodlines "Please" send it to me! More education is needed on bloodlines virtues and faults.  Click here

Goldmint Kennels breeds for type and strength

Goldmint Israeli Hero

State Breed Junior Sieger 2000

After recovering from a shoulder injury Johny will be returning to the ring, hopefully to continue his career.

Goldmint Super Impose

Top Junior dog for WA 1999

Goldmint Final Fury

Top Intermediate dog for WA 2000

All my boys have made me proud



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 Goldmint Puppy buyers showcase

Goldmint Christmas Knight aged 18months

Mana is proudly owned Mat and Elicia Pearsonson

Keira aged 3 1/2 months




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Sam aged 6 months