My KACY page #1
Kacy arived at our home in December of "94".
At first she belonged to our daughter, Kelly.
When Kelly went of to collage in September of
"95", we adopted Kacy.

At age 5, she still thinks she is a kitten.
Kacy is the pur-fict cat for someone who has
always own dogs. And has in time, become more
then part of our lives, she has taken over our

Kacy keeps our home bug free. She loves to
hunt in the basement for her friends. We call
them "Mooses". When she is not on a hunt, she
plays with her toy mouse, which is on a long
string, attached to our pantry door in the

Below is my Kacy . . . . .

Kacy is a . . . .
Kacy sits in her window
while the neighborhood
cats sarenade her.
Kacy turns upside down
with every new visitor
to her domain.
Trish, a Very Special Web Friend
sent me a Play Mate for Kacy
on September 16th, 1999
Her name is
"Little Moose"

Thank You So Much Trish for
Little Moose, I will charish
her Always.

Kitty Hugs & Kisses to you Trish
From Your Web Friend - Mrs. BJ Bunny
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My friend, Patty, sent Kacy this cute card.