My DBunny Awards pg #1
People Sometimes Touch Our Lives

People sometimes touch out lives
in such a special way.
And since you've done just that for me,
The time has come to say
That I admire you so much for all
That you have done.

You've given me such strength & hope,
When I thought there was none.
I know that God put angels in our lives
From time to time.
And I just wanted you to know
that I think you are mine!

Author Unknown
From The DeCottontail Bunny 10/3/99
On 10/5/99, my 1st week of fighting,
I received -----
The DBunny Super Spirit Page Award.

-Thank you so much DBunnies Staff -
You made me so proud & happy to be
a part of The DBunnies Team.

Hugs & Kisses - Mrs. BJ Bunny
DBunnies Garden Raider's
Mini Team Shout Award
10/4/99 - 10/10/99
10/11/99 - 10/17/99
10/18/99 - 10/24/99
10/25/99 - 10/31/99
11/1/99 - 11/7/99

On 10/10/99 - Thank Every One
Without each & every one of you
this prestedious award could not
have been presented to me.
On 10/18/99 - Once again my
Friends & Supporters came threw.
I'm on my way to the DBunnies
Rabbit Den - Thank You Every One
for making this All possible.
On 10/25/99 - My Supporters, Bless Them All -
I can't believe it - I'm on my way to The Warzone
Truly I thank every one for making this possible.
On 11/7/99 - My Supporters
- Helped me become a Finalist
in The DMan Dome - Thank You
On 10/31/99 - My Supporters
did it again - I'm on my way
To The DMan Dome - Thank You
On 11/15/99, After a week on Hold,
I started fighting again. I'm back in
the DBunny's Woods #2 - And with
the help & support of my Friends,
I hope to make it to the DMan Done
again. All My Love - Mrs. BJ Bunny
"The Garden Raiders shout with all their might!
Shouting for the DaBunnies in the fight!
We'll shout it out from the Fields, Woods and Den!
The Garden Raiders have the spirit that never ends!
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October 16th, 1999 I was released from The DBunnies Funny Farm.
That was a awefull week for me. No one wants to go there for any reason. Thank You friends for helping me get out. I promise to be a very, very good DBunny from now on.
Bunny Hugs & Bunny Kisses - Mrs. BJ Bunny