In Loving Memory of Casey Nicole

God gave her to you
for just awhile
To hold her close
and enjoy her smile
But she was special
oh so dear
He took her back
to have her near
The other angels understand
she was to good to walk this land
She knows you love her
with all your heart
How hard it was
for you to part
And you will see her
once again
Up in heaven
where angels reign
Be happy for the time you had
she'd want you smiling
and not so sad
Its the hardest thing
for you to do
But go on with her memory
to see you through
And know one day
you will again
Be with your baby
in God's great heaven
In Loving Memory  
We Hold You In Our Hearts
Mom, Dad and Courtney

Missy is Moms nickname for Casey
 The above poem was written by peachie, a friend from the irc



March 17, 2000
I miss you my little one. Today I relive the loss of you two years ago. I remember things from that day...some a blur...other memories still so clear like it was yesterday. I thought it would be alot easier this is some...but not like i had envisioned. For the last few weeks I've found myself searching out babies...babies car carriers....I look for them. Maybe I'm still searching for you...I don't know. I'm last year...but the "cut" of it all isn't as deep. I can thank God that i have the good memories of you. I close my eyes and can see you still my arms...with bright blue eyes...a happy baby...and oh so beautiful. You were such a gorgeous baby Casey. I'm thankful that i have your sister Courtney, she is such a great kid.....and growing now into a wonderful.....pretty young lady. I'm so proud of her....and lucky to have her in my life to love. Today we are having a little gathering here at home in memory of you. Our family and friends will all be together to honor your precious life no matter how short of a time you were with us. I appreciate their love and unfailing support so much. Without them I couldn't of survived.  Casey I still hurt. still miss you. still ache for you at times. I know you can feel my love no matter how far your soul is away from me. Heaven can't even stop it. I cherish the memory of you. the good times....much more so than the remembrance of St. Patty's day two years ago when you had to go away from me.  Time will not diminish my love for you....nor will it take away my precious memories of your life when I held you in my arms. God i miss you so.  STILL.
I'll love you for always my sweet Casey.
Hugs and Kisses
Your Mommy.


A butterfly flutters by beautiful and free

Sharing it's splendor where ever it  may be
My eyes enjoy the pleasure
Of God's most fleeting treasure
I care not now to chase it's  flight
My world today not very bright
A mournful tear falls from my eye
A friend has had to say  good-bye
to her most precious Butterfly
I can not think, I can not say
The utter grief stands in the  way
I look to the Heavens for understanding
What purpose can there be?
To bring into this world  such love and joy
only to take her back to thee?
Again I see a butterfly beautiful and free 



Our Dearest Casey

               You left so quickly, Little One. I didnít get a time to say goodbye.  I've missed you in the last eight months. You were here for such a short while. I still have some hugs and kisses for you, and I wasn't done holding you. I wanted to give you more baths. And I would've liked to have been with you when you picked your first flower for Mommy or the first time you held your sisters' hand to cross the street. So many places, so many things we will miss with you.

               I was angry when you first went away. I felt as you had been jerked away from me. I didnít like you leaving. But Casey how could I not want you where you are today. Why, you're with the One who loves all the little ones. You have the most beautiful flowers, trees and greenest grass.

               You'll never know about the bumps and bruises here on earth. And when you need a hug and held for a little while You just climb up in His lap and He'll rock you ....just you. See, your Grand Ma knows Jesus has a rocker. Someone told me.

               So, Little One someday I'll see you, Iíll reach out to you and give you all the hugs and kisses that are yours.

                                                  Love You Casey,

                                                                GrandMa Sue



Tonight my heart is so heavy;
 It hasnít got any easier. 
The load no lighter; 
The pain still there.
My thoughts turn to the night  November 16th 1997
So hard to see you in pain of child bearing labor.
Wish I could take the pain unto myself.
But the pain you feel today is much greater I think;
I can't bear it for you Toni;
Wish I could but you see,
I have my own to bear.
You lost your baby girl
I lost my youngest Grand child.
We never know all the answers
And could we bear it if we did?
God in His knowing ways; He knows whatís best for all.
The past year has been a storm to you;
Some times the winds and waves so high,
They drown out all reasoning.
But the Old Lighthouse
Still shines His Light around you
That Light will guide you into port.
When the night is so dark;
Just look for the Light;
It will guide you safely in from the storms.
Everything will be all right
It may be rough getting there,
But you'll be ok.
May God touch and heal our broken hearts.
Love you Toni,



March 15, 2000

 This Friday it will be the second anniversary of you losing Casey. In the year and I have that I have gotten to know you I realize the best thing I can do is to support you in anyway I can. I understand how hard it has been for you to lose your daughter. I also realize that no matter what that you will never forget about Casey. She was, is and always will be a big part of your life and who you are.

 I wish I had the opportunity to meet Casey. But unfortunately I will not get that chance. I know that every time I look at her web page it brings a tear to my eye. That is because I know how much that your daughter means to you.

Last year you had asked me to come down for Caseyís memorial but unfortunately because of work reasons I could not. This year fortunately I will be able to be there for you to be able to support you. Being in Columbus this weekend is very important to me.  I want to be there for you so very much.

Toni, I am very proud of you. It takes a very strong person to come back after losing a child the way you have. The last two years unfortunately has been really tough on you. I want you to know that I will always be here for you and that I donít ever expect you to forget about Casey. She is very important to you. Please remember that if you ever need someone, I am always here for you.

Love Always,




In Honor Of SIDS Parents

Healing does the quiet times....the quiet moments....the tears shed in private ....the heartache that arises in little reminder
pains.....of the baby lost..... it is all movement towards mending of a
broken heart. The Healing makes a scar that will always be there. With time the scar will fade some...but it will always be there. We are forever
changed within our soul for this horrible loss of the child we loved with
all of our being. Yet among this tragedy.....despite our heart that still
aches.....there is a strength...a rise above the make a difference a life that honors the baby that is now gone from our arms. An inner strength that we draw from.....because we have been to hell and back and have survived. We are different ...forever changed....but still standing...pressing forward......and with time we will really "live" again.
H is for the Healing..
O is for the precious little One we miss from our lives
P is for the passing of time....a natural healer
E is for everyone out there that has lost a baby to SIDS...YOU are not alone....
there is HOPE.

Casey's Mommy



This picture was drawn by Casey's 
Press on the picture to see a larger version
8 year old sister Courtney.
Click on the picture to get a full view.


A poem for Casey, written by malea

Remembering God's  Children

Casey's Photo Album

Toni's Open Letter
To friends at #30+truth chat channel on the irc undernet, and to
coworkers at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus Ohio

Courtney's Easter Letter to Mom

The following are letters written from Toni to Casey Nicole
Casey would have been one year old on Monday (11/16/98)
March 17, 1999 marks the one year anniversary of Casey's Death

That it will never come again, is what makes life so sweet.
-Emily Dickinson

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  Casey will live on through the gift of life.  
Casey's heart valves were donated so that someone else could live.

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