Momma’s People

These are the major family lines of my mother.



Our ancestor James Bartlett was born most likely born in South or North Carolina. He had sons Wiley, Buck, Miles, and Samuel Duncan Bartlett. Samuel Duncan Bartlett was born between 1785 and 1805 in North or South Carolina. He married Nancy Martha Buie (a daughter of Hector Buie of Cumberland County, North Carolina) on September 1, 1825 in Hancock County, Georgia. Family Bible records state that Nancy was a Creek Indian, however other documents proclaim that she was Cherokee. The couple was in Jackson County, Florida living next door to Nancy's father Hector where Charity, one of the eldest girls, was born in about 1827. Samuel and Nancy’s other children include Martha, Betsey, Samuel Duncan Jr., Thomas, Mary Jane, Archibald Buie, and James. The growing family later moved to Dale County, Alabama. Finally, the family settled near the Burnt Corn Community in Monroe County, Alabama. Some allied families: Blackwell, Kirksey, Snellgrove, and Straughn. Please check out the Bartlett Family Research Page listed on my links page for a whole lot more on this Bartlett family and many other Bartlett lines in the United States.



John Crutchfield was born in North Carolina around 1794. It is thought that he married (1) Sarah Statham and (2) Mary (maiden name not documented, but thought to be Jackson). By his first wife John had children Meredith (married Sarah Ware), Thomas Jefferson (married Jane Noblin), John (married Rachel Beauchamp), and Sarah, all of whom where born in Georgia. John's second wife bore him three sons: William Jackson (married Charity Mariah Boutwell), Phillip Madison (married Sadie E. Beasly), and Richard Bryant (married Mary Frances Bell). The three Crutchfield brothers were also born in Georgia. By 1850 John, Mary, and their three sons were living in Holmes County, Florida. Reportedly, John died in 1856 in Black, Alabama. Mary and her sons relocated to Conecuh County, Alabama settling near the present day community of Range by 1860.


Thomas Hinson was born in Georgia around 1805. He married Emiline Peavy, who was a daughter of Rev. Joshua Peavy (b. about 1785 in North Carolina). Together Thomas and Emma had about 15 children. They had only three male children: Joshua L., John W., and Thomas Jefferson. The Hinson name can be found in records of Monroe County, Alabama and several surrounding counties as early as 1816. Some allied families: Bartlett, Bell, Boutwell, and Watson.



Thomas McDonald was born in South Carolina in December of 1828. Family legend tells that he was a music teacher. He was in Monroe County, Alabama by 1859 with his younger sister Henrietta. He married Mary Susan Watson on July 28, 1859 at the home of her father, Josiah Randle Watson in Monroe County, Alabama. Thomas moved his family to Neshoba County, Mississippi after the Civil War. He was in Mississippi by 1870 for census records state that his son, Thomas Jefferson McDonald, was born there that year. Other children include: George McDonald (married Ida Morris), Mary McDonald (married Thomas Watson), Sarah Ann Elizabeth McDonald (married John Franklin Watson), Rebecca McDonald (married George Sawyer), John McDonald (married Delunah Williams), Daisy McDonald (married Willis Brooks), Minnie McDonald (married George Brooks) and Clinton McDonald. Thomas moved back to the Monroe County area by 1878. He is buried in the Watson Cemetery, which is also the final resting place of his wife and much of her family.



I’ve really been lucky in finding connections in this line. Richard Ratcliff, the immigrant, is the first ancestor of this line to step foot in America. See the link to the Samuel Ratcliff Family Homepage to find out more about this line. Samuel Ratcliff (a descendant of the Samuel whose name is in the title of the mentioned web page) was born about 1805 in Kershaw County, South Carolina. Present day research places Samuel as a great-great-grandson of Richard. He married first Narcissa Marshall and was in Mississippi by 1840. He later settled near Willow, Dallas County, Arkansas, where momma’s daddy was born. Samuel married second to Permelia Emiline Key on September 3, 1849 in Dallas County, Arkansas. She was a daughter of Thomas Key and Sarah R. Jones. Two known children came of Samuel’s second marriage: Marcus Lafayette Ratcliff and Narcissus Ratcliff. Some allied families: Fite, Porter, Pritchard, Swanner, and Watts.



Thomas Watson (b. October 18, 1764) was most likely an immigrant of English descent. He married Susanna Zachry on April 13, 1786, most likely in Columbia County, Georgia. Susanna was a daughter of Peter Zachry and Mary Burton of Caroline County, Virginia. After Susanna’s death in 1815, Thomas married second Mrs. Ann Dunham and left Columbia County, Georgia for Monroe County, Alabama where he established a prosperous plantation. He died in Monroe County on June 9, 1834. Male children named in the will and estate papers include George Watson (b. July 12, 1795) Josiah Randle Watson (b. March 14, 1809), and Peter Watson (b. April 2, 1793). Other children of Thomas and Susanna Watson, as listed in the family Bible that was shared jointly between Thomas Watson and his father-in-law, include Polly Watson (b. April 28, 1787), Sarah Watson (b. May 2, 1789), Rebecca Watson (b. March 17, 1791), Elizabeth Watson (b. July 12, 1795), Susanna Watson (b. August 14, 1797), Ann Watson (b. July 10, 1799), Thomas Watson (b. August 18, 1801), Martha Watson (b. December 29, 1803), John Ivy Watson (b. July 27, 1806), and Daniel Grant Watson (b. January 14, 1811). Some allied families: Armstrong, Blackstone, Dees, and Pritchett.