In Loving Memory of

Carrie Ann Plumley

October 22, 1977 - August 21, 1994

Dear Carrie Ann, 

Well, baby, it is still so very hard to believe you are really gone. But we know it's true. We sat in a church along with almost 500 other people and watched a beautiful tribute to our beautiful daughter. We had never seen so many flowers in one place as we did that day, and we had never seen so many tears flowing inside one building. Everyone cried for you that day, Carrie. Even the preacher, your friend Billy Rowe, later told us that he was so moved he didn't know if his legs would carry him to the pulpit. We expected it to be an emotional day for our family, but you would not believe the emotion displayed by all of your friends...and their parents also. You really are special, Carrie...that day really proved it.

We have worked hard to keep your memory alive. There have been articles, poems, and even a song published in your memory. But as time passed, we wondered what else we could do. Now, through The Compassionate Friends, a wonderful organization, we have met Wayne and Jayne Newton, bereaved parents themselves. With their help, we were able to create this memorial which we dedicate to you with all the love in the universe. We miss you Sweet Pea and we look towards that day when we will all be reunited. As for the memorial itself, as you always told us - "Hope ya love it!!"


Mom and Dad

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