In Loving Memory

Mu Paranhos
Nov 14, 1978

June 19, 1998

Kristi Leigh Ziegler
June 10, 1979

    Kristi and Mu were in Brazil when they passed away together. The cause was a malfunctioning gas heater.

    I miss them both terribly and want desperately for them to walk in the door.

    Love Suzanne (Kristi's Mom)


You've always been with me
Through the good and the bad
You may not realize it
But I love you more each and every day.
The past two years may have been tough,
However--We are together now.
In my mind it will last forever
And the reason I know this is because I LOVE YOU

by Lucia Roy (Mu's Mom)

Mu's Soccer Picture

Kristi's Cheerleader Picture

Mu and Kristi's Prom Picture

Kristi and Mu at Graduation

We.. Kristi's Grandparents..have hearts filled with fond memories.

Some nineteen years ago, we Grandparents..Bill Ziegler, Sr., Jimi, Carol and myself ..were patiently awaiting the birth of Kristi. Although a day or so late, she arrived on June 10, 1979. From the very first moment we saw her, we knew she was special. No doubt the joy and excitement on our faces sparkled like a Christmas tree.

And, it seemed that almost instantly she was six years old and off to school. And you know she had become even more wonderful, lovable, and such a joy.

My goodness!! It seemed such a short time and she was already twelve...a favorite of all of her teachers. With each passing year she was more delightful and an ever increasing joy to all the family. Kristi, with each passing day became a better person...a better human being.

Would you believe was only like a few moments, and guess what?

KRISTI was in "cap and gown"..Wheeler High Class of '97.

This adorable babyhood so quickly become a beautiful young lady..outstanding student..scholarly..loved by her fellow students...admired and respected by the school faculty. My how proud we were on this graduation day. It is a day to be remembered...and we will never forget.

So from June 10,1979..every single day Kristi became a better person...a better human being.

I have been accused by my wife of being the world's greatest optimist. Well, I'll accept that since she knows me better than anyone. After all she's had over fifty years to check me out.

I've known some of Kristi's friends, and Janie's and Evan's over the years. And over the last few days, I've seen many of you, talked to some of you and listened to most of you.

All of you young students, have made me even more optimistic. You have raised my have increased my faith. Your generation is going to make this world a better place..a much better place.

Just like Kristi did.

The Wheeler High Class of '97 was a unique class..a class of unusually talented students. It must be so because even your parents think so. I have seen the video history of the class of '97..serious students wanting to learn...enthusiastic about sports...even enjoyed a good party...and no other class has a great dancer like George.

But you Class was unique because you were concerned and cared about each other..THAT MADE THE DIFFERENCE...KEEP THAT SPIRIT ALIVE FOR KRISTI. The class of '97 was a very important part of Kristi's life.

"Each day is God's gift to you, make it blossom and grow into a thing of be beauty." Kristi

As first light appears over the eastern horizon, we know that God has given us a brand new day, and that one more night has passed in all the long nights since the world began. THIS IS THE MIRACLE OF more chance for each one of us to become more like Kristi than what we are.

Like a star in the heavens Kristi Leigh Ziegler's life shines Bright and beautiful

Howard M. Evans June 26, 1998

Kristi and Grandparents at Graduation

To My Son

If you only knew, if you could only imagine, if you were given the power to alleviate our pain, you too would be suffering with us. It may, however, be better this way. For you are now only spirits in the Image of God. Now only we will cry, only we will suffer on this Earth feeling your absence. When you departed into the Heavens, you left a tremendous emptiness. You left a void that will only be filled with the tears that we have shed. You took away the happiness in this house, as you were a good son, happy, playful... even your mischief I miss... not to mention your kisses while holding me in your strong tender arms.

Many times I raised my arms to reach your neck, while I surrounded you with my love. Many times I imagine you coming home and I think that some day you will return.

Thank you my love for all the good you have done, and the happy years we have spent together. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for being my son. One day we will see each other and again we will rejoin our happiness.

You are now much clearer than I am. Your spirit, so much more noble than mine, will be waiting to walk me through the Eternal Paradise. This Paradise where everything is happiness, where Peace and Truth raises over the Vail of God. Wait for me my son, so that I will not feel alone in Heaven.

That may God bless you and give you everything that due to the lack of time I was unable.

Sleep the dream of righteousness that you so much deserve. And when you awaken, that all you see is Light and Love. From up in the skies drop over our heads a little strength and adaptation so that we may continue to live without you.

Always, my son.

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