In Loving Memory of Our Son


August 11, 1977 - February 24, 1996

My son Scott was killed instantly in an auto accident on 2-24-96. He was 18 1/2 years old. He was the only one hurt in a car of 3. The last people with him were his best friend who was driving and an acquaintance from school.

The last time I saw Scott alive was the morning of the 23rd when he left to go to work. I spoke to him for the last time at 3:30 that afternoon. He was going to spend the night with friends and the next time I heard it was 3:30am and the police were knocking at our door to let us know he had been killed at 12:30am 90 miles away.

The next time I saw my beloved Scott was in a casket at 8:00am 2-25-96. I never got to say good-bye or tell him I love him. He was a very good son and never caused us any problems. He had graduated from high school on my birthday in May of ‘95. He attended all the sporting events for his former high school, that is where he had been that night, watching basketball playoffs. He had announced the high school baseball games for the last 2 years. He would always tell me “Mom, you don’t have to worry about me I’ll always come home”. For a reason I will NEVER understand he didn’t come home that night.

That was the day a knife was put into my heart and twisted and my life has never been the same. I miss him so much. He was very excited about the birth of his first nephew who was born 9 days after he was killed. He now has a niece and I will make sure they both know all about their Uncle Scott. He enjoyed playing basketball with his friends and watching his favorite pro football team the DALLAS COWBOYS. WE ALL MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU VERY MUCH ! !

Christmas 1995