Artwork by Me!

Ok, Ok, so it isn't some of the best on the Web. So shoot me! Well, maybe not. But I'm working on it, S'allright? S'allright.

Allright... these are all images of the world of Anne McCaffrey's Pern, for now anyway, simply because I love to draw them! So here they are...

Portrait of Mirrim and Path

This is dragonrider Mirrim, atop her large green dragon, Path. My personal Fave :)

Lessa and queen Ramoth

This is a picture of Lessa, Weyrwoman of Benden, on her queen Ramoth, the largest dragon on Pern.

Menolly and her Fire Lizards

The most recent one I've done, of Menolly and her 9 fire lizards. Lets see if we can name them all...=)

Gold Dragon sitting

A big Golden Dragon sitting down

Ok well I know I've only got a few right now, but I'm working on it :) if you want to use these drawings on your page (I can't image what would possess you to do so..j/k ) then just e-mail me to let me know that you are.

Want me to Draw you? you want me to attempt to make you a drawing? Ok, a few things first..I won't answer yas until the picture is done. if it requires a lot of detail, then this could take awhile. Also, I may not have the opportunity to check my e-mail every waking hour, so expect about a week for it to get done. Also, these are pictures done using my Windows 95 paint, and my Paint Shop Pro, they're not done on paper, I don't have a scanner (yet!). My pictures are a lot better on paper, of course. But I think these are pretty darn good for using the mouse, dontcha think? =)

Your name please..

Your e-mail (make SURE it's correct! )

Can you accept files with e-mail?

Description! (this is the fun part! )
Make it as detailed as possible! I prefer to draw Pernese type pictures, but any type of dragon will do! I also love to draw gryphons, wolves,dogs, cats, and any other kinds of animals! I could TRY to do people, though they don't come out as well. If you want a dragon (or another animal), note skin color, eye color, size, wings, ears, horns, facial features, odd marks (like scars or cuts), spots, stripes, number of toes, or ANYTHING else! Even if you think it sounds stupid to describe, do it anyway because it will make the picture even better!

Please describe the pose you it want to be in (sitting, standing, sleeping, flying...)

hmm...what about the mood you're in! Try angry, smiling,sad, happy, curious, whatever!

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