GENERATION 1, John Freeman and Hannah ?

John Freeman born about 1650, probably in England. He was in Lower Norfolk, VA (now the City of Chesapeake) as early as Oct. 1673. Married to Hannah ? prior to 1683/4 most likely in Lower Norfolk. John and his wife Hannah both died after May 15, 1711 and before May 18, 1711 in Norfolk Co., VA. He lived near the Western Branch of Elizabeth River, adjoining the Great Dismal Swamp, near the boundary with Nansemond Co., VA. Their Children were:

    *William Freeman born about 1680, lived in Norfolk Co., VA. Moved to Chowan Precinct, and died prior to Aug. 1736 in Chowan Precinct, NC. Married about 1705-08 to Mary Cording. (Our ancestors - see generation 2 for his family).

    John Freeman born about 1685-90, probably in Norfolk Co., VA. He was a "house carpenter" and lived in Norfolk Co., VA and moved to Chowan Precinct, NC about 1722-24 and died there in 1732. NC. He married first ? about 1710-20 and second Mary ? His children by his first wife were:

      John Freeman, born between 1711-21, died Bertie Co., NC in 1785. He married 1st Ann ?, 2nd Elizabeth ?, and 3rd Sarah ? (widow of Henry Winbourne & James Rascoe). Children by his first wife were:

        David Freeman born about 1742, died about 1765.

        Elizabeth Freeman married James Baker.

        Solomon Freeman born about 1743, married 1se a Speight, 2nd Martha Cherry, died c 1788. His children by 1st marriage:

          Joseph Freeman died 1842.

          Francis Freeman

          Ann Freeman married April 2, 1798 Henry Lee.

          John Freeman

          David Freeman died 1837.

        By 2nd marriage:

          Sarah Freeman married a Williford, died after Nov. 1839.

          James Freeman died after Nov. 1839.

          Martha Freeman married a Moore, died after Nov. 1839 in TN.

        Elisha Freeman born about 1749, married Elizabeth, died about 1793. His children:

          Isaac Freeman

          Hannah Freeman marriage bond Jan. 24, 1802 William Henderson.

          Nancy Freeman marriage bond Jan. 24, 1797 Matthew Wise.

          Ferribar Freeman

          James Freeman

          Mark Freeman

          John Freeman married Susannah, died 1857.

          Betty Freeman

        John Freeman born about 1751, died after 1783.

        Moses Freeman born about 1754, married Mary, died after 1800. His children:

          Betsy Freeman

          Josiah Freeman

        Aaron Freeman. born Jan. 30, 1758, married Sept. 9, 1777 Judith Fleetwood, died Nov. 26, 1821 Livingston Co., KY. His children:

          Alexander Freeman born April 23, 1778, died May 28, 1829, no marriage.

          Elizabeth Freeman born Sept. 15, 1779, died Nov. 14, 1805.

          John Parker Freeman born June 21, 1781,, died April 18, 1786.

          Edmund Freeman born Feb. 12, 1785, died Mar. 16, 1790.

          Ann Freeman born Oct. 22, 1787, married May 17, 1810 Daniel Wormarlsdorff.

          Christian Freeman born Mar. 22, 1790, married Mar. 27, 1810 William Evans.

          John Parker Freeman born Feb. 25, 1792, married Mar. 9, 1817 Betsy Wolff.

          Polly Freeman born Dec. 2, 1794, married Aug. 13, 1822 Perryman Cannon.

          Delilah Freeman born Nov. 3, 1796, married Jan. 18, 1818 Mathew Stephenson.

          Jarsey Freeman born Oct. 16, 1798, married April 4, 1822 Nutter Scott.

          Patsey Freeman born Sept. 4, 1800, died Nov. 29, 1805.

          Henry Freeman born June 7, 1802, married Sept. 7, 1824 Nancy W. Thompson.

          Hardy Freeman born Sept. 29, 1804, married Oct. 22, 1832 Ruth A. Son.

    By 2nd marriage:

      James Freeman lived in Bertie Co., NC. Dead by 1772. His children were;

        David Freeman born about 1742, married 1st Mary, 2nd Jean Hayes, died about 1806 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. His children:

          Michael Freeman born Mar. 1, 1764, died Feb. 9, 1842.

          Reuben Freeman

          James Freeman

          Sarah Freeman married a Bigham.

          Ann Freeman married a Berryhill.

          Jemimah Freeman married a Stephenson.

        Michael Freeman born about 1748.

        William Freeman. born Oct. 26, 1759, married 1786 Mary Bryan, died Jan. 27/28, 1838 Greene Co., MO. His children:

          Reddick Freeman born April 8, 1783, married Feb. 2, 1815 Rebecca Ellis, died Aug. 17, 1783.

          John Freeman born about 1796, married Nov. 16, 1815 Lavicy Williams.

          Larry Freeman born about 1798, married Aug. 12, 1822 Nancy Colyer.

          Lemuel H. Freeman born about 1801.

          Elizabeth Freeman born about 1803, twin, married Isaac Smith.

          James Freeman born about 1803, twin.

          Nancy Freeman born about 1805, married Green Austin.

          Frances Freeman born about 1809, married Jacob Painter.

          Rachel Freeman married John Austin, dead by 1849.

    His children by his 3rd marriage were:

      Matthew Freeman died before 1746, a minor, no children.

      Hannah Freeman born about 1720, married before 1746 to John Smith. Lived in Bertie Co., NC.

      Edie "Ed" Freeman married before 1746 to John Davison. Lived in Bertie Co., NC. Her children were:

        William Davison born about 1747.

        John Davison born about 1748, died after May 3, 1796.

        Amos Davison born about 1756, died after May 3, 1796.

        Elizabeth Davison

      Elizabeth Freeman married before 1746 to Benjamin Hollaman. Her children were:

        John Hollamon

        William Hollaman

        Mary Hollaman.

    Thomas Freeman born about 1690, lived Norfolk Co., VA, died after 1764 in Norfolk Co., VA. He married first about to Sarah ?. and second about 1733 to Mrs. Sarah Low Wingate. His child by his 1st wife was:

      Thomas Freeman born about 1717, died 1762. Married Sarah ? His children were:

        Samuel Freeman

        Thomas Freeman, probably

        Others unnamed in his will.

    His children by his second wife were;

      John Freeman born about 1734, died 1761, married Martha (Wingate ?) before 1758. His children were:

        William Freeman born about 1759, died before Oct. 18, 1784.

        Elizabeth Freeman born about 1761, married James Taylor.

      Samuel Freeman born about 1734, died 1784, married Judith ? about 1762. His children were:

        George Freeman born about 1763, married Jan. 2, 1790 Mary Pullen.

        Samuel Freeman born about 1768.

        Patience Freeman born about 1771, marriage bond Mar. 12, 1792 Hilary Ethridge.

GENERATION 2, William Freeman and Mary Cording

William Freeman (John) was born about 1680, lived in Norfolk Co., VA. Moved to Chowan Precinct, Albemarle Co., NC about 1718 and died between Feb. 7, 1736, when he wrote his will, and Aug. 13, 1737, when it was probated. in Chowan Precinct., NC. he lived on Catherine Creek Swamp, a tributary of the Chowan River, near Cypress branch. Married about 1705-08 to Mary Cording.

Mary Cording was the daughter of Thomas Cording, granddaughter of Richard Cording (a surgeon who died about 1668) and his wife Ann Browne (who remarried ? Southerland), and great granddaughter of Lt. Col. Thomas Browne of Lower Norfolk co., VA. (Thomas Browne died in 1666 and his will names sons: Thomas, John, Henry, Christopher, and William, and daughters: Ann Cording, Elizabeth Browne, and Mary Browne.) The children of William Freeman and Mary Cording were:

    John Freeman born about 1710 in Norfolk Co., VA, died June 1777 in Chowan Co., NC. Married about 1733 to Tabitha (reported to be Hoyter, daughter of Thomas Hoyter, "Chiefman" of the Chowan Indians) His children were:

      William Freeman born about 1738 in Chowan Co., NC and who died prior to 1802 in Surry Co., NC and married Sarah ?. Resided in Hertford Co., NC. His children were:

        Josiah Freeman born about 1762.

        Kiddy Freeman married a Mitchell.

        William Freeman

        Polly Freeman

        Penelope Freeman married a Haines.

        Tyre Freeman born 1790-1800, married May 8, 1808 Surry Co., NC Elizabeth Stoe, in Surry Co. in 1830.

        Manoah (Noah) Freeman married Jan 1. 1790 Surry Co. Nancy Brown.

        John Freeman married ? Aug. 9, 1796 Elizabeth Isbell.

        Richard Freeman born 1770/74, married 1797 Oglethorpe Co., GA Elizabeth Haggard. died ? 1841 Franklin Co., GA. His children:

          Sydney Freeman

          Richard Freeman

          Elizabeth Freeman

          Frances Freeman

          James Freeman

          John Freeman

          Sarah Freeman

          Nathaniel H. Freeman

          William S. Freeman

        David Freeman born about 1781.

      Jacob Freeman resided in Hertford Co., NC.

      John Freeman resided in Chowan Co., NC.

      Zilpah Freeman married as second wife Lewis Outlaw,. Her Child:

        James Outlaw.

      Tabitha Freeman married Zebulon? Mansfield. Her children were:

        Kedar Mansfield

        Ruth C. Mansfield

        Doctor Mansfield

        John Mansfield

        Mary Mansfield

        Miles Mansfield

        Barnabas Mansfield.

      Preciller Freeman married William Hinton. Her children were:

        Elizabeth Hinton married a Forster.

        Sally Hinton

        William Hinton

        John Hinton.

      Richard Freeman born about 1750-55, married April 9, 1778 to Christian Hinton in Chowan Co., NC. He died 1786-87. His child was:

        James Freeman born before 1787, died before 1801.

      Catherine Freeman

      Sarah Freeman

    William Freeman born about 1712 in Norfolk Co., NC, died Aug. 1781 in Gates Co., NC. He married Christian (Outlaw ?). His children were:

      John Freeman born in Chowan Co., NC about 1735, who married 1st ? Roundtree, and second Mrs. Sarah Gordon Norfleet. He died in Bertie Co., NC in 1793. his children by his first wife were:

        Charles Freeman born before Oct. 7, 1760.

        Hardy Freeman born 1775-74, married April 4, 1796 Senith Hunter.

        Jeremiah Freeman born 1755-74, married Oct. 2, 1792 Mary Norfleet, died 1810. His children:

          Sally Freeman married a Spivey.

          Jacob Freeman

          Christian Freeman

        Josiah Freeman married Dec. 23, 1796 SarahMoore,

        Rachel Freeman married James Outlaw. Her children:

          James Outlaw

          Lewis Outlaw

          William Outlaw

        Leah Freeman married Mar. 24, 1778 William Lurry (Leary).

        Mellicent Freeman married a Perry.

        Christian Freeman married a Norfleet.

        Delilah Freeman. married a Ward.

      His children by wife 2 were:

        John Freeman

        Elizabeth Freeman.

      Joshua Freeman who married Mary ?. He died 1794 in Bertie Co., NC. His children were:

        Christian Freeman married 1st James Wood, 2nd a Moring. Her children:

          Mary Wood

          Elizabeth Wood

          Freeman Wood

          John Edwards Wood

          Sarah Wood

          Celia Wood

          John Wood

          William Moring

        Mary Freeman married 1st Samuel Harrell, 2nd William Copeland, died after July 1824.

        William Freeman married Celia, died 1824.

        Joshua Freeman married Feb. 11, 1793 Mary Pipkin, died 1805-16. His children:

          Nancy Freeman married Malachi Weston.

          Richard Freeman

          Isaac Freeman

        Jacob Freeman married June 30, 1798 Sarah Pipkin, died 1805-16. His children:

          Isaac Pipkin Freeman

          John Freeman

          Celia Freeman

        Sally Freeman married 1st Aug. 12, 1791 Cullen Wood, 2nd Thomas Sutton, died after 1824.

        Celia Freeman married 1st Mar. 23, 1793 John Campbell, 2nd a Daughtee, died after 1824.

        James Freeman died about 1800.

      Moses Freeman born by 1740, who married Courtney ? Lived in Bertie Co., NC

      King Freeman who married Mrs. Sarah Perry Rice before 1779 and died in Bertie Co., NC in 1793. His child was:

        Christian Freeman married Blake Baker. Her children:

          Betsey Baker married Sprague.

          Sally Baker married Holly.

          John F. Baker

          Celia Baker

          Polly Baker

          Thomas L. Baker

          Blake Baker born June 26, 1804, married Edna J. Gresham, died Aug. 29, 1852.

          Christian Baker

          Tinsey Baker

      James Freeman who married 1st Selah ? and 2nd Mary Barber. His children by his first wife were:

        William Freeman married Oct. 19, 1793 Mrs. Mary Rountree, died about 1804. His children:

          James Trotman Freeman married Oct. 16, 1819 Mary Hinton.

        Josiah Freeman born about 1780.

        Thomas Freeman born May 1773, married 1st July 4, 1806 Rachel Hurdle, 2nd Hannah Hurdle, died Nov. 9, 1859 Monroe Co., GA. His children:by 2nd marriage:

          Alexander Freeman born 1809, married Aug. 5, 1849 Elizabeth D. Miller.

          Josiah Beauregard Freeman born Nov. 25, 1811, married Aug. 16, 1849 Sarah White Hearn, died Aug. 5, 1882.

          Eliza Freeman born 1813, married Dec. 10, 1828 Albert Harvey, died Feb. 25, 1856.

          Thomas Paul Freeman born Jan. 16, 1815, married April 24, 1851 Mary Elizabeth Walker, died Dec. 24, 1887.

          Rachel Freeman born 1820, married June 2, 1842 Michael G. Brady.

          Elizabeth A. Freeman born 1823, married Jan. 11, 1844 marion M. Dicken.

          William H. Freeman born 1823, married April 25, 1854 Susan G. Garr.

        Timothy Freeman born about 1771, married 1st Oct. 14, 1790 Perthena Bond, 2nd Feb. 27, 1799 Calah Valentine, died Sept. 12, 1825.

      His illegitimate children born to his second wife prior to their marriage were:

        Milly Barber born about 1789.

        Betsy Barber born about 1792.

      He also had an illegitimate child born about 1796 to Elizabeth Eure.

      William Freeman married Sarah ?, died 1801 in Orange Co., NC. His children were:

        George Freeman prob. marriage bond on Mar. 12, 1805 Mary Walton, died 1843.

        Mary Freeman marriage bond Jan. 21, 1797 Thomas Trotman.

        Christian Freeman

        Nancy Freeman married Mar. 20, 1809 William Anderson.

        John Freeman

        Betsy Freeman

        Sally Freeman

        William Freeman married May 14, 1811 Mary Edwards.

      Sarah Freeman married Hardy Hayes. Her children were:

        Joshua Hayes married May 9, 1792 Ann Hayes.

        Penelope Hayes married May 23m 1786 John Franton.

        Elizabeth Hayes married Nov, 13, 1797 James Norflrrt.

        Sally Hayes

        Judah Hayes married July 25, 1800 Reuben Higgs.

        Tempy Hayes

        Susannah Hayes.

      ? Freeman daughter, name unknown who married ? Hinton and had:

        Reuben Hinton.

      Suzanna Freeman married ? Spruel.

      Melicent Freeman born about 1750 who married Josiah Perry. Her children were:

        William Perry

        Sally Perry married a Stephens.

        Christian Perry married a Walton.

        John Perry

        Josiah Perry

        Bersheba Perry married a Garrett.

        Mary Perry married Dec. 15, 1788 Samuel Jenkins.

        Nancy Perry married a Belflour.

        Celia Perry married Miles Rayner.

        Freeman Perry

        Frusianna Perry married a Perry.

        James Perry married June 7, 1809 Sarah Parker.

        Penelope Perry married Aug. 12, 1806 Nathan Sessoms. Her children:

          Emily Sessoms

          Elanson Sessoms

          Peneniah Sessoms

          Harrell Sessoms

          Selah Sessoms

          Laviny Sessoms

        Amillicent Perry married John Simons. Her children:

          Laviny Catherine Simons

          Elizaabeth Millisant Simons

          Mary Louise Simons

      Mary Freeman who married ? Ward.

    Thomas Freeman born about 1715 in Norfolk Co., VA and died after 1763. His children were:

      Thomas Freeman born by 1745.

      Sarah Freeman born before 1756.

    Richard Freeman born about 1718-19 probably in Chowan Co., NC, died about July 1761 in Chowan Co., NC, married Ruth ? His children were;

      Amos Freeman born before 1740, married Sarah Hunter. He lived in Hertford Co., NC His child was:

        Ann Freeman married Chris Lay.

      Demsey Freeman born about 1746, married Sarah ? Moved to Orange Co., NC. Died before 1786. His children were:

        Richard Freeman born about 1774.

        Mary Freeman.

      Mary Freeman married before 1761 to Thomas Rountree. Died in Gates Co., NC in 1781. Her children were:

        Seth Rountree married Mar. 8, 1787 Selah Outlaw.

        Christian Rountree married Aug. 31, 1885 James Knight.

        Leah Rountree married a Felton.

        Levina Rountree married Simeon Brinkley.

        Rachel Rountree married May 19, 1795 Miles Hurdle.

        Precilla Rountree married Mar. 29, 1793 Kader Felton.

        Peniah Rountree married Feb. 19, 1800 Noah Trotman.

    Aaron Freeman who was born 1722-23 in Chowan Co., NC and died a minor before 1747. No children.

    * Samuel Freeman who was born about 1725-26 in Chowan Co., NC and died in 1796 in Surry Co., NC. He married Elizabeth whose last name traditionally is given as Alexander. (Our Ancestors - see generation 3 for his family).

GENERATION 3 Samuel Freeman and Elizabeth Alexander

Samuel Freeman (William, John) was born in Chowan Co., NC about 1725. He had moved to Bertie Co., NC by June 1747. In Feb. 1750 he purchased land in Granville Co. on the Peter Hill's branch of Shocco Creek and moved to this land by 1752. About 1750 he married Elizabeth whose last name is traditionally given as Alexander. Although she was said to be related to the Mecklenburg Co., NC Alexander families, no connection has been proven to them or to other nearby Alexander families in Tyrrell Co., NC. In 1754 the part of Granville Co. where Samuel lived was cut off to form Bute Co., NC. In 1771 he purchased land in Surry Co., NC from Morgan Bryant (father-in-law of Daniel Boone) at the mouth of Morgan's Creek. He also purchased land on the north side of the Yadkin River about two miles above the Tararat River at the mouth of Hogan's Creek. On June 20, 1774 he was a Captain of Surry County Militia (his son-in-law, James Badgett was the Lt.) and became a member of the Commission of the Peace of Surry Co. In 1775 he was appointed to the Committee of Safety for Surry. In 1780 & 81 he served in NC House of Commons. After the Battle of King's Mountain, he was appointed by the House of Commons to collect, value, and give receipts for arms captured in the battle. He wrote his will on Mar. 8, 1796 and it was proved in May 1796. He was buried near Siloam on a knoll overlooking the Yadkin River Valley. A DAR bronze plaque marks the site. The children of Samuel and Elizabeth Freeman were:

    Aaron Freeman born Sept. 11,1751, died in Surry Co., NC, Married Nancy Hawkins about 1776. Lived on Fishers River near the Yadkin. His Children were:

      John Freeman went to TN.

      Abner Freeman born about 1783, died 1854 in Lincoln Co., TN, married 1st ? Cunningham, 2nd ? Underwood, and 3rd Drucilla Moore. He had 33 children by his wives,

      Richard Freeman said to have moved to St. Louis MO.

      James Freeman born about 1780. Living with his brother Alexander in 1850

      Elizabeth Freeman married John Ryser.

      Rachel Freeman married Jacob Beamer. Moved to Adair Co., KY.

      Polly Freeman married William Cunningham. Lived in Surry Co., NC.

      Nicholas Freeman born about 1799. Lived in Surry Co., NC. A schoolteacher, living with his brother Alexander in 1850.

      Alexander Hawkins Freeman born about 1796 in Surry Co., NC, died about 1858 in Surry Co., NC. Married about 1818 to Sally Mosely. His children were:

        Westley M. Freeman born 1820, married Virginia Franklin, died 1857. His children:

          Virginia Freeman married Gus Hatcher.

          Benjamin Alexander Freeman married Frances E. Dix.

        Hawkins Freeman born about 1822, married dec. 27, 1851 mary Cave, died before Nov. 1857.

        Henry Freeman born about 1826.

        Rebecca Freeman born about 1827.

        Mary Freeman born about 1829, married Feb. 26, 1855 Dalton Forkner.

        Nancy Freeman born about 1834.

        Samuel Aaron Freeman born 1842, married Susan Waugh, died 1876. His children:

          Luther Waugh Freeman born 1868, married Etta Hauser, died 1937.

          Sallie Victoria Freeman born 1872, married Walter Coke Folger, died 1950.

          Richard Columbus Freeman born 1867, married Maude Folger, died 1933.

          + 4 additional who died as children

        Alexander Hamilton Freeman twin, born 1836, married 1870 Mrs. Elizabeth Matilda Martin Waugh, died 1915. His children:

          William Richard Freeman born 1871, died 1909.

          Sally Rebecca Freeman born 1873, married William Lamont, died 1961.

          Edna America Freeman born 1875, married 1900 Brady Norman, died 1953.

          Calohil Freeman born 1878, married Herbert Hassler, died 1975.

          Robert Alexander Freeman married Bessie Malcolm Willis, died 1944.

        Nicholas Freeman twin, born 1836, moved to MO.

        Abner Freeman

        Edward Freeman

        Sally Freeman

    * Joshua Freeman born April 14, 1754 in Granville Co., NC, died September 1832 in Knox Co., TN. Married 1st Lucy King. Married 2nd Margaret ?. (Our Ancestors see generation 4A for his family).

    Elizabeth Rachel Freeman born April 7, 1755 probably in Granville Co., NC, married Jeremiah Early III in Surry Co. NC on Nov. 12, 1791, (Jeremiah Early's brother, Peter Early was a Governor of GA. and his sister Lucy Early married Charles Mathews, son of Gov. Mathews of GA). Died Nov. 11, 1840 Her children were:

      Asa Early born 1790-1800, died about 1833 in Stokes Co., NC. Married Polly Kirby. His children were:

        Samuel Early born about 1822.

        Mary Early born about 1827.

      Sion Early born 1794-96, died 1851 in Wythe Co., VA. Married Sally Haines on Feb. 28, 1816.

      Sarah Early born Nov. 3, 1792. Alive in 1751.

      Elizabeth Early born May 22, 1794, died after 1851, Married Micajah Reeves on Feb. 2, 1817. Lived in Surry Co., NC. Her children were:

        Sally Reeves

        Richard Elwell. Reeves married Louise Galloway.

        Jeremiah Early Reeves married Victoria Waugh.

        Nancy A. Reeves

        Jane Jones Reeves married Jubal Early Marion.

        Micajah Coke Reeves married Mary Caroline Mercer.

      Nancy Early born April 1, 1796. Married July 18, 1818 to Joseph Howard. Alive in 1851, said to have moved to MO.

    * James Freeman born Jan 10, 1757, married Lucy Foster, died 1827 in Blount Co., TN. (Our Ancestors see generation 4B for his family).

    Nanny Freeman born Jan. 13, 1759 in Granville Co., NC, married about 1775 to James Badgett. Died prior to Oct. 1822. Her children were:

      Abraham Badgett born 1789, died about 1862. Married 1st Mickey Ann Holder on Dec. 13, 1810 in Surry Co., NC. Married 2nd Sophira Hunter on June 8, 1830. His child:

        Presley Badgett.

      Samuel Badgett died about 1830 in Blount Co., TN. No children.

      James Badgett married Nov. 23, 1820 in Knox Co., TN to Susana Harris. His child;

        Eliza B. Badgett

      Burrel Freeman Badgett married on Jan. 19, 1814 in Surry Co., NC to Lucy Forkner.

      Lucy Badgett married on Dec. 29, 1794 in Surry Co., NC to Edward Lovill.

      Elizabeth Badgett married 1st on Mar. 12, 1801 in Surry Co., NC to Robert Cole Carlos/Don Carlos. married 2nd William Pryor, lived in Blount Co., TN. Possible child:

        Hannibal Don Carlos.

      Ransom Badgett married Jan 15, 1803 in Caswell Co., NC to Nancy Carloss (Don Carlos?). Possible children;

        Robert Don Badgett

        Hannibal Don Carlos (Badgett?)

      Rebecca Badgett married Nathaniel Horne. Her child:

        Nancy Horne married a Gormon.

GENERATION 4A Joshua Freeman and Lucy King

Joshua Freeman (Samuel, William, John) born April 14, 1754 in Granville Co., NC, died September 1832 in Knox Co., TN. Married 1st Lucy King (traditional) about 1773. Married 2nd Margaret ?. Lived in Surry Co., NC and in 1796 he was a Commissioner of the Town of Rockford. Moved to Knoxville, TN by Aug. 1810. He owned land on Stock Creek and with his brother James & brother-in-law James Badgett on Stock Creek from the Maryville-Knoxville pike bridge crossing on both sides of the track and adjoining Little River. He made his will on Sept. 4, 1832 and his death notice appears in the Sept. 22, 1832 issue of the "National Banner & Nashville Advertiser' Their children were:

    Elizabeth Freeman, born Oct. 28, 1774, married Joseph Kirby.

    Temperance Freeman, born Sept. 2, 1776. Married 1st Reuben Grant and 2nd in Knox Co., TN to Richard Kearby (marriage bond April 24, 1813). Moved to KY. and died after 1815. Children by her 1st marriage:

      Joshua D. Grant married Dec. 3, 1822 in Shelby Co., KY to Nancy A. Foree.

      "Polly" Grant married M.H. Hinch. Lived in Randolph and Stewart Co., GA and Chambers Co., AL.

      Lucinda Ann Grant born Aug. 15, 1799, died April 15, 1833 in Rockville, Monroe Co., TN. Married in Blount Co., TN on April 2, 1820 to John McCrosky.

      Elizabeth Caroline Grant born mar. 19, 1804, died Aug. 23, 1824 in Monroe Co., TN. Married on July 4, 1822 to Samuel McCrosky.

      Jacob Grant born about 1805. Lived in Shelby Co., KY.

      Matilda Dandridge Grant born Feb. 2, 1807 in Rockford, Surry Co., NC. Died Jan. 6, 1864 near Reads AL. Married Thomas R. Mangham. Lived in Randolph Co., GA and Russell and Benton Co., AL.

      James Freeman Grant born Dec. 29, 1808 in Rockford, Surry Co., NC, died Oct. 10, 1878 in Jacksonville, Calhoun Co., AL. married on May 15, 1834 in Monroe Co., TN to Elizabeth Lefevre Riley. He was the owner & editor of the "Jacksonville Republican" and Treasurer of the State of Alabama. His children:

        Margaret Leonora Grant born May 19, 1838, married Aug. 1866 William Robert Kirk, died April 17, 1817. Her children:

          Anna A. Kirk married William Scott Faulkner

          Grace Grant Kirk married a McCray.

    Moses Freeman, born April 5, 1780.

    * Nancy Freeman, born Aug. 20, 1782. Married in Surry Co., NC her 1st cousin, Foster Freeman. Died Nov. 4, 1862 in Griffin, Spalding Co., GA (Our ancestor see generation 5 for her children).

    Mary "Polly" Freeman, born Nov. 10, 1785. Married Nov. 16, 1804 in Surry Co., NC Rev. Jeremiah King. Moved to Knox Co., TN and died there on Jan 12, 1858. Her children were;

      Joshua Horton King born Feb. 1, 1810, died Feb. 12, 1864, married about 1838 to Louisa Jane McCray.

      Robert King

      Lucinda King married George Gallaher.

      Mary "Polly" King married William Gallaher.

      Amanda E. King married Robert W. Harden on Jan. 25, 1844.

      Minerva E. King married 1st Josiah Leith George, married 2nd ? Howell, married 3rd James Maloney.

      Nancy F.S. King born about 1808, died Sept. 1831 in Hawkins Co., TN. Married Henry Burim.

    Joshua Freeman born May 10, 1791, died after Sept. 1832.

GENERATION 4B James Freeman and Lucy Foster

James Freeman (Samuel, William, John) was born Jan 10, 1757 probably in Granville Co., NC. He married Lucy Foster, born 1755-74, daughter of John Foster of Franklin Co. He served as a Lieutenant of Light Horse in the Cross Creek Campaign in the Company of Capt. Jabez Jarves under Col. Joseph Williams of the Surry Co. militia. This was probably the expedition led by Rutherford against the Cherokees in Sept. 1776. He was in the 1790 Wilkes Co. tax digest in the area that became Oglethorpe Co. He lived near Lexington in Oglethorpe Co., GA. In 1811 he purchased land on Little River in Blount Co., TN and on May 19, 1813 he sold 924 acres of his Oglethorpe Co., GA land but paid tax in Oglethorpe Co. as late as 1815. He lived in Blount Co., TN until his death in 1827. He made his will on Aug. 21, 1827 naming wife Lucy, sons John, Dred J., Robert, Foster, and James, and daughter Eliza. His death notice appears in the Sept. 15, 1827 issue of "The National Banner and Nashville Whig". Their children were:

    Sarah Freeman born 1774-90. Married Benjamin Blanton in Oglethorpe Co., GA on Dec. 12, 1801. Died 1810-14. (Note: Her husband remarried and his son by the 2nd marriage, Benjamin Blanton Jr., was the first husband of Lucinda Malinda Hill who married 2nd Henry Edwin Williamson). Her children were:

      James A. Blanton born about 1805. He lived in Macon, Bibb Co., GA and died Aug. 2, 1837 in Pontotoc, Miss. of congestive fever which he acquired in July 1837 on a journey into Arkansas. He was a fur trader. No marriage. No children.

      Mary M. "Polly" Blanton born Aug. 29, 1805. Married in Oglethorpe Co., GA on Feb. 3, 1825 to Rev. William Alexander. Died Nov. 26, 1840 in Lowdes Co., AL.

      Sara Freeman Blanton born Aug. 13, 1810. Married in Pike Co., GA on Aug. 13, 1830 to John Brewer Reid. Died July 4, 1861 in Griffin, Spalding Co., GA. Her children were:

        John Brewer Reid Jr. born July 29, 1844, married May 6, 1863 Tallulah Boston, died Jan. 19, 1879.

        Mary Elizabeth Reid born Mar. 4, 1849, married 1870 Charles Gardner Mills, died Mar. 22, 1943. Her children:

          Charles Gardner Mills Jr. born May 3, 1887, married 1st Rosalind Blakely, 2nd Claire Wooten, died Dec. 31, 1925.

          Thomas R. Mills born Nov. 9, 1873, died Aug. 3, 1875.

          (female) Mills born and died May 23, 1875.

          + one dead by 1900

    Robert Freeman lived in Oglethorpe Co., GA. Died April 2, 1840 in Troup Co., GA. Married Elizabeth T. ?. No Children who survived him.

    * Foster Freeman born Mar. 5, 1787 in Surry Co., NC. Married his 1st cousin, Nancy Freeman, in Surry Co., NC (marriage bond Aug. 16, 1809). (Our ancestor. See generation 5 for their children)

    James Freeman Jr. born Sept. 5, 1789. Married 1st to Rebecca Rhymes and 2nd on May 10, 1826 in Morgan Co., GA to Sarah G. Bailey. He died at his daughter's home in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA on Mar. 18, 1873 and was buried in Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Rome, GA. His death notice appears in the Mar. 20, 1873 issue of the Atlanta "Daily Constitution". He was a soldier in the War of 1812. He lived Oglethorpe Co., GA. In the 1805 Land Lottery he drew Land Lot 30 of the 3rd District of Baldwin Co., GA, as it was not clear if this land lot was won by James Sr. or Jr., James Sr. relinquished his claim to James Jr., this became part of Jones Co. He lived in Jones Co., GA and Gordon Co., GA. He represented Gordon Co. in the Secession Convention in Milledgeville, GA in Jan. 1861. Even though he owned 55 slaves, he voted against secession as did many of those from North GA. However he did finance an army unit, Co. E "Freeman's Volunteers, 8th Batt. of Gist's Brigade, Walker's Div., Army of TN, once the war began. Much of the fighting in N. GA took place on or near his lands. His children by his first wife that I know of are:

      James Crawford Freeman, born in Jones Co., GA on April 1, 1820. Married Amanda Malvina Neal on May 9, 1843 in Pike Co., GA and moved to Flat Shoals in Merriwether Co., GA. He moved to Griffin, Spalding Co., GA and ran for US Representative as a Republican and served 1 term 1871-73. While a Congressman he appointed Henry O. Flipper to West Point, the first black to graduate from same. He moved to Atlanta. GA and died there on Sept. 3, 1885. He is buried in Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. His children were:

        Robert Freeman died as a child.

        Willie Freeman, died as a child.

        Mary F. Freeman died as a child.

        David Freeman who lived in Meriwether Co., GA,

        Edmund Freeman who lived in Bartow Co., GA.

        James Crawford Freeman Jr. who lived in Atlanta, GA.

        Fannie Freeman (Mrs. Iverson) who lived in Atlanta.

      John Rhymes Freeman born April 12, 1821( 1860 Floyd Co., GA census says in AL). Married Mary Troupiana Hamilton in Cass Co. (Now Bartow, Co.), GA on Nov. 1, 1849. He lived in Rome, Floyd Co., GA and died there on June 7, 1896. He was buried in the Old 7th Avenue Cemetery in Rome. He served in the Civil War as a Major in Co. C, 65 th Regt. of GA troops. His children were:

        Clower H. Freeman

        Joseph K. Freeman

        Sallie R. Freeman who died young,

        Mary Joe Freeman

        Lula Rebecca Freeman who died young

        Eugene Freeman

        Forrest Freeman

        Annie Freeman who married a Johnson of Cedartown, GA.

        Georgia Freeman who married Julian Cumming of Rome, GA.

      Rachel Freeman mentioned in estate record of her uncle Robert Freeman, no other info.

    James Freeman's children by his second wife:

      Francis Marion Freeman about 1827 in Jones Co., GA. Married M.A. and lived in Rome, Floyd Co., GA and died there on Sept. 18, 1887. He was buried in Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Rome. His children were:

        George Sydney Freeman

        William F. Freeman

        Probably additional.

      Ann Eliza Freeman born June 1, 1831, married Augustus F. Hurt and lived in Atlanta. Died April 16, 1903 and buried in Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Rome.

      Josephine Freeman born about 1835, was the second wife of Judge Osborne Lochrane (a noted Atlanta jurist of the time). She had seven children.

      Moriah Freeman born about 1837, No further info, but a M.E. Freeman married William S. Greeson in Gordon Co., GA on Dec. 24, 1865.

      Benjamin W. (Williamson ?) Freeman born about 1840. Lived in the Grove Level Community in Gordon, Co., GA. Married Sarah ?

    John Freeman married in Oglethorpe Co., GA on Feb. 10, 1811 to Elizabeth Goolsby. In 1821 living in Hansford's District of Jones Co., GA in 1821. Had moved to TN. by 1834. I do not know if he moved to Miss., but in 1844 the following children were there:

      J.Q.A. Freeman

      Joseph A. Freeman

      Margaret W. Freeman

      Eliza Jane Freeman married C.H. McGinnis.

    Dred J. Freeman married Betsy Thompson in Blount Co., TN (marriage bond May 2, 1820. Lived in Pike Co., GA and died there by 1846.

    Eliza Freeman married John Dever on May 2, 1822 in Blount Co., TN. Dead by 1836. Her Child was:

      James Freeman Dever, born about 1830, married Sarah Jane Blance (she was the sister of Sheppard Blance who married Sarah Williamson) in Polk Co., GA in 1855. His children were:

        Eliza T. Dever

        Troup T. Dever.

GENERATION 5 Foster Freeman and Nancy Freeman

Foster Freeman (James, Samuel, William, John) was born in Surry Co., NC on Mar. 5, 1787. Moved with his father to Oglethorpe Co., GA. He returned to Surry Co., NC to marry his cousin Nancy Freeman. The marriage bond was dated Aug. 17, 1809 with Jeremiah King as bondsman. He appears on the Oglethorpe Co., tax digest in 1811, but not after that date. He must have moved to TN with his father for he served in the War of 1812 as a private under Capt. Chiles and Col. Brown in the East TN Volunteer Mounted Infantry. After the war he moved to Franklin Co., MO where at least two of his children were born. He may have lived in Jones Co., GA in the early 1820's along with his brothers James and John. In Jan. 1824 there is a letter for him in the Clinton P.O. in Jones Co. In the 1821 GA Land Lottery, John Freeman of Hansford's District of Jones Co. won Land Lot 229 in the 8th District of Monroe Co. This became part of Pike Co. when it was formed. Foster appears in the 1825 Tax Digest for Pike Co. in Capt. Daniel's District with two land lots in his name and as agent for John Freeman for his land lot, at the time of this digest, he owned at least 14 male slaves. He acquired lots in Zebulon by 1829. He died June 28, 1846 in Pike Co., GA and was buried in the Williamson Family Cemetery in Williamson, Pike Co., GA. He had written his will on June 16, 1846 and it was recorded on Mar. 4, 1847 in Will Book C, page 5 & 6 In his will he makes mention of his older children but does not name them. His younger sons Francis & James along with his wife Nancy are named. Death notice in Aug. 14, 1846 issue of the "Southern Christian Advocate".

Nancy (Nannie) Freeman (Joshua, Samuel, William, John) was born Aug. 20, 1782 in Surry Co., NC and lived there until her marriage to Foster. After the death of her husband, she lived with her son Francis, and died at his home in Spalding Co., GA on Nov. 4, 1862. She was buried beside her husband in the Williamson Family Cemetery. Death notice in Feb. 5, 1863 issue of the "Southern Christian Advocate".

Children of Foster and Nancy Freeman:

    * Sarah Blanton Freeman born Sept. 17, 1810 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. She was named for her aunt. She married Isaac Brisel Williamson. Our ancestor. See Williamson Family generation 2 for her children.

    Ellen C. Freeman born on Nov. 30, 1817 in GA. She married John Wesley Reid. Lived in Stearnsville, Pike Co., GA. She died May 26, 1887 in Pike Co., GA and is buried in the Zebulon Methodist Church Cemetery. Her children were:

      Alexander C. Reid born about 1838, married Mary L.V.

      Sarah C. Reid born about 1841, married Jan 1,1860 to James J. Cook in Spalding Co., GA. Her children:

        Tallulah Cook

      Mary S. Reid born about 1843

      Ann T. Reid born about 1845, married Feb. 13, 1866 to Josiah M. Cook in Spalding Co., GA.

      Tabitha J. Reid born about 1848, married March 18, 1864 to Thomas B. Lyon. Her children:

        Ben B. Lyon married May 17, 1888 Alvine Valentine Wiseberg.

      Ellen C. Reid born about 1849.

      John Wesley Reid born about 1853 married Nov. 8, 1870 to Rose Williams in Spalding Co., GA..

      Emma J. Reid born about 1856.

      William H. C. Reid born Dec. 21, 1858, died April 21, 1879.

      Nancy W. Reid (Nannie) born May 1865, married in Apr. 1886 J. D. Wilson of Atlanta.

    Lucy Ann Freeman born about 1818 in TN. She married first Charles Rodham Coppage (Coppedge) on Nov. 7, 1832 in Pike Co., GA. She married 2nd Robert Shields on Oct. 8, 1843 in Pike Co. She moved to Houston Co., GA. Children:

      Sarah Anne Coppedge born about 1834, married Thomas M, Alsobrook.

      Mary F. Coppedge born about 1836, married William A. Finney.

      Martha C.P. Coppedge born about 1837, married John B. Finney on Sept. 11, 1856.

      Louisa Shields born about 1844.

      Robert Shields born about 1847.

      James Shields born about 1849.

    Eliza Freeman born about 1820 in GA, married John G. Nunnally in Pike Co., GA on Oct. 19, 1839 (Isaac B. Williamson performed the ceremony), died 1850-May 1857 in Spalding Co., GA. Her children were:

      Nancy E. Nunnally born about 1842, married C. J. Mullican in Spalding Co., GA on Oct 5, 1859.

      Fredonia C. Nunnally born about 1844.

      Eugenia A. Nunnally born about 1852.

    A son - no information born 1815-1820

    Robert King Freeman born in Franklin Co., MO 1815-20, married Mary Elizabeth Sessions in Pike Co., GA on Jan 9,1840. In 1850 he moved to northern Alabama, in 1866 moved to Jonesboro, AK, and died in Poinsett Co. AK in 1868 and is buried in Holly Springs Cemetery about two miles from Harrisburg, AK. He was a doctor. His children were:

      Foster Ignitious Few Freeman born in Feb. 8, 1842 in Griffin, GA (then Pike now Spalding Co.), moved with his father to AL, married Elizabeth Jane Gibson in 1867 in St. Clair Co., AL. He moved to Brownsville, Haywood Co., TN in 1870 and then to Poinsett Co., AK where he died on Jan 8, 1924. H served in the CSA in Co. A, 10th Reg't AL Vol. Inf., Wilcox Brigade, Army of N. VA. He lived in Harrisburg, AK where he was the editor of "Freeman's Express" and" The Modern News". He was also postmaster of Harrisburg. His children were:

        Robert Lee Freeman born Dec. 31, 1867 Brownsville, Haywood Co., TN.

        Elizabeth Dotia Freeman born Nov. 18, 1870 Brownsville, married a Beard

        Ignitious C. Freeman born July 28, 1874 Haywood Co., TN.

        Sallie Box Freeman born Nov. 4, 1880 Harrisburg, Poinsett Co., AK.

        Foster D. Freeman born April 24, 1882 Harrisburg, Poinsett Co., AK.

        Lewe Dred Freeman.

      L.C. Freeman who married G. W. Baxter and lived in Stanton, TN.

      Robert King Freeman.

      Mary N, Freeman who married a Griffin.

      Lewe Dred Freeman lived in Wynne AK and was the editor of the "Wynne Ripsaw"

    Francis Asbury Freeman born July 13, 1822 in MO. About 1852 he married Missourah Protho. He lived in Spalding Co., GA and died there on July 13, 1898 (his birthday). He is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Griffin. His children were:

      George Wilburn Freeman born Jan 1853, died in 1930, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Griffin, GA.

      Sarah Antoinette Freeman born about 1854, married J. Seymour Rodgers on Nov. 26, 1873 in Spalding Co., GA, died Nov. 1887 in Spalding Co. Her children were:

        Annette Rodgers born Nov. 1879, married Nov. 26, 1896 Frank Robinson of Oxford, AL.

        Jimmy D. Rodgers born Sept. 1886.

      Beatrice Freeman (Patty)born about 1858. Married Oliver W. Cooper of Oxford AL June 11, 1884, living in Oxford AL as late as 1944. Her children were:

        Nettie Cooper

        Amy Cooper

        Louise Cooper

        ? Cooper who married Herbert G. Williams.

      James Tupper Freeman born Jan 21, 1864, lived in Spalding Co., GA and died there on Mar 30, 1931, married Gladys c 1906, no children who survived him.

      Abigail O. Freeman (Abbie) born 1866, died 1934, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Griffin, GA, unmarried.

      Clarence Freeman born Sept. 19, 1868, died Feb. 22, 1950 in Griffin, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Griffin, GA. Married Mrs. Nell Brooks Goodrich. He was a pharmacist and lived in Belton, TX in 1913. No children

      Robert Lee Freeman born June 26, 1871, married Nell Bagley, died Sept. 29, 1932 and buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Griffin, GA.

      Maud Freeman born April 11, 1874, died May 22, 1944 in Griffin, GA, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Griffin, GA, unmarried.

      Ben Hill Freeman born Sept. 7, 1876, died Jan 14, 1913, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Griffin, GA. Served in Co. B, 3rd GA Inf. US Vol. in Spanish American War.

    James D. (Dever?) Freeman born about 1825 in Pike Co., GA. He became a Methodist Minister and was sent to Cave Spring in Floyd Co., GA where he met and married Fannie S. Ware on Dec. 20, 1859. In 1860 he was sent to Upson Co. and in 1861 he withdrew from the Methodist ministry and became a "Campbellite" (Disciple of Christ). He returned to Spalding Co., GA. After the Civil War where he found himself unwelcome because of his activities on behalf on the Republican administration. He left Spalding Co., he sold his Spalding Co. land to his brother Francis on Nov. 22, 1869. At that time he was in Chautuqua NY. In the 1870 Census he is living with his brother Francis along with his daughter (no wife listed). I have a record of only one child:

      Martha Freeman born about 1858.