The Wood Family of Pike County, Georgia

GENERATION 1, Robert Wood (Senior).

Robert Wood (Senior) is the earliest member of the family that I have traced so far. He was born sometime between 1790 and 1800 in South Carolina. He married in South Carolina Susannah (Susan) (last name unknown). She had been born in South Carolina 1797-98. Robert and his wife were still in SC when their son Charles was born about 1821 but had moved to Alabama when their son Robert was born 1823-24 and to GA when their son Josiah was born about 1826. Robert established his residence in Pike Co., GA by the time of the 1826 Tax Digest when Zachariah Godwin paid his poll tax as his agent (Robert was not present when tax was collected). He lived east of Zebulon on Land Lot 132 of the 8th District (purchased from Joseph J. Carson on Jan. 9, 1830) which stayed in the family for over a hundred years. He won land in the 1832 GA Land Lottery in Cherokee Co., (LL193, Dist. 9. 4th Sec. and LL150, Dist.20. 3rd Sec.) He died sometime between 1831 when he is found in the Tax Digest and 1834 when only Susannah is listed. He is probably buried in an unmarked grave in the Wood Family Cemetery located on his former farm. His wife Susannah died between 1866 and 1871 and is also most likely buried in the Wood Cemetery. Their Children were:

    James Wood born about 1815-20, married on September 4, 1836 in Pike Co., GA to Martha Reeves. He died between 1843 and 1850 in Pike Co. His children were:

      Mary Wood born about 1837.

      Sarah Wood born about 1839.

      John McDonal Wood born 1841, moved to Shelby Co. TX and served in the CSA from there, died 1904 in Shelby Co. TX. His children were:

        John Lee Wood born about 1882, married Zella Ferguson, died 1953. His children were:

          Ester Wood who married a Dupre and had: Dick Dupre, and Jackie Dupre who married Billy R. King.

        Henry W. Wood. Served as a private from July 8, 1861 in Co. A, 13th GA Regt., Evans Brigade, Army of N VA., captured at Gettysburgh, PA on July 4, 1863, took oath of allegiance to US and enlisted in US service at Fort Delaware on Aug. 1, 1863.

    Mary Ann Wood born 1819-20, married on January 8, 1835 in Pike Co. to Robert Reeves. Moved to Talapoosa Co. AL before the 1850 census and back in Pike Co., GA by 1870. Her children were:

      William Reeves, born about 1836.

      Susan Reeves, born about 1838.

      Jeremiah (Robert?) Reeves, born about 1840.

      Charles Reeves, born about 1842.

      John Reeves, born about 1847.

      Martha C. Reeves, born about 1845.

      Sarah E. Reeves, born about 1847-48.

      Elijah Bloomer Reeves, born 1849-50, married Josephine Elizabeth Reeves, died October 9, 1898. His children:

        Henry B. Reeves born Feb. 15, 1878, died Oct. 15, 1881..

        C. Roy Reeves born Aug. 12, 1884, died Nov. 9, 1941.

    Charles Wood born about 1821 in SC, married on January 5, 1845 in Pike Co. to Cissica (Lena) Rogers, moved to Talapossa Co., Al in 1850, back to Pike Co. and finally to Alcorn Co. Miss. about 1868 and died their after 1870. Served as a private in Co. A, 13th GA Regt., Evans Brigade, Gordon's Div., Army of N VA, last on roll on Dec. 30, 1861. His children were:

      William Robert Wood born about 1846, married April 22, 1866 to Martha J. King, served from Mar. 4, 1862 in Co. A, 13th GA Regt., Evans Brigade, Gordon's Div., Amy of N VA, wounded at Monocacy MD on July 9, 1864, captured at Salisbury NC on April 12, 1865, released at Camp Chase OH on June 11, 1865.. His children were:

        J. W. Wood (son) born about 1865.

        M.E. Wood (daughter) born about 1869.

        Kate Wood born about 1871.

        M.L. Wood (daughter) born about 1874.

        N.C. Wood (son) born about 1877.

        S.E.J Wood (daughter) born about 1879.

      John (Jack) W. Wood born about 1848. Served in Co. A, 13th GA Infantry Regt., Evans Brigade, Gordon's Div., Army of N VA as a private from March 7, 1863, discharged with a disability on Feb. 27, 1865.

      Susannah E. Wood born about 1850;

      Josiah Wood born about 1853;

      Mary A.F. Wood born about 1855-56, married ? Mosely;

      James M. Wood born 1856-58.

      Charles D. Wood born about 1862;

      Alexander Wood (male) born about 1865;

      Sarah J. Wood born about 1868.

    (Note: in 1870 their is another William Wood living with Charles who was born about 1847. This is not William Robert who is living next to his father. He is not found with Charles in 1850, or 60. I believe that this is Josiah Wood, Charles' nephew - son of Robert. He is not in the 1870 Pike Co., GA census. Perhaps he is using his middle name or an alias because of the trouble back in GA.)

    * Robert Wood (Junior) our ancestor see generation 2 for his family.

    Josiah V. Wood born about 1826 in GA, married on September 13, 1849 in Pike Co. to Mary Susan Andrews. He was a brickmason and farmer. Moved from Pike Co. about 1868. He served as a private in Co. A, 13th GA Regt., Gordon's Brigade, Army of N VA from March 4, 1862. Admitted Hospital #2 at Richmond VA with diarrhea on May 1, 1863. Returned to duty May 15, 1863, retired on May 1, 1864. His children were:

      James D. Wood, born about 1850.

      Rebecca L. Wood, born about 1853.

      Mary E. Wood, born about 1855.

      Susan M. Wood, born about 1857.

    Elizabeth Wood born about 1827 in GA, married about 1845 to John Rogers, died after 1870. Her children were:

      Sarah E. Rogers, born January 1850

      John W. Rogers, born Dec. 4 1853, married about 1885 to Emma Williams, died Mar 1, 1939. His children were:

        Clarence Rogers married Beatrice Long

        Marvin A. Rogers, born Jan. 5, 1888, married Kiturah Chapman, died Jan. 7, 1942. His children were:

          Everett Rogers born July 28, 1916, married on Oct. 12, 1935 to Gladys Marie Edmondson. His children were: Everett Steve Rogers, Frank Gary Rogers, and Ronald Lee Rogers.

          Earl Rogers

          Albert Rogers

        Ethel Rogers married Tom Middlebrooks.

        Edward (Eddie) Rogers born Mar. 31, 1892, died Nov. 11, 1916.

        Jessie (f) Rogers Born Nov. 16, 1894, died Dec. 15, 1913.

      Carrie Rogers, born about 1856.

      Alexander Rogers, born about 1864.

      C.D. (m) Rogers, born about 1862.

      S.J.. (f) Rogers born about 1868.

    Matthew Wood born about 1830 in Pike Co., married on September 9, 1859 in Pike Co. to Ellen J. Reid (who died on Aug. 6, 1860). Served from September 9, 1861 as a private in Co. G, 27th Brigade, Colquitt's Army, Army of N VA "Pike & Spalding Co. Line Guards". Died of Typhoid Pneumonia at General Hospital #18, Richmond VA on November 25, 1861. His child was:

      Melissa J. Wood born about 1860. In 1870 living with grandfather, John Reid.

GENERATION 2, Robert (Bob) Wood (Junior).

Robert Wood (Junior - used by me only to distinguish him from his father) was born about 1823-24 in Alabama according to the 1860 & 70 Census. He came to Pike Co., GA with his parents. He was married in Pike Co. by the Rev. James B. Hanson on April 4, 1854 to Sarah Rogers, the daughter of Lemuel and Elizabeth Wright Rogers. I can not find a listing for him in the 1850 Census but in 1860 he is in Pike and lists his occupation as a mechanic. A mechanic in those days was generally someone who set up and repaired mills. In the 1870 Census he lists himself as a farmer. Neither Robert or Sarah could read or write according to the census of 1860, but Sarah says she can in 1900. He died after the 1870 Census and before May 29, 1871 in Pike Co., when Sarah applied for a homestead exemption, traditionally from wounds received in a gunfight between him and his son Josiah, and Josiah's and brothers-in-law. Sarah Rogers Wood was born in October 1826 in GA and died between 1907 and 1910 in Pike Co. She and her husband are buried in the Wood Family Cemetery in Pike Co.

According to her granddaughter Ludie Wood Williamson, during the Christmas season in 1879. Sarah Roger Wood was visiting and her sons John and James had gone to Barnesville. While they were away the homeplace caught fire and one of Sarah's granddaughters, Nellie Buchanan, was smothered. Sarah's son Wiley was sent to tell her and bring her home. Along the way the mule he was riding thru him and he broke his neck. As Sarah returned home she found him lying in the road dead. In one day she had lost her home, a son , and a granddaughter.

The children of Robert and Sarah Rogers Wood were:

    Josiah (Hick) Wood was born April 1, 1847 in Pike Co. Josiah served as a corporal in Co. G, 1st Reserve of GA State Troops. He was at the siege of Atlanta and the Savannah Campaign and was on furlough at the end of the war. On December 27, 1865 he obtained a license to marry Nancy E. Smith ( the license was never returned and no date for the ceremony is recorded. Josiah and his wife had domestic problems. On July 18, 1869 Josiah petitioned the Ordinary Court in Pike Co. to have his son, William, returned to his custody from his wife. Nancy said that he had no property, had habits of intoxication, was very abusive and overbearing. The court gave Nancy custody of William. In the 1870 census Nancy and her children were living with her father. These problems finally in about 1870, resulted in a shoot-out on the courthouse square in Zebulon between Josiah and his father and his brothers in law, Jonathan L. Smith and James M. Smith. Josiah shot Jonathan and James Smith shot Robert Wood and was in turn shot by Josiah. In fear of his life, he fled to his Uncle Charles Wood in Corinth, Miss. Josiah and his wife had separated by July of 1869 and Nancy was granted a divorce on April 7, 1879 in Pike Co. In May 1872, Josiah married a second tine in Corinth, Alcorn Co., Miss to Pocahantas (Aunt Pokie) T. Phillips (traditionally part Indian). About 1877-80 he moved to Palo Pinto Co., TX and in 1889 he and his family moved back to GA. When he returned to Pike Co. many people expected the trouble with the Smiths to begin again but all the parties seemed to have grown older and wiser and there was no trouble. He died Dec. 15, 1909 and is buried in the Providence Baptist Church Cemetery in Williamson, GA..

    (Note that it seem that Josiah was born about 7 years prior to the marriage of his parents. The question arises as to whether he is the son of Robert. I can not find him or Robert in the 1850 Census. After moving to TX, the issue arose as to the settlement of his father's, Robert, estate. Some of his siblings (James, Mary, Wiley, Carrie, and Susannah) were disputing his right to any share of the estate (not his brother John) because of the question of his birth. On Jan. 13, 1879, he sent a legal paper back to GA which is filed in the deed records (book R, page 186). In it he states that to protect his mother from the public shame such a dispute would cause, he would renounce any claim of the estate.)

    Josiah's second wife, Pocahantas, lived in Williamson until her death in the 1940's and received a pension from GA for her husband's service. Another family story deals with an incident that happened to her while living in TX. Josiah was away from home and would be gone for some time. While he was gone she was bitten by a snake and she knew that she would die before Josaih returned. In order to provide for her children until his return, she began to bake and cook food for her children over a wood stove. The heat over the stove caused her to sweat the poison out of her system.

    The children of Josiah by his first marriage were:

      William Robert Wood born September 4, 1866 and shot and killed November 13, 1888 by a convict guard while attempting to escape. He was serving on a chain gang for a misdemeanor.

      Jonathan (John) M. Wood born December 1869. Married on October 1, 1893 to Mary Ida Marshall. In 1900 & 1910 lived in Bibb Co., GA. Committed suicide in Macon about 1923 or 24. His children were:

        Ethel J. Wood

        Lucy M. Wood

        William Walton Wood

        Nettie Jeanette Wood

        Adeline (Addie) Wood

        Katie Wood

        Malcolm Lamar Wood

    The children of Josiah by his second marriage were:

      Sarah Alice (Allie) Wood born in May of 1873 in Miss, married about 1895 in Texas James (Jim) L. Cole and died after 1910. Her children were:

        Bessie Cole born June 1897, married August 14, 1916 to Adolphus Steinheimer.

        Jackie Marie Cole born April 1900, married James Alva Seagraves, died Jan 31, 1979 and had:

          James Cole Seagraves born 1920 and died Sept. 12, 1979.

          Mary Alice Seagraves who married a Martin.

          Marie E. Seagraves who married a Kilpatrick.

          William B. Seagraves in Martinsville VA in 1994

          Charles Bradley Seagraves born about 1933. married Betty Watts, died May 15, 1994. His children were: Melissa Seagraves who married Henry Banks; Darrell Seagraves who married Marsha.

        George Gordon Cole born Sept. 1895.

        Jesse James Cole born Feb. 5, 1905, married on May 24, 1924 to Sarah M. Reynolds. died Sept. 3, 1964. His children were:

          Helen Cole who married a Stansell.

          Peggy Cole.

          Carolyn Cole who married a Mathis.

          Reynolds Cole

          James Cole.

        William (Bill, Willie) Cole born about 1903.

      Ella Wood born Oct. 19, 1874 in Miss and died Feb. 28, 1918.

      George Gordon Wood born about 1877 in Miss. and died as a child.

      Annie Wood born June 27, 1880 in TX and married 1st to Scott Moore who died before 1900, and second to John Doris, died on April 15, 1983 in East Point, GA. Her child by her 1st husband was:

        Bradley (f) (Braddie) Moore born Sept. 1899 who married Eugene C. Yarborough.

      Her child by her 2nd marriage was:

        John Albert Doris born Nov. 15, 1911, who married Ruth?, died Oct. 19, 1977.

      John Bradley (Brad) Wood born Sept. 27, 1882 in TX, married Dec. 25, 1904 to Bessie Lowe Dickinson, died April 24, 1932. His children were:

        Edward Carmack Wood, born about 1913. who married 1st on Dec. 25, 1944 Mrs. Mildred G. Huff and 2nd on Feb. 16, 1964 to Mrs. Sarah Scott Coggins, he died on March 8, 1981

        Mary Wood born Jan. 1910 married on Nov. 11, 1932 to Hugh E. Crowder

          ? (daughter) Crowder born and died Mar. 6, 1935.

        Collie Wood born about 1906 and married June 15, 1925 to Marvin E. Crowder

        Albert Winston Wood born April 1, 1908 and died May 30, 1925.

      Child born and died before 1900.

      Child born and died before 1900.

    James Robert (Jim) Wood born Jan. 19, 1856 in Pike Co., GA. Married 1st on Dec. 13, 1874 in Pike Co. to Fredonia Williams, married 2nd on Oct. 20, 1898 in Pike Co. to Mrs. Tallulah (Ludie) Williams Johnson (sister of 1st wife), died April 28, 1935 in Pike Co. and buried in the Wood Family Cemetery. His children by his 1st wife were:

      William Robert Wood born Oct. 16, 1875, married on July 5, 1894 to Nancy Caroline (Carrie) Ridley, died Aug. 22, 1915. His child were:

        Clarris Lucille Wood, born June 10, 1895, married John L. Kennedy, died July 6, 1985. Her children were:

          Billie Kennedy

          Katherine Kennedy

          Caroline Kennedy

        Cecil (f) Wood born about 1897, married Samuel Hollomon, died in Miami FL in the early 1960's. Her children were:

          Bobby Hollomon

          Hunt Hollomon

          Sam Holloman

        Georgia Wood born Nov. 20, 1898, married 1st. Ray Stearns, married 2nd Carl Wallis, died June 15, 1980. Her child by marriage 1 was:

          Eloise Stearns

        By marriage 2 was:

          Betty Ann Wallis

        Annie Fredonia Wood born Nov. 20, 1900, married on July 1927 to Gus A. Seidel.

        William Arthur Wood born Oct. 14, 1902, married Clodie Kendrick on Dec. 27, 1923, died Feb. 23, 1996. His children were:

          Mittie Louise Wood who married Jimmy Swafford. Her children were: Judy Swafford who married Phil Williams and had Susan Williams and Angeline Williams; and David (Bobby) Swafford who married Valerie Baker and had David Swafford and Julie Swafford.

          William Arthur Wood Jr. married Nancy Wellborn. His children were: Terry Ann Wood who married Tommy Howle and had Nathan Howle and Tommy Howle; Donna Wood who married 1st Todd Donegan and had by him Wesley Donegan and Emily Donegan, and married 2nd Dana Head and had Abbie Head; and Kendrick (Ken) Wood.

        Robert Benjamin Wood born Sept. 27, 1904. married Helen Shockley and died Dec. 10, 1969 in Cocoa Beach FL. His children were:

          Kenneth Wood.

          Robert Benjamin Wood Jr.

        Nancy (Mamie) C. Wood born Nov. 16, 1906, married Herman Andrews, died Oct. 19, 1979.

        Jessie (Jerry) M. Wood born Sept. 20, 1910, married Vernon Greer, died July 2, 1967.

        Morgan Howard Wood born Oct. 27, 1913, died May 31, 1915.

      Maybell Wood born Feb. 2, 1879, married on Dec. 23, 1897 to Early Owen, died Nov. 17, 1969 in Upson Co. She and her husband ran a boarding house "Owen Heights" which housed 25 to 40 boarders during the summer. Her children were:

        James Early Owen born July 5, 1899, married 1st on Nov. 19, 1924 to Fannie Maude Norris, married 2nd I.V. Moon, died Nov. 8, 1975, no children.

        William Harold Owen born June 20, 1903, married Edna H., died April 27, 1975. His children were:

          William (Bill) Owen

          Richard Owen

          Barbara Owen

        Eunice (Emmie) Owen born about 1901, married Roscoe P. Barrett. Her child was:

          June Barrett

        Marvin Virgil Owen born April 24, 1911, married Allyne Hancock, died June 27, 1959. His child was:

          Gayle Owen married a Burden.

      Arthur W. Wood born Dec. 1880.

      Virgil Wood born Dec. 1887.

      Nellie Wood born July 1890, married Nov. 14, 1912 to Zonnie Padgett Bowers, lived in Charlotte, NC.

      Morris Wood born March 27, 1895, died August 11, 1939.

    * John Caldwell Wood our ancestor, see generation 3.

    Mary Ellen (Sis) Wood born June 24, 1859 in Pike Co., GA. Married in Pike Co. on Dec. 16, 1877 to Rufus Alonza Buchanan. Died Nov. 11, 1939 in Pike Co. and buried in the Wood Family Cemetery. Her children were:

      Nellie Buchanan born Nov. 20, 1879, died Dec. 27, 1879 (see story above for details).

      James (Jim) Robert Buchanan born May 26, 1881, married on Aug. 23, 1903 to Mattie Kendrick, died Dec. 24, 1904.

      Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie). Buchanan born Nov. 1882, married on August 7, 1901 to Archie Sylvester (Vesta) Weaver. Her children were:

        Gertie Weaver born Sept. 3, 1905, died Nov. 22, 1911

        Mary Weaver born about 1910, married I.G. Johnson, died Mar. 20, 1985. Her child was:

          Martha (Jean) Johnson who married a McCord and had: Cathy McCord; Cindy McCord; and Ricky McCord.

      Ben Hill Buchanan born Feb. 4, 1885, died July 6, 1885.

      Martha Frances Buchanan born June 1886, married on May 6, 1905 to C.D. Martin, died before Nov. 1939.

      Rufus C. (Coley R., Donnie) Buchanan born Feb. 1888, married about 1907 Lena B.

      William Otis Buchanan born Nov. 1889, married about 1909 Annie Carrabaeil.

      Josiah S. (Joe) Buchanan born July 1891, married March 5, 1929 to Mrs. Hazel Braden.

      Sara Buchanan born Aug. 7, 1893, died Aug. 21. 1893.

      Wylie B. Buchanan born Sept. 1894, died 1960.

      John H. Buchanan born Sept. 1894, married 1st ? on Dec. 23, 1920 to Lillian Smith, married 2nd ? on June 12, 1921 to Mabel Story.

    Wiley J. Wood born about 1864 in Pike Co., died Dec. 1879 and buried in the Wood Family Cemetery (see story above).

    Martha Caroline (Carrie) Wood born April 1866 in Pike Co., married on Dec. 13, 1882 in Pike Co. to James W. Parker, died after 1910. Her children were:

      Pearl Parker born Sept. 1882, married on Nov. 17, 1901 to Robert Tyus.

      Robert A. Parker born April 1884.

      Bessie Lee Parker born March 25, 1887, married on Jan. 5, 1908 to James Ira Harden, died Jan. 16, 1982. Her children were:

        Evelyn H. Harden born July 2, 1919, died Nov. 9, 1929.

        Wynton H. Harden born about 1912, married Hazel Williams, died April 17, 1989. His child was Maxine Harden who married Russ Parish

        Mary H. Harden married a Jones and lived in Cheyenne, WY in 1989.

        Jacqueline Harden no marriage lived in Atlanta.

        James P. Harden born about 1909, married Evelyn Mullins, died Mar.21, 1995. His child was:

          Patsy Harden who marries Thomas Larry Yates. Her children were: Bradley Kent Yates, and Summer Yates.

        John Ira Harden Jr.

        Charles F. Harden.

        Williams G. Harden.

        Sarah Harden married a Drouin and livved in Biloxi, Miss.

      Lilly Mae Parker born Aug. 1889, not married in 1929.

      Charles T. (Charlie) Parker born Dec. 1891, married on Dec. 21, 1915 to Naomi Park, lived in Hampton GA. His children were:

        James W. Parker born about 1921, married Juanita D.,died Mar. 10, 1987. His children were:

          Cheryl Parker married a Langley.

          Larry W. Parker

        Carolyn Parker married a McCarty.

        June Parker married an Echols.

        Douglas Parker

        Terrell Parker

        Donald Parker

      Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Parker born Oct. 1893, died Oct. 14, 1978, no marriage.

      Birdie Bill Parker born Nov. 1895, married ? Herman Grant (if not her, one of her sisters married Grant).

      Ernest Lincoln (Lee, Shank) Parker born Feb. 1899, married on July 5, 1921 to Ruby Chapman, died Dec. 8, 1983. His child was:

        Elsie Louise Parker born Jan. 14, 1926, married on July 6, 1947 to John A. Danielly Jr., Her children were:

          Rebekah Anne Danielly born in 1953, married David L. Jones. Her children were: Jennifer Jones and Kathryn Jones (twins), and Laura Jones.

          Susan Laura Danielly born in 1955 married a Steven Garrett.

      James W. Parker Jr. born about 1903, served in navy.

      Frank Parker died as a child.

      Frank Parker born about 1907, died as a child after 1910 (2 children named Frank).

      James Bowman Parker born about 1901, served in the navy.

      Minnie P. (Mamie) Parker born 1905, married Linton Morris Shehee, in 1982 livied in ` Pensacola, FL. , died there in 1983. Her child was:

        Linton Morris Shehee lives in Pensacola, FL

    Susannah (Willie) Wood born about 1868-69, died July 1879 of malarial fever.

Generation 3, John Caldwell Wood.

John Caldwell Wood was born on August 19, 1857 in Pike Co., GA. I believe that he was named for Dr. John Caldwell who lived nearby. On February 27, 1881 he married ,in Pike Co., Payola Atchison Waller, daughter of James and Nancy Peugh Waller. Payola had been born in Spalding Co., GA on March 2, 1858. For most of his life he lived on the Barnesville Road east of Zebulon on the land that had belonged to his grandfather. For two years around 1932 he lived on Concord Street in Zebulon. He was a farmer. Payola died of cancer of the bladder on November 30, 1928 and John died of organic heart lesion on November 27, 1934. They both died in Pike Co. and are buried in the Wood Family Cemetery. Their children were:

    Annie Lee Wood born Oct. 31, 1882 in Pike Co. On Nov. 23, 1901 she married George F. White in Pike Co. She lived for a while in Sand Mountain AL and at the time of her death was living with her daughter Oberia in Atlanta, GA (the DeKalb Co. part). She died on March 13, 1971 and was buried in the Nazareth Church Cemetery in Pike Co. Her children were:

      Ola Oberia White born Aug. 25, 1902. She was married on Jan. 28, 1933 to Kermit Odel English. Her children were:

        Carolyn English, born Dec. 29, 1934, married Thomas Melvin Hendricks. She had:

          Thomas Melvin Hendricks born Feb. 20, 1960.

          Teri Frances Hendricks born July 5, 1962.

          Todd Andrew Hendricks born April 8, 1966.

          Ted Anthony Hendricks born Feb. 12, 1970

          Sonya Hendricks born April 22, 1961.

        Trella Mae English born Sept. 18, 1936, married 1st on March 25, 1955 to W. Michael Dickerson, married 2nd Fred Couvillion Sr. Her children were:

          Denise Dickerson born Dec. 18, 1957.

          Derek Dickerson born June 27, 1964.

          Michelle Dickerson born May 11, 1968, married Eric Keith Batten on July 31, 1982.

        Angeline Joyce English born Nov. 13, 1939, married William Abney. Her children were:

          William Garnet Abney born Oct. 27, 1971.

          Alesha Joyce Abney born April 2, 1972.

      Joe Henry White born about 1904, died 1972, lived in Hogansville GA and had 8 children.

      Annie Mae White born about 1909, married Elmer L. Williams, died May 15, 1981. her child:

        Betty Wiliiams married Sam Harell.

      Raymond F. White born about 1906, lived in Henegar AL.

      Doris White married Boe Wells, lived in Rainsville, AL.

      Bertha White married 1st Patterson, married 2nd Maynard Keith, lived in Hogansville, GA. Her child by 1st husband :

        Bettie Keith (used step-father's name).

      Lena Pearl White married Jack Smith and lived in Ft. Payne, AL.

      James F. White lived in Boaz, AL.

      Corry White lived in Barnesville, GA.

      Twins born dead.

    Effie Pauline Wood born in July 1885, married in Pike Co. on Aug. 7, 1901 to Walter D. White (brother of sister's husband), died June 29, 1907 in Pike Co., buried in Wood Family Cemetery. No children.

    Mary Ella Wood born on Sept. 5, 1887 in Pike Co., married in Pike Co. on Oct. 1, 1905 to Ollie Jones Cannafax, died in Pike Co. on Jan. 15, 1929 and buried in Ebenezer Church Cemetery in Lamar Co., GA. Her children were:

      John Gordon Cannafax born Dec. 15, 1906, married on July 18, 1927 to Charlotte Ethel Oxford, died April 24, 1980. His children were:

        Mary Jeanne Cannafax born Dec. 25, 1936, married 1st Donald Gilbert, and 2nd on Mar. 18, 1962 to Fred Wade. Her child by husband #1 was:

          Pamela Charlene Gilbert born Jan. 18, 1957.

        Her children by husband #2 were:

          Larry Wade born June 29, 1963.

          Patsy Wade born Nov. 12, 1964.

        John Pope Cannafax born Feb. 26, 1931, married on Oct. 3, 1950 to Joanne Cochran. His children were:

          John Carlton Cannafax born April 15, 1960, married Brenda Crowder.

          Joe Mark Cannafax born Oct. 23, 1963.

          Carla Lou Cannafax born Jan. 3, 1966.

        James Gordon Cannafax born June 22, 1943, married Connie Faye Montgomery. His child was:

          Kindra Lynn Cannafax born July 15, 1964, married Bobby Perkins.

        Larry Lamar Cannafax born April 9, 1933, died April 24, 1957.

      Ollie Josiah (Joe) Cannafax born Jan. 17, 1908, married on Dec. 24, 1932 to Evelyn V. Blanton, shot and killed on July 10, 1940. Buried in the Zebulon Methodist Church Cemetery. His children were:

        Betty Lou Cannafax born Oct. 23, 1933, married on Feb. 11, 1951 to Bobby Jones Harrison. Her children were:

          Sara Lynn Harrison born Mar. 21, 1954, married Howard Tessin.

          Bobby Jones Harrison Jr. born April 26, 1958 married Lori Suzanne Walraven. His children were: Emily Ann Harrison born Sept. 21, 1981; and Jefferson Drew Harrison born June 11, 1984.

        William (Billy) Joseph Cannafax born Mar. 18, 1935, married on Sept. 12, 1958 to June Hutchison. His children were:

          William Joseph Cannafax Jr. born June 29, 1961.

          Stephen Robert Cannafax born Dec. 1, 1964.

      Francis Marion Cannafax born July 25, 1911, drowned in Lake Burton, GA on Aug. 31, 1931.

      Jones Marvin Cannafax born Dec. 28, 1919, married on May 21, 1948 to Mrs. Pauline Hand Shaw, died Oct. 28, 1996. His children were:

        Brenda Gail Shaw born May 6, 1940 (adopted wife's child) married on Nov. 9, 1958 to Charles W. Willis. Her children were:

          Terry Herbert Willis born Nov. 12, 1959, died Nov. 14, 1959.

          Kerry Marvin Willis born Nov. 12, 1959, married on May 10, 1980 to Michele Virginia Crowder. His children were; Whitney Leigh Willis, and Ryan Charles Willis.

          Cindy Susan Willis born Mar. 20, 1961, married on Mar. 8, 1986 to W. Marshall Hurd. Her children were: Brian Marshall Hurd (stepchild), Brandy Dianne Hurd (stepchild), and Elijah Kale Hurd.

        Pamela Susan Cannafax born Nov. 8, 1952 married on March 4, 1973 to Robert Lee Connell. Her children were:

          Julie Lynn Connell born Mar. 20, 1978.

          Robert Lee (Rob) Connell Jr. born July 27, 1980.

        (male) Cannafax born and died on Oct. 3, 1928.

    Feddie Masterson Wood born August 5, 1889, married in Pike Co. on Sept. 2, 1906 to J. Troy W. Bush. Died June 23, 1977 in Thomaston, Upson Co., GA on June 23, 1977 and buried in Zebulon Methodist Church Cemetery in Pike Co. No children.

    Willie Mae Wood born March 5, 1891 in Pike Co., married in Pike Co. on Dec. 26, 1909 to Dewitt T. Allen. Died in Thomaston, Upson Co. GA on Nov. 7, 1979 and buried in the Thomaston City Cemetery. Her children were:

      Marjorie Louise Allen born November 28, 1910, died July 2, 1911.

      William Talmadge Allen born 1911, married Nellie Mae Dukes, died Nov. 8, 1978 His child was:

        Ken Allen.

      Henry Carl (Carl) Allen born about 1912, married in July 1940 Johnette Riggins, died 1990. He lived in Molena, GA. His children were:

        Douglas M. Allen married Pat. Lived in Chesapeake VA. His child was:

          David Drewy Allen

        Kay Allen married Roger Green. Lived in Meansville, GA. Her children were:

          Emily Kay Green

          Erin Leigh Green

          Ashley Ann Green

      Mary Allen married Mack Owen.

    Robert Sherman (Sherman) Wood born in Pike Co. on Sept. 5, 1893, married 1st in Pike Co. on April 13, 1915 to Mamie Milner, married 2nd in Moore Haven FL on June 22, 1944 to Mrs. Ann Normand. Died in Miami, Broward Co., FL on Feb. 25, 1965 and buried in Barnesville Baptist Church Cemetery in Lamar Co., GA. His children by his 1st wife were:

      Robert Sherman (RS) Wood born June 17, 1916, died Feb. 25, 1971.

      Mildred Wood married Edwin B. Moore, lived in Greenwood. SC. Her child was:

        Ann Moore

      Harold Milner Wood born April 15, 1922, married in Lamar Co. GA on Feb. 28, 1942 to Florence Green. Served as a Sgt. with the 121st Infantry and killed in action in France on July 13, 1944, reburied in the Marietta GA National Cemetery in 1949. His child:

        ? (daughter) Wood married W. D. Hall. Her children were:

          William Hall.

          Angela Hall.

    Child by 2nd wife was:

      Julie Sherman Wood born about 1946, married Kare Marcussen In 1965 living in Coral Gables, FL and last known to be in Triete Italy.

    John Thomas Wood born August 1894 in Pike Co., died May 1909 and buried in Wood Family Cemetery.

    * Ludie Payola Wood our ancestor see Wiiliamson Family Generation 5.

    James Paul (Paul) Wood born Nov. 20, 1900 in Pike Co. Served in the Navy and moved to Los Angeles, CA by 1929. Married Bernice Day. Died Mar. 23, 1956 in Las Vegas,, NV. Remains were cremated and placed between his parents in the Wood Family Cemetery. His children were:

      Robert Sherman Wood

      James Paul Wood Jr.

    Mamie Wood born after 1900 census died as a child before the 1910 census and buried in Ebenezer Church Cemetery inn Lamar Co., GA

    Jim Wood born dead between the 1900 and 1910 census.