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This is my countdown to my visit to Austrailia.
It is still a very long ways away, but I am still extremely
exicited about visiting the homeland of the White's tree frog.

This page was set up for

Just In

I am happy to announce that I am once again the
pround new parent of a bouncing bundle of Joy....
To see some pictures of Bletch, click on
the above picture

...and I am also happy to announce the newest to my froggy-hood... FERDINAN (or Ferdy as I like to call him).
Unfortunatly, my digital camera decided that it doesn't like to work anymore, so I don't have any new pictures. :((
I am very sad to announce the passing of my beloved little Kermit.
On August 26th, after a long night at work, I returned home only to find
my best friend in the world to be very sickly. His body weight dropped about
50 percent overnight. I isolated him from Peabody in a 10 gallon quarentine
tank, complete with all the accomadations of his larger tank. I added a
sulfa solution to his water, added meal worms, and about 50 vitamin dusted
crickets. He tried to eat but was weak. On Thursday morning, before I had
a chance to take him to a vet, my little "Kermi" passed on to better places.
Taking with him a bit of myself. I will never be the same. Kermit was my
best friend, and I find it hard to imagine life without him.
Kermit will always be on my mind and in my heart.

Kermit Haase


What's New On This Site

I have tried to add a new form to this site concerning sick White's
(and other frogs). It is very basic at this point, but will help me respond
in a more timely manor to questions concerning an ill frog.
Click here to try it out
NOTE:I have received a few e-mails (forms) that have included
unrespondable return addresses. "scopius", I have tried to email
you countless times but all e-mails are returned. :( well as many
others. So please, if you have entered a "sick frog" form, and I have
not yet replied, send me an e-mail (or retry the form).
Come meet Hanzel and Gretle Karen's adorable White's
I have started to add a section to this site on the breeding
of White's. This topic is frequently asked, so I thought it would be
best to include an area on this site realating to it. Hopefully, I will
be able to expand on it shortly (besides just a few JPG's), but I thought
I should post what I have so far to help answer any questions.
Click Here to see what's posted so far.
I have finally recieved some pictures from another White's
owner(s), and am very hoppy to display them on this site. John Giddens
and family have sent me some very informative information on White's
and Australia, and I feel very honored that they allowed me to post a
few pictures of their frogs:
"Ladelada and Der Glumph."
CLICK HERE to see the Giddens' White's
Interested on the origins of the White's? I am in the
process of adding a page consisting of a brief history of the
White's tree frog. Please remember that it is still under construction,
and I will be adding more information shortly.
Click Here
The FrogChat Page is up and running...


to see the Frog Chat times that have been submitted.

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Contest #9, Contest #4 and Contest #5
This page is brought to you by Kermit and Peabody's pet, Kenneth James Haase

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This page is always being updated. The purpose of this site is to offer a source of information, resourses and links to that fabulous frog, The White's Tree Frog. I try to update this site daily.... so all feedback is welcome. Even if it is negative. Feel free to let me know on ways to improve this site.

Peabody and Kermit

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Okay, on an oversite on my part, a few of you wonderfull visitors may have entered this site lookimg for the fabulous Muppet, Kermit the Frog. Click on the picture to the left if you are trying to find information on that ultimate frog:Kermit

A picture of KERMIT A Picture of Peabody

This web page is for my little White's
tree frog

...and my other little White's

A mouthful of Moss
...Peabody get's a mouthfull of moss after going after a cricket!!!

White's tree frogs

...a brief description

The White's tree frog (Litoria caerulea) is generally labeled as a "large" tree frog; some femals reach an SVL (snout to vent length) of 4.5 inches. They tend to be "heavy" or "obese"; but have got to be one of the (if not the) cutest frogs around. They have a very healthy appitite for almost any live food placed before them. They may seem to be docile, but with the interjection of food in their tank, they can turn VERY aggresive. Their color ranges from a brownish green, to bright jade green, to "blue." The Indonesian Whites seem to have duller colors, while the Austrailian White's are a lot more "colorful" and bright. White's are one of the few frogs that seem not to mind humans. They seem to be a very "mellow" and calm pet. The also do not seem to mind being held (Please read FAQ ).
...and on an interesting note about White's:
" In 1992, chemists and zoologists reported that the White's tree frog exudes a compound that destroys a straph bacterium responsible for abscesses and that it is active against the cold-sore virus Herpes simplex; a peptide called caerulein from the frog's skin secretions lowers human blood pressure." 78
For great froggy information, visit the sites listed on Kermit's links page. There are multiple links to all of your froggy interests.


Kermit and Peabody

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