Hawaii's Unique Oddballz

There are some very odd creatures unique to Hawaii. In a way, they are Hawaii's own "Oddballz."

Here is Kisses the Lips with a Happy Face Spider. Each of these rainforest spiders has its own one-of-a kind markings on its abdomen that looks like a smiling face!

You can adopt your own Hawaiian Happyface Spider from Spot's website.

Happy Face Spider

Lester the Jester is puzzled by the spiders found in some lava tubes on various islands. There's a Big-Eyed Big-Eyed Spider...a Small-Eyed Big-Eyed Spider...and a No-Eyed Big-Eyed Spider! The spiders that live in the dark gradually evolved with diminished eyes, while those that live in sunlight have retained their eyes.

Big Eyed Spiders

These Catz are afraid of the Carnivorous Caterpillar. While most caterpillars happily munch on leaves, these unusual caterpillars catch and eat insects!

Carnivorous Caterpillar

Yapper the Dogz is listening to the Singing Achatinellid Snail. According to an old Hawaiian legend these beautiful snails can sing. Can you hear them?

Singing Snail

Find out more about these Hawaiian "Oddballz" in the books, Hawaiian Insects and Their Kin by F.G. Howarth and W.P. Mull, University of Hawaii Press, 1992 and Peter Panini's Children's Guide: The Living Treasures of the Hawaiian Islands written by Stacey Kaopuiki, illustrated by Stacey Kaopuiki and Bob Wagstaff, Hawaiian Island Concepts, 1994.

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The song playing is "The Inner Light" from Star Trek.