Hardin Co., TX Marriages

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NOTE: Groom is listed first, then Bride and date of marriage.

BASS, Benjamin to HALL, Matilda on Feb. 12, 1885.
BASS, W. R. to COLLINS, Miss Fannie on Jan. 23, 1889.
BEVIL, Hy. to COLLINS, Annie on Oct. 20, 1892.
CHADDICK, A. to DAVIS, Miss M. on Dec. 14, 1893.
CHAPMAN, L. J. to MCFARLAND, Miss O. C. on Apr. 24, 1898.
COCK, Robert to FOSTER, Harriet on Mar. 12, 1885.
COLLINS, E. H. to CUPP, R. M. on Oct. 15, 1878.
COLLINS, E. W. to OVERSTREET, M. M. on Sept. 19, 1883.
COLLINS, H. V. to FLOYD, O. J. on July 11, 1872.
COLLINS, M. F. to WILLIAMS, Boanna on Sept. 03, 1874.
COLLINS, N. C. to WILLIAMS, Eliza on Jan. 24, 1861.
COLLINS, Thomas to BROWN, Miss M. A. on Jan. 24, 1886.
DAVIS, Felix to HADNOT, Miss E. L. on May 31, 1888.
DAVIS, Robert to HOLLAND, Elizabeth on Aug. 10, 1868.
DIES, Wm. W. to COLLINS, Miss Josie L. on Feb. 24, 1898.
DOWDEN, E. to COLLINS, Martha A. on July 29, 1875.
FERGUSON, B. S. to DAVIS, Miss Nellie on Dec. 24, 1893.
FOSTER, Geo. to MINTER, C. on Oct. 22, 1892.
FOSTER, Geo. to HARRIS, Miss Ella on July 07, 1899.
FOSTER, Hardy to ODAM, Isabella on July 26, 1897.
FOSTER, Jefferson, to SAPP, Nancy on July 29, 1875.
FOSTER, Joseph to COCK, Emarilla on Dec. 27, 1871.
FOSTER, Samuel H. to DANFORTH, Florida Ann C. on Apr. 10, 1859.
FOSTER, Tim to SIMPSON, Miss Jane on Apr. 27, 1887.
GRIFFIN, S. R. to COLLINS, Miss L. E. (Lydia) on Dec. 24, 1890.
HALL, Edward to GRIFFIN, Nancy on Aug. 29, 1875.
HALL, Edward to COLLINS, S. E. (Sabra) on Jan. 27, 1881.
HALL, John to COLLINS, M. J. (Martha) on Nov. 19, 1884.
HALL, J. H. to LAIRD, Miss Mary on July 09, 1899.
HALL, Mit to BROOKS, Miss N. E. on July 04, 1887.
HALL, W. B. to LOFTIN, Mrs. Mary on Mar. 23, 1890.
HANES, E. to FOSTER, L. on Apr. 23, 1868.
MCCRAY, John to FOSTER, Miss Mary Jane on Dec. 13, 1888.
MCCRAY, John to FOSTER, Katie on May 04, 1893.
MCFARLAND, Andrew to LIVINGSTON, Miss Lola on June 17, 1896.
MCKINEY, Jackson to FOSTER, Jenette on Apr. 24, 1884.
MCKINNEY, Robert to FOSTER, Miss Alice on May 06, 1894.
MCKINNEY, Seals to FOSTER, Annie on Dec. 25, 1887.
MORRIS, N. B. to DAVIS, Fannie on July 19, 1883.
MOYE, Henry to DAVIS, Miss Viney on Oct. 21, 1893.
OVERSTREET, Daniel to COLLINS, Sarah M. on Nov. 19, 1873.
PALMER, J. W. to HALL, Charity on Sept. 11, 1884.
PATTERSON, H. F. to HALL, Sarah on Nov. 16, 1896.
REED, J. G. to FOSTER, Miss Sabella on July 23, 1899.
REGAN, J. H. to DAVIS, Miss Ida on Oct. 21, 1894.
SIMPSON, Geo. W. to MATHEWS, Miss Martha on Aug. 30, 1899.



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