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Subject: Apogee Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 08:33:14 -0700 (PDT) From: Carol Lyons

         Well, Apogee won his very first Reining class! With a score of 71, which is very good --- very, very good! He qualified for the Regionals, which are next week. However, we aren't going to show him at the Regionals this year. He is qualified for 2 years so next year should be better - if we can afford to send him back for more training. So, he goes home to Lisa's this week & she will trail ride him and do some dressage & I hope to get Genisis and Tariifah El Khali bred to him. (Aliah is already checked in foal to him.) We will probably send him back next January. $$$ permitting.

         He was disqualified in the Championship class - for taking a half spin too many. But as I told Jim, he was in good company because a former Reserve National Champion (Buckaroo Bey, [Sheila Varian breeding] was in the same class and he also was disqualified for the same reason (Must admit that Buckaroo Bey did spin faster than Apogee - totally amazing spins.) There were two other National Top Tens in the classes and A Regional Top 5, so the competition was real tough. 10 & 11 horses in the classes.

         When we took Apogee to the trainer, he said a full year to 15 months training necessary before the first show. Apogee has just completed 8 months, so he is a bit ahead of schedule. A number of trainers came up afterwards & wanted to know all about him - what bloodlines, etc. All saying ' Boy give him another year and he will be among the greats'. Sigh - well he is a Davenport so naturally he is among the greats already! Incidently, he stops with his mouth closed and on a rather loose rein.

         I hope that I got some good photos. Will take them to the 1 hour place today. A friend of Lisa's videoed the classes and I understand that it will be possible to get stills from the video, though not as clear as regular photos. I was trying to get the spins and the sliding stops - as well as a general lope photo. My camera is auto focus and I missed the first two runs & stops because, although I depressed the button, it didn't react til AFTER the stops. Then I got wise & started depressing the button while he was still running so I think I may have gotten one stop anyway. Awkward taking the pics from the grandstands too. If I get a good one, I'll get it up on my web site.

         I understand that Apogee's dam (Copper Hill Rysa) has been sold to someone in Illinois??? Through Alice connection?? If so, if can someone tell Rysa's new owner about Apogee? Thanks.

Well, so long for now.

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