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Subject: Crabbet show Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 11:48:20 -0700 (PDT) From: Carol Lyons

So, show report:

the 'Crabbet Show

(open to all bloodlines. Not IAHA recognized. this is the 11th year. 275 horses (+ post entries), 3 days, 94 classes)


         The halter classes are judged on points against the standard. Gold, silver, bronze and no award system. 3 judges. No whips permitted in the filly/ mare & classes... permitted in the stallions 2 & over classes, but must be carried in the down position at all times. We all had a good time and helped each other. Good show! There should be more like it.

         Davenport Representatives: Jauhana LD (Al Mujiz Jauhara x Leafs Ivey) - 3 yr grey... went to Lisa's about 6 weeks ago, but could have stayed home. With no big pastures to run in she did loose lots of muscle tone & ended up looking a bit slack in the loins, but pudgy. She is VERY laid back & nothing bothered her at all. The 'reining' judge really liked her. (She is really very pretty and stands 14:3.)

         Daedalus DL (Bravura x CH Fairy Flight) 2 yr dark bay colt. Very sensitive colt, and this was the very best thing that could have happened to him. He is beautifully balanced with long well shaped neck & more 'level' croup than most Davenports. He behaved very well in the ring & came home a 'new boy'. He may have attracted a breeding for 1998 or 1999. Rene Feuille, co-owner with Diane, showed him. (Dave had a small, gentle but firm lesson with him - about having his feet trimed & not kicking & about paying attention to the human.)

         Mandarin there only for the stallion presentation .... and I missed the most spectacular picture opportunities when he did some very energetic half passes that had the audience hooping & hollering, standing and stomping. He must have been crossing his legs over about 3 feet! And perfect coordination between front & rear legs. (Dave rode him in dressage saddle. He also ran him out at near top speed then went to a flat foot walk and intentionally and dramatically dropped the reins so all could see the attitude. Used the Roman music & it was great.)

         SA Apogee. Well he did it all or nearly so. This was his second show & first time shown by Lisa who has had him at home for the past 2 months... and he bred a mare just last week.

         1st level, test 1, a respectable 57.9 for 1st place - his first dressage test; Show Hack - 2nd place (collected and extended gaits required) his first class with other horses in the ring; his first western pleasure class - came in 3rd; his first time in a 'native' costume. He won the class in style with lovely hand gallups, & flat footed walks; his first English Pleasure - hunt seat for stallions- he won the class (it was small - but thats Ok)

         Oh yes and he carried Lisa's very tiny 5 yr old daughter in the regular lead line class and in the 'leadline trail horse class' which included ground poles, weaving in & out of barrels, open & close gait & go over a bridge. All entrants got a trophy & ribbon, but he really did the best!

         Then the horse who was suppose to carry the flag couldn't- so Apogee carried it. Ho Hum. (Lisa did not ask him to canter however because the Oregon flag was being carried by her niece on her 1/2 Arab POA & she didn't want to push the luck)

         Eventually I'll get the photos.

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