The Arabian Horses at Lyons' Den:
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Past and Present
(Straight Davenport Arabians are members of the Al Khamsa and CMK groups
and are listed or eligable for listing in the BAHC)
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Jim & Carol Lyons
2550 Stiles Road Dallas, OR 97338

New Phone: (503)-831-4944


SA Apogee
Our "reining"Davenport
The regal Thea Isis
a Lyons' foundation mare

The beautiful JAL Athena

The handsome Mandarin CF


Jamila Al Krush

LD Genisis

Gbarh Asjah

GH Janet

The lovely Leafs Ivy

Jauhar El Khala

Strawberry Kurush

Jauhanna LD

Kashmir Krush LD

Polynesia LD


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