Desert Lily: Davenport Arabian Horses

"Thus speak the Bedouins ...'the spirit of God has created a harmonious animal and endowed it with a gentle and intelligent soul which has the capacity to understand (her) mission in this world as a companion to man. ...a divine creature which has been sent for his supreme joy and to delight his spirit as well as his heart and to share the fortunes and adversities of this illusory world.' "

(from "A Collection of Articles" by Carl Raswan, p. 36)

CHRYSALIS DL photo by Carol Lyons
Don Camillo
(Monsoon X Tara)
leading Jal Athena
bred by Charles Craver
gifted to Diane Lyons
a beloved gelding
(Brimstone X Luz-Del-Sol
Hera DL
(Bravera CF X Isabeau CL)
"My orphan filly at 1 year"
bred and owned by Diane Lyons
Daedalus DL
(Bravura CF X CH Fairy Flight)
bred by Diane Lyons
owned by Diane Lyons and R.P.Feuille
CH Fairy Flight
(Flight Plan X Nymphaea)
Bred by Mrs A S Love
Owned by Diane Lyons
Chrysalis Dl
(Valerian X Isabeau LD)
bred and owned by Diane Lyons


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