Keyhole is an event that will definately give a rider and their horse some experience.

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Keyhole is an event ran mostly in Gymkhana and Playdays.

The Keyhole event is a tricky event for both the horse and it's rider. This is because the Keyhole is drawn out in a chalk line only allowing the horse and rider to enter, turn, and exit inside it's boundries. The disqualifications for this event is if the horse exits the Keyhole or steps on the lines you will receive a no time.

To explain a little something about running patterns, there is one stipulation that needs to be brought forth, and that is that some horses make left or right turns better than they do the other one. Remember one thing that is important to have good running times, when you are starting your run, make sure your horse is at full speed before you enter the timing line and don't start to stop your horse until you have crossed the timing line at the finish. The disqualifications for speeds events are inforced if you go off pattern or fall off your horse. There are time penalities if you knock down a barrel or pole, which most of the time is two seconds added on your existing time.

In the Keyhole event it doesn't really matter if you have a right or left hand turning horse. The only thing that really matters is once you have reached the inside of the Keyhole that you turn whichever direction is more comfortable for you and which way will keep you from stepping on the chalk lines.

Please keep in mind that the speed of each horse varies and whenever you are running a speed event, you run it at you and your horse's capabilities. Please remember to take caution to keep you from getting hurt and from your horse from getting hurt also or going lame.

And please one more thing for safety precautions, please wear a helmet to secure safety on your behalf.

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