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I am pleased as punch to be given the following awards:

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This was the FIRST award given to me! Click on the above award, and you will meet a gem of a person, Misty

Mel and her family are very special people...down to earth and easy to like....visit them:)

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This Award was "made for me"! No kidding! My site was found so.........undescribable......that I was awarded the "WOW" award! Thank you, JUDI!

Another SUSAN! Wonders never cease! Click on the award and see for yourself!

AMERICAN VETERANS UNITE! Visit this award for a salute to the AMERICAN VET....a sense of humor....and fun!

WHEW! After spending a long week in the "dungeon", I have finally been freed! "Susan takes out a handful of golden coins and jewels and throws them at her adoring fans" ~Thanks Allison!

Click on this Award to meet an artful person!

For Bunny Lovers Only!

From a fellow Floridian

~ Remember, you may not be able to control what life puts in your path, but you can control who you are and who you will become.~

MikenSharyi's homepage award~

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