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The best things in life are "girl" things.
Never break a date with a girlfriend to go out with a man.
Great minds think alike...assuming they are female.
An understanding girlfriend is cheaper than a therapist.
You're perfect just the weigh you are.
There's a little wild woman in each of us.
What's a bad hair day between girlfriends?
Girls just want to have fun.
Gems may be precious but girlfriends are priceless.

Let me tell you a little about the friends that I have met thru this wonderful thing called the internet.

My friends have changed a lot in the past years. Years ago, when I was quite active on the computer I had many 'long distance' puter friends. As the months and years have passed, we have grown apart. I still consider them good friends, but we do not talk much. I have made a wonderful friend who lives in Tucson. SusanB is the mom of a '98 West Point graduate. That was the initial glue that held the relationship together. BUT, as we have grown to know more about each other, our son's WP experiences are but a small part of our friendship. One day, when my life is not quite so hectic (and I am not spending a fortune on college) she and I will hook up!

I also have several other friends that I keep in touch with. Interesting enough, one is also the parent of an '02 cadet. MaryB lives in sunny California. We first met last spring when the boys went to Tampa to play baseball in the 2000 ARMY spring campaign. She is a delightful person. I look forward to our meeting again this March in Tampa.

Family is very important to me. I have a sister-in-law that is a lot of fun to be around. She and her husband live in Boone, where we vacationed over Christmas '00. SNOW! We saw snow. That was the first time Tyler (13) had every seen snow! We had a wonderful time with them, we always do. Mike would like to retire (a long ways off!!!) and move to Boone. (Don't tell his brother!)

Mike also has three sisters who live in SC and TX. This past Christmas we saw them all while at his brother's house. We get together once a year, for a week, at Myrtle Beach. It's always nice to get away and sit down and relax with all his family. They are special people.


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