Dedicated to Nick and Rudy
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June 23, 1988 - February 13, 2000
Nick's Dedication

Adopted August 25, 1995 - October 13, 2000
Rudy's Dedication

I am very sad to say both Nick and Rudy have passed on. Rudy passed on eight months after Nick died. I am rewriting this entrance page shortly after Rudy's death and my heart is very heavy. Losing Rudy was like losing not only Rudy but losing Nick all over again. Rudy was my link to Nick and now they are both gone forever. I ask myself why were they taken so close together... perhaps Nick missed Rudy too much or visa versa.. my consolation is they both went peacefully and they are together again.

Rudy was yin to Nick's yang. Nick was a ball of energy and barked alot, Rudy was very laid back and rarely barked. Nick had dark fur, Rudy had light. Nick was thin coated, Rudy was extremely thick (even his ears were fur lined). Nick was small boned, Rudy was big boned. Nick was cute as a button, Rudy was more distinquished handsome looking (even in a pirates outfit). Nick was extremely intellient... Rudy was a bit on the "duller" side. Nick and Rudy were as different as night and day... we loved them both dearly, as they were both so special in their own ways. We miss them more than words can express. There are links under their photos to the dedication pages written for each of them.

I am sorry for those who came to this site for a laugh.... I hope you click on the Nick & Rudy's Schnauzer Lane link and visit the original site which celebrated the life and times of my two beautiful boys, it showcases them at their best. Maybe the smiles and laughter they bring may let their spirits and legacy live on.

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