Dedicated to Nick
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June 23, 1988 - February 13, 2000

It is with great sadness I write this page. I can not express the pain and emptiness I am feeling at this time... as my old friend Nick passed away... February 13, 2000. Nick died in my arms on the way to the vet, he died of heart failure. His death was very sudden... I am glad he did not have to suffer, as I have worried about my boy very much in the past six months. He had surgery in August 1999 to remove bladder stones, then in October 1999 developed gallbladder and liver infections which we manage to beat it all. Nick had been diagnosed with a slight heart murmur several years ago which we monitored quarterly with ultra sound. Nick had a variety of health problems... but he seemed like the energizer bunny to me and that nothing could beat my boy. Nick was himself up until the end, less than an hour before he died he was barking at a neighborhood cat one of his favorite pastimes.

This morning as I got up what I missed most was helping my boy off the bed... it was a morning ritual ever since his back surgery 8 years ago. Nick would never want to get up exactly when I did, I'd get my coffee and he'd bark when he was ready to get down. Nick was known for his barking... he was the barkest schnauzer we'd ever had, needless to say he was not always appreciated by the neighbors. Right now the silence is deafening. Gone are the days of a little barking maniac greeting you with such enthusiasm when you'd came home. The only bark I have left of him is the one on the answering machine, where we cleverly had a "if you'd like to leave a message please wait for the bark" message followed a bark by Nick. As I look all around there are all kind of rememberances of Nick. The empty spot at the top of the stair case where he used to like to lay, it was the best spot to keep guard over everything that went on in the house. Just Friday his new monogrammed leash (from whose else but MilkBone) arrived, sadly we never go to use it... I deeply regret that I didn't make time for a Saturday stroll. Today I found one of his favorite toys that I had put it up so the rescue dogs won't destory it, his rubber dumb bell in a sock, he had it since he was a puppy. I know the pain will ease... and eventually I'll smile remembering all the good times we had but right now it is very difficult.

We had eleven and a half wonderful years with Nick and will never forget him. He was our baby and our dear old friend. We will miss him dearly but he will remain in our hearts forever. Goodbye to our longtime little buddy and friend Mr. Nick.... I hope we meet again, I promise to have lots of MilkBones in hand.

Thank you for letting me share my feeling of sadness with you... I just couldn't let Nick's passing go without saying a few final words about my boy. By the way... Rudy is doing fine as I write this, he is laying at my feet. We've taken several walks today under the light rainy skies of Southern California... it felt like tears falling from the sky for our beloved Nick.

I have restored Nick and Rudy's Schnauzer Lane... so everyone can look and smile at my boy, funny I found that I wanted to visit it myself. I know both Nick & Rudy brought smiles to so many... and it is one small way to remember our good friend Mr. Nick. I hope Mr. Nick brings a smile to your faces.... I will be updating his page later.