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Now a little about me.  My name is Patty and I really am a Moonchild, which means my birthday is in July and I am a Cancer.  I live in New Jersey.  I grew up in Yuma, Arizona (a place that is always HOT!)  I've been fortunate to live in several places as an adult, all of which I enjoyed.  I do have to say though that my very favorite place was Germany.  I have a page on both Yuma and Germany, so take a peek at those too when you have a chance.  Now back to me.  I've been married to a wonderful "Jersey Boy" by the name of John for 18 years.  I have two GREAT kids.  My daughter Joe Anna just finished up at Rutgers College and my son Carlton is in the 5th Grade.   I can't say I'm too active in Joe Anna's life these days, but there is never a dull moment around here with our sons activities.

I also have to mention the other critters that live here.  I should start with the largest, lol.  That would be Toby Bear (who by the way has his own web page) our Siberian Husky who weighs in at about 125lbs.....(update 02/05 - trip to the vet and he only weighs 120lbs...but the vet says he is a fat boy and must lose 20 of that! Poor baby, he will have to be sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmons or something.)  Then there is Clause, our Collie, who is so prim and proper.  And last but not least, Snickers, our rather pretty (for a snake) Corn Snake.  As for the snake,  let's just say I would much rather watch the 4 legged creatures eat.  You'll also find a link on my main page for "A Tribute to Morgan".  If you've ever lost a pet, you'll find a thoughtful poem there.

I tend to live on my computer both at work and at home............But I think I've put my PC to good use.  Over the last couple of years I have reconnected with so many old friends.  It's truly amazing at how small the world can be.  Now while finding old friends via the www, I have also made many new friends.  Not just online people, but people I have met and get together with.  But I guess I have to say my best work here on the computer was when I put together a CD from my high school reunion along with a video of the weekend and sold them to raise money for a class mate who has Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS). My class mates were very generous and it gave me a great sense of worth to be able to go back to Yuma and present the proceeds to a really great lady.

When I started to redesign my web pages I wasn't sure what direction they would take.  I think the past few months have made me think more about what is really important in life.  My family, first and foremost.  I am very fortunate.  I have the worlds greatest husband, who after 18 years I still curl up with every night when we go to bed.  Two children who still say I love you every night when they are leaving or going to bed and give hugs and kisses.  Life doesn't get any better than this :-)

Being the typical moonchild, I also treasure my friends, both old and new.  I don't think people take enough time to really enjoy their lives.  We are all so busy rushing around and it seems the most important things are put aside.  I for one enjoy my son being a kid,  because I know they grow up way too fast.  Making time for all of his activities and being here for him is my #1 Job.  I have decided this year that there just might be a few people who get to Heaven and say "Gosh, I wish I had spent more time at work", but I sure won't be one of them.  If September 11th taught us anything, it's that our turn could be up at any moment.........Enjoy it now,  you may not have tomorrow. So to ALL of my friends out there....I love you...thank you for being a part of my life and I will always be here for you.

Now one of the best things I've done over the last couple of years is to start enjoying Country Music again.  I've been to some amazing concerts!  Not sure which one I'd rate as the BEST.  The 3rd row seats this past summer for my birthday to see Tim McGraw with Kenny Chesney were incredible.  Both of those guys were up close and personal :)  Then there is the time John surprised me with tickets to see Tim McGraw & Faith Hill at Madison Square Garden for their Soul2Soul Tour.  In August I ventured to another Brooks & Dunn concert, but this time solo.  The venue was packed... Keith Urban,  Montgomery Gentry, Toby Keith and the headliners, Brooks & Dunn.  I had worried about going by myself, but decided the concert was worth it.  I must have overcame my shyness because not only did I meet some very neat people and a few radio personalities I actually got a back stage pass to meet Toby Keith :-)  He was really kewl ...Click to see my photo with him.  When watching the Country Music Awards this fall I was amazed at how many of the award winners I have been fortunate enough to see in concert.  This may be "Jersey", but we have some kick ass concerts!  John watches my country music addiction grow, as does my stack of CD's.  I guess he won't complain unless I get the idea to go back to the Rodeo life........Ok, ok,  I guess that excitement is better left in my past. But I have found a stable out near my office and I do want to start riding again.  I'll never lose my love for horses and riding.

Well it was long past time that I updated these pages. Where to begin???? Since this is "My" page, best to start with me. This past Halloween was my best ever as I had the perfect "Trick or Treat". I quit the job from hell on the spot, which was one huge courageous jump for me. I had an interview lined up for the very next day and I'm delighted to say that I have a new wonderful job. A boss that keeps me on my toes and who is caring and considerate to work for and about 50 others in our department that are all terrific people. So if there is such a thing as a dream job, I've finally found it..

My country music addiction has just gotten stronger. Since last updating my pages I saw Brooks & Dunn last summer and as always they had a fantastic line up with Gary Allen, Chris Cagle & Trick Pony. Of course, Kix and Ronnie were fantastic as always and I truly have to say if I ever had to limit my concert going to just one show a year, it would be theirs.

I saw Tim McGraw and the Dance Hall Doctors in April, they put on a 2.5 hours show that was amazing. I still say he is HOT :-).

The end of May I ventured down to Camden for 92.5 XTU's Anniversary show. Not only did I have great seats, I got to see some awesome performers. Rushlow, Neal McCoy, Jennifer Hanson, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Jessica Andrews, JoDee Mesina and Clint Black. Out of all of those acts, I give a thumbs up to Neal McCoy and JoDee Mesina. They had the place rocking!! This was 11 hours worth of concert, but well worth it.

This has been my BIG year for concerts. I purchased a VIP package from the Tweeter Center. The 3 concerts featured were Brooks and Dunn (yea I know, I already had 4th row tickets, but I took a friend with me this time), Alabama's Farewell Concert and Toby Keith. Now for some unknown reason I had the fate Gods on my side when I called for tickets for the July 13th Brooks & Dunn Concert this year, because I managed to get 4th row center tickets!!! This year will be another packed event with Brad Paisley, Rascal Flats and a few others. I can't wait.

Thank you for visiting "my page" and I hope you have time to visit some of the other pages.  Check back often,  you never know what I might be up to. 

Hugs to everyone ;-)