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                      Glad you could make it to my Yuma page.  We desert rats fondly remember this  place as hotter than hades!  Temperatures  of 120 are not unheard of!   It's a place of sand and cactus, but surprisingly one of  green fields too. One of Yuma's biggest enterprises is agriculture. Thanks to lots of irrigation they have lettuce, melons and mile after mile of citrus groves.   Yuma sits right on the Colorado River, which is the border between Arizona and California.  The desert area in and around Yuma has been used in several movies and TV shows. Even parts of Star Wars were filmed there, although under a code name at the time. I have seen it twice on JAG, it was used extensively for "The Flight of the Phoenix"(a very old movie with Jimmy Stewart) and the Pauley Shore movie where he joins the Army. It is also about 25 miles from the Mexican border.  One of our favorite pastimes was going down to the "Gulf" for the weekend.  Mexico also proved to be a rather neat place to go when we were teenagers.  Yuma is a pretty old city by Western terms and is often referred to in old movies.  There are several Indian reservations in the area so our culture was mixed with both a Native American and Mexican influence.  I have to say, the one thing I do miss most about Yuma is the Mexican food.  I have never failed to return from a visit without an extra suitcase filled with Green Chilie Burritos from El Charro's.  When my parents were still alive they always brought them when they visited me.  They brought them to me in Texas, Virginia and they even brought them to me in Germany!

"The Crims"
 Now I'm sure you've all heard of Yuma Territorial Prison.   This is frequently referred to as "The Hell Hole" in books and it's easy to understand why.  A good portion of it is still standing and almost makes you feel  sorry for any man or woman who had to do time there.   I'm sure all of us who grew up in Yuma remember the "Indian Mummy" in the museum.  The museum is still a neat place to visit.  There is an old cemetary from the prison days and the Guard/Water tower are still standing.  All of this looks out onto the Colorado River.  A scenic view for tourists, but I doubt it did much to lift the spirits of the convicts.

What you probably don't know is that it was used as the local high school  (way back before my time) due to a fire. As a result of that little adventure,   Yuma Union High School became known as home of "The Criminals".     This picture is what our mascot looked like, prison stripes and all.  So let's hear it for the Crims of the class of "69"!


Well guys for some reason I have neglected to put a link to one of the best web pages around...It's Joe Crim's Website.....a site designed and maintained by fellow Crims. Keep up the good work guys!

Joe Crim

Yuma High School - Class Mates Online

Reunion Hall
American School Directory

A couple of fun links from Yuma.  First is the local  paper.   A great way for people like me to keep up with the happenings of their home town.     The next is a link to Yuma's very own home page and Personal Ads!   And I've finally added some links for more information about the Yuma Territorial Prison.
I've found several people I know through the Yuma Personals and I even managed to find out that Curtis Lee who sang "Pretty Little Angel Eyes" is still alive and well in our home town.  He was my next door neighbor when I was a little girl. So take a look - you might find something interesting too.

The Yuma Daily Sun
The Yuma Territorial Prison
Arizona State Parks _Yuma Territorial Prison
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