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First of all, let me thank you personally for visiting my site. I don't know how you happened to be here, but I'm glad that you could drop in. I'd like to begin your journey through my world by telling you what you may see here.

There are two separate places to visit in my world right now, because there are two main places that I spend most of my time. The first is a little place called Johnsonville. Johnsonville is where you will learn all about my family and about me personally. You can check out my family, my hobbies, and my friends by visiting here. How do I get there you ask?? It is very simple. Just click on Johnsonville and I will take you there.

Now for those of you who are still with us, and did not immediately click on Johnsonville, I will tell you about the other place you can visit. New things may drop in on you at any time. Let me tell you a little about this place before you visit though. This place is called A Teacher's Dream. I absolutely LOVE what I do and I consider it a dream come true to get paid for doing what I love. In August 2000 I was given the opportunity to begin working with a very special group of students in Nashville, TN and I loved every minute of it, despite the fact that I had to drive 80 miles one way every morning to be with them. They are still my teacher's dream come true. However, now I have a new dream and I am working with a wonderful group of students in Columbia, SC. To get my teacher site you may click on A Teacher's Dream now.

Thanks again for dropping in and please take a moment to sign my guestbook or drop me an email.

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