"All God's creatures great and small..All things bright and beautiful..All things wise and wonderful..the good Lord made them all""

(Music..."Wind Beneath My Wings")

Hi, my name is Pam. This page is dedicated to the light of my life,my pets.....Misty,a Congo African Grey Parrot.....Murphy and Munchkin, Quaker Parrots.....Woody, a cockatiel.....and Charm, a Papillon pup.
The birds want to do their "own" page, since they've been practicing the "hunt and *peck*" method on the keyboard. Charm thinks this webpage business is something she could really get her teeth into also. So...I think I will let them each write their page from their own point of view, and we'll see how they do. Just remember folks....."out of the mouths of babes"....

I hope that you enjoy your visit, and find it entertaining and informative. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to e-mail me. I think its time for me to turn this keyboard over to the kids and see what happens.

Murphy's Nest

Munchkin's Nest

Misty's Nest

Woody's Nest

Charm's Room. Enter at your own risk!

"The Brightest Stars" (in memory of our pets who are waiting at Rainbow Bridge)

These are some pencil drawings of the "kids".

Charm !
Murphy and Raunchy
A Friend's Rottweiler Puppy
Feral Quaker colony in Oregon

Webrings and Awards

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