Where Rottweiler breeding, is the breeding of working dogs!

Hi and welcome to our page! My name is Rajah Heetai my daughter Kaycee and I live in Central Wisconsin. I am originally from Trinidad. Trinidad, is a beautiful island in the West Indies. My hope in putting up this page is to help educate and provide as much information as I can to those who also love the Rottweiler breed. Hopefully along the line you will also find some fun and interesting things to see. Enjoy! :o)

We believe that the Rottweiler is first and foremost a working dog! With that in mind and given the history of this breed, we plan on titling our dogs and breeding dogs that will maintain and help improve the intelligence, courage, loyalty and beauty that is inborn in the true Rottweiler.

We encourage newcomers and others interested in the Rottweiler to do as much research as you possibly can. Read books, talk to reputable breeders and owners. Remember that with the Rottweiler being a working breeed it is not for everyone and anyone who is considering owning a Rottweiler needs to realise the great responsibility one has to the dog and the public at large. The Rottweiler requires a firm hand combined with fairness and consistency in training. Owners must be able to establish themselves and their families over the dog. With that said, those who have what it takes to own one of these magnificent animals, a better companion can not be found! Good luck to you in your search and please contact us if we can be of any assistance.


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To get in touch with Kim, e-mail - Kim Cardona at Vom Drakkenfels Kennels

Here are Enigma's parents -

Sire: Aiko von der Silberhutte


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Dam: Elka der Volkommen


One of the biggest reasons that we have for putting this page up, is to help educate. I remember living in Trinidad and just getting started in the breed. It was very difficult for me to find information...I would get a book here and there...but no real insight into the breed. Then along came the Internet! The rest is pretty much history. With that in mind, we hope that the following charts and tables will be of help to you in your studies in the breed...

Click here to learn more about the German Bloodline Rottweilers...
Read the ADRK/F.C.I. Standard to learn what a real Rottweiler must look like.
To see a list of common German terms used in breeding and working Rottweilers, see our Glossary.
Also take a look at our list of German Commands and our list of German Dog Terms.
A must for experienced breeders and novices alike the Golden Rules of Breeding

Now, it's time to take a look at some of Enigma's littermates...

Franlynn's Royal Executioner
Franlynn's Equinox
Franlynn's Edina

Here are a couple of short stories from Germany which demonstrate the amazing intelligence and courage that is inborn in the character of a true Rottweiler. (Both of these stories and the following chapter were reprinted with the permission of Clara Hurley (Powderhorn Press) from 'The Rottweiler in Word and Picture' & 'Der Rottweiler', published by the Allgemeine Deutscher Rottweiler Klub).

The Life Saver
Saved from Death

Such a wonderful breed of dog...loyal and faithful. This is why there will always be a Rottweiler in my life! Here's a wonderful chapter from 'Der Rottweiler' by Hans Korn that details -
The Character of the Rottweiler

Read about Miss Marianne Bruns owner of the famous "Eulenspiegel" kennels.

Learn about The Rottweiler Of Legend.

This article is a must for all serious students of the breed :
Type and Performance in the Rottweiler.

Learn about the champions of the Deutsche Meisterschaft Competition:
Der Leistungssiegers

Introducing the champions of the Annual Federal Champion Show in Germany.
Der Bundessiegers & Der Bundessiegerins

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