"Thank You" Heartland Hallmark Committee Nov.23,1998

 "Jackie's Corner"

 Thank you for stopping by my corner.. I hope you can stay and browse for a while and get to
know a little about me and some of my favorite sites I found while surfing the net...I will be
adding and making changes as time allows so please stop by again.  And don't forget to sign
my GuestBook to let me know what you think..
About Me....
Wife...Mother...Grandma...I live in Pa. with my Husband, we have two Daughters, (one married) a  5yr old Grandson and a schnauzer named pepper. When I first put this page up we had a little Maltese named Max. We lost him last year and miss him very much.. My hobbies are still my computer, gardening, and of course my Grandson, who by the way went from being pretty good on the computer at age3 to being really really good at age 5.
I started a page for him, "My Little Corner", please stop by and check it out, there are some great links to sites for children on it.

Please fill out my Site Survey, I''m new
at this so all input is welcome.

 My Little Corner
This  page I set up for my Grandson

 My Picture's
Some picture's of my family,& friend's

My Friend's

Ronda's Home Page So Western Hospitality here

 Midi Flashback   A beautiful midi page, something here for everyone

Impressions   Original Midi's by Bill

My Favorite Links

Greeting Card's

Graphic's --Clip Art>


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Little Corner
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