Hello again. Inquiring minds want to know? Here is just a little bit about boring me.

I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. I graduated from Wilbur Wright High School in 1976. I should have graduated in 1977, but got out early ;D Nice site on the net for locating past Classmates.Com I worked in fast food management in the Dayton area for a few years. After that, I got married and moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming. I had two girls from that marriage, Stacy and Stephanie.

I moved back to Dayton, Ohio. I met my current (AND LAST) husband through the computer networks. I have been on many networks, such as AOL, GEnie, and the defunct Commodore network, Q-link. On Q-Link, I was LoisLane. Mike and I have a son, Brian. You will find all three of our children's web pages in Geocities. I have a link to all of them on my page. I moved to Cleveland in 1990. Can you believe it? They actually opened the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame!

I enjoy doing Genealogy. I have had a lot of success in obtaining information on many lines. Being wired to the Net, has been a great resource. I have only been doing this since January 1995. Check out some of my genealogy links for many helpful sites. You can check out who my ancestor's are, by clicking Here!
Our Our Gedcom Is online as well!.

Another hobby I enjoy, is ReFUNding! That is where you turn "trash" into cash! I love to send away for premium items, such as toys, clothing and more, that costs anywhere from a zero to a couple dollars. I like to keep these gifts in my "goodie closet." If the kids say they need a gift for a birthday or something, we rummage through the goodies and find something for that occasion. A couple years ago, we obtained a pool table from a cigarette promotion, for sending them 5,000 cigarette packs! What a deal! We have received many great premiums by saving product universal product codes (UPC's). It's easy, and fun! I also am the Ringmaster for The ReFUNding Ring. Come VISIT our ReFUNding Ring!

My parents still live in the Dayton area. My dad has three patents. They are:
  1. Workpiece Holding Assembly For A Chuck
  2. Cutting Disk Mounting Assembly
  3. Thread Repairing Tool

He also has developed a chip removing tool for computers. He loves to tinker around and invent things all the time. He is now a commissioned Kentucky Colonel

OK, have I blabbered enough? :> Thanks for stopping by!

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