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houseAs you stroll down MicBran Lane, you can see the homes of our friends and neighbors. Each of these homes has its own unique story to tell about the lives and interests of those who dwell there. Please take a moment to stop in and visit. Their doors are always open and the coffee is always fresh.


BulletCobblestone Corner is a family oriented site created by Geneseo. This site offers parent reviews of websites, parenting sites, articles written by parents who "have been there done that", a virtual preschool and much, much more.

BulletHome Sweet Home is an interactive site where almost everything is "clickable". Your tour of Anita's home begins in the yard and doesn't end until you have explored each room of her home. This is a terrific site full of fun and surprises. And don't forget to read the Hometown News. No telling who you might read about!

BulletThe Garden of Angels is a new website under development. As this site grows you will learn about Stephanie and her family as well has enjoy her favorite pastimes and joys.

BulletKelly & Cindy's Place is your one stop shop for your background, graphic, buttons and html needs. While here, you may also visit the pages of her family. And if you are in a holiday mood, she has taken care of that as well.

Bullet Donnell House is the place to visit for home schooling information, gardening and birdwatching fun, the family pets, family pages, great links and and 101 ways to praise a child. This is a family oriented site that shows lots of love and fun!

BulletThe Keane Family site is a comprehensive detailing of the families genealogy. Here you will also enjoy the individual family sites, fun links, and great sites for the young and old alike.

Bullet Noble Headquarters is designed in the name of Jesus! Drop by and visit Beaver, Oklahome the cow chip capital of the world. While there, you can enjoy, Christian and childrens links, find great Christian midi's, and help Shatter The Silence.

bullet The Garden of Kam is a beautiful site where you can meet the Malphus family, find peace and serenity in the Sanctuary, fish in the lake, and enjoy surfing favored links. This site is still developing and growing so you will want to visit often and watch it grow.




Stroll Down MicBran Lane