Pentecost BannerPENTECOST: Let me expain the Symbols: The triangle at the top is one of the universal symbols for the Holy Trinity - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The larger adjoining triangle shows the Trinity at work on earth. The top point, anchored in heaven is God - the dove is the Holy Spirit - the cross is Jesus Christ the Son. Along with the Cross of Christ are two smaller crosses - both black, representing sin. One is outlined in gold, representing repentance and salvation. The other is outlined in black, representing unrepentent sin. In other words, these two crosses represent each of us and the choice we make (or don't make) for Jesus. The small figures at the bottom represent the peoples of the world who have repented and are indwelt by God the Holy Spirit. The quilting lines radiating down from the triangle show God's love for his creation - even the unrepentent.

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