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1. Harold Dean (Lat) ROBINSON was born on 19 May 1934 in Marion (McDowell) NC. He graduated on 6 Jun 1952 from Marion High School. He was in the military from August 1952 until September 1981, in both the US Army and US Air Force. (1) He married the girl of his dreams, Doris Lee HALL, on Apr 6 1957. Lat is a Korean War era veteran, was in Germany during the Berlin Wall Crisis, the Cuban Missile Crisis and is a Vietnam War Veteran having served one year in Can Tho in the Mekong Delta. Service from Aug 5, 1952 to 4 Aug 1955 in the Army - 27 Aug 1957 through 1 Sep 1981 in the Air Force. Retired from the AF on 1 Sep 1981 at Gunter AFS (Montgomery) AL as a Senior Master Sergeant (E8). He was saved in October and baptized on 1 Nov 1966 in Roanoke Rapids NC. He is still happily retired to the wooded country of McDowell County NC on about 20 acres connected to the Pisgah National Forest, which gives him additional thousands of acres of wilderness forest access.

1. Doris Lee HALL was born on 28 Mar 1939 in Marion (McDowell) NC. She graduated in Jun 1957 from Marion High School. Doris was a homemaker until the children reached their teen years. She then went back to school to get her degree in nursing and is a practicing Registered Nurse (since retired a/o 17 Dec 1999).

Lat and Doris have the following children:

child+477 i. Jerry Richard ROBINSON.
child+478 ii. Melissa Lynn ROBINSON.

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