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The Detroit Red Wings won their 8th Stanley Cup, the championship of the National Hockey League, in June 1997. During the off-season, the team changed due to trades and injuries. The Wings' locker room manager is a logic puzzle fan, and he decided to give 6 of the players their new locker assignments in the form of a logic problem. The players have different favorite away-from-home arenas around the league, and each has a different favorite drink which he uses to slake thirst during a game. After a game the players all have different favorite soaps with which they shower. Each likes to relax after a game watching a different genre of movie while eating a different favorite meal. For those who wonder which Wings have which favorites, use the clues and the table below to place each player in the correct locker and to determine his favorite arena, drink, soap, meal, and movie genre.

  1. One player's favorite away-from-home arena is New Jersey's Byrne Meadowlands; one's favorite game drink is Jolt -- double the sugar, double the caffeine; one's favorite soap is Dial; one's favorite post-game meal is fried chicken; one player likes to watch classical movies best.
  2. Kris Draper, who likes Chinese food after a game, uses a locker next to Slava Kozlov.
  3. Goalie Chris Osgood's locker is next to that of the player who enjoys pizza with a western after a game.
  4. The locker numbers of the Sprite drinker and the skater who is partial to adventure movies differ by 2.
  5. The Coke drinker, whose favorite visiting rink is Colorado's McNichols Arena, and the player whose favorite visiting rink is Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens, both have a locker next to the same player; this player does not like Sprite.
  6. Steve Yzerman, whose favorite visiting rink is the Kiel Center in St. Louis, has a locker next to the Safeguard sudser.
  7. The one who showers with Irish Spring does not like Calgary's Saddle Dome.
  8. The player whose game drink is orange juice enjoys a western after a rough game. His locker is next to the player who relaxes with horror movies.
  9. Kozlov lockers next to the player who is partial to Anaheim's Arrowhead Pond.
  10. The player who lathers with Lifebuoy has a locker next to both Darren McCarty and the player who scrubs with Zest and guzzles Gatorade.
  11. Osgood, the spaghetti eater, and the comedy movie fan (in some order) have 3 consecutive locker numbers.
  12. The 2 players whose favorite visiting arenas are the Saddle Dome and the Kiel Center each have a locker next to the skater whose game drink is water.
  13. The lockers of McCarty and the player who favors Arrowhead Pond are not adjacent, but there is only 1 locker between them.
  14. Igor Larionov and the player who enjoys Coast cascades are locker neighbors.
  15. Osgood, the Nachos muncher, has a higher numbered locker than the player who loves steak.
  16. The Coke drinker and the mystery movie fan have adjacent lockers.
  17. Igor lockers next to the horror movie fan.
  18. Both Kris Draper and the Coast soaper locker next to the steak eater.

If you get stuck, then Tips for Solving Logic Problems may be helpful.

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