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Mrs. Teri Nutton

Five authors have just sent their latest murder stories to the publishers - so we all look forward to reading them soon. In the meantime, however, we intend to completely spoil your enjoyment of the novels, by inviting you to solve the problem of who murdered whom, as well as the motive involved and the location of the story!

  1. Neither the butler nor the plumber committed the murder (which took place in Brighton) for the sake of an inheritance.
  2. The revenge killing didn't take place in Fishguard or Dunoon. The artist didn't murder the partner (who was neither the victim killed in revenge nor the one murdered as the result of a power struggle).
  3. The dentist murdered a cousin (but not for revenge or love) in Halifax.
  4. The sister wasn't murdered in Brighton or Fishguard; and the victim in Fishguard wasn't the one killed for the love of someone. The butler didn't murder his partner.
  5. In the novel in which the solicitor murders someone, the motive is power, but didn't involve the killing of a friend.

A special thanks to Mrs. Teri Nutton for contributing the April 1998 Logic Problem of the Month to the Logic Problems Page for the enjoyment of all of us. Teri is the compiler for Logical Challenge, a logic problem magazine published in Great Britain. This problem of hers appeared in 1997 as puzzle #12 in Logical Challenge issue #152.

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