Karel August Jacobs

b. Mar 5, 1954 Amsterdam, NL

m. July 16, 1977
Teresa Lynn Thomas
Costa Mesa, CA.

Teresa Lynn Thomas
Santa Monica, California

William Harold Thomas
Florece Walker

Rebecca, David
Karel and Terry live in Palm Desert Califonia.  Karel works for a game design company in Tuscon Arizona during the week and comes home a few weekends a month.  Super MOM Terry keeps the house going as well as a full time job in the local school district.  She's not teaching this year, or home schooling.  Only David is not yet in school, and Terry and the older kids are juggling all home and hearth duties.

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from this union, the following births are recorded:
Daniel Solomon
April 5, 1980
Newport Beach, California
Daniel is working for Dragon Stone as a graphic artist, game developer.  They hope to release Dragon's Lair in spring 2002.
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Sarah Elisabeth
Nov 19, 82
Newport Beach
Sarah is attending College of the Desert in Palm Desert and teaches gymnastics. 
Mary Alexandra
Newport Beach
Mary is attending Palm Desert High School and is captain of the cheer squad and Senior Class Secretary.  She has an early placement application in for Point Loma College. 
Susanna Rebecca
Aug 6,88
Palm Springs,CA
Susie attends Palm Desert middle school.  She is on the cheer squad and was named 7th grade winter ball princess. 
Thomas Stephen
March 27, 91
Palm Springs, CA
Tom plays forward for his soccer team.  He's the  youngest first string forward in the league.  He enjoys computers and chess.  He's ranked 2nd overall for his studies and holds a record for his keyboard speed.
Magdalene Grace
May 17, 93
Joshua Tree, CA
Maggie participates in gymnastics and dance class, and has just joined Brownie Girl Scouts. A chance for horseback riding, camping and all that Girl Scout stuff.
Julianna Rachelle
Feb 20, 95
Joshua Tree, CA
Julie is also active in gymnastics.  She's in 1st grade and enjoys her 1st year of public school.  She just learned to ride a bike and is waiting for her new teeth.
David Samuel
Sept 13, 97
Palm Springs, CA
David is 4 and getting his pre-schooling at home, often from the computer.  He's home still to play with and enjoy the new cats, Genae and Buffy.