Garber family  info on first section here from Floyd Mason  
-3--Ulrich Gerber b c1605
  s-Barbara Farni.  They lived in Steffisburg, Bern,Switzerland 
  -2--Hans Gerber  b.13 Jan 1631 - Steffisburg
  -2--Anni Gerber  b.22 Jan 1632 - Steffisburg
  -2--Christian Gerber  b.20 Mar 1635 in Steffisburg, Bern.  He and his wife
            Barbara Farni moved to Markirch, Alsace before Feb 1674.  The
            were both called anabaptists at the baptism of their sons in
            1671 and 1684.  He was probably expelled in 1671. 
      -1--Niclaus Gerber  b.21 Nov 1661
        s-Anna Bachman  m.Steffisburg.  He was called the son of Christian
                 Gerber the Anabaptist at the baptism of his daughter Barbara
                 in 1689 and Anna in 1691.  He was married to Anna Bachman.
                 There are no more children found for him after 1691 at
                 Steffisburg.  He may be the Mennonite Claus Gerber who was
                 living at Immelhausenhof, Germany in 1731.   
          0--Barbara Gerber  b.7 Jul 1689 - Steffisburg
          0--Anna Gerber  b.4 Oct 1691 - Steffisburg
          0--Niclaus Gerber  b.c1700 [added by Davis]d 1748 migrated in 1727
           s-Elizabeth __?__. she later married Michael Miller Sr.
                      This is the family that Mason has carried forward in
                      his Book, Niclous Garber Family Record   Their four
                      children are given there as:
             1--Elizabeth Garber  b.1722
              s-Jacob Good  b.1722 d.797 s/o Jacob of Lancaster Co PA
                2--Good,Elizabeth  b.12-1740 d.PA 5-28-1803
                 s-Long,Joseph S.  b.Lancaster Co PA c1726
                 ..3--Christian Long
                 ..3--David Long
                 ..3--Catherine Long
                2--Good,John  b.c1750 d.c1820
                2--Good,Jacob Jr.  b.c1752 d.10-1813
                 s-Bosley,Mary  b.c1753 d.1837
                 ..3--Mary Good
                 ..3--Christian Good
                2--Good,Mary  b.Lancaster Co PA 1744 d.1790
                 s-Hershey,Christian  b.c1750 s/o Andrew
                 ..3--Jacob Hershey  b.York Co PA 1780
                 ...s-Elizabeth Lutz
                 .....4--susannah Hershey
                 .....4--Elizabeth Hershey
                 .....4--Maria Hershey
                 .....4--Samuel Hershey
                 .....4--Abraham Hershey
                 .....4--Jacob Hershey
                2--Good,Christian  b.1757 d.1820
             1--Samuel Garber  b.1732
              s-Mary Long?
             1--Martin Garber  b.c1737 d.between 1792 & 1804: ?d.1802
              s-Anna Preston  b.1749
................2--Barbara GARBER b: 1766
.............   2--Mary GARBER b: 1766
.............   2--Magdelina GARBER b: 1768
.............   2--Martin GARBER b: 1769
.............   2--Samuel Preston GARBER b: 1770
                 s-Catherine Diehl
                   3--Joel Garber  b.PA c1803
                    s-Mary Click
                      4--John Garber  b.VA 1833 in Rockingham co VA census of 1870
                       s-Mary  b.VA c1840
                         5--Silas Garber  b.VA c1861
                         5--John Garber  b.vA 7-1862 in Rockingham co vA census of 1900
                          s-Lizzie S.  b.VA 8-1866 parents b.VA
                            6--Vera O. Garber  b.VA 7-1888
                            6--Owen Garber  b.VA 1-1890
                            6--Zelda A. Garber  b.VA 7-1894
                            6--Willie J. Garber daughter b.VA 7-1897
                         5--Sarah Garber  b.VA c1864
                         5--jacob Garber  b.VA c1866
                         5--Solomon Garber  b.VA c1868
                         5--nancy Garber  b.vA c1869
                         5--Mary C. Garber  b.VA 1871
                          s-Jacob M. Hilbert  b.VA 1868
.............   2--John GARBER b: 1772
.............   2--Christian GARBER b: 1777 d.1850
.................s-Mary MORNINGSTAR b: 1780 M.2 APR 1803 in Frederick, Maryland d.c1821
................   3--John GARBER b:PA 1804 in Rockingham co VA census of 1850
                    s-Elizabeth  b.VA c1804
                      4--David Garber  b.VA c1827
                      4--Joseph Garber  b.VA c1829 Rockingham co VA census of 1880
                       s-Annie Anna  b.VA c10-1831
                         5--John Garber  b.VA c1863
                         5--Fannie Garber  b.VA c1866
                         5--Edward T. Garber  b.VA c1870 in Rockingham co VA census of 1900
                          s-rebecca A.  b.VA 10-1871 parents b.Germany
                            6--Edward F. Garber  b.VA 9-1897
                            6--Harry E. Garber  b.VA 12-1898
                         5--Noah Garber  b.VA c1871
                         5--George W. Garber  b.VA c7-1874/75 in Central,Rockingham co VA census of 1900 with mother;in Harrisonburg VA census of 1920;in Central,Rockingham co VA census of 1930
                          s-Kittie P.  b.VA c1878 possibly Kittie P. Kirkpatrick see Kieffer tree
                            6--Marcus H. Garber  b.VA c1905
                             s-Dezza or Dessa M.  b.TN c1910 parents b.TN
                            6--Katherine Katheryne L. Garber  b.VA c1908
                      4--Solomon Garber  b.VA c1831
                      4--Abraham Garber  b.VA c1833
                      4--Frances Garber  b.VA c1835
                      4--Sarah Garber  b.VA c1839
................   3--Elizabeth GARBER b: 1806
................   3--Solomon GARBER b: 1808
................   3--Mary GARBER b: 1811
................   3--Anna GARBER b: 5 SEP 1811 in Rockingham Co. Virginia
................   3--Christina GARBER  b:VA 6-1-1817 d.4-19-1898
....................s-Jacob Zigler  b.PA 10-16-1811 in Burks Mill,Augusta co VA census of 1860;in Mt. Sidney,Augusta co VA census of 1870
...................   4--Elizabeth ZIEGLER b: 4 APR 1840
...................   4--Chrisina ZIEGLER b: 6 OCT 1841
...................   4--ZIEGLER b: 1844
...................   4--John W. ZIEGLER b:VA 7 APR 1846
...................   4--David C. ZIEGLER b:VA 29 APR 1849
...................   4--Solomon G. ZIEGLER b:VA 16 NOV 1852
...................   4--Mary Susan ZIEGLER b:VA 11 JUN 1855
...................   4--Anna Jane ZIEGLER b:VA 22 MAR 1858
................   3--David GARBER b: 1820/21
                    s-Rebecca  b.VA c1821 d.>8-13-1850 in Rockingham co VA census of 1850
                      4--Christian Garber  b.VA c1841
                      4--Susanna Garber  b.VA c1842
                      4--Sarah Garber  b.VA c1843
                      4--John Garber  b.VA c1845
                      4--Anna Garber  b.VA c1847
                      4--Elizabeth  b.VA c1849
                    s-Elizabeth  b.VA c1830 unsure of mother of next 3 children;in Rockingham co VA census of 1860
                      4--Mary Garber  b.VA c1851
                      4--Rebecca Garber  b.VA c1854
                      4--Catherine Garber  b.VA c1856
                      4--henrietta Garber  b.VA c1862
..............  2--Henry GARBER b: 1783
             1--Anna Garber
              s-John Rife (Reiffe)  b.1724 d c 1787  see Driver tree
          0--Jo Hannes Gerber  b.c1701 d.1748 [added by Mason and others]
                      [Niclaus and Jo Hannes migrated to America]  He left
                      a Will and while he did not name his children, he
                      gave instructions for the administrators of the estate
                      to take care of the wife and children.  We have
                      determined that the following are likely the children. 
                      possibly immigrated in 1729 
             1--John Gerber  b ? d.1804
              s-Catherine __?__
             1--Michael Garber - bu beside Johannes Garber - Garber Cem. -
                2--Eld. Samuel Garber of Augusta Co., VA b.Frederick Co MD c1756 d.1812 
                 s-Miller,Elizabeth  d/o Lodowich & Barbara miller
                   3--Betsy Garber
                    s-Joseph Miller (dau. barbara m. Bagoon)
                   3--Lizzie Garber
                   3--Garber,Catharine   b.Westmoreland PA 1784 d.1842/54
                    s-Coffman,Christian Sr. (b.1769 or 10/1784 - d. 2/21/1842 or 1854) lived Augusta Co VA
                      4--Coffman,Christian Jr.  b.1797 d.1884
                       ..5--John Erbaugh
                      4--Coffman,John  b.1801 d.1854
                       s-erbaugh,Rebecca  b.1802 d.1875 see Funk tree
                      4--Coffman,David  b.1819 d.1890
                       s-Flory,BarbaraFlory,Barbara  b.1820 d/o Daniel Flory & Catherine Yount
                   3--Anna Garber
                    s-Christian Coffman Jr. (b. 4/10/1795 - 2/1/1888)
                   3--Michael Garber
                   3--John Garber
                   3--Abraham Garber
                   3--Solomon Garber
                   3--Martin Garber (b. 4/24/1793) 
                   3--Daniel Garber who moved to OH
                   3--Barbara Garber
            ????    s-Samuel Leedy
               ??     4--Daniel Leedy  farmer m.Butler Co OH 11-7-1840 b.Rockingham Co VA 3-13-1818 d.Albany OR 11-27-1898 in Linn co OR census of 1860;in Albany,Linn co OR census of 1870,1880
                ??     s-Mary Huston  b.Butler Co OH 5-5-1821 d.Albany OR 8-26-1878 d/o John Huston(m.Franklin Co IN 11-17-1817 b. 29 July 1795 Franklin Co VA d. 1 Dec 1833 Preble Co OH s/o James & Sarah) & Sarah Vansell(b. 7 June 1799 Logan Co KY d. 27 Dec 1840 d/o Samuel & Mary Peckelheimer)
                         5--John Leedy  b.OH c1841 1/m 1860, Margaret Ritter Corvallis OR 2/m 1873, Mary Ritter 
                         5--Barbara Leedy  b.IN c1843 m. 1862, George Bland Linn Co OR 
                         5--Sarah J Leedy  b.IN c1845 m. 1865, Alfred Baltimore Albany OR 
                         5--Jonas Leedy  (1847-1849) 
                         5--Elizabeth Leedy  b.IN 1848-1891) m. 1868, Cyrus Backkus Spokane WA 
                         5--Samuel Leedy  (1849-1850) 
                         5--Adeline Frances Leedy  b.IA 1851 d.1928) m. 1871, John Balitmore Albany OR 
                         5--Mary M Leedy  b.IA 1853 d.1923) m. 1872, Abraham Flory Spokane WA 
                         5--Harriet Leedy  (1855-1856)  
                         5--Emily S. Leedy  b.OR 1858 d.1926) 1/m 1876, James Kester Jefferson OR 2/m F.A. Klampe 
                         5--Perlina Leedy  b.OR c5-1860
                         5--Alice Leedy  (1860-1937) m. 1879, William Reeder Umatilla Co OR 
                         5--Abraham D. Leedy  b.OR 1864 d.1935 m.1882 in 1900 Grant co OR census
                          s-Alice Ramsey Grant Co OR  b.OR 8-1864 father born in IL;mother born in IN
                            6--Carrie G. Leedy  b.OR 6-1883
                            6--Denver Archie Leedy  b.OR 6-1886
                            6--Levy D. Leedy  b.OR 10-1889
                            6--Harry S. Leedy  b.OR c1903
                       s-Isabella Love  b.TN c1823 2nd wife of Daniel Leedy married between 1870 and 1880 censuses
              ??      4--Elizabeth Leedy
                       s-Jonas Crumbacker
                   3--Susan Garber
                    s-David Lair or Lehr
                      4--John B. Lair  b.VA c1821 m.Washington co TN 2-13-1842 d.St. Clair co MO c1880
                       s-Catherine Bowman  b.TN 11-18-1823 d.c1864 9 children d/o Joseph Bowman & Christina Beahm see Bowman tree
                         5--Joseph Lair  b.TN c1844 **
              ???         s-Saloma  b.IN c1848 d.>5-1910 parents b.VA
              ???           6--Peter William Lair  b.IN c1867
              ???           6--John Lair  b.IN c9-1869
              ???           6--emma lair  b.IN c1872
              ???           6--Lydia Lair  b.IN c1873
              ???           6--Sarah E. Lair  b.IN c1874
              ???            s-John W. Ross  b.MO c1865 *
              ???              7--Leta S. Ross  b.KS c1907
              ???              7--Leland Ross  b.KS c1908
              ???           6--Joseph B. Lair  b.IN c1878 *
              ???            s-Pearl L.  b.KY c1880 parents b.VA
              ???              7--Arreta L. Lair  b.KS c1902
              ???              7--Leroy B. Lair  b.KS c1906
              ???           6--Frank E. Lair  b.KS c1887
              ???           6--Lulu E. Lair  b.IN c1885
                         5--Sarah Lair  b.TN c1846
                         5--Henry S. Lair  b.TN c1852
                         5--Alpheus D. Lair  b.TN c1854
                         5--John M. Lair  b.Tn c1856
                         5--Samuel G. Lair  b.TN c1858
                       s-Nancy Elizabeth Thacker  m.1868 d.St. Clair co MO c1916 3/5 children
                   3--Matty Garber
             1--Johannes Garber  b.c1732 d 1787 of Flat Rock,Augusta Co VA
              s-Barbara Miller b 1733 d 1808
             1--Daniel Garver b c1738 - bought land in Frederick Co., MD - no more information 
             1--Nicholas Carver b 1742 - moved to VA 1783 - no more information  

3--David Garber  b.VA c1821 d.>6-24-1880 in Rockingham co VA census of 1860,1870,1880
 s-Elizabeth  b.VA c1830/32 d.>6-24-1880
   4--Christian Garber  b.VA c1841 with parents in 1870
   4--Susanna Susan Garber  b.VA c1842 with parents in 1870
   4--Sarah Garber  b.VA c1844 with parents in 1870
   4--John Garber  b.VA c1846 with parents in 1870
   4--Amy Anna Garber  b.VA c1847 with parents in 1870
   4--Elizabeth Garber  b.VA c1849 with parents in 1870
   4--Mary Garber  b.VA c1851 with parents in 1860
   4--Rebecca Garber  b.VA c1854 with parents in 1860
   4--Catherine Garber  b.VA c1856 with parents in 1870
   4--Henrietta Garber  b.VA c1862 with parents in 1870,1880
  0-Gerber,Johannes  b.c1701 d.1748
...1--Garber,John (Johannes )-  B.York Co PA or Ger 1732 D.Shenandoah Co VA 1787 M.York Co,PA c1752;Flat Rock Congregation
....s-Miller,BarbaraMiller,Barbara  B.York Co PA 1733 D.Botetourt Co VA 1808 d/o Johann Michael Mueller(b.1692 d.PA to America in 1727) & Agnes
   ...2--Samuel Garber  B.York PA 1756 D.Johnson City TN 1814 also lived in MD, Shenandoah co VA
       s-Stoner,Molly  b.1760 d.>1809 11 chil lived in VA & TN; m.Frederick Co MD d/o Jacob & Lenah
          s-Barbara Long
         3--Garber,John  b.Beaver Dam,Frederick Co MD 11-29-1784 d.Montgomery Co OH 10-3-1856
          s-Nancy ErbaughNancy ERBAUGH  b.11-15-1790 d.Montgomery Co OH 3-17-1862 d/o Jacob Erbaugh & Esther Funk
            4--Jonathan GARBER  b.Rockingham Co VA 9-10-1814 d.Montgomery Co OH 12-6-1890 * to OH in 1835
             s-Sara Catherine Rife  b.VA 1816 d.1882
               5--Allen Garber  b.Montgomery Co OH 1838 d.Preble Co OH 1-3-1920 in Preble co OH census of 1910
                s-Catherine Kimmel  b.Montgomery Co OH  5-12-1834 d.Preble Co OH 8-11-1872
                s-adaline Hapner    b.OH c1847 m.Preble Co OH 3-21-1876
                  6--Alpha Garber  b.OH c1879
                  6--Vira Garber  b.OH c1886
               5--Barbara Elizabeth Garber, b: 9/27/1851 d: 3/16/1923 possibly with parents in 1880
                s-Amos Miller 1849-1916
               5--Hannah Garber  b.OH
                s-John Murray Kimmel  b.Montgomery Co OH 3-12-1837 s/o David Kimmel Sr & Mary Murray
                  6--Jesse Arthur Kimmel  b.Montgomery Co OH 10-7-1866 d.Des Moines IA 8-20-1936 in Springfield,Sangamon co IL census of 1900,1910
                   s-Edith Kinney  b.IL 2-1865 m.Auburn IL 8-29-1888 parents b.IL (?d/o Sarah A. Baker  b.IL c1840 parents b.KY)
                     7--Horton Ives Kimmel  b.IL 9-1884
                      s-Ester  b.OH c1893 father b.OH mother b.IL
                        8--Betty Kimmel  b.IN c7-1915
                     7--Nina Kimmel  b.IL 10-1892
                     7--henry Kimmel  b.IL 2-1894
                     7--Ruth A. Kimmel  b.IL 12-1898
                     7--Roscoe Kimmel  b.IL c1901
                     7--Rolland Kimmel  b.IL c1905
               5--Catherine Garber  b.OH c1850 with parents in 1880
               5--Don Garber  b.OH c1858 with parents in 1880
               5--George Garber  b.OH c1860 with parents in 1880
            4--Samuel GARBER  b.Rockingham Co VA 12-22-1818 d.Montgomery Co OH 2-28-1882 in Perry,Montgomery co OH census of 1860,1870
             s-Lydia Heeter  b.Montgomery Co OH 11-4-1822 d.1903 m.1841 d/o Henry Heeter & Hannah Vaniman
               5--Henry Garber  b.OH 1842
                s-Abigale Arnold
               5--Susannah A. Garber  b.OH 1843
               5--John Garber  b.OH 1845
                s-Catherine Miller  b.1845 d/o Abraham
                  6--Levi Garber  b.1871 d.3-6-1942
                   s-Lydia Neff  b.Darke co OH 12-21-1872 m.Red River OH 10-22-1892 d.1946 Old Order German Baptist Brethren; buried Metzger cemetery south of Peru IN; d/o Allen Neff & Mary Kreldar
                     7--Lester Garber  lived Walton IN
                     7--Oren Garber  lived Walton IN
                     7--Charles Garber  lived Peru IN
                     7--Harvey Garber  lived Peru IN
                     7--Mary Garber
                      s-Baber  lived Peru IN
                     7--Clara Garber
                      s-Walker  lived Peru IN
                     7--Esther Garber
                      s-Stanley  lived Peru IN
                     7--Eva Garber
                      s-La Bounty  lived Peru IN
                     7--Hazel Garber
                      s-Bullick  lived Galveston IN
               5--Mary Garber  b.OH 1846
               5--Abraham Garber  b.OH 1849
                s-Mary Filburn
               5--Anna Elizabeth Garber  b.Montgomery Co OH 1851
                s-John Gearhart
               5--Noah Garber  b.OH 1853
                s-Lydia Bookwalter
               5--Samuel Garber  b.1857
               5--Hannah Garber  b.Montgomery Co OH 9-25-1855 d.1878
                s-John Calvin Bright  b.near Lebanon OH 1851
                  6--Elizabeth Florence Bright  b.1878
            4--Jacob GARBER  b.Rockingham Co VA 3-8-1821 d.OH 2-20-1909
             s-Catherine Vaniman  b.11-19-1820 d.1853 d/o Jacob  & Mary Bowman
               5--Nancy Garber  b.1846
                s-Jacob Kimmel b.1839 d.1916 s/o John Michael Kimmel & Esther Flory
               5--Susannah Garber  b.1849 d.1899
                s-Moses Miller  b.1842 d.1904
             s-Elizabeth Vaniman  b.11-7-1824 d.1909 d/o jacob Vaniman & Mary Bowman
            4--John GARBER  b.Rockingham Co VA or OH 1822/23/24 m.Montgomery Co OH 9-25-1845 in Madison,Montgomery co OH census of 1860; in Pipe Creek, Miami co IN census of 1870; moved to Auburn IL after 9-1870;in Auburn, Sangamon co IL census of 1880
             s-Susanna Beeghley  b.Montgomery Co OH 7-28-1825 sister of John b.1820 d.1886 d/o Michael joshua Beeghley & Susannah Kimmel
               5--Joseph Garber  b.OH c1846
               5--Elizabeth Ellen Garber  b.OH 10-1848 d.1914
                s-David G. Jacobs  m.11-12-1868 b.Mifflin Co PA 10-24-1846 d.Miami Co IN 1918 farmer s/o David (b.PA 11-1811)& Rebecca(b.PA c1820);grandfather of David born in PA,grandmother born in Ireland
                        sister Sarah E.(b.PA c1840),sister Martha J.(b.PA c1843)
                  6--Sarah E. Jacobs  b.IN 9-14-1869
                   s-Charles Lees  b.c1867
                  6--Carrie Bell Jacobs  b.5-31-1872 d.1922
                   s-Anthony Leroy Shively  m.8-2-1899 b.7-26-1869 d.1946
                     7--Doris E. Shively  b.12-6-1908 d.c1994
                     7--Ralph Shively  b.c1906 d.7-16-1998
                  6--Maggie Jacobs  b.IN 1-19-1874
                  6--William Jacobs  b.IN 12-1875
                  6--Edna A. Jacobs  b.IN 5-1880
               5--Michael Garber  b.OH c1850
     ???       5--John Garber  b.OH c3-1853 in Springfield, Sangamon co IL census of 1900
     ???        s-Mary Jane  b.IL 7-1859 parents b.IL
     ???          6--M. M. Garber son  b.IL 1887
     ???          6--E. E. Garber son  b.IL 1887
     ???          6--Eloise M. Garber  b.IL 4-1900
               5--Sarah Garber  b.OH c1855
               5--Abraham Garber  b.OH c1857 with parents in 1880
               5--Nancy C. Garber  b.OH c1-1860 with parents in 1880
               5--Uriah Garber  b.OH c1862 with parents in 1880
               5--Susanna Garber  b.IN c1865 with parents in 1880
            4--Susanna GARBER  b.VA 1826 m.c1844 d.Auburn, Sangamon co IL 11-21-1916
             s-John Beeghley  b.Montgomery co OH 9-20-1820 d.Auburn IL 7-3-1886 s/o michael Joshua Beeghley (b.1789 d.1856)& susannah Kimmel (b.1793 d.1858)
               5--Nancy Beeghley  b.Dayton OH 5-11-1847 d.Morrill, Brown co KS 1934
                s-Jacob J. Meyers  m.Dayton OH 12-6-1864 b.Meyersdale, Somerset co PA 9-27-1840 d.Morrill, Brown co KS 4-14-1919 *
                  6--Colin E. Meyers  b.IL 1870
                  6--Lela M. Meyers  b.KS 11-1885
               5--Hettie Beeghley
                s-John W. Hart
               5--Allen Beeghley
               5--Susan Beeghley
               5--Milton Beeghley
               5--Laura Beeghley
            4--Henry GARBER  b.1826 d.1881
             s-Susanna Wogaman
            4--Josiah GARBER
             s-Susan Zumbrum
            4--Daniel GARBER  b.Rockingham Co VA 5-16-1828 d.North Manchester, Wabash Co IN 2-11-1911
                     buried Pleasant hill Cem, Wabash Co IN
             s-Elizabeth Blickenstaff   b.Montgomery Co OH 3-26-1838 m.Montgomery Co OH 1-20-1871 d.4-28-1882 d/o John
               5--Elsie Garber  b.1872 d.1850
               5--Mary E. Garber  b.1874 d.1943
               5--Ida M. Garber  b.1876 d.1961
               5--Daniel Garber  b.North Manchester IN 4-11-1880 d.Lumberville PA 7-5-1958 Impressionist painter
                s-Mary Franklin  m.1901        
            4--Nancy GARBER
             s-Michael G. Beeghley
            4--James GARBER
             s-Maria Erisman
             s-Zippean Seese
            4--Allan Stuart GARBER
            4--Hester GARBER
            4--Sally GARBER
            4--Barbara GARBER
            4--Rebecca GARBER
         3--Samuel GARBER   b.c1774
         3--Henry GARBER   b.c1775
         3--Susanna GARBER  b.c1776
         3--Mary GARBER    b.c1777
         3--Abraham GARBER  b.c1778
         3--Elizabeth GARBER  b.c1779
         3--Hannah GARBER
         3--Noah GARBER
         3--Catherine GARBER
         3--David GARBER
   ...2--Garber,John  B.York PA 1-17-1758 D.Champaign Co Ohio 11-14-1819 elder at Obannon Church, Clermont co OH;elder at Donnels Creek Church, Springfield OH; also lived TN, KY
       s-Zook(Zug),Barbara  b.Chester Co PA 1758 ?  m.MD ? 1775/6 d/o Henry Zook(Zug) & Barbara Kurtz
     ....3--Garber,Nancy  b.Botetourt, VA 1770
         3--Garber,Jacob  b.Botetourt 1772
    .....3--Barbara Garber  b.Rockingham Co VA 9-1-1785 m.1805 d.Marble Rock,Floyd Co IA 10-11-1887
..........s-John Ritter  b.NC possibly Moore Co 4-3-1777 d.South Bend IN 2-7-1867;moved NC to TN to KY to OH to Wayne co IN to St. Joseph co IN;in St. Joseph co IN  census of 1860
............4--Jacob Ritter  b.Dayton OH 1-1-1806 d.South Bend IN 4-13-1898 in St. Joseph co IN census of 1860
    ??       s-Elizabeth Miller  b.OH c1803 d/o David Miller & Sarah Hardman
               5--David M. Ritter  b.c1842
               5--John N. Ritter  b.c1844
               5--Benjamin F. Ritter  b.c1846
               5--Leaninda A. Ritter  b.c1849
               5--Clarinda jane Ritter  b.c1849
                s-John t. Bachtel
               5--Elizabeth Ritter  b.c1852
............4--Michael Ritter  b.Montgomery Co OH 7-8-1807 d.4-21-1898 buried Evergreen Cem.Springfield,Greene Co MO Green co MO census of 1870
             s-Rachel  b.c1811
...............5--Marcus Ritter  b.IN c1843
...............5--Martha Ritter  b.IN c1848
...............5--Eliza Ritter  b.In c1853
............4--John Ritter Jr.  b.montgomery Co OH 10-4-1809 d.St. Joseph Co IN 4-26-1881
............4--Sarah Ritter  b.Dayton OH 9-3-1812 d.Marble Rock,Floyd Co IA >1900
............4--David Ritter  b.Montgomery Co OH 1817 d.Marble Rock,Floyd Co IA
.............s-EUNICE GRAVES  m.October 10, 1844, St. Joseph Co. Indiana; b. Abt. 1818, New York; d. Springfield.
         3--Garber,Joseph  b.Botetourt co VA 1776
    .... 3--Garber,Abraham  b.Botetourt co VA 1778
         3--Garber,Elizabeth  b.Botetourt co VA 1780
    .... 3--Garber,Mary  b.Botetourt Co VA 1782 d.Lexington KY or Dublin,Wayne Co IN 1869 m.Jessamine Co KY 1801
..........s-Paul Custer  b.Bertie Co NC 2-13-1778 d.Dublin,Wayne Co IN 7-1-1864 in Dublin, Wayne co IN census of 1860; s/o Johannes Custer & Elizabeth Hauser
            4--Molly Custer
             s-McGreer  lived Dundysville IN
            4--John Custer  b.1804 d.1886
             s-Rebecca Rippey  lived Hagerstown IN
            4--Christopher Custer  b.KY 1806/07 *
             s-Elizabeth Clark  b.KY c1810 lived Kokomo IN
               5--Marion Custer  b.IN c1839
               5--Charles Custer  b.IN c1844
               5--Mary E. Custer  b.IN c1846
            4--william Custer  b.1808  lived Tipton IN
            4--Elizabeth Custer  b.1811 d.1877
             s-Benjamin Crull  lived Tipton IN
            4--Jacob Custer  b.OH 1813 d.1903 **
             s-Elizabeth Harper  b.IN c1814
               5--Catherine Custer  b.IN c1839
               5--William Custer  b.IN c1841
               5--Alfred Custer  b.IN c1843
               5--Emmet Custer  b.IN c1846 with parents in 870
               5--Ellen Custer  b.IN c1850 with parents in 1870
               5--Mary Custer  b.IN c1852 with parents in 1870
            4--Solomon Custer  b.1815
             s-Fannie Alger  lived Dublin IN
............4--samuel G. Custer(?Caster)  b.c1821
            4--Paul Custer  b.1822 d.1897
             s-minerva Widdons  lived Mahaska co IA
            4--Lewis Custer  b.1825 d.1885 lived Bloomington IL
         3--Garber,Magdelena  b.Salem,Botetourt Co,VA 12-22-1784 m.1809 d.Clark Co OH 9-8-1866
          s-Minnich,Peter  b.Lancaster,PA 1770       d.Champaign co OH
            4--Minnich,michael  b.Campaign,OH 6-29-1810  d.Wabash Co IN c1854
             s-Phillips,Nancy  b.Clark,OH 1810
             s-jordan,Elizabeth Morris Kelly  b.Champaign 11-13-1810
             s-Heavlin,Susanna Cowgill  b.Wabash,IN 1828
            4--Minnich,jacob  b.Clark Co,OH 7-26-1814 d.Wells Co IN 2-15-1907
             s-Ebersole,Christina  b.Bethel Twp,Clark Co, OH 1-11-1815
               5--John B. MINNICH    B.11 Nov 1837 , Clark, OH in Wells co IN census of 1870
                s-Mary Magdalene HUFFMAN    B.6 Mar 1838 , Clark, OH
                  6--Lewis Minnich  b.IN c1865
                  6--Oliver Minnich  b.IN 4-1879
                   s-Maud  b.IN 10-1883
               5--Phoebe MINNICH    B.4 Feb 1838 , Clark, Ohio                                                                  
                s-Peter WRIGHT    B.9 Jan 1828 , Clark, Ohio                                                                    
               5--Sarah MINNICH    Born: 21 Apr 1840 , Clark, Ohio                                                                   
                s-George E. HARROLD    Born: 31 Mar 1837 Winston Salem, Stokes, NC
               5--Mary M. MINNICH    Born: 1842 , Clark, Ohio                                                                        
                s-William Matthew IRVIN    Born: 17 Nov 1838 , Preble, Ohio                                                          
               5--Peter M. MINNICH    B.10 Apr 1845 Jackson Twp., Wells, IN  in Jackson, Wells co IN census of 1870                                              
                s-Martha Jane CLAMPITT    B.Stokes, NC  1-6-1847                                               
                  6--Rose Ellen MINNICH    b.  5 Dec 1865 Warren, Huntington, IN                                              
                   s-Joseph L. CLOUD    Born: 21 Apr 1864 , Wells, Indiana                                                            
                   s-Jacob Franklin HUFFMAN    Born: 24 Dec 1859 Huntington, Huntington, IN                                      
                  6--George Hill MINNICH    Born: 26 May 1868 Jackson Twp., Wells, IN not in 1870 census                                           
                  6--Emma Elsie MINNICH    B.26 Mar 1870 Jackson Twp., Wells, IN                                            
                   s-Charles H. ALLEN    Born: <1866>                                                   
                  6--Nancy Catherine MINNICH    Born: 16 Sep 1872 Jackson Twp., Wells, Indiana                                        
                   s-Addison GILL    Born: 1876                                                         
                   s-John LEFFLER    Born: <1868>                                                       
                  6--Charles Emery MINNICH    Born: 20 Feb 1875 Jackson Twp., Wells, Indiana                                          
                   s-Blanche GUISELMA    Born: <1879>                                                   
                   s-Edna PETERS    Born: <1879>                                                        
                  6--Nelle Dell MINNICH    Born: 20 Nov 1877 Jackson Twp., Wells, Indiana                                             
                   s-William DAWE    B.c1873                                                       
                  6--Oscar Perry MINNICH    B.28 Mar 1883 Jackson Twp., Wells, Indiana                                            
                   s-Ethel F. MONREY    B.1887, Wells, Indiana                                                               
                  6--Frank Peter MINNICH    B.25 Jun 1887 Jackson Twp., Wells, Indiana                                            
                   s-Miriam Estelle THOMPSON    B. 7 Jul 1894 Salamonie Tws., Huntington Co., Indiana                             
                 s-Laura Crum LYNCH    B. 5 Feb 1861 Bourbon, Marshall, Indiana                                                   
                5--Michael MINNICH    B. 27 Nov 1847 Jackson Twp., Wells, Indiana                                                  
                 s-Margaret Susan BLACK    B.  6 Oct 1849, Wells, Indiana                                                       
                 s-Hannah SPAULDING    B.1843, Huntington, Indiana        
                5--Margaret S. MINNICH    B.6 Oct 1849 , Wells, Indiana                                                          
               s-Anna WRIGHT    B.10 Jun 1819 , Ohio
..........s-Daniel Frantz Jr. 2nd husband of Magdelena Garber
............4--Joel Frantz
     ....3--Garber,Samuel  b.Botetourt 1800
..........s-Elizabeth Troutman
   ...2--Garber,Abraham  B.York Co PA 11-10-1760 D.New Hope, Augusta Co,VA 2-16-1848
       s-Humbert,Mary Elizabeth  D.1838 M.Augusta Co VA c1790/2; d/o Jacob lived New Hope,Augusta Co,VA
.........3--Garber,Mary  b.New Hope,Augusta,VA c1791
         3--John GARBER    Born: 14 Jul 1792 New Hope, Augusta, VA
         3--Daniel GARBER    B: 23 Oct 1793 New Hope, Augusta, VA
         3--Garber,Sallie  b.New Hope,Augusta c1793
         3--Garber,Esther  b.New Hope c1795
         3--Garber,Jacob   B.28 Oct 1797 New Hope, Aug. Co VA d.Mt. Sidney, Augusta Co VA 9-25-1876
          s-ARNOLD,Nancy   B.8-12-1805, Hardy Co, WV d.1868 d/o Samuel of Hampshire Co WV
            4--Rebekah GARBER   B.27 Dec 1823 Mt. Sidney, Augusta,VA d.7-24-1886
             s-Daniel MILLER   B.1816 d.1901
               5--Miller,Nancy  b.1847
                s-Cline,FrederickKline,Frederick  b.1839 d.1915 s/o Christian & Rebecca Myers
               5--Miller,Barbara  b.1849
            4--Abraham D. Garber  B.19 Dec 1824 Mt. Sidney, Augusta, VA d.12-1-1911 COB minister
             s-Wine,Magdalene  B.VA 10-17-1827 m.5-9-1848 d.1868 d/o Michael & catherine Wine
               5--Garber,Solomon Wine  b.4-25-1849 d.1-26-1934 COB minister moved to Decatur IL in 1894
                s-Harnsbarger,Catherine Susan  b.1849 d.1916 d/o George & Rebecca harnsbarger
                  6--Garber,Howard Miller  b.8-21-1877
                   s-Stoner,Gertrude M.  b.1878 m.1904 d/o jesse & Mary Stoner of Crawford Co IL
                   ..7--Lois M. Garber  b.1908
                  6--Garber,Nina Rebecca  b.11-11-1878
                  6--Garber,William Arnold  b.VA 9-5-1881 d.1917
                   s-Hart,Edna  b.IL 1885 d.0 A. j. & Jane hart of Allison prairie IL lived Decatur IL
                     7--Robert Arnold Garber  b.IL c1906
                     7--Emily Elizabeth Garber  b.IL c1910
                  6--Garber,George Abraham  b.11-14-1887
               5--Garber,Nancy Catherine  b.VA 12-30-1850 m.1876 d.3-4-1918
                s-moomaw,Ananias jocephus  b.Roanoke VA 8-20-1845 d.9-29-1911 lived Versailles MO, la Verne CA in Moreau,Morgan co MO census of 1880,1910
                .........s/o samuel Moomaw(b.VA) & Ann Gish(b.VA)
                  6--Ida G. Moomaw  b.KS c1870 in 1910 census of Morgan co MO
                  6--Sarah Moomaw  b.MO c1872
                  6--Edward Moomaw  b.MO c1878
                  6--Sophia Magdalene Catherine moomaw  b.MO 12-1879 d.1966
                  6--Moomaw,Charles Rice  b.MO 1881 d.1971 in Moreau, Morgan co MO census of 1910
                  .s-Oda E. Garvey  b.MO c1881 father b.NC mother b.IN
                     7--Ethel S. Moomaw  b.MO c1909
                  6--Moomaw,osina William  b.1882 d.1974
                  6--omega Franklin Moomaw  b.1882 d.1946 with brother Charles in 1910
                  6--Moomaw,David Bowman  b.1885 d.1946
                  6--Daniel Yount Moomaw  b.MO 1885
                  6--John Calvin Moomaw  b.MO 1892 d.1986
               5--Garber,Daniel Arnold  b.VA 11-23-1852 with son Stanley in 1930
                s-hutchens,Willma A.  b.VA d.1890 of Roanoke Va
                  6--Garber,Stanley M.  b.VA 1887 in Waynesboro, Augusta co VA census of 1930
                   s-Grace M.  b.VA c1893
                     7--Stanley M. Garber  b.VA c1919
               5--Garber,Rebecca Ann b.8-16-1854 d.8-22-1946
                s-Kindig,A. Jackson  b.1849 s/o Elias & Betty Kindig of Augusta Co VA
               5--Garber,Melissa Magdaline  b.7-17-1856 m.1880
                s-Hale,John Newton  b.8-1853 d.1917 lived near Dayton VA COB parents born in VA
                  6--Hale,Charles Arnold  b.3-1882
                  6--Hale,Delfie Susan  b.5-1886
                  6--hale,Effie Sophia  b.5-1886
                  6--hale,Wilbur Garber  b.11-1889
               5--Garber,Priscilla Elizabeth   b.5-1-1858 d.9-4-1928 m.1890
                s-Charles Luther Shumake  b.3-31-1856 d.1919 s/o Abner Shumake
                  6--Lawrence A. Shumake
                  6--Merle Rebecca Shumake  b.1894
                  6--Charles Miller Shumake  b.1897
                   s-Ora Bennette
                  6--Austin Wine Shumake  b.1900
               5--Garber,Jacob Michael  b.11-24-1860
               5--Garber,Samuel Abraham  b.7-1-1863
                s-Showalter,Hettie Elizabeth  lived near Mt.Sidney VA
                  6--Elizabeth Rebecca Garber  b.1906
                  6--Welty Abraham Garber  b.1908
                  6--hubert Michael Garber  b.1909
                  6--Esten Levi Garber  b.1912
                  6--Vernon Long Garber  b.1914
               5--Garber,George F.  b.1-30-1866
                s-Ida V. Clem
               5--Garber,Sophia Magdalene Byrd  b.1871
                s-James Robert Mauel  b.1868
             s-Sophia Byrd HAYS   Born: [1824
            4--Levi GARBER    B.21 Aug 1828 New Hope, Augusta Co., VA d.Mt. Sidney VA 11-10-1914
             s-Barbara MILLER   B.2-25-1825 , Augusta Co., VA d.8-1-1878 m.2-21-1850
               5--Peter GARBER    B.12-9-1850 Mt. Sidney, Augusta, VA
                s-Emma Catherine CLINE    Born: [1850
               5--Jacob A. GARBER   Born:  8 Oct 1853 Augusta Co.,VA
                s-Mary Elizabeth MYERS   Born: 16 April 1853 Rkngham Co.,VA
               5--Daniel S. GARBER  b.22 Aug 1855 Mt. Sidney, Augusta, VA;in Mt.Sidney,Augusta co VA census of 1900; parents b.VA
                s-Elizabeth M. CLICK   b.26 Aug 1860 , Augusta, VA parents b.VA d/o Rebecca J. Click(b.c1835 d.>1-1-1910)
                  6--Anthony A. Garber  b.VA 5-1880 in Mt. Sidney,Augusta co VA census of 1920;parents b.VA
                   s-Ada B.  b.VA c1886 parents b.VA
                     7--Noah L. Garber  b.VA c1907
                     7--Clarence Anthony Garber  b.VA 9-3-1908 lived Washington DC 
                      s-Beulah Armentrout  b.12-10-1908 m.10-31-1928
                        8--Robert Edward Garber  b.9-14-1929 lived Washington DC
                        8--Fred Houston Garber  b.12-5-1930 lived Washingotn DC
                     7--Ruth E. Garber  b.VA c1910
                     7--Pauline A. Garber  b.VA c1912
                  6--Ada R. Garber  b.VA 10-1881
                  6--Homer F. Garber  b.VA 8-1886 d.c1973; in Middle River,Augusta co VA census of 1910,1920,1930
                   s-Sallie B. Reid  b.VA c1887 d.1988 parents b.VA
                     7--Cleatis F. Garber son  b.VA 1911
                     7--Harold L. Garber  b.VA c1913 d.2002
                     7--Paul W. Garber  b.VA c12-31-1913 d.c7-16-2001
                     7--Margaret E. Garber  b.VA c1915 d.1981
                     7--Anna Lee V. "Dolly" Garber  b.VA c1927
                  6--Martha Garber  b.VA 8-1888
                  6--Minor W. Garber  b.VA 3-1891 in Middle River,Augusta co VA census of 1930
                   s-Rena B.  b.VA c1893 parents b.VA
                     7--Catherine L. Garber  b.VA c1913 d.200?
                  6--Cora V. Garber  b.VA 11-1899 d.199?
               5--Lydia C. GARBER   B.23 Jun 1857 Mt. Sidney, Augusta, Va d.7-26-1936
                s-Jacob H. FLORY   B.1-15-1853 d.10-16-1927 m.1880
               5--Nancy J. GARBER  Born: 30 Apr 1859 Mt. Sidney, Augusta, Va
               5--Annie Rebecca GARBER  b.9 Jun 1861 Mt. Sidney, Augusta, Va;with father in 1910 Augusta co VA census
                s-Enos GARBER   Born: [1861
               5--Barbara Elizabeth GARBER  B.16 Nov 1863 Mt. Sidney, Augusta, Va
                s-Joseph Samuel NORFORD     Born: [1863
               5--Fannie V. GARBER    B.15 Mar 1866 Mt. Sidney, Augusta, Va
                s-Jacob I. HUFFMAN    Born: [1866
            4--Reuben Arnold GARBER  B.26 Jan 1836 Mt. Sidney, Augusta, VA d.1-10-1884
             s-Flory,MaryMary FLORY  B.1836 d.1898 d/o Daniel & Christine Flory
               5--Garber,Christine Susan  b.1858 d.1938
               5--Garber,nancy Rebecca  b.1876 d.1894
               5--Garber,Sarah Catherine  b.1-28-1862
               5--Garber,levi Joseph  b.& d.1864
               5--Garber,Henry jacob  b.1866 d.1872
               5--Garber,John Reuben  b.1-12-1869 lived Mt. Sidney VA
                s-Norford,Mattie Lenora  b.5-24-1872  of Orange Co VA m.11-12-1891
                  6--Garber,Evie Beulah  b.8-27-1892
                  6--Garber,Olla Belle  b.7-10-1894
                   s-Cline,Willie  m.8-3-1921
                  6--Garber,Mary Julia  b.2-14-1896
                   s-Everett Wampler
                  6--Garber,Dewey McKinley  b.3-12-1898
                  6--Garber,Roy Quinter  b.1-26-1900
                  6--Garber,John Lawrence  b.1908
                  6--Garber,Ruby Leah Margaret  b.1910
               5--Garber,Mary Ann  b.5-8-1871 of Rockingham Co VA d.11-21-1950
                s-Reed,Isaac Alexander  b.7-8-1851 d.11-4-1930 s/o andrew & Elizabeth Reed COB
                  6--Reed,Mae Virginia  b.1904
                  .s-David Elvin Cline
                  6--Reed,Lloyd Alexander  b.1905
            4--Garber,Jacob W.   B.11 Sep 1842 Mt. Sidney, Augusta, VA d.8-28-1908
             s-Susan A. HAM     B.1842  d/o Robert Ham & Mary Douglas of Green Co VA
               5--Garber,Robert Isaac
               5--Garber,Benjamin Jacob
               5--Garber,Mary Ada
               5--Garber,John Adam
         3--Garber,Samuel   B.22 Sep 1806 New Hope, Augusta, VA                      
   ...2--Garber,Martin  B.York Co PA 1761 D.1824 lived in MD, Woodstock VA
       s-Stoner,Rebecca  b.1-15-1764 d.Shenandoah Co VA 1848 lived MD & Shenandoah Co,VA d/o Jacob
         3--Elizabeth GARBER  b.4-11-1783 d.3-4-1866 m.1803
          s-John WINE  b.Frederick Co MD 6-24-1776 d.Shenandoah Co VA 12-14-1844 s/o Michael Wine & susanna Miller
            4--Rebecca WINE  b.4-17-1804 d.9-19-1872
             s-John Bowman  s/o Benjamin
            4--Michael WINE  b.4-7-1806 d.3-5-1878
             s-Anna Hoover
             s-Mary Koontz
            4--Susanna WINE  b.8-9-1808 d.1-9-1881
             s-David Kline  b.1804 d.1878 s/o George or joseph
               5--Elizabeth CLINE
               5--Catherine CLINE
               5--Mary CLINE
               5--Rebecca CLINE
               5--Anna CLINE
               5--Susan V. CLINE
               5--Martin G. CLINE
               5--Salome CLINE
               5--David CLINE
               5--Frederick CLINE
               5--John P. CLINE
            4--Jacob WINE  b.2-24-1811
             s-Catherine Neff  b.1816 d.1882 d/o John Neff & Elizabeth Glick              
               5--Daniel P. Wine
            4--Catherine WINE  b.10-2-1813 d.8-11-1881 m.1832
             s-John Neff  b.7-17-1809 s/o John Neff(b.1776) & Elizabeth Glick (b.1781)
         3--Jacob GARBER  b.VA 1785 d.1873 in Forestville, Shenandoah co VA census of 1860
          s-Salome Hoover  b.VA 1793
            4--Martin Garber  b.VA 1814 d.>8-9-1870 in Rockingham co VA census of 1860,1870
             s-Elizabeth Wine  b.1818 d.>8-9-1870
               5--Jacob Garber  b.VA c1841 in Rockingham co VA census of 1880,1900 manager of old folks home
                s-Emma  b.VA c1850 d.>7-3-1880
                  6--John Edward Garber  b.VA c1869
                  6--Jacob H. Garber  b.VA c1873
                  6--Frank M. Garber  b.VA c1871
                  6--Ira A. Garber  b.VA c1876
                  6--George W. Garber  b.VA c1878
                s-Ida E.  m.c1882 b.VA 8-1856 parents b.VA
                  6--Nina Mira Garber  b.VA 9-1883
                   s-John Wampler
                  6--Anna E. Garber  b.VA 12-1884
                   s-Frank Bowman
                  6--Mary A. Garber  b.VA 8-1886
                   s-Charles Rife
                  6--Emma R. Garber  b.VA 2-1888
                  6--Katie I. Garber  b.VA 5-1890
               5--Catherine Garber  b.VA c1843
               5--Sallie Sarah Garber  b.VA c1846
               5--Anna  b.VA c1848
               5--John M. Garber  b.VA c1850 with parents in 1870
               5--Franklin Garber  b.VA c1852
               5--Lydia Garber  b.VA c1854
               5--Betty Elizabeth Garber  b.VA c1857 with parents in 1870
               5--Joseph Garber 
               5--William H. Garber  b.VA c1860 with parents in 1870
            4--Elizabeth Garber  b.VA c1816
             s-Daniel Neff  b.VA 1810 *
               5--Sarah Neff  b.VA c1838
               5--Kate Neff  b.VA c1839
               5--Jacob Neff  b.VA c1841
               5--John Neff  b.VA c1844
               5--Malinda Neff  b.VA c1851
               5--Martha Neff  b.VA c1854
               5--Milton Neff  b.VA c1856
            4--John M. Garber
             s-Anna Meyers
            4--Anna Garber
             s-Michael Bowman  s/o Benjamin Bowman & Catherine Wine
            4--Samuel Garber
             s-Hannah Meyers
            4--Joseph J. Garber  b.VA c1824 with father in 1860
            4--Abraham Garber
             s-Anna Miller  d/o jacob Miller & Sarah Jones
         3--Catherine GARBER
         3--Rebecca GARBER  b.7-6-1790 d.11-6-1866 m.5-30-1816
         .s-Jacob Bowman  b.Linville Creek ,Rockingham Co VA 9-15-1793 see Bowman tree
         ...4--Catharine Bowman  b.2-21-1817
         ...4--Elizabeth Bowman  b.8-27-1818
         ...4--Rebecca Bowman  b.7-25-1822
         ...4--Benjamin Franklin Bowman  b.Greenmount,Rockingham Co vA 11-23-1822 d.Topeka KS 4-9-1902
         ...4--Samuel Bowman  b.1-22-1825
         ...4--Sarah Bowman  b.7-9-1827
         ...4--Mary Bowman  b.8-1-1829
         ...4--jacob W. Bowman  b.6-9-1833
   ...2--Garber,Anna  Bc1762 M.c1783 D.c1837  
       s-Miller, Daniel IMiller,Daniel I  B.5-13-1752 M.c1783 see Miller tree for expanded family
          3--Daniel Miller II  b.1-16-1784 
          3--Barbara Ann Miller  b.1785
       ...3--Miller,Joseph  B.3-23-1787 D.11-29-1851 M.3-24-1812
          s-thomas,Elizabeth  B.7-10-1792 D.11-21-1849 d/o John P. Thomas & Regina Ziegler
         ...4--Miller,Regina  B.5-4-1818 M.11-5-1840 D.5-15-1890
             s-Shickel,Jacob  B.6-16-1815 D.8-28-1897 
          3--Jacob Miller  b.1789
          3--Samuel Miller  b.1793
          3--Abraham Miller  b.1796
          3--Martin Miller  b.1800
          3--Michael Miller
          3--susannah Miller  b.1798
          3--Katie Miller
   ...2--Garber,Jacob  B.York Co PA 1766 D.1836 lived Shenandoah co VA, TN, KY, Miami Valley OH
       s-Humbert,Susanna  d/o Jacob Humbert
   ...2--Garber,Daniel  B.Beaver Dam, Frederick Co MD 1769  lived near Harrisonburg VA
       s-Miller,SusannaMiller,Susanna  B.c1780 M.c1802; D.<1815 see Miller tree
      ...3--Garber,Daniel  B.VA 9-5-1804 D.11-25-1865  lived near Harrisonburg VA
          s-Rawley,Mary  B.VA 7-13-1809 D.11-13-1875 M.4-10-1827
         ...4--Garber,Martin  B.VA 5-28-1828 D.7-1-1912 COB lived Sangerville *
             s-Sanger,Elizabeth  B.VA 11-29-1831 D.12-7-1908 M.11-17-1850  see Flora tree
               5--Garber,Daniel Henry  B.VA 4-25-1851  d.1925 lived Elkins WV *
                s-Ruff,Janie or Amanda j. B.VA 11-21-1856 D.12-26-1925 M.1-7-1875 Methodist parents b.VA
                  6--Garber,Stella Blanche  B.Sangerville VA 12-7-1876
                   s-Yager,Jacob H.  lived Philippi WV
                     7--Yager,Elizabeth Louise
                      s-Gribble,William E.
                        8--Gribble,William E. Jr
                        8--Gribble,Margaret Ann  foster child
                        8--Gribble,Martha Virginia
                        8--Gribble,Robert Lee
                     7--Yager,Henry Garber
                     7--Yager,Margaret Jane
                  6--Garber,Robert C.  b.VA 9-1880
                  6--Garber,Dewit  b.VA 9-1883
                  6--Frankie F. Garber daughter  b.WV 8-26-1886
                  6--Edgar C. Garber  b.WV  11-22-1889
               5--Garber,Lydia Jane  B.VA 6-14-1853 D.4-15-1932 lived Bridgewater
                s-Cupp,Abraham Pierce  B.9-2-1853 D.4-15-1929 M.8-22-1886
                  6--Cupp,John edward  B.7-17-1887
                   s-Howdyshell,Mattie E.  M.3-29-1929
                     7--Cupp,Arvilla Jane  B.12-18-1929 D.12-20-1929
                  6--Cupp,Daniel Martin  B.8-5-1889
                  6--Cupp,Bessie Barbara  B.9-14-1891
                   s-Cupp,Benjamin R.  M.10-8-1912
                     7--Cupp,Hazel May  B.5-5-1912
               5--Garber,John Sanger  B.VA 10-6-1854 d.7-13-1931 unwed
               5--Garber,Elizabeth Mary  B.VA 2-18-1856 D.8-1-1860
               5--Garber,Martin franklin  B.VA 9-2-1857 D.8-1-1860
               5--Garber,David Phillip  B.VA 3-17-1859 D.8-16-1860
               5--Garber,jacob Samuel  B.Va 6-14-1861 D.12-22-1936 in Augusta co VA census 1900,1910; indicates 1 child
                s-Phillips,Vernie Lunora  B.VA 4-9-1863 m.c1883 lived Bridgewater
                  6--Garber,Emery M.  B.10-29-1888 lived Los Angeles in Umatilla OR census of 1910(indicates widower b.1884; 4 children; 2 children living)
               5--Garber,Emma Frances  B.VA 5-1-1864 D.7-27-1934
                s-Miller,Emanuel J.  B.VA 9-13-1862 D.1-14-1936 in Augusta coVA census of 1900,1930;lived Bridgewater parents b.VA
                  6--Jesse O. or Jessie E. Miller  B.VA 3-3-1887 D.2-12-1931
                   s-Garber,Annie V.  B.5-30-1883 M.9-19-1906
                     7--Miller,Olen Garber  B.10-22-1927
                     7--Miller,Loren  B.8-25-1922
                  6--Miller,Bryda G.  B.VA 10-26-1894 with parents in 1930
               5--Garber,George Edward  B.8-23-1865 M.1-19-1890 d.1944 COB
                s-Wine,Mary Elizabeth Catharine  B.Sangerville VA 11-3-1868 d/o Daniel Arnold wine & Eliza Jane Good
                  6--Garber,Meda May  B.VA 11-7-1892
                   s-Argenbright,Lonnie B. b.VA c1889  m.1-19-1917 in North River, Augusta coVA census of 1930;lived Bridgewater parents b.VA
                     7--Argenbright,Charlotte Garber  B.VA 8-28-1918
                     7--Argenbright,Ruth Louise  B.VA 2-1-1922
                     7--Argenbright,Leah Elizabeth  B.VA 3-14-1924
                     7--Argenbright,Don Martin  B.VA 7-5-1927
                     7--Argenbright,Dale Alfred  B.VA 7-5-1927
                     7--Argenbright,Eunice Elaine  B.VA 11-12-1929
                  6--Martin Gilmore Garber b 1896 - twin. farmer and they live at Woodbridge, VA
                   s-Lela Pearl Ruff b 1907 d/o Charles Ruff & Grace M. Cupp .  ChB
                     7--Phyllis Page Garber b 1930
                     7--Charles Edward Garber b 1935 
                  6--Daniel Wilmer Garber b 1896 twin farmer live at Woodbridge, VA
                   s-Lessie Blanch Ruff b 1900 d/o John Milton Ruff & Madie Arnice Earhart ChB
                     7--Wilmer Galen Garber b 1922 - twin
                     7--Wilette Geraldine Garber b 1922 d 1936 - twin
                     7--John Manley Garber b 1925 - twin
                     7--Edward Stanley Garber b 1925 - twin
               5--Garber,Joseph Abraham  B.1-21-1868
               5--Garber,Annie Lottie  B.8-2-1869 lived Fairfax VA COB
                s-Miller,Benjamin Franklin  b.1863 s/o Daniel Miller & Hannah Huff
                  6--Miller,Leah  b.1907 d.1909
                  6--Miller,John adam  b.1910
                   s-Edith Craun  m.c1938
                  6--Miller,Clyde Garber  b.1911
                  6--Miller,Christie Eve  b.1912 d.1919
               5--Garber,Trevy Davis  B.5-28-1871 d.1936
                s-Eye,Hettie  no issue
               5--Garber,Benjamin Stuart  B.9-28-1873
                s-Stanford,Etta L.  lived Washington DC Baptist
                  6--Raymond Sanford Garber b 1906 
                  6--Elizabeth Louise Garber b 1908 
                  6--Don Martin Garber b 1909 
                  6--Stanley Stuart Garber b 1912 
            4--Bettie Elizabeth Garber  b.VA c1830
             s-Koontz,William  b.VA c1831 m.Rockingham co VA 1853 farmer ** parents b.VA
               5--Koontz,Jacob Frank   b.vA c1854/55 teacher
               5--Koontz,Mollie Mary E.  b.VA c1856/57
               5--Koontz,Daniel A.  b.VA c1859/60
               5--Koontz,Annie Virginia   b.VA c1862
               5--James W. Koontz  b.VA c1864
               5--Koontz,John E.  b.VA c1868/69
               5--Koontz,Reuben L.  b.VA 6-1871 *
                s-Amanda C.  b.VA 2-1874 parents b.VA
                  6--Shirley L. Koontz  b.VA 8-1893
                  6--Hattie E. Koontz  b.VA 6-1895
                  6--Daniel A. Koontz  b.VA 1-1899
            4--Garber,Annie  B.VA 3-10-1837 D.3-1-1873 
             s-Coffman,Benjamin Franklin  B.VA 6-22-1833 D.10-27-1909 M.7-19-1859 lived South English IA s/o Samuel A. Coffman & Catharine Myers 
               5--Coffman,Mary C.  B.IA 4-22-1867 d.1927 see Flora tree
                s-Solomon Isaac Bowman  b.VA 8-1862 d.1946 in Rockingham co vA census of 1900,1910,1920; s/o Joseph Bowman & Sarah Flory 
                  6--joseph Benjamin Bowman  b.VA 6-1886 in Rockingham co VA census of 1910,1920
                   s-Bertha V. Little  b.VA c1889 div.<1920 parents b.VA
                     7--D. Edward Bowman  b.VA c1912
                     7--Lawrence M. Bowman  b.?MD c1914
                  6--Iva May Bowman  b.vA 8-1893
                  6--Oscar Franklin Bowman   b.VA 2-1896
                  6--Raymond P. Bowman  b.VA 8-1899
                  6--Ruth C. Bowman  b.VA c1907
               5--Benjamin Adam Coffman  b.IA 1871 with sister Mary in 1910,1920
            4--Garber,Susanna  B.VA 5-31-1841 D.12-5-1927 M.Dayton VA 1862 
             s-Cool,James L.  B.VA 7-13-1834 D.5-7-1917 in Rockingham Co VA census of 1880,1900 farmer
               5--Cool,Annie Elizabeth   b.VA c1867
               5--Cool,Mary Margaret  B.VA 9-6-1869 d.>1930
                s-Charles W. Kendrick  b.VA 7-1874 d.>1930 *** parents b.VA
                  6--Erma Irma S. Kendrick  b.VA 12-1899
                  6--Neva Mera M. Kendrick  b.VA c1907
            4--Garber,Daniel  B.1-23-1842 D.7-18-1906 
             s-Coffman,Frances  B.8-9-1844 D.3-31-1918 
               5--Garber,John A.  B.10-18-1865 D.8-6-1938 
               5--Garber,Joseph A. D.  B.2-1-1871 lived Washington DC 
               5--Garber,Mary Frances  B.1-4-1876 d.3-1923 
               5--Garber,Sara Elizabeth  B.2-28-1879 lived Washington DC 
            4--Garber,Barbara  B.6-18-1848 D.12-30-1932 
             s-Landes,Stuart F.  B.1-21-1847 D.12-3-1924 M.4-18-1872 
               5--Landes,Benjamin S.  B.Harrisonburg VA 11-20-1873 
             s-Coffman,Joseph  lived Eaton Ohio 
               5--Coffman,Luther  B.Harrisonburg VA 1873 
               5--Coffman,Daniel  b.Harrisonburg 1875 
                s-Williams,Vergie E. B.1881 M.12-14-1899 lived Eaton Ohio 
                  6--Coffman,Opal  B.9-29-1900 
                   s-Creager,Abel  M.11-11-1922 
                  6--Coffman,Lucile  B.10-15-1909 
                   s-Dunlope,Gordon  M.9-30-1930 lived Eaton Ohio 
                     7--Dunlope,Mary Virginia  B.9-21-1932 
                     7--Dunlope,Raymon Douglass  B.10-8-1934 
          s-Shank,Elizabeth  M.1-10-1815 2nd wife of Daniel Garber 
......2--Garber,Catherine  B.Beaver Dam MD 1771 D.1835/8 
       s-Flory,JohnFlory,John  elder B.1766 D.1845; 10 children; lived near harrisonburg,VA s/o Abraham of Lancaster PA 
      3--Daniel Flory b: 28 Feb 1791
      3--Susanna Flory b: 28 Dec 1792 in Rockingham County, Virginia
      3--John Flory Jr. b: 27 Oct 1794
      3--Jacob Flory b: 29 Nov 1797 in Virginia
      3--Michael Flory Sr. b: 30 Mar 1803 in Rockingham County, Virginia
      3--Samuel Flory b: ABT 1805
      3--Elizabeth Flory b: 1807
      3--Abraham Flory b: 16 Oct 1809 in Rockingham County, Virginia
      3--Anna Flory b: 1813
......2--Garber,Joseph  B.Beaver Dam 8-10-1773 D.Madison Twp,Montgomery Co Ohio 10-4-1854;buried Dunkard Cem,Perry Twp,Shelby Co,OH 
       s-Leedy,Catherine  B.York Co PA 10-19-1777 D.Shelby Co OH 8-24-1851 m.Rockingham Co VA 7-26-1798 d/o Samuel & Catheine Weidner 
         3--Garber,Elizabeth "Betsey"  b.Rockingham Co 1799 d.1885 
          s-Landes,Felix  b.VA 1797 m.Bond Co IL 
            4--Landes,Samuel (Landis in 1870,1880 census) b.Montgomery Co OH 1820 in Montgomery co OH census of 1860;in Madison,Montgomery co OH census of 1870,1880; d.>6-14-1880
             s-Ehristine,Susanna  b.OH c1825 d.>6-14-1880
               5--Anna Landes  b.OH c1843
               5--Susanna Landes  b.OH c1844
               5--Joseph Landes  b.OH c1846
               5--William Landes(Landis in 1880 census)  b.OH c1850 in Madison, Montgomery co OH census of 1880
                s-Lucinda  b.OH c1857 parents b.OH
                  6--John Landis  b.OH c1878
                  6--Vinnie Landis daughter  b.OH c1879
               5--Daniel Webster landis  b.OH c1854 with parents in 1880
               5--Samuel Landis  b.OH c1856
               5--Mary Landis  b.OH c1858 with parents in 1880
               5--Elizabeth Landis  b.OH c1861 with parents in 1880
               5--Jesse Landis  b.OH c1862 with parents in 1880
            4--Landes,John  b.OH 1824 
            4--Landes,Catherine  b.OH 1825 
            4--Landes,Jacob  b.OH 1828 
            4--Landes,Joseph  b.OH 1830 
            4--Landes,Elizabeth  b.OH 1832 
            4--Landes,Susannah  b.OH 1834 
            4--Landes,Isaac  b.OH 1836 
            4--Landes,Daniel  b.OH 1839 
            4--Landes,David  b.OH 1843 
         3--Garber,Susannah  b.1801 d.1865 m.3-29-1821
          s-Kessler,Joseph  m.Bond Co IL b.1801 d.1873 COB s/o Joseph Kessler & Mary Steele
         3--Garber,Catherine  b.1807 d.1889 
          s-Kessler,Jonathan  m.Bond Co IL 
            4--Kessler,Catharine L. 
             s-Grover,John Emery 
               5--Grover,Helen Mary  b.1874 d.1961 
         3--(Jos) Joseph Garber Jr.  b.VA 5-23-1814 d.OH 5-26-1893  in Randolph,Montgomery co OH census of 1860,1880
          s-Wampler,Mary Ann  b.MD 2-22-1816 d.Montgomery Co OH 1-29-1897 m.Montgomery Co OH 1835
            4--Elizabeth Garber  b.OH c1840
             s-Eli Fifer  b.VA 1844 in Randolph,Montgomery co OH census of 1870
               5--Jesse Fifer  b.Montgomery co OH 3-7-1867 d.1901
                s-Barbara Ellen Kinsey  b.Miami co OH 11-3-1863 d.1957
            4--Mary Ann Garber  b.OH c1844
            4--William Garber  b.OH c1846
            4--Anna Jane Garber  b.OH c1848
            4--Joseph L. Garber  b.OH 7-1852 d.>1-20-1920 in Randolph,Montgomery co OH census of 1900,1910,1920
             s-Laura  b.OH 7-1853 d.>5-27-1910 parents b.PA
               5--Earl C. Garber  b.OH 8-1879
                s-Sallie  b.OH c1881 parents b.OH
                  6--Harold Garber  b.OH c1904
               5--Melvin E. Garber  b.OH 3-1882 with father in 1920 census
               5--Laura M. Garber  b.OH 9-1886
            4--Phillip Wampler Garber  b.OH 7-15-1856 d.5-15-1918  contact Jodi at for following generations
                      in Randolph,Montgomery co OH census of 1880,1910
             s-Emma Almeda Huffman  b.Clayton,Montgomery Co OH 2-17-1858 d.8-14-1920 d/o William(b.OH or NC) & mother(b.OH or PA) 
               5--Milton Garber b.OH 11-5-1879 d.2-24-1958 
                s-Elizabeth A. Thomas   m. Nov 23, 1905 b. Oct 28, 1880 d. June 3, 1916 
                  6--Anna May Garber  b.9-25-1906  d. Aug 30, 1982 
                  6--Raymond Philip Garber  b.11-9-1908 d.2-15-1992
                   s-Hazel Irene Wampler  m Jan 24, 1932
                   s-Ruth Mable FloraRuth Mable Flora  m.Nov 9, 1933
                     7--Donald Lee Garber b. Feb 20, 1936
                      s-June 14, 1964 to Ellen Marie Flory
                        8--Arlene Ellen Garber b. May 19, 1965
                        8--Elizabeth Sue Garber b. Sept 11, 1966
                        8--Matthew L. garber b. d. Sept 22, 1968
                        8--Mark Evan Garber b. Feb 28, 1970
                        8--Esther Leah garber b. Feb 7, 1973
                        8--Sarah Lee Garber b. Feb 23, 1977
                        8--Rachel Marie Garber b. Dec 19, 1985
                     7--David Paul Garber b. June 3, 1937
                      s-May 25, 1957 to Mary Eleanor Diehl
                        8--Karen Lynn Garber b. Mar 26, 1958
                         s-Apr 23, 1976 to John L Mitchell
                           9--Benjamin Lee Mitchell b. Feb 7, 1977
                           9--Jennifer Lynn Mitchell b. Nov 5, 1978
                           9--Craig William Mitchell b. Feb 29, 1980
                           9--Stephanie Sue Mitchell b. Jan 18, 1982
                        8--Sue Ellen Garber b. Apr 10, 1960
                         s-May 30, 1987 to John Calvin Lavy Jr.
                        8--Diane Faye Garber b. Aug 16, 1961
                        8--Duane Michael Garber b. Jan 12, 1964
                         s-Apr 2, 1983 to Regina Douglass
                           9--Vince Nicholas Garber b. Feb 19, 1985
                           9--Kathryn Rose Garber b. June 27, 1987
                     7--Thelma Jean Garber b. Aug 7, 1938
                      s-Nov 2, 1963 to Daniel Solomom Wagner
                        8--Anna Marie Wagner b. Aug 27, 1964
                        8--Daniel Raymond Wagner b. Feb 17, 1967
                        8--Martha Jean Wagner b. Nov 11, 1968
                        8--Linda Louise Wagner b. Mar 11, 1971
                        8--David Clay Wagner b. July 4, 1973
                        8--Mary Ruth Wagner b. Nov 25, 1976
                     7--Kenneth Raymond Garber b. Nov 3, 1940
                      s-Nov 22, 1962 to Marqueta Overholtzer
                        8--Philip Stephen Garber b. Nov 2, 1963
                        8--Kevin Matthew Garber b. June 4, 1965
                        8--Naomi Christine Garber b. Aug 8, 1967
                        8--Jonathan Dale Garber b. Dec 14, 1969
                        8--Samuel Christian Garber b. Nov 17, 1972
                        8--Michael Lynn Garber b. Sept 13, 1978
                     7--Kathryn Kay Garber b. Dec 4, 1943
                      s-Brenner Thomas Denlinger  m.Sept 3, 1972
                        8--Christian Miller Denlinger b. Apr 8, 1976
                        8--Ruth Emma Denlinger b. Nov 18, 1977
                        8--Jonathan David Denlinger b. May 15, 1979
                     7--Judy Garber b. d. Nov 22, 1944
                     7--Myrna Ann Garber b. Oct 14, 1948
                      s-Oct 8, 1967 to Stanley Lynn Frantz
                        8--Donna Kay Frantz b. Mar 10, 1969
                        8--Harold Raymond Frantz b. Mar 28, 1971
                        8--John Wesley Frantz b. July 23, 1972
                        8--Michael Aaron Frantz b. Dec 25, 1973
                        8--Brian Lee Frantz b. Sept 13, 1975
                        8--Rosanna Marie Frantz b. Oct 4, 1979
                        8--Rebecca Sue Frantz b. June 11, 1982
                     7--Lois Arlene Garber b. Aug 10, 1953
                      s-Sept 16, 1978 to James Lee Rife
                        8--timothy Ivan Rife b. Apr 1, 1980
                        8--Matthew Philip Rife b. Sept 9, 1982
                s-Milton married second Nov 10, 1917 to Huldah B. Miller Metzger
                  6--Emmanuel Oliver Garber b. Dec 11, 1920
                   s-Feb 8, 1941 to Catherine Brumbaugh
                     7--Fred Allan Garber b. May 17, 1944
                      s-Oct 13, 1963 to Rebecca Ione Rapp
                        8-- Danny Leon Garber b. Aug 14, 1966
                         s-July 17, 1988 to Joan Faye Garber
                        8--Sally Ione Garber b. Apr 19, 1971
                     7--Mary Catherine Garber b. Dec 6, 1948
                      s-dec 24, 1965 to Douglas Loren Peters
                        8--Alice Marie Peters b. Oct 13, 1967
                         s-Jan 30, 1988 to Eric Scott Wilkerson
                        8--Arlene Harvey Peters b. Nov 15, 1969
                     7--Betty Lou Garber b. Aug 3, 1956
                      s-Apr 4, 1976 to Gary Wayne Locker
                        8--Aaron Wayne Locker b. Jan 27, 1981
                        8--Mindy Lou Locker b. Jan 16, 1983
                  6--William Edward Garber b. Sept 19, 1927
                   s-Nov 28, 1946 to Nannie Belle Rutrough
                     7--Virginia Diane Garber b. Aug 7, 1950
                      s-Oct 9, 1971 to Kenneth Dwaine Baker
                        8--Barbara Ann Baker b. Sept 20, 1974
                        8--B.J. Baker b. July 21, 1977
                     7--Roger Leon Garber b. Aug 26, 1953
                      s-Dec 4, 1971 to Wanda Baker
                        8--Billy Edward Garber b. July 1, 1972
                        8--Eric Leon Garber b. Oct 11, 1974
                      s-Roger married second Apr 2, 1983 to Marsha Sue Grooms Vickers
               5--Bertha Garber b.OH May 14, 1881 d. Dec 6, 1954
                s-George Urmey  b.OH c1881 m.9-26-1907 in Montgomery co OH census of 1910;father born in OH, mother born in IN
                  6--Lloyd Evert Urmey  b.OH Jan 11, 1909
                   s-Sept 5, 1936 to Martha Spiller
                  6--Charles Lenard Urmey  b.OH Mar 31, 1910
                   s-June 29, 1929 to Hazel esther Kress
                     7--Doris Arlene Urmey b. Aug 29, 1931
                      s-Oct 12, 1949 to Paul Hairline
                        8--Trudy Sue Hairline b. Feb 4, 1951
                         s-June 28, 1969 to Ronald Heisey
                           9--Jeremy Lance Heisey b. Oct, 1973
                           9--Aaron L. heisey b. Oct 22, 1977
                        8--Patrick Paul Hairline b. Apr 12, 1956
                         s-Apr 19, 1975 to Jane Hissong
                           9--Kristin Hope Hairline b. May 30, 1980
                           9--Kelley Nicole Hairline b. Nov 4, 1983
                        8--Kip Charles Hairline b. Aug 20, 1956
                         s-May 1, 1976 to Karen Cress
                           9--Jessica Ann Hairline b. July 25, 1978
                           9--Jennifer Lynn hairline b. May 21, 1980
                           9--Millie Elizabeth Fairline b. July 5, 1982
                           9--Luke Kip Hairline b. Sept 17, 1983
                           9--Carrie Beth Hairline b. May10, 1986
                        8--Gail Ann Hairline b. June 6, 1959
                         s-Mar 18, 1978 to John Whitten dickens
                           9--Maggie Ann dickens b. Dec 18, 1978
                           9--Seth Whitten Dickens b. Feb 11, 1986
                     7--Charles Dean Urmey b. Mar 15, 1933
                      s-m May 25, 1957 to Nancy Obrun
                        8--Dean Lynn Urmey b. Sept 19, 1961
                        8--Kirk David Urmaey b. Sept 29, 1962
                     7--Ned Urmey b. Feb 10, 1938
                     7--Kay Louise Urney b. May 9, 1939
                     7--Donna Jean Urmey b. Sept 14, 1941
                      s-Sept 14, 1958 to Stephen Bright
                        8--Jeffrey Allen Bright b. Feb 7, 1959
                        8--Michelle Lynn Bight b. Apr 22, 1963
                         s-Sept 14, to Darryl Brown
                     7--Kent Lenard Urmey b. Aug 29, 1943
                      s-Feb 12, 1966 to Diana Winterrowd
                        8--Rene Lynn Urmey b. Dec 12, 1966 d. dec 14, 1966
                        8--Rene Lynn Urmey b. Oct 26, 1971
                        8--Bradley Ryan Urmey b. July 23, 1977
                  6--Mary Hazel Urmey b. Jan 31, 1916
                   s-m Jan 14, 1932 to Ulysses Lester Rose
                     7--Robert Gene Rose b. Nov 22, 1934 d. Mar 17, 1981
                      s-Mar 5, 1955 to Edna Grace Rose
                        8--Terry Micheal Rose b. June 15, 1958
                        8--Jeffrey David Rose b. Apr 23, 1960
                         s-m Nov 13, 1984 to Tonya K. Dennis
                           9--Amanda Sue Rose b. Apr 21, 1983
                           9--Daniel Robert Rose b. July 3, 1986
                        8--Mark Brian Rose b. Sept 3, 1961
                        8--Timothy lee Rose b. Feb 27, 1963
                         s-m Feb 27, 1984 to Joetta Waddell
                           9--Sean Lee Rose b. Apr 18, 1982
                           9--Joshua Ulysses Lee Rose b. June 16, 1987
                     7--Miriam Louise Rose b. d. 1936
                     7--Carol Ann Rose b. d. 1938
                     7--Wanda Lee Rose b. Mar11, 1942
                      s-m Aug 10, 1961 to Berlin keith Paulus
                        8--Kimberly Diane Paulus b. Jan 9, 1969
                     7-- Bevery Sue Rose b. Nov 13, 1947
                      s-m Aug 1966 to James Edward Adkins
                      s-m(2) 1971 to William Edward Redman
                      s-m (3) Aug 2, 1976 to Elwood Profitt Jr.
                        8--Mary Beth Profitt b. Nov 8, 1972
                        8--Karl Lester Profitt b. feb 6, 1974
                  6--George Eugene Urmey b. Nov 25, 1918 d. Aug 23, 1956
                   s-m Dec 28, 1942 to Cora E. Henderson
                     7--Alma Jean Urmey b. July 22, 1943
                      s-m Mar 12, 1960 to Carl Mayton
                        8--Debbie Kay Mayton b. Mar 14, 1961 d. Nov 18, 1971
                        8--james Walter Mayton b. June 29, 1963
                        8--John paul Mayton b. Aug 4, 1966
                        8--Rebekah Mayton b. Feb 8, 1970
                           9--Christina Marie b. Dec 10, 1985
                        8--Elizabeth Ann Mayton b. Mar 1, 1975
                     7--Shirley Ann Urmey b. Apr 23, 1945
               5--Vernon Garber  b.OH Jan 25, 1883 d. jan 10, 1945
                s-m. Feb 19, 1907 to Ida May Royer b. Sept 21, 1886 d. July 4, 1908
                  6--Ethal Mea Garber b. 1908
                s-m(2) Jan 3, 1922 to Bertha Lydia Rutrough b. Dec 3, 1895 d. Dec 11, 1983
                  6--Virgil Taswell Garber b. d. Feb 19, 1923
                  6--Opal Marie Garber b. Mar 15, 1924
                   s-m. June 25, 1950 to George Christian Bayer b. Oct 7, 1923
                     7--George Michael Bayer b. Jan 4, 1952
                      s-m. May 2, 1981 to Nelly Isabel Vodopivec b. Apr 15, 1953
                        8--Diana Kay Bayer b. Mar 8, 1983
                        8--Andrew Michael Bayer b. July 27, 1985
                     7--Susan Arlene Bayer b. Jan 11, 1956
                      s-Roger Larry Denlinger b. Dec 16, 1952 m. Mar10, 1974
                        8--Mary Susan Denlinger b. Aug 6, 1976
                        8--Amanda Jo Denlinger b. Mar 30, 1979
                        8--Molly Ann Denlinger b. Sept 9, 1982
                        8--Brady Loel Denlinger b. Apr 11, 1985
                        8--Clayton Roger Denlinger b. Nov 22, 1987
                     7--Ann Marie Bayer b. Dec22, 1957
                      s-m. Apr 3, 1976 to Kent Eugene Brubaker b. Dec 10, 1956
                        8--Kara Jeanne Brubaker b. May 2, 1981
                        8--Kami Suzanne Brubaker b. Sept 6, 1983
                  6--Paul Vernon Garber b. Oct 12, 1925
                   s-m. Dec 21, 1947 to Mildred Lucille Metzger b. Apr 10, 1929
                     7--Charlene Elaine Garber b. Aug 16, 1950
                      s-m. Aug 30, 1970 to Arlen Eugene Flora b. Apr 5, 1948
                        8--Raquel Lynn Flora b. Feb 9, 1973
                        8--Dane Arlen Flora b. Sept3, 1976
                        8--Jeanne Marie Flora b. Apr 12, 1978
                        8--Kenneth Owen Flora b. Nov 21, 1980
                     7--Christine Lee Garber b. Feb 23, 1952
                      s-m Mar 23, 1969 to Michael Kent Miller b. Mar 14, 1949
                        8--Michele Elaine Miller b. Sept 28, 1969
                        8--Michael Anthony Miller b. Dec 3, 1971
                        8--Cynthia Jo Miller b. May 15, 1986
                     7--Coleen Sue Garber b. Feb 14, 1957
                      s-m. Apr 5, 1975 to Kenneth Lee Hillinger b. Dec. 24, 1951
                        8--a) Russ Allen Hollinger b. June 29, 1979
                        8--b) Rudy Lee Hollinger b. Mar 2, 1981
                        8--c) Andrew Ray Hollinger b. Mar 5, 1984
                        8--d) Adam Jon Hollinger b. Dec 16, 1985
                        8--e) Peter Neil Hollinger b. July 1, 1988
                     7--Dale Vernon Garber b. July 27, 1958
                      s-Theresa marie Lanbert b. Aug 31, 1964 m May 31, 1986 
                        8--a) Regina kay Garber b. Dec 6, 1986
                     7--Jane Ann Garber b. Sept 6, 1960
                      s- m. July 8, 1977 to Daniel Lee Long b. Nov 17, 1958
                        8--a) Sarah Jane Long b. Mar 7, 1982
                        8--b) Reuben Daniel Long b. May 29, 1983
                        8--c) Aaron Paul Long b. Feb 1, 1985
                        8--d) Joel David Long b. Aug 22, 1986
                     7--Carl Owen Garber b. July 19, 1962
                      s- m .Nov 1, 1980 to Deborah Jean Osborne b. Sept 13, 1961
                        8--a) Robin Dale Garber b. Sept 30, 1982 d. Oct 20, 1982
                        8--b) Cassie Lee Garber b. July 10, 1985
                  6--Eva Nannie Garber b. Mar 29, 1929
                   s- m. Nov 12, 1949 to harold eugene Myers b. June 22, 1929
                     7--Galen Leon Myers b. June 1, 1959
                      s-Sandra Kay Dickey b. Oct 11, 1952 m. July 10, 1971 
                        8--a) Nanette Ann Myers b. May 25, 1972
                        8--b) Jonathan Eugene Myers b. June 6, 1979
                     7--Pamela Sue Myers b. Dec 20, 1952
                      s-Jerry Lee Sowers b. June 4, 1952 m. July 29, 1972 
                        8--a) Angela Marie Sowers b. May 28, 1974
                        8--b) Brian Allan Sowers b. Apr 7, 1977
                        8--c) Charles Eugene Myers b. Oct 6, 1955
                  6--Ida Mae Garber b.Feb 22, 1932
                   s-thomas Oliver Klosterman b. Oct 3, 1929 m. Feb 23, 1952 
                     7--1. Ronald Thomas Klosterman b. July 16, 1952
                     7--2 Daniel Lee Klosterman b. Sept 1, 1953
                      s- m. July 19, 1974 to patty Ann Linder b. Oct 5, 1955
                        8--a) robby Matthew Klosterman b. July 12, 1975
                        8--b) Curt Daniel Klosterman b. Sept 11, 1978
                        8--c) Jesse Lee Klosterman b. Apr 11, 1985
                     7--3. Virgil Stanley Klosterman b. Nov 6, 1954
                      s- m. Sept 22, 1984 to Karen Denise Hartle Bernard b. Aug 5, 1964
                        8--a) Adam Michael Klosterman b. May 12, 1985
                        8--b) Brandon Alexander Klosterman b. May 4, 1988
                     7--4. Patrick LeRoy Klosterman b. Mov 24, 1957
                      s- m. Apr 11, 1981 to Susan Elaine Sharp b. Apr 16, 1959
                        8--a) Christopher patrick Klosterman b. Sept 19, 1981
                        8--b) Bradley Leroy Klosterman b. Feb 21, 1983
                     7--5. Mark Allen Klosterman b. Mar 17, 1959
                      s- m. July 19, 1986 to Sharon Lynn Robbins Layne b. Apr 21, 1958
                        8--a) Natasha Lynn Klosterman b. Sept 1, 1987
                     7--6. Richard William Klosterman b. Sept 11, 1961
                      s- m. June 23, 1984 to Georgeanne Lee Stock b. Mar 11, 1966
                        8--a) Stephen Thomas Klosterman b. Apr 3, 1986
                     7--7. Brian David Klosterman b. Dec 16, 1972
                  6--G. Ezra David Garber b. Oct 2, 1933 d. Mar 16, 1983
                   s- m. May 15, 1959 to Donna Jean ellis Lowman b. Sept 29, 1929
                     7--1. Vernon Eugene Garber b. Oct 15, 1959
                      s- m. June 23, 1979 to Verna Craddock b. Aug 12, 1960
                        8--a) Jennifer Jean Garber b. Aug 30, 1985
                        8--b) travis Eugene Garber b. Sept 30, 1985
                     7--2. Gary David Garber b. Apr 6, 1962
                      s- m. June 2, 1984 to Karla Craddock b. Feb 4, 1964
               5--IV Cora Garber b. May 19, 1884 d. Oct 14, 1967
                s- m. May 28, 1905 to Susie M. Thomas b. Nov 29, 1882 d. Oct 29, 1973
                  6--A. Ethel Mae Garber (adopted) b. June 11, 1908 d. Oct 14, 1956
                   s- m. Dec 11, 1927 to John Thomas Huffman b. Feb 21, 1905 d. Oct 15, 1972
                     7--1. Alberta Jean Huffman b. Aug 26, 1934
                      s- m. May 31, 1953 to marvin Keith Skiles b. Aug 13, 1930
                        8--a) Mark Allen Skiles b. Sept 11, 1954
                         s- m. Apr 4, 1981 to Karen Jo Pence b. Feb 5, 1957
                           9--1. Ryan Marcus Skiles b. sept 30, 1983
                           9--2. Nicholas Matthew Skiles b. July 19, 1985
                        8--b) Sharon Layonne Skiles b. Mar 12, 1956
                         s- m. June 29, 1974 to Stephen Leroy Long b. Mar 19, 1953
                           9--1. Hanna May Long b. Oct 31, 1981
                           9--2. Ruth Ann Long b. Oct 15, 1983
                        8--c) Deborah Jean Skiles b. Oct 30, 1957
                         s- m. July 10, 1976 to Steven J. Garber b. Feb 25, 1954
                           9--1. laurie Ann Garber b. Aug 1, 1979
                           9--2. Sheila Jen Garber b. Apr 21, 1981
                           9--3. Alaina Rae Garber b. Feb 22, 1985
                           9--4. Weston Keith Garber b. Jan 21, 1988
                        8--d) Rebecca Lynn Skiles b. July 9, 1961
                         s- m. Apr 1, 1984 to larry Alan Bower b. Sept 3, 1958
                           9--1. Carrie Dawn Bower b. 28, 1986
                        8--e) Stephen Edward Skiles b. Aug 17, 1965
                         s- m. Aug 4, 1985 to Colleeen Mary Filbrun b. Oct 30, 1967
                     7--2. Arlene Huffman b. Mar 5, 1939
                      s- m. Jily 7, 1957 to Verlin Cool b. Nov 21, 1936
                        8--a) Dean Leon Cool b. Mar 31, 1959
                        8--b) Terry Lin Cool b. Nov 26, 1960
                         s- m. Mar 13, 1983 to Patricia Ann Stroop b. Feb 15, 1964
                           9--1. Amanda Kay Cool b. May 3, 1984
                           9--2. Rachel Elizabeth Cool b. Dec 31, 198
                     7--3. Marvin John Huffman b. Jan 8, 1944
                      s- m. June 7, 1963 to Diana Jewell Turner b. Apr 23, 1944
                        8--a) Barbara Lynn Huffman b. Apr 9, 1964
                        8--b) Joseph Duane Huffman b. May 2, 1966
                        8--c) Michael Aaron Huffman b. Oct 29, 1971
                        8--d) Jeneen Sue Huffman b. Nov 20, 1973
                 6--B. Perry Melvin Garber b. Mar 22, 1913 d. Mar 7, 1940
                  s- m. Nov 5, 1933 to Charlotte Neff b. Mar 31, 1914
                    7--1. Melvin Perry Garber b. June 4, 1934
                     s- m. Dec 12, 1954 to Barbara Jones b. Dec 11, 1936
                       8--a) Scott Dale Garber b. Apr 30, 1956
                        s- m. July 31, 1976 to Cynthia Ann Houvener b. Sept 25, 1957
                          9--1. Jennifer Rene Garber b. Aug 8, 1983
                       8--b) Lori Sue Garber b. Oct 17, 1957
                        s- m. May 26, 1978 to John Calvin Hollobeek b. Feb 7, 1957
                          9--1. Lisa Megan Hollobeek
                       8--c) Julie Lynn Garber b. Aug 13, 1962
                        s- m. Sept 3, 1988 to mark Lee Herbst b. Sept 18, 1962
                       8--d) Susan Marie Garber b. Mar 25, 1965
                        s- m. Dec 20, 1986 to Ranfall Ray Hayes b. Oct 22, 1964
                          9--1. Kyle Justin Hayes b. Apr 7, 1987
                    7--2. Marilyn Jean Garber b. Jan 21, 1936
                     s- m. Sept 19, 1957 to Jack Boring b. Aug 16, 1936
                       8--a) Terry Boring b. May 17, 1962
                        s- m. June 12, 1982 to Melody Jay McCuiston b. Apr 1, 1960
                          9--1. Brittany Danielle Boring b. Sept 18, 1986
                       8--b) Gary Alan Boring b. May 6, 1966
                    7--3. James Edward Garber b. Dec 26, 1937
                     s- m. Sept 30, 1969 to Sue Ann Sammons b. July 11, 1935
                       8--a) Sharon Ann Garber b. Apr 7, 1962
                       8--b) Brenda Lee Garber b. June 24, 1965
                        s- m. June 14, 1984 to Lonel Washington
                          9--1. Nathan Antoine Garber b. Apr 27, 1986
                     s-  James m.(2) Oct 2, 1978 to Barbara Ann Baker b. Oct 15, 1947
                    7--4. Virginia Ann Garber b. June 20, 1940
                     s- m. Apr 2, 1969 to Albert Douglas Curtis b. May 23, 1935
                       8--a) Daryl Lee Garber b. Feb 9, 1957
                       8--b) Anthony Douglas Curtis b. Oct 21, 1960
                        s- m. Sept 22, 1984 to Lori Trump b. Nov 20, 1965
                          9--1. Joshua Douglas Curtis b. Apr 18, 1988
                       8--c) Christopher Thomas Curtis b. Mar 7, 1965
              5--Bertha Garber  b. nov 5, 1879 d. Feb 24, 1958
              5--Vernon Garber  b. Jan 25, 1883 d. Jan 10, 1945
              5--Cora Garber  b.5-19-1884 d. Oct 14, 1967              
              5--Jesse Garber
                 6--Noman Garber  b.Jan. 11, 1917 m.1-28-1940
                  s-Elizabeth Lavy
                    7--Susannah Rebecca Garber b. April 7, 1941
                    7--Andrew Solomom Garber b. Aug. 30, 1942 d. Aug. 1, 1944
                    7--Elizabeth Irene Garber b. Sept. 29, 1943 m. Nov. 30, 1944 
                     s-Daniel Stutzman
                       8--Joseph Stutzman b. June 22, 1966  m. Mar 26, 1988 
                        s-Kandi Schinnerer
                       8--Sarah Stutzman b. July 13, 1968
                       8--Susannah Strutzman B. and D. Oct. 11, 1971
                       8--Jonathon Stutzman b. Sept. 14, 1972
                       8--Jacob Strutzman b. Sept. 15, 1973
                       8--Jason Strutzman b. Oct. 5, 1974
                       8--Sheila Strutzman b. Apr. 11, 1981
                       8--Infant son b. and d. Feb 10, 1984
                    7--Clara Emily Garber b. Oct. 31, 1945 m Jan, 14, 1968 
                     s-Noah Nolt
                       8--Leah Nolt b. June 22, 1969
                        s-Michael Hobbs
                       8--Rachel Nolt b. May 25, 1970
                       8--Reuben Nolt b. July 8, 1071
                       8--Susannah Nolt b. Sept, 19, 1973
                    7--May Margaret Garber b, Jan 12, 1947 m Jan 14, 1968 
                     s-Moses Strutzman
                       8--Rebecca M. Strutzman b. Oct 11, 1968 m June 25, 1986 
                        s-Rodney Moeller
                       8--Rachel M Strutzman b. June 5, 1970
                       8--Maria M. Strutzman b.. Apr 9, 1972
                       8--Elizabeth ileen Strutzman b. Jan 26, 1978
                       8--Lydian Grace Strutzman b. Feb 25, 1984
                       8--Barbara Sue Strutzman b. June 27, 1986
                    7--Robert Allen Garber b June 18, 1948  m Mar 18, 1972 
                       8--Crystal Garber b. Nov 16, 1972
                       8--Kevin Garber b. Oct 29, 1976
                       8--Teresa Garber b. Aug. 6 1978
                    7--Rhoda Frances Garber b. Dec. 3, 1949 m May 12, 1984 
                     s-James Lavy
                       8--Bonnie G. Lavy b. May 30, 1982
                       8--Janice Grace Lavy b. Jan 28, 1987
                    7--Virginia Ruth Garber b. Aug 18, 1951  
                     s-Robert Laffoon
                       8--Suanne Lynn Laffoon b. Apr 23, 1080
                       8--Brian Norman Laffoon b. Feb 5, 1983
                    7--Norma May Garber b. Sept 19, 1954  m Jan 2 1080 
                     s-James Brubaker
                       8--Christy Sue Brubaker b. Sept 11, 1082
                       8--Kevin Lee Brubaker b. May 21, 1985
                       8--Nathan Allen Brubaker b. Nov 30, 1986
                    7--Philip Lee Garber b. Dec 12, 1955
                    7--Ane marie Garber b. Jan 1, 1958   m Jan 30, 1979 
                     s-Gene Berryhill
                       8--Andrew Solomon Beryhill b. Cot 20, 1979
                       8--Elijah Gene Berryhill b. Sept 28, 1981
                       8--Joseph Tay Berryhill b. Apr 2, 1983
                    7--Martha Naomi Garber b. sept 30 1960  m Nov 10 
                     s-Tom Zang
                 6--Martha Hariet Garber - April 7, 1919 m. June 26, 1937
                  s-Elmer Allen Brumbaugh
                    7--Delbert Lee Brumbaugh b. Apr 10, 1938 m May 29, 1962 
                     s-Ruth Nancy Royer
                       8--Sarah Morrava Brumbaugh b. Mar 29, 1963 d. Feb 1, 1968
                       8--Timothy Brumbaugh b. Nov 7, 1964
                       8--Rachel Brumbaugh b. Sept 7, 1966
                       8--Mark Brumbaugh b. July 10, 1968
                       8--Morrava Brunbaugh b. Sept 17, 1979
                       8--Damaris brumbaugh b. Oct 19, 1972
                       8--Hanna Brumbaugh b. Dec 18, 1974
                       8--Miriam Brumbaugh b. Aug 26, 1976
                       8--Abigail Brumbaugh b. Mar 4, 1978
                       8--Samuel Brumbaugh  b. Jan 25, 1980
                       8--Martha Brumbaugh b. Aug 6, 1982
                       8--Lilly Brumbaugh b. June 1, 1985
                       8--May Brumbaugh b. Sept 10, 1987
                    7--James Allen Brumbaugh b. Sept 16, 1939 m Oct 5, 1963 
                     s-Eileen Elizabeth Royer
                       8--Nathan Lee Brumbaugh b. Sept 18, 1964
                       8--Rebecca Fay Brumbaugh b. Feb 12, 1966
                       8--George Ivan Brumbaugh b. Mar 5, 1967
                       8--Daniel james Brumbaugh b. Mar 3, 1979
                       8--John Enos Brumbaugh b. Jan 20, 1972
                       8--Harley Jay Brumbaugh b. Apr 8, 1975
                       8--Simon jacob Brumbaugh b. Feb 7, 1983
                    7--Vera Ann Brumbaugh b. Apr 17, 1943 m Mar 3, 1979 
                     s-Dean K. Powell
                       8--Saunia Marie Powell b. July 31, 1980
                    7--Jesse George Brumbaugh b. Dec 8, 1945 m Nov 3, 1973 
                     s-laura Lee Parsons
                       8--Nancy Marie brumbaugh b. Aug 4, 1975
                       8--Jennifer Joy Brumbaugh b. July 26, 1976
                       8--Dale Ray Brumbaugh b. Oct 8, 1977
                       8--Luke Anothony Brumbaugh b. Nov 17, 1979
                       8--Issac Dee Brumbaugh b. June 22, 1981
                       8--Ashley Rose Brumbaugh b. Oct 27, 1982
                       8--Jared Eayne Brumbaugh b. July 25, 1984
                       8--Whitney lace Brumbaugh b. Aug 24, 1986
                    7--Lee Roy Brumbaugh b. Nov 30, 1946 m Apr 6, 1971 
                     s-Beverly Ann Skelton
                       8--Melissa Ann Brumbaugh b. Nov 8, 1971
                       8--LeAnn Renee Brumbaugh b. Dec 25, 1973
                    7--Eileen Brumbaugh b. Mar 22, 1949 m Oct 11, 1980 
                     s-Michael Phillip Grubb
                       8--Veronica Reena Grubb b. Dec 2, 1981
                       8--Katrina Sue Grubb b. Dec 17, 1985
                    7--Steven Brumbaugh b. Sept 17, 1950 m feb 15, 1975 
                     s-beth Sue Cochran
                       8--Jason Alan Brumbaugh b. Dec 16, 1976
                       8--Crystal Kay Brumbaugh b. Mar 3, 1978
                 6--Lydia May Garber - Jan 20, 1922
                  s-John W. Piercy  m.Nov. 29, 1952
                  s-Theodore B. Sell  m.Nov. 25, 1976
                 6--Emma Lillian garber - Jan 7, 1924
                  s-William Brumbaugh  m.Sept. 5, 1943
                    7--Erlene Brumbaugh b. Jan 20, 1945
                    7--Allen Brumbaugh b. Oct 16, 1947 m Feb 5, 1973 
                     s-Juanita Simmons
                       8--Blaine jay Brumbaugh b. Apr 26, 1975
                       8--Corinne Sue Brumbaugh b. Nov 30, 1977
                 6--Grace E. Garber - April 9, 1926
                  s-Lester Ambert Baker  m.Nov 5, 1949 adopted 7 children
                    7--Douglas L. Baker b. Oct 1, 1050 c. Feb 16, 1982 m Nov 20, 1971 
                     s-Brenda Anderson
                       8--Jennifer Lynette Baker b. Mar 7, 1973
                       8--Jason Douglas Baker b. Nov 6, 1075
                    7--Dianne Lynn baker b. Oct 14, 1951 m Aug 10, 1969 
                     s-Allan Burns
                       8--Scott Lynn Burns b. Aug 21, 1970 d. June 29, 1982
                       8--Gary Allan Burns b. May 31, 1972
                       8--Daniel Lester Burns b. June 28, 1974
                       8--Eve Burns b. Mar 11, 1976
                       8--Carla Burns b. Apr 23, 1980
                    7--Debra Lee Baker b. Aug 21, 1954 m Aug 26, 1973 
                     s-Gerald Crist
                       8--Dawn Renne Crist b. Sept 12, 1975
                       8--Shawn Allan Crist b. Sept 1, 1977
                       8--Shannon Lee Crist b. Apr 25, 1979
                    7--Darly Lelan Baker b. feb 14, 1955 m June 10, 1985 
                    7--Darla Lonell Baker b. May 10, 1962 m Juen 3, 1986 
                     s-Steven Rader
                       8--Gavid Aaril Rader b. Aug 10, 1985
                    7--Shandyl Ray Baker b. Nov 17, 1978
                    7--Wendyl James Baker b. Nov 17, 1978
                 6--Mary A. Garber - Feb. 27, 1928
                  s-Earl Silknitter  m.June 27, 1949
                    7--Dennis Ray Silknitter Sr. b. Nov 11, 1951 m June 27, 1974 
                     s-Sandra Sue Prager
                       8--Aimee Gail Silknitter b. June 6, 1975
                       8--Dennis Ray Silknitter Jr. Apr 23, 1977
                       8--Nathan David Silknitter b. Sept 11, 1978
                    7--Ricki D. Silknitter b. July 26, 1957 d. Sept. 28, 1975
                  s-Paul Hoskins had 3 children
                    7--Carla Gail Hoskins b. Oct 29, 1960 d. Dec 3, 1965
                    7--Michael Edward Hoskins b. Dec 4, 1961 m July 28, 1984 
                     s-Susan J. Mathis
                       8--Timothy Michael Hoskins b. may 12, 1985
                    7--David Allen Hoskins b.Sept 29, 1963 m May 18, 1986 
                     s-Francoise Jeanne Decart
                       8--Justin John Hoskins b. Oct 14, 1986
                 6--Pearl Frances Garber - Oct. 21, 1930
                  s-Elbert Eugene Beckner  m.July 8, 1950
                    7--Sharyl Ann Beckner b. Sept 20, 1952 m Aug 11, 1973 
                     s-Keith Eugen Lair
                       8--Ryan Derek Lair b. Mar 11, 1976
                       8--Brandon Keith Lair b. jan 25, 1979
                       8--Kami Joy Lair b. June 5, 1980
                    7--Ronald Eugene Beckner b. Nov 3, 1955 m Mar 15, 1975 
                     s-Pamela Sue Price
                       8--Angie Beth Beckner b. Oct 31, 1977
                       8--Jody leigh Beckner b. Mar 15, 1979
                       8--Jeremy eugene Beckner b. Dec 20, 1981
                       8--Laura May Beckner b. June 19, 1984
                 6--Alma Jane Garber - May 9, 1932
                  s-John Ezra Beckner  m.May 13, 1950
                   7--Edward lee Beckner b. Jan 22, 1952 m June 5, 1971 
                    s-marcia Kay Bowser
                      8--Sabrina Rachelle Beckner b. July 24, 1978
                      8--Courtney Kay Beckner b. July 21, 1981
                      8--Victoria Leigh Beckner b. Aug 5, 1986
                   7--Kathleen Sue Beckner b. July 14, 1954 m Apr 17, 1976 
                    s-Lynn Edward Garber
                      8--Beth Ann Garber b. July 26, 1980
                      8--April Lyn Garber b. July 12, 1986 
                 6--Ellen Catherine Garber - June 27, 1933
                  s-George William McGriff  m.June 27, 1952
                    7--Gregory Lee McGriff b. Apr 2, 1953 d. june 6, 1953
                    7--Gary Dean McGriff b. Feb 7, 1955 m May 6, 1978 
                     s-Melissa Marie Staley
                       8--Jessica renne McGriff b. oct 19, 1978
                    7--Jeffrey leon McGriff b. June 16, 1958 m Dec 6, 1980 
                     s-Louise Umphress
                       8--Jacob Lloyd McGriff b. Nov 15, 1981
                       8--Jared Lee McGriff b. Nov 5, 1984 
                 6--Lois Evelyn Garber - July 12, 1936
                  s-James Kelly - m.Jan. 14, 1956
                    7--Vicki Lynn Kelly b. Oct 29, 1954 
                     s-David Morris  m june 5, 1981 
                     s-Charles Huber Jr.  m(2) Nov 4, 1985 
                       8--Virginia Lois Huber b. Nov 4, 1986
                       8--Charles Hurbert Huber III b. May 18, 1990
                    7--Wade O. Kelly b. July 21, 1957 m July 10, 1980 
                     s-Lisa Smith
                       8--Wade O. Kelly b. May 26, 1981
                    7--Tamie Jo Kelly b. Jan 10, 1959  m May 1, 1983 
                     s-Steve Maxfield
                       8--Angie Renne Kelly b. dec 16, 1976
                       8--April Brooke Kelly b. July 30, 1980
                  s-Robert Leon Corrello - May 23, 1963 2nd husband of Lois Evelyn Garber
                    7--Jodi Ann Corrello b. Jan 6, 1969
                    7--Carlos Juan Corrello b. Mar 13, 1970 
                  s-John Wolfe - Nov. 28, 1983     3rd husband of Lois Evelyn Garber
                 6--Alice V. Garber - Oct. 21, 1939
                  s-Duane Brewer - June 30, 1958 m June 30, 1958
                    7--Carol A. Brewer b. Oct 4, 1958
                    7--Connie S, Brewer b. Sept 24, 1966
              5--Joseph Garber b. Feb 16, 1887 d. Apr 25, 1914
              5--William Garber b. Apr 25, 1888 d. Sept 21, 1975
              5--Mary Garber  b.OH  July 7, 1892 d. July 21, 1972
              5--Ira garber  b.OH 10-12-1893 d. June 12, 1988
              5--Pearl Garber b. Nov 12, 1894 d. May 9, 1903
              5--Lee R. Garber  b.OH  Feb 12, 1897 d. Feb 17, 1977
               s-ada F. Miller
                 6--Margaret Mae Garber  b.Phillipsburg OH 4-3-1922 d.Dayton OH 3-17-2006 of West Alexandria OH
                  s-Russel Lesh  d.1988
              5--Charles Garber b.OH  Feb 17, 1899 d. Oct 18, 1970           
           4--Jesse Garber  b.OH c1859
.. ...2--Garber,Magdalene  B.Beaver Dam 6-14-1774 D.7-26-1832 see Wine tree
       s-Wine,GeorgeWine,George  B.6-3-1774 D.5-5-1845 M.c1796  s/o Michael & Susannah Miller  lived Ottobine,Rockingham Co,VA 
         3--Michael Wine  b.1797
         3--John Wine  b.1799
         3--Wine,Jacob  b.3-13-1801 d.1878 
         3--Daniel Wine  b.1804
         3--Barbara Wine  b.1807
         3--Solomon Wine  b.1812
         3--Susannah Wine  b.1813
         3--George Wine  b.1817
...1--Garber,Samuel I 
   1--Michael Garber
      2--Samuel Garber
   1--Garber,Henry  H323  John HUSTON m. 17 Nov 1817 Sarah VANSELL  b. 29 July 1795 Franklin Co VA b. 7 June 1799 Logan Co KY  d. 1 Dec 1833 Preble Co OH   bur: Kingery Cemetery, College Corner OH bur: Kingery Cemetery  f. James Huston f. Samuel Vansell  m. Sarah m. Mary Peckelheimer  m Franklin Co IN  ch:  Samuel (1819-1849) 1/m 1841, Caroline Keffer Union Co IN  2/m 1847, Sarah Jane Frazee  Mary (1821-1878) m. 1840, Daniel Leedy Albany OR  James (1822-1851) m. 1844, Nancy Miller Union Co IN  Sarah m. Willis McKimmy Wabash Co IN  lived Butler Co OH  inherited father's farm: Preble Co OH, Isreal twp  -------------  H32  James HUSTON m. Sarah  b. 1 Oct 1764 Bedford Co PA  d. 1822 Preble Co OH  bur: Kingery Cemetery, College Corner OH  f. Thomas Huston  m. Agnes  ch:  Jacob (1788-1868) m. 1811, Catherine Kingery St Joseph Co IN  Nancy (1791-1864) m. Abraham Miller Franklin Co IN  John (1793-1833) m. 1817, Sarah Vansell Preble Co OH  Elizabeth (1800-1868) m. 1819, Penrod Vansell Saggamon Co IL  Mary 1/m 1813, Abraham Kingery Preble Co OH  2/m 1824, Thomas Davidson  Sarah m. John Glass Parke Co IN  Rachel m. 1824, James Templeton  James (c1808- m. 1824, Mary Gough Carroll Co IN  Thomas Huston lived just west of the gap in Sideling Hill, in Bedford Co PA  his brother, William Huston, lived just east of the gap -in Cove Valley  Thomas and family moved to
 Franklin Co VA, William and family moved to Ft  Henry (Wheeling) on the Ohio River.
 Children in both families came to 
 Preble Co OH -- Huston Woods State Park is of property of William Huston 
 sons --east of James and Samuel, who originally lived on land in the park, 
 then obtained their own land at the State Line.  
James died the same day as his brother, Samuel -1820-22 Cholera Epidemic 
 both buried in Kingery Cemetery -just east of their property  farm: Preble Co OH,
 Isreal twp -corner of County -at College Corner OH 
 James and Samuel divided a quarter section of land  
listed as original member of Four Mile Church of the Brethren  Merle C Rummel  
1--Samuel L. Garber.  B.VA 08-10-1813 d.Linn co MO 11-13-1888 ;in TN from 1840 thru 1850s
   2--William Garber  m.Howard co MO
 s-  m.Howard co MO >1850 & <1860

1--Edward W. Garber  b.VA c1875 in Augusta co vA census of 1910 parents b.VA
 s-Sarah E.  b.VA c1876 m.c1892
   2--Sarah C. Garber  b.VA c1895
   2--Fannie L. Garber  b.vA c1898
   2--marcus H. Garber b.VA c1899
   2--Ruth Garber  b.VA c1901
   2--Marvin Garber  b.VA c1903
   2--Theodore Garber  b.VA c1908

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