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Welcome to the first issue of the BOSTICK On-line Newsletter!

The purpose of this newsletter is to share and exchange material
on the BOSTICK/BOSTIC/BOSTWICK families of America. You are 
encouraged to send special problems you are having and
to submit queries.

Let me introduce myself so you will know there is a real person 
behind these words. My name is Brenda Joyce Jerome and I live 
in Newburgh, IN. I have been researching the BOSTICK family 
since about 1969, having concentrated mainly on my direct line, 
which goes back to Absolom and Bethenia [Perkins] BOSTICK of VA 
and Stokes Co., NC.

There is a stray BOSTICK in KY that I have been unable to place 
with any family.  Council BOSTICK married Isabella JEFFORDS on 
02 Nov 1827 in Livingston Co., KY. Council BOSTICK appears on 
the Livingston Co. Tax List in 1833 with 100 acres on the 
Tennessee River. That same year he was appointed surveyor of 
that part of the public road leading from Smithland to Lane`s 
Ferry. This information comes from Livingston Co. marriages, 
tax lists, and county court order book.

Council BOSTICK appears on the 1830 Livingston Co. census with 
1 white male age 20/30, 1 white female under age 5 and 1 white 
female 20/30. There are no JEFFORDS family listed on the 1830 
census.  Apparently Council left the area about 1833 as he never 
again appears in the Livingston Co. records. Livingston Co. is 
located at the confluence of the Cumberland, Tennessee, and the 
Ohio Rivers. Then-and now-the rivers have had a great influence 
on the lives of the residents of Livingston Co. At one time, 
Smithland was an important river port.

Does anyone recognize Council BOSTICK?

For those of you who may be interested in BOSTICK of Ohio, the 
following information may be of value. This information is 
abstracted from OBITUARY ABSTRACTS 1850-1890, FROM THE EATON 
Volume 1 by GILBERT (c)1981  

BOSTICK, Mrs. Hannah E. died Eaton, 15 May 1871 of consumption, 
age 29 years, 04 months, 11 days. She was the wife of John BOSTICK 
Esq., the sheriff, and daughter of Henry KLINGER of West 
Alexandria. She leaves a husband and babe.

TIFT, Mrs. Mary Jane, wife of Charles of Buffalo, NY, died of 
consumption 21 Nov 1871 at the home of her father in Gasper 
Township, Major BOSTICK; age 31 years, 09 months, Methodist.

BOSTICK, Mrs. Ella, wife of William and daughter of Robert 
and Barbara HARRIS; died at the home of her father in Sugar 
Valley of consumption 09 Oct 1855; age 25 years, 08 months 
and 14 days. The service was at Friendship.

BOSTICK, Mrs. Major [Rebecca] died 3 miles from Camden 
very suddenly 04 Jul 1887 from a bursting blood vessel. 
Among the survivors is a daughter Lide, nieces Nellie and 
Mollie JOHNSON and Mrs. THOMPSON of Cincinnati; John H. BOSTICK 
of Brookville, MO.; A. C. BOSTICK of Idaho, Pike Co. OH.
She was born in Butler Co. 02 Jun 1819 and celebrated her 50th 
wedding anniversary 22 Jun 1887.

BOSTICK, Major died at his home west of Camden 02 Aug 1887 
from cancer. He left 8 children; John in PA and George in KS. 
Age 78

BOSTWICK, Lida Cooper, born McLean Co., IL 09 Aug 1857. 
She married John W. BOSTWICK 28 Jan 1885 and died 21 Dec 1887. 
She leaves a husband, small child, 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

BOSTWICK, Mrs. Elizabeth, age 55 years and 06 months, died 
at Eaton 18 Feb 1878 of chronic affection of the liver.

The 1860 Preble County, Ohio census shows the following:

Jasper Township, Camden, 01 Aug 1860

Major    BOSTICK  48  farmer  born DE
Rebecca           39               OH
John              22               OH
Mary              20               OH
David             18               OH
Jeremiah          16               OH
Ann               14               OH
Rebecca           12               OH
George            09               OH
Alford            07               OH
Rebecca [Bostick?]83               MD

1680-1800; compiled by Leon DE VALINGER,JR.(c)1944:  
Sarah BOSTICK and Major BOSTICK were appointed administrators 
of the estate of James BOSTICK 08 Jan 1795. In the same 
references, it is stated that Sarah BOSTICK, widow of James 
BOSTICK, left a will dated 29 Feb 1796 and the heirs were sons 
Major, James, and John BOSTICK; daughters Liday, Sarah, Jean, 
and Prussillah BOSTICK. Also mentioned are the heirs of daughter 
Elizabeth and the heirs of Noah BOSTICK.

How does the above Major BOSTICK relate to the one in Ohio?

John Michael O`MELIA (e-mail: of GA has 
graciously submitted the following material on our GA cousins.

I became interested in the BOSTICK because of my research into 
the family line of Sallie Will BOSTWICK. Studying the records of 
her family eventually moved me to BOSTICK. I found that the trail 
of BOSTICK and BOSTWICK on public records were entwined. There is 
no way of knowing the reason. One particular document mentioned 
the family name three different spellings for a particular family. 
I decided then and there to copy ALL spellings whether it was 
BOSTIC, BOSTIK, BOSTICK, and BOSTWICK. Sometimes, having the 
information at hand sure came in handy.

I will list all of these spellings in the marriages that I 
have for GA. Only spelling to consider is BOST(W)ICK as such; 
because this is that particular individual that is found to be 
listed in the records under both spellings.

Also you will find that I have provided information on the 
county of the marriage to possibly be of help concerning the 
background the wedding took place. It will give you some idea 
where the other relatives might be located.

My first installment will define marriages in GA counties 
(A-C). The sources for this material can be found among 
some of the following titles: WILKES CO GA MARRIAGE RETURNS,
(1851-1900) by F.R. TURNER (c)1991; EARLY GA MARRIAGES-Book 
J.T. MADDOX (c) 1978; 40,000 EARLY GA MARRIAGES by J.T. MADDOX and 
M. CARTER (c)1976; 37,000 EARLY GA MARRIAGES by J.T. MADDOX and M. 
CARTER (c)1975; EARLY GA MARRIAGES by J.T. MADDOX (c)1974; and 
                    ***   ***   ***

BALDWIN COUNTY  (Milledgeville)  GEORGIA          
Baldwin Co GA was formed from Creek Indian Cession Land in 
1802 and 1805 and is an original county. Milledgeville 
served as state capital at one time.
BOST(W)ICK, Mary Ann to Reverend Stephen Olen/Olin 23/10 APR 1827
BOSTICK, Robert B. to Elouisa F. Foard             08 OCT 1839
BOSTICK, Stephen C. to Polly Wills/Wells(or Willis) 25 APR 1811

BIBB COUNTY (Macon) GEORGIA          
Bibb Co GA was formed in 1822 from Houston, Jones, Monroe, 
and Twiggs counties.
BOSTICK, Albert G.  to Aurelia L. German           25 APR 1851
BOSTICK, Julia A. E.  to Joseph N. Seymour         31 MAR 1853

CLARKE COUNTY (Athens) GEORGIA          
Clarke Co GA was formed in 1801 from Jackson county.
BOSTICK, Bailey  to Tabitha Wood                    08 DEC 1818
BOSTICK, John M.  to Evie H. Cook            Clarke Co Book LP

I will furnish the marriages in counties D-F in the next bulletin.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                QUERIES

Nancy Cluff SIDERS  is interested in 
corresponding with any New England BOSTWICKS.

Joyce LOVING  is searching for the parents 
of William Littleberry BOSTICK, who married Letisha HONEA and 
lived in Copiah Co MS.

Patsy V. BOSTICK  is researching John Green 
BOSTICK and Elizabeth KEY. 
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 15 August 1997      BOSTICK ON-LINE NEWSLETTER #2

A number of years ago Helen Johnson of Lafayette, LA sent me a
transcription of a newspaper clipping. No source is given, but 
it is dated 2-3 Aug 1947 and is surely from a Texas newspaper. 


A reunion for children, grandchildren, great-granchildren,
first, second, and third cousins of the late F.B. BOSTICK, 
pioneer resident of Dublin, Erath County [Texas] was held at
Mackenzie State Park Saturday, Aug. 2.

Ten of the 14 brothers and sisters are living and all except 3
were in attendance at the reunion. They were Mrs. Dora Dudley 
and son Fred, Wexachie; M. Alvin Dudley and daughter, Fay and
Juanita, Plainview; Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Cannon, Idalou; Mr. and
Mrs. Garland Cannon, Mr. and Mrs. Orland Cannon and daughter,
Pittersburg; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Thomas, Shallowater; Will Strong, 
Del Rio; Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Thomas, Goodwell, OK; Mrs. Hattie Lou
Howe and Mrs. Martha Lou Davidson, Wichita, KS; Mr. and Mrs. F.D.
BOSTICK and daughter Elizabeth, Slaton; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde
BOSTICK and daughters, Leola, Joyce and Janette, Lamesa; Mr. and
Mrs. Clem BOSTICK and children Leon, Evadene, Linda and Royce,
Lubbock; Mr. and Mrs. Van Williams, Dublin; Mr. and Mrs. C.L.
Shearer, Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. J.B. BOSTICK, Mr. and Mrs. J.D.
Reid and children, Doyle, Janie Sue and Kenneth, Lamesa; Mr. and
Mrs. Edd Gryder and daughter Clorence Dula, Dublin.

[This article goes on to name cousins.]

Another article dated 10 Aug 1948 states mentions that there was
a reunion at the Bunyan Community. Nine of the 14 children
are living and names some of the same children listed above.

A third article dated 4 Sep 1949 states that 9 children are now

If any of these sound like your family, let me know and I'll
send you the full transcription.


The Confederate Pension application of Martha M. BOSTICK
provides some interesting information. The pension number is
3680 and is available from the Texas State Archives.

Martha M. BOSTICK, age 61, appeared in Smith Co, TX 22 Jul 1899
and stated she has been a resident of Tyler, TX for 20 years. She
is the widow of James M. BOSTICK, who was a Confederate soldier
and served in Co I, 40th MS Regt Infantry for 12 months. She
and Bostick married 22 Dec 1857 in Kemper Co, MS. He died 24 Jul
1863. She owns no real estate nor personal property of any
character. She signed the application. N.B. Kellis and M.E. 
Kellis signed an affidavit that they had known both James M.
and Martha M. Bostick.  A letter from W.R. Castle, County Judge
of Tyler, Smith Co, TX on 5 Jun 1918 stated that Martha M. 
Bostick died 20 Apr 1918 at  her home in Tyler. He requested that
mortuary blanks be sent to her son, W.L. BOSTICK, at 226 Rusk
St, Tyler. 

The 1850 Kemper Co, MS census shows the following:
household #757
William Bostick  41  farmer  born SC
Rebecca          32               TN
James            13               TN
Mary             12               TN
Ja...[?]          6               MS
Sarah             3               MS

Biographical Souvenir of Texas by F.A. Batley & Co, Chicago, 1889
has a sketch of William L. BOSTICK, a native of Kemper Co, MS. He
was born Sep 10, 1858. His father, James, was born in Coffee Co,
TN Feb 20, 1836. James Bostic?, also a native of TN, was born
24 Jun 1808. James was a farmer prior to the Civil War, enlisted
in CSA, and was wounded and captured at Vicksburg and died in an
omnibus while being carried by the enemy to an old courthouse
24 Jul 1863. He left a widow and two children, Wm. L. and Mary
E. His widow, to whom he was married 22 Dec 1857, was Martha
Kellis, daughter of Louis Kellis.

William L. Bostick was five when his father died. For 4 years he
carried mail from DeKalb to Sugar Lake, MS. In 1879 he moved
to Smith Co, TX, where he now has 300 acres. For 3 years he
traveled for Smith Co Nursery Co. He is now devoting his time to
fruit growing and raising plants for markets. Mr. Bostick's
sister married Wm. T. Cawson[?], but lived only a short time,
dying 25 May 1876. On 15 Dec 1881, Wm. L. Bostick married Julia
L., daughter of Matthew Shamberger of MS. They have 4 children:
Bessie, Mary O, Minnie L. and a child who died as an infant. 
Member of the Baptist church.

From Dale Bostic comes the following:

I first find Charles BOSTICK and wife Pheby ___ in Onslow Co,
NC in 1750 when he deeded to his son Valentine (for love,
affection, etc) 9 slaves and all household goods, provided his
mother Pheby receives sufficient maintainance for the rest of 
her life. To grandson Charles, he left 3 negroes to be in the
care of Valentine until Charles reaches the age of 21. (Onslow
Co, NC Deed Book C, pg 49)  Valentine BOSTICK witnessed a deed
transfer for William Mills in the parrish of Saint Johns in
Onslow Co in 1752. Sometime after this, I believe Valentine
went to GA, where he died. On 24 Oct 1774, Charles Bostick
bought 100 acres of land from Henry Allen. (Sampson-Duplin
Deeds, Book 6, pg 232).  Charles is listed on the 1800 census
with 4 males and 1 female plus Charles and Nancy James Bostick.
Son Samuel was listed with 1 male and 2 females under 10 yrs
of age. He and wife Nancy had the following children (I believe):
Richard, Daniel, Sarah, William, Jacob (my 2 gr-grfather),
Charles, John and Polly. I found Samuel and Nancy living with
Sarah Bostick Maxwell on the 1860 census, Samuel being age 82
and Nancy, age 80. In a will of William Bostick, dated 8-10-1872,
the names of the brothers and sisters tied them together as
family units. My research is now directed to tying Charles and
Valentine Bostick back to the tidewater counties of VA. The 
first Charles was found in VA in the 1660's. He died 4 Jan 1701
and his wife, Mary, in 1709. I believe Charles of Onslow Co is his
son and Valentine, his grandson. Valentine is mentioned numerous
times in land sales and as a witness through 1743. In 1741
Valentine of Hanover Co, VA sold 400 acres to John Woodson. Mary,
his wife, relinquished her dower right.  

Can anyone help with this line?  
Dale Bostic

The Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, vol VI (12 Oct 1741
to 30 Oct 1754), published in Atlanta by the Franklin Printing and
Pub. Co, 1906 has some info on Valentine in GA. Page 386 shows:
"Read a Petition of Valentine Bostick of North Carolina, setting
forth, that he was desirous of removing into the Colony with his
Family, among which he had 11 working Hands, in order to improve
a Tract of land; therefore he prayed for 500 acres situated in the
Forks of Newport River ... on the South Side of sd. River. ...."
On pg 431 (3 Apr 1754) of the same book, it states that a petition
of Valentine Bostick, late of NC, was read ... that he had brought
his whole Family into the Colony ... he prayed for 400 acres of 
land on Sterling's Swamp ... on the South Side of the great 
Ogechee River. The Board ordered 400 acres of Land to be laid 
out for him.

John O'Melia has provided part II
of Georgia marriages.

CLAYTON COUNTY (Jonesboro) GEORGIA (add to list of last issue) 
Clayton Co, GA was formed in 1858 from Fayette and Henry counties.
BOSTWICK, Callie to Sherwood Stroud            25 Dec 1887

Now, as Paul Harvey likes to say, the rest of the story ...

Decatur Co, GA was formed in 1827 from Early County.
BOSTICK, Mary to Alladin Durham                13 Dec 1833

Effingham Co, GA formed in 1777. An original county from the
creation of the Parishes of Saint Matthew and Saint Philip
(both in 1758), which were formed by the Creek Indian Cession
of 1733.
BOSTWICK, Mary to John Garnett                  30 Jul 1794
BOSTWICK, Samuel to Mary Ann (Anna Marie) Maner 09 Jul 1771
BOSTWICK, Sarah to David Porter                 29 Jul 1797

Greene Co is an original county formed from the Creek Cession
of 1817.
BOST(W)ICK, Lucy to Washington Letbetter/Ledbetter 21 Jun 1801
BOST(W)ICK, Nathan to Lucy Burk                    17 Nov 1819
BOST(W)ICK, William to Jane Smith                  06 Mar 1826

Henry Co, GA is an original county formed from the Creek
Indian Cession in 1821.
BOSTWICK, Ellen to W.L. Gibson                    05 Aug 1891
BOSTWICK, Emma to J.B. Thurman                    22 Jun 1898
BOSTWICK, Fannie to C.V. Weathers                 28 Dec 1884
BOSTWICK, Henry to Janie Knott                    23 Dec 1879
BOSTWICK, John to Dora Peak/Peek	          11 Nov 1880
BOSTWICK, Lula to P.W. White                      03 Sep 1894
BOSTWICK, M.J. to W.C. Wynn                       09 Nov 1876
BOSTWICK, Mary Elizabeth to Samuel Pickens Hooten 22/23 Dec 1878
BOSTWICK, Minerva to Sandy Reed                   07 Oct 1883

Part III in next issue will cover Counties J - L.
If you have any queries, send them to

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1 September 1997 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There was a BOSTICK family that settled in Madison Co, TN fairly early and caused me some grief until hearing from two descendants in the early 1980's. One descendant sent the following marriages from Madison Co Marriage Book 2, 1838-1847. Joseph McIver and A. BOSTICK 1 Nov 1842 John BOSTICK and Susanna B. Hudson 24 Feb 1841 John BOSTICK and Mary Carrington 31 Dec 1845 Levi BOSTICK and Caroline Carrington 15 Oct 1846 Christine Dulaney of College Station, TX stated in a 1981 letter that Joseph McIver and Alice BOSTICK (see above marriage) were in Madison Co, TX by 1846. She goes on to state that Alice was born in TN 18 Oct 1826 and died Leon Co, TX 20 Jul 1925 and is buried in Hopewell Cemetery. Christine believed that Alice's father was John BOSTICK, born 1789 NC and died 15 Aug 1871 and buried in Oxford Cemetery, Madison Co, TX. In 1984, Martha Craig of Prescott, AR provided more info on this family. Two obituaries on her ancestor, John E. BOSTICK, gave the important detail of his birth place. This is an abstract of one of the obituaries: Brother John E. BOSTICK was born in Montgomery Co, NC Jan. 6, 1820 and died in Nevada Co, AR July 8, 1878. He was married to Miss Susannah Bilbow Hudson, daughter of W.R. Hudson in Madison Co, TN about 1841 ... leaves a wife and 2 children. A few days before he died, Mrs. Blevins, his daughter, died leaving 4 children. Five days later his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Bostick, died leaving 2 children. About one week before he died, being in his right mind, he gave his last advice to his son, Frank Pierce BOSTICK -- "Live as I have lived, and take care of your mother." The obituary was written by Alex Avery. The Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, Goodspeed Pub. Co, 1890, pgs 393-394 has a sketch on Frank P. BOSTICK, planter and ginner of Prescott, AR and son of John E. and Susan B. Bostick. Another son of John E. & Susannah BOSTICK is believed to have been James Andrew BOSTICK, who died at the age of 19 in St. Laurence Co, MO 27 Aug 1861. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stewart Bostic has provided the following information from =Heads of Families at the frist census of the United States taken in the Year 1790= (Genealogical Pub. Co, Inc., 1986). The 1790 census for VA was lost so the state enumerations made in 1782, 1783, 1784 and 1785 and the tax lists of Greenbrier Co from 1783 to 1786 have been used. Approximately 140,000 names are lacking from this substitute census. 1783 BOSTICK, Moses Greenbrier Co (head of family only) 1785 BOSTICK, Absalom Halifax Co 1 white soul 1782 BOSTICK, Elizabeth Halifax Co 5 whites, 2 blacks 1785 BOSTICK, Billy Halifax Co 5 white, 5 dwellings, 12 other buildings 1782 BOSTICK, John Halifax Co 1 white 1785 BOSTICK, John Halifax Co 1 white, 1 dwelling, 4 other buildings 1785 BOSTICK, Moses Halifax Co 1 white, 1 dwelling, 2 other buildings 1782 BOSTICK, William Halifax Co 6 whites 1785 BOSTICK, William Halifax Co 4 white, 1 dwelling, 3 other buildings. 1782 BOSTICK, John Buckingham Co 1 white poll, 10 blacks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John O'Melia continues his list of early Georgia Marriages. JEFFERSON COUNTY (Louisville) GEORGIA Jefferson Co, GA was formed from Burke and Warren counties in 1796. Louisville was the state capital at one time. BOSTICK, Agatha to Michael Cronin 26 Dec 1847 BOSTICK, Charles A.W. to Clio F. Verdery 24 Jul 1855 BOSTICK, Don Ferdinand to MAtilda G. Beall(e) 16 Nov 1820 BOSTICK, Elizabeth to Campbell Raiford 22 Feb 1838 BOSTICK, Elizabeth A. to James H. Foreman 07 Jan 1834 BOSTICK, Henrietta to John Guyton 12 Dec 1810 BOSTICK, Hubert H. to Frances J. Rebecca Whitaker 13 Apr 1834 BOSTICK, James B. to Jane E. Donaldson 25 Jun 1837 BOST(W)ICK, John to Matilda BOST(W)ICK* date not reported *Daughter of Littleberry BOST(W)ICK Senior BOSTICK, John G. to Elizabeth Atkinson 21 Aug 1816 BOSTICK, John Rufus to Caroline R. Beall(e) 03 Sep 1834 BOSTICK, Julia A.E. to John Arrington 09 Sep 1817 BOSTICK, Littleberry Jr to Margaret R Hancock 09 Jan 1812 BOSTICK, Littleberry Jr to Martha A.M. Walker 14 Sep 1820 BOSTICK, Mary Ann to William Hayles/Hailes 09 Mar 1807 BOSTICK, Matilda G. to Henry B. Todd 22 Dec 1825 BOSTICK, Nathaniel to Sara J.B. Brown 30 Mar 1813 BOSTICK, Rhesa to Mary Whitaker 04 Apr 1854 BOSTICK, Tilman/Tilmon to Sarah Gaines Humphrey(s) 02 Apr 1807 JOHNSON COUNTY (Wrightsville) GEORGIA Johnson Co, GA was formed from Emanuel, Laurens, and Washington counties in 1858. BOSTICK, Erastus O. to Margaret A. Christian 30 Jan 1879 JONES COUNTY (Gray) GEORGIA Jones Co, GA was formed in 1807 from Baldwin Co. BOSTWICK, Charles to Martha Willingham 11 Nov 1832 BOSTICK, James to Mary May 30 Dec 1868 BOST(W)ICK, Mary to Abraham Crosby date not reported LAURENS COUNTY (Dublin) GEORGIA Laurens Co, GA was formed in 1807 from Wilkinson Co. BOSTICK, Nathaniel B. to Luvinia V. Linder 17 Jan 1860 LEE COUNTY (Leesburg) GEORGIA Lee Co, GA was formed from the Creek Indian Cession of 1826 and is an original county. BOSTWICK, Elizabeth Jane to Jesse Jennings Hall 1867 Continued next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bob Battistella is looking for the missing link in his Bostic line. The earliest he can document is James L. BOSTIC, born 1 Jan 1811 Delaware (possibly Kent Co) and died 15 Feb 1861. James Bostic married Clarisa (maybe York), who was born 1811 NY. They appear on the 1850 Dearborn Co, IN census. Their children were: (1) Ebenezer, b Dearborn Co, IN and died of wounds at Bowling Green, KY 7 Nov 1863; married Hanna Perkins. (2) Lydia A. (3) Richard (4) Mary, born IN 1838; married Alexander J. Todd. (5) James Lawrence, b 1842 IN and d 1882 Willow Hill, Jasper Co, IL; married Margaret Carpenter 1865 Willow Hill. (Bob's direct line) (6) John T., born 1844 (7) Lindz A., born 1846 (8) Ruth, born 1851 (9) Mariah L, born 1855. James Bostic had five sons in the service of the Union at one time. It is suspected that this family moved from Delaware to Indiana between 1810 and 1830 and then to Illinois in 1859. James L. Bostic, son of James and Clarisa, had three children: (1) Ida L, born 1866; married Charles Freeman (2) Sarah O., born 1868 (3) Robert Allen, born 18 Oct 1871. All were born in Jasper Co, IL If anyone can help with this line, please contact Bob at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Absalom Bostick, son of John and Nancy Bostick, was born in the 1730's, probably in VA, and died testate ca 1803 Stokes Co, NC. He married Bethenia Hardin 22 Jun 1762 in Halifax Co, VA. Absalom is found in records of Pittsylvania Co, VA, before moving across the state line into NC, first in Surry Co and then later in Stokes Co, when that county was created in 1789. A man of considerable land wealth, he is found in many early Stokes Co records. Absalom and Bethen (Hardin) Bostick were my 4th great-grandparents. From time to time, I will post records on this Bostick family. The following Stokes Co, NC Tax Lists were read from microfilm at the NC Archives in 1980. 1790: Capt. Bosticks' District Absalom Bostick 907 acres, 1 white poll, 8 black polls 1791: Capt. Morgin's District Absalom Bostick 897 acres, 9 poles 1792: Capt. Morgen's Districk Absalom Bostick 900 acres, 1 white poll, 8 black polls 1793: Capt. Roberson's District Absalom Bostick, Esq. 948 acres, 2 white polls, 10 black polls 1794: Capt. Morgin's District Absalom Bostick Jr. 100 acres, 1 white poll, 2 black polls John Bostick 300 acres, 1 white poll, 4 black polls Absalom Bostick Esq. 909 acres, 2 white polls, 10 black polls 1795: Morgan's District Absalom Bostick 1366 acres, 2 white polls, 10 black polls John Bostick 587 acres, 1 white poll, 2 black polls Absalom Bostick Jr 100 acres, 1 white poll, 2 black polls 1796 - 1800 in next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 15 September 1997
15 September 1997 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In almost every family there is a story about three brothers who came to America. One went this way, another went that way, and still another went a different way. These "three brothers" stories are almost as popular as the myth of having an "Indian Princess" in the family. I have come to the conclusion - right or wrong - that the "three brothers" story is simply an easy way to connect different families of the same surname. The "three brothers" story in my Bostick family appears to have originated or been perpetuated by Mrs. Malcom Everett of Macon, GA, who wrote several artices for an Atlanta newspaper in the 1930's. Mrs. Everett states that "Three Bostick brothers came to America, one settled in Connecticut, one in New York and one in Virginia." There it is, folks - the infamous "three brothers" story. Now, for the rest: "William went to Virginia and married Miss Nancy Wilson. Their son, John Bostick married Miss Chessley of VA and they had 5 sons and 4 daughters. Of the sons, one went to TN, one to SC and the other three came to GA, they were Chessley or Chesley (Capt. in the Rev. War), Nathan (or Nathaniel) and Littleberry. The 4 daughters were Aunts Corbett, Stone, Hatcher and Gervais." Well, this all makes for a good story, but there are some problems. Has anyone ever found a documented connection to the Bostick families in Connecticut or New York? What about Charles Bostick, who appears in VA in the Vestry Book of Blisland Parish, New Kent Co, VA, in 1682, when he was ordered to be committed to the custody of the Sheriff of York County for "words greatly encourageing the present distractions, by cutting up Tobacco plants." Where does he fit in? Many researchers believe this Charles is our immigrant ancestor and he was certainly in VA prior to the time the "three brothers" were going in all directions. Also, what about my ancestor, Absalom Bostick? He didn't go to SC, TN or GA; he settled in what would later become Stokes Co, NC and he was a son of John Bostick. In one of her research papers in the Macon Library, Mrs. Everett states that Nancy Wilson, wife of William Bostick, was a daughter of Capt. Peter Wilson and his wife, Ailcey Hairston. This Peter Wilson did have a daughter named Nancy as shown by his will of 18 Oct 1762 (Halifax Co, VA Will Book O, pg 174) BUT, if Nancy was still living in 1762, she was much too young to have been married to William Bostick, who died before 16 June 1740 Goochland Co, VA, leaving a 30 year old son. On that June day, Wm. Arnold gave a deposition that Wm. Bostick did on the 30th of Dec. last make his last will and testament. (Goochland Co Deed Book 3, pg 311). The deposition mentions Wm. Bostick's sons Charles, John and William and a daughter, Mary Frances. John Bostick, 30 year old son of William Bostick, also gave a deposition on that same June date. As no wife of William is mentioned in the depositions, I would bet she was already deceased. This would eliminate Nancy Wilson as his wife. Mrs. Everett and others have assigned Elizabeth Chesley as the wife of John Bostick, son of William Bostick. I have tried and tried to find any Chesley family in VA at this time period that could be connected to Elizabeth. There was a Philip Chesley, who emigrated from Wellford in Glocestershire about 1650 and was a captain of militia for York Co, VA in 1674. His will, proved in York Co 10 May 1675 names nephews and cousins (none with the name of Bostick), but no children. (Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, vol. I, 1915) At this point, I do not know the surname of Elizabeth, wife of John Bostick. Do you? We do know that John's wife was an Elizabeth, as evidenced by several land transactions in Pittsylvania Co, VA after John's death. On 24 Mar 1775 (Pittsylvania Co Deed Book 4, pg 124) Elizabeth Bostick of Pittsylvania Co. releases, quit claims all right on titles whatsoever to that land that Valentine Hatcher sold Sylvester Adams in Pittsylvania Co that lies on the Dan River which he had of John Bostick, her husband, containing 200 acres. Then, on 3 Apr 1775, Elizabeth (she signed with an x), relict of John Bostick, deceased, acknowledged full satisfaction of John Cargile for her right of dower in land granted her husband in 1763. It is very easy to pick up a book or paper someone has written and accept it as fact. I had a high school geometry teacher who, while she didn't manage to instill a love of geometry, did leave me with one bit of information that stuck. She said, "Fools accept only what they are told. Take that information and bend it; test it and see if it still holds up and, most of all, ask if it makes sense. If it does, you've got some valid information." Not a bad rule to use in genealogy either. The point of all this is simple: Don't accept a bit of information just because someone says it is so. Find the documention or gather all the information you can and see if the preponderance of evidence points in that direction and ask yourself if it all makes sense. More on this Virginia family later. Copyright (c) Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS 14 September 1997. This article may not be reproduced in any manner without written permission of the author. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donna Vaughn has a problem lineage. Perhaps someone can help. Mary Jane BOSTICK was born ca 1833 in Tennessee, the oldest daughter of William Rand Bostick and Jane Browder. I have been unable to find exactly where in Tennessee Mary Jane was born. All of William Rand Bostick's children married in Stokes Co, North Carolina. The children of William Rand Bostick and Jane Browder are as follows: 1. Angeline Bostick - born 1836 VA., married James McCoy Tuttle 1 Jan 1862. 2. John W. Bostick - born 1838 NC, died 1924, Rural Hall, NC; married Millie Tuttle. 3. Jesse Bostick - married Nancy Green 9 Feb 1852. 4. James Abner Bostick - born ca 1842; died 1912, Forsyth Co, NC; married Nannie Jane May on 24 Feb 1881. James left an estate 1912, in Walkertown, Forsyth Co, NC with no lineal heirs. 5. Louisa Bostick - born ca 1844; married James McCoy Tuttle abt. 1867, husband of her deceased sister, Angeline Bostick Tuttle. 6. Mary Jane Bostick - married ED Vaughn or BEVERLY Vaughn. Herein lies the puzzle. Mary Jane Bostick is named in the 1850 census for Meadows Twp., Stokes Co, NC with her parents and siblings. All records pertaining to Mary, daughter of William Rand Bostick show her middle name as "Jane". In 1913, Mary Jane Bostick's brother, James Abner Bostick, dies without lineal heirs. He leaves his estate to some of his siblings, nieces and nephews including his sister, Mary Jane Vaughn. Attached to his estate papers at the NC Archives is a note from his niece, Mary Jane Spears, nee Vaughn, wife of Newton Spears. The note states that she is a daughter of "Mary Jane Vaughn, deceased" sister of the deceased James Abner Bostick. It also states that Mary Jane Spears has a sister who should also inherit named as Flora Brown, nee Vaughn. This document proves that Mary Jane Bostick, sister of James Abner Bostick, married someone named "Vaughn" and had daughters, Mary Jane Vaughn and Flora Vaughn. In the Bostick papers by Harry Z.Tucker, found at North Carolina Room Winston-Salem Library, he states that Mary Jane Bostick married ED Vaughn. No one has been able to find the source of Harry Tucker's information on the Bostick lines. No marriage has even been found for Mary Bostick & Ed Vaughn. The only Stokes Co, NC Vaughn/Bostick marriage I have found was for Mary ANN Bostick to Beverly Vaughn on 8 Nov 1856 at Stokes Co, NC. I have been unable to find a Mary Ann Bostick living in Stokes Co, NC in 1856. Does this indicate that Mary Ann and Mary Jane Bostick are one in the same? Beverly Vaughn and wife, Mary disappeared from NC after they are married in 1856. The next record of Mary Jane Bostick is the 1880 census for Meadows Twp, Stokes Co, NC. It shows Mary Vaughn, born NC (not TN), age 45, head of household. With her are 3 childen: Mary age 21; Flora Ann age 18 and a son Willia, age 21. Given the names of the children, we can be fairly certain that this is the daugther of William Rand Bostick as Mary and Flora later inherit from the uncle's estate. It does not name a husband in the household. In the 1900 Forsyth Co, NC, Mary J. Vaughn is listed as born May 1831 in TN, age 69. She has been married for 40 years and shown as divorced. She is shown as having had 3 children and only 2 living. Her daughter, Flora Vaughn, age 29, is living in the home with her along with several of Mary Janes Vaughn's grandchildren. Though some of the grandchildren are known to be the children of Flora, she is shown as single and having no children. Mary Jane Vaughn's other daughter, Mary Jane Vaughn'2' is living nearby and working in the home of Thomas Tuttle. This would indicate that the son, William, born ca 1859, is the deceased child and would explain why he did not inherit from his uncle's estate in 1912. This leaves me with several unanswered questions: Who is ED Vaughn and and did he marry Mary Jane Bostick, daughter of William Rand Bostick? Did Mary Jane or Mary Ann Bostick marry Beverly Vaughn in 1856? If it was Mary Ann Bostick, who were her parents? The father of Flora Vaughn and her sister, Mary Jane Spears, nee Vaughn has never been found. My grandfather said his father was "William Edward Vaughn" and his mother, "Flora Bostick." This has been proven to be incorrect. His mother was Flora Vaughn, daughter of Mary Jane Bostick-Vaughn. Why Flora told her children her last name was Bostick has not yet been explained. It is believed that Flora may have had several illegitimate children between 1887 and 1897 while living in the Walnut Cove community of Stokes Co, NC. It has also been noted by family members that her full name was "Jettie Flora Vaughn." The only marriage found for Flora was to Harrison Brown in Forsyth Co, NC. She is buried with him at Antioch Baptist Church cemetery, Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co, NC and her headstone reads, Flora Vaughn Brown, born 7 Aug 1867, died 19 Aug 1948. Nothing more is known on the family of her daughter, Mary Jane Spears, nee Vaughn. The childen of Flora Vaughn or Jettie Flora were: 1. Ed "Edney" Vaughn- born ca 1880-85. Nothing more is known on Ed. 2. Carrie Vaughn- born 1890, married Hilary Harrison Kiger and had several children. Carrie lived for several years with her aunt and uncle, James McCoy Tuttle and Louiza Bostick Tuttle. Several of Carrie's children still live in Rural Hall, NC. Carrie's death records names her parents as Joe and Jettie Vaughn. 3. Pearl Vaughn - born 1897; married 1st, J.T Owens, married 2nd, Washington Foster. Pearl had no children. Pearl's death record names her parents as Will Vaughn & Flora Bostick. 4. James Watkins Vaughn - born 1891; married Rhetta Benson of Alabama and raised his family in California. He died 1981, California. His social security documents name his parents as Will Vaughn & Flora Bostick. He was our grandfather. Another child may have been Bert Vaughn, born June 1893. He is mentioned in the 1900 Forsyth Co census as a grandson of Mary Jane Vaughn. Nothing else is known. Futher information on the lines of Bostick; Tuttle; Kiger and collateral lines is available from Donna Vaughn, 5626 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92506. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some days it just not pay to get out of bed. I had one of those days when I typed the Bostick entries in the 1790-1795 Tax Lists. I made two huge errors. Absalom Bostick was the son of John and Elizabeth (surname unknown) Bostick. Absalom Bostick married Bethenia Perkins (not Hardin) 1762 Halifax Co, VA. I apologize for any confusion. Those of you who have subscribed after this issue was sent on 1 Sep will not have those glaring errors. Stokes County was created from Surry Co, NC in 1789 and lies along the NC-VA state line. The tax lists were read from microfilm at the NC Archives in 1980. Stokes Co, NC Tax Lists 1796 - 1800 1796: Morgan's District Absalom Bostick Sr 2106 acres, 2 white polls, 11 black polls John Bostick 1350 acres, 1 white polls, 2 black polls Absalom Bostick Jr 100 acres, 1 white poll, 3 black polls 1797: Morgan's District Absalom Bostick Sr 1954 acres, 1 white poll, 11 black polls John Bostick 800 acres, 1 white poll, 2 black polls Ferdinand Bostick 100 acres, 1 white poll 1798: Morgan's District Absalom Bostick Sr 2209 acres, 1 white poll, 11 black polls John Bostick 1200 acres, 1 white poll, 5 black polls Absalom Bostick Jr 100 acres, 1 white poll, 3 black polls Ferdinand Bostick no land 1 white poll 1799: Bostick District Absalom Bostick 1183 acres, 11 black polls John Bostick 1200 acres, 1 white poll, 7 black polls Absalom Bostick Jr 553 acres, 2 white polls, 3 black polls Ferdinand Bostick 796 acres, 1 white poll 1800: Bostick's District Absalom Bostick 1183 acres, 1 white poll, 11 black polls John Bostick 1000 acres, 1 white poll, 6 black polls Absalom Bostick Jr 622 acres, 1 white polls, 3 black polls Anthony Dearing's List of those not paying their taxes for several years: Farthing Bostick [Note by BJJ: I believe this should Ferdinand Bostick] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John M. O'Melia sends part IV of Georgia Marriages. LINCOLN COUNTY (Lincolnton) GEORGIA Lincoln Co, GA was formed in 1796 from Wilkes County. BOSTICK, Davis to Jennie Jones (date note reported) BOST(W)ICK, Haldah to Adam Harmesberger 31 Jul 1828 BOSTICK, Hillary/Hilory to Martha Frazer 04 Feb 1830 LUMPKIN COUNTY (Dahlonega) GEORGIA Lumpkin Co, GA was formed in 1832 from Cherokee, Habersham and Hall Counties. BOSTICK, John Graham to Mary Malinda Kenady/Canady 23 Jan 1840 MONROE BOUNTY (Forsyth) GEORGIA Monroe Co, GA was formed in 1857 from the lands that were part of Creek Indian Cession of 1821. Monroe Co is also an original county. BOSTICK, Abraham J. to Amanda C. Hanson* 16 Oct 1842 *BOSTICK, Amanda C. (2nd marriage) to Wiley Pritchett 12 Jun 1849 (*Amanda C. Mitchell is mentioned in county history in a 3rd marriage, but there is no date listed in the text.) BOSTICK, Ann E. to James A. Williamson 31 Aug 1845 MORGAN COUNTY (Madison) GEORGIA Morgan Co, GA was formed in 1807 from Baldwin County. BOSTWICK, Azariah B. to Elizabeth Barkley 22 Oct 1828 BOSTWICK, Berry to Elizabeth McCoy/MACOY 22 Jan 1818 BOSTWICK, Elizabeth J. to Caleb Barton 26 Nov 1846 BOSTWICK, Green (B)erry to Frances A. Hester 12 Feb 1857 BOSTWICK, L.B.D. to Mary Ann Fergerson 11 Aug 1850 BOSTWICK, Martha to William B. Arnold 14 Apr 1842 BOSTWICK, Matilda to Thomas (T.L.) Nolan/Nolas 26 Oct 1851 MUSCOGEE COUNTY (Columbus) GEORGIA Muscogee Co, GA was formed in 1826 from the Creek Indian Cession and is an original county. BOSTWICK, Thomas (died 08 Jul 1850) to Mary Ann Kelly 01 May 1849 (both above individuals were born in Columbus, GA) BOSTICK, Mary L. to David Barber 04 Jul 1839 continued next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Below are several California marriages found in the June, Sep. and Dec. 1966 issues of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly. Sacramento, CA BOSTWICK, I.H. and Sarah P. Stampler 1853 Bk A, pg 45 Sutter Co, CA BOSTWICK, H.J. and S.A. Buchanon 30 Jan 1857 BOSTWICK, Nancy (age 16) and James M. Smith (age 28) 16 Nov 1859 BOSTWICK, Catharine and John Murdock 10 Jan 1858 Siskiyou Co, CA BOSTWICK, Jane Ann and Charles Abbott 25 Feb 1860 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have a "brick wall" in your research, send it in and maybe someone can help. Next Issue 1 October 1997
1 October 1997 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the previous issue I wrote that Mrs. Everett of GA had originated or perpetuated the story of "three brothers" in the Bostick family. Mrs. Everett's newspaper column in the 1930's was not the first instance of this story being advanced. In =Old Plantation Days= by Mrs. Nanny Bostick DeSaussure, written in 1909, there is a letter dated 8 Jan 1906 written to "My Dear Aunt Nannie" from A. McIver Bostick, attorney of Beaufort, SC (page 118 of cited book). Mr. Bostick states "Our family and the Northern family of Bostick were one and the same. Our American progenitor landed in Plymouth, Mass. sometime about the middle of the 17th century, coming from Chester County England and being probably a political refugee. His wife also came with him from England ... the original stock in Mass. seems to have migrated; mine northward and some gradually drifting southward. The intermediate links I cannot supply, but these brothers settled, two in Carolina, the youngest being our great grandfather Richard and one in GA. In Jones' History of GA mention is made of Capt. Littlebury Bostick, a wealthy rice planter near Savannah. He, I think, was the brother or son of the brother who settled in GA. Richard was the youngest of the three. The other brother, John, bought a large landed estate near Columbia on which he lived and died quite an old man..." This letter by Mr. Bostick is also printed in =Our Family Circle= by Annie Elizabeth Miller of Macon, GA (c) 1931 with corrections, additions and deletions by Rev. Dr. Robert E.H. Peeples, (c) 1975. Well... if this letter is to be believed, those who descend from the Black Swamp Bosticks (descendants of Richard), those in other parts of the South and those in the Northeast are all related - somehow. This is all so confusing that I can not figure it out, but did want to point out another instance of lumping all Bosticks into one family. In =Our Family Circle= Mrs. Miller gives the same information about the "3 brothers" Bostick running around in all directions. She does list the descendants of Littleberry Bostick, as given from an old Bostick Bible by Mrs. Everett of Macon, GA. This is the same information used in some of Mrs. Everett's newspaper articles. This information just seems to go round and round. With the exception of the Littleberry Bostick line, all the Bosticks listed in =Our Family Circle= are descendants of Richard Bostick. Mrs. Miller states that Richard Bostick (born 24 Sep 1758, died 5 Feb 1831) married Mary Harriet Robert, daughter of John Robert and Elizabeth Dixon. Richard married (2) Elizabeth Ann Robert Singleton, sister to Mary Harriet Robert. Children of Mary Harriet Robert and Richard Bostick are listed as Ann Eliza, who married William Daniel McKenzie; Benjamin, who married (1) Ann Robert and (2) Jane Aseneth Maner. There is more information on the Black Swamp Bosticks in =The Last Foray, the SC Planter of 1860 A Sociological Study= by Chalmers Gaston Davidson. On page 179 it is written that Benjamin Robert Bostick of "Ingleside," Black Swamp plantation, was born 11 Oct 1791 in SC; married 18 Jun 1815 to Mary Eliza Robert (28 Aug 1798-died 1817) and married (2) 19 Mar 1819 to Jane Asenath Maner (25 Mar 1801-6 May 1887). Benjamin R. Bostick died 25 Oct 1866. He was educated at the College of SC (left 1809-1810) and was a deacon in the Baptist Church. He was also a trustee of the Black Swamp Academy and owned 370 slaves. This Bostick family is also mentioned in =Before Freedom - 48 Oral Histories of Former North and South Carolina Slaves= by Belinda Hurmence (c) 1990. On pgs 162-163, 88 year old Silvia Chisolmin states: "Old man Joe Bostick was me marster. ... Mr. Bostick was a good old man. He been deaf. He was a preacher. His father was old man Ben Bostick." She goes on to say that her master's home and his Pineland place at Garnett were burned by the Yankees during the Civil War. A friend has just sent me additional information on this family, which will be discussed in a later issue of this newsletter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have come across the given name Harmon in several Bostwick families. Initially, I thought the name was uncommon in the Bostick/Bostwick family, but this isn't the case. The following information comes from =Memorial and Biographical History of McLennan, Falls, Bell and Coryell Co, TX=, (c) 1893. Page 764 has a sketch on Harmon G. BOSTWICK, dec'd, son of John and Catherine (Butler) BOSTWICK. The father was born 6 Apr 1785 in New Milford, CT and was a saddle and harness maker in early life and later a farmer. After his marriage, he settled in PA, and then moved to OH and later Clark Co, IL, where he died 13 Nov 1849. Harmon G. BOSTWICK was born in Pike, Bradford Co, PA 25 Jul 1814. He moved to OH as a boy and later to Knox Co, IL and Peoria, IL. He married in Peoria 27 Apr 1837 to Mary E. Hord and they had one child, Cyrene, who died at the age of 7 months. Mary died 6 Jul 1839 and on 13 Sep 1840, Mr. Bostwick married Mary Ramsey and they had 2 children, Sarah Catherine (dec'd), wife of E.H. Carter, and Harmon G. The family moved to Texas in 1854. Harmon G. died 11 Dec 1890. Harmon G., son of above Harmon, was born 22 Aug 1843 in Farmington, Knox Co, IL. He enlisted 7 Jun 1862 as a private in Co E, 15th TX Vol. Infantry. He married in Waco, TX 10 Dec 1885 to Mabel Emma, daughter of Anson and Mary Shelley. Mabel was born in St. Paul, MN 24 Sep 1856 and came to Texas with the J.S. Taft family in 1875. The Bostwicks are Democrats and Presbyterian. Oakwood Cemetery, Waco, TX has the following listings: BOSTWICK, Emma M. died 1 Dec 1939 BOSTWICK, Harmon Gilbert Jr. 22 Aug 1843 - 7 Jul 1914 BOSTWICK, Catherine, mo/o H.G., born 7 Jan 1789, died Waco, TX 9 May 1871 BOSTWICK, Mary (Mother) wf/o H.G. born VA 23 Sep 1816, died Waco, TX 15 Jun 1882 BOSTWICK, Harmon Gilbert Sr (Father) born Pike, Bradford Co, PA 25 Jul 1814 and died 12 Dec 1890 BOSTWICK, Effie M. 24 Mar 1898 - 23 Mar 1962 BOSTWICK, Joe E. 10 Feb 1896 - 30 Nov 1969 BOSTWICK, Virgia (Speck) wf/o F.B., 1890 - 1916 BOSTWICK, Annie K. 1863 - 1938 BOSTWICK, Elizabeth Miller 1903 - 1970 BOSTICK, A.C. died 26 Dec 1954, age 74 yrs BOSTICK, Edith Little 1889 - 1960 The cemetery listings are found in =McLennon Co, TX Cemetery Records, vol III=. There was an Ira Harmon Bostwick in Warrick Co, IN, the county where I live. He first appears on the 1830 Warrick Co census, along with a Lanson Bostwick. On 14 Mar 1830, Ira H. married Calista Castle, and then died testate in 1831. On 25 Dec 1837, Calista Castle Bostwick married John Fuquay. The Castle family came from NY, but there is no indication of Ira's birthplace. He simply did not live long enough to generate many records in Warrick Co. Another Harmon Bostwick is found in =Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and Louisiana Commands= compiled by Andrew B. Booth. Ira H. Bostwick, Pvt. Co E, 7th LA Infantry. En. March 1, 1862 at New Orleans, LA. ... Born England. Occupation Carpenter. Res. New Orleans, age 25, married. Suzie Arnaud ( descends from this Ira Harmon Bostwick. Does anyone know if, or how, any of these families connect? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John M. O'Melia ( continues his series of Georgia Marriages. NEWTON County (Covington) GEORGIA Newton Co, GA was formed in 1821 from Henry, Jasper and Walton Counties. BOST(W)ICK, John M. to Amanda D. Roper 22 Jun 1854 BOSTWICK, Nancy E. to Francis M. Whitehead 25 Dec 1852 BOSTWICK, Sarah Frances to John Meadows/Meadors 26 Jan 1823 BOSTWICK, William Bailey to Martha Ann Hinton 28 Aug 1865 OGLETHORPE COUNTY (Lexington) GEORGIA Oglethorpe Co, GA was formed in 1793 from Wilkes County. BOSTWICK, Aggatha to James Cone/Cook 25 Aug 1796 BOSTWICK, Sally/Sallie to George W. Heard Jr 06 Feb 1796 PULASKI COUNTY (Hawkinsville) GEORGIA Pulaski Co, GA was formed from Laurens County in 1808. BOSTICK, Caroline to George Pitts 22 Jul 1829 BOSTICK, M.D. to Lucinda Fann 21 Jan 1847 BOSTWICK, Jane to I.M.P. Giddens 27 Sep 1857 BOST(W)ICK, Nathaniel L. to Cidney Ann Adams 15 Jan 1829 RICHMOND COUNTY (Augusta) GEORGIA Richmond Co, GA was formed in 1777 from the Parish of Saint Paul, which was formed in 1758. Saint Paul's Parish was created from the Creek Indian Cession of 1733. Augusta served as the state Capital. BOSTICK, Chesley Jr to Susannah Cobb 13 May 1791 BOSTICK, Elizabeth to Thomas P. Carnes 19 Nov 1795 BOSTICK, Hillery (son of Nathan) to Elizabeth Jervis 28 Apr 1790 BOSTICK, Jacob to Rebecca Beall(e) 13/16 Feb 1803/04 BOSTICK, John (son of Nathan) to Elizabeth Hayles 05 Apr 1800 BOSTICK, John (son of Nathan) to Elouise/Elouisa Beall(e) 24/25 Jan 1824 BOSTWICK, John to Martha Walker (date not reported) BOSTICK, John Rufus to Caroline Rebecca Bealle(e) 03 Sep 1834 BOSTWICK, Leonard to Elizabeth B. Meigs 18 Apr 1837 BOSTICK, Littleberry (Bible Record) to Mary (Polly) Phillips 30 Oct 1792 BOSTICK, Littleberry (Jr) to Lucy Evans 17/18 Jun 1801 BOST(W)ICK, Mildred Jane to Joshua Meals 10 Jul 1809 BOSTICK, Nathan (Sr) to Martha Gwinn/Guinn 1769 BOSTICK, Reese/Rheesa to Margaret Jones 23 Apr 1803 BOST(W)ICK, Samuel to Anna Marie Mane/Maner/Mainor 09 Jul 1771 BOSTICK, William to Elizabeth A. Howard 28 Jan 1830 continued next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following information comes from =The Legislative Manual and Political Register of the State of North Carolina for the Year 1874= Stokes Co, NC Members of General Assembly (House) 1790: George Houser, Absalom Bostick 1791: James Martin, Absalom Bostick 1793: George Houser, Absalom Bostick 1794: Absalom Bostick, George Houser 1795: Absalom Bostick, George Houser 1801: John Bostick, Charles Banner 1803: Henry B. Dobson, John Bostick 1804: John Bostick, Henry B. Dobson 1806: John Bostick, Isaac Dalton In 1807 and 1808, Benjamin Forsyth was a member of the House. Forsyth Co, NC was named for Benjamin Forsyth, who was the nephew of William Rand, who was the father-in-law of Ferdinand Bostick (son of Absalom named above). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Selected Miscellaneous Terms Used in Genealogy Administrator - person appointed by the court to collect the assets, pay the debts and distribute the remaining property among the heirs Affidavit - written, sworn statement of facts, events or circumstances Consort - a living spouse Curator - person who has charge of an estate until it is determined if a will is judged valid or invalid; also a guardian of a minor or insane person Deposition - statement taken under oath which can be used as evidence in court, on behalf of either the plaintiff or defendant. Executor - person named in a will and charged with carrying out the provisions of the will Guardian - a person charged with the management of the rights and property of another, usually a minor, but not always Guardian ad litem - guardian appointed by a court to act in a particular case or suit Indenture - an agreement in which 2 or more people agree to do certain things or acts and signed by all parties Ordinary - an inn serving alcoholic beverages; a tavern Relict - a surviving spouse ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have information to break through that "brick wall" in the families listed in the newsletter, please send the info to me and I'll put it in a future issue. Please do provide complete documentation of sources (i.e. location of record, type of record, vol. & page number, etc.) Do you have a research problem you wish to share? If so, send it in and maybe someone can help. Next issue 15 October 1997.
15 October 1997 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Several Bostick/Bostic famililes went into what would become Kentucky, but none as early as this land grant in the 1780's. The area that would become Kentucky was still part of Virginia at this time. The first KY Treasury Warrants were sold by the Virginia Land Office in Oct 1779, but they could not be used until 1 May 1780. In 1780, Kentucky County, VA was divided into three counties, one being Fayette. In 1782 the Virginia Land Office issued the first warrant for Revolutionary War service with the acreage being determined by rank. Kentucky became a state in 1792. It would appear that the following land grant was for service in the American Revolution, but which John could this be? The amount of land, 1487 acres, is not the amount issued for any officer or soldier in the War. It is possible that he bought up someone else's land warrant and added it to his own, resulting in an odd amount. The south fork of the Licking River flows south through several counties and empties into the Ohio River at Covington and Newport in North Central Kentucky. The copy of the land grant was received from the KY Dept. of Libraries and Archives in 1983. "Patrick Henry Esquire, governor of the commonwealth of Virgina to whom these presents shall come Greeting Know ye that by Virtue and in Consideration of Land Office Treasury warrant No. 128609 [last digit hard to read] issued the Second day of July 1782 here is granted by the sd. Commonwealth unto JOHN BOSTICK a certain tract or parcel of land containing Fourteen Hundred and Eighty Seven acres by survey bearing date the 12th day of April 1784 lying and being in the County of Fayette on Raven Creek a branch of the South fork of Licking and bounded as follows, to wit, Beginning at the southeast corner of William Walkers survey of One Thousand acres .... running with sd. Walkers line ... crossing a creek ... corner in Walkers line ... to the beginning. 14 August 1786. [signed] P. Henry." It is interesting that the next entry is a grant to Daniel Boone. There is the possibility that the John Bostick who received this grant was the John who appears in Buckingham Co, VA and then after the American Revolution in SC, but I have found no other record that suggests John of Buckingham Co and SC had any ties to KY. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Joyce Loving ( sends the following "brick wall" in her Bostick line: My earliest proven Bostick is William Littleberry Bostick, born in Georgia in 1820. He lived in Copiah County, MS and was married to Letitia Honea. Their only daughter was Hicksey Ann Letitia Bostick, who married William Elbert Bell. I am in her line and have information on down. Her brothers are a mystery. She had a brother Tarver, who married Kate Crawford Smith, a widow. I know their children from the census, but they are lost after 1900. Her brother Stephen is a total mystery. I don't know who he married or what happened to him. Her other brother, Thomas, married Laura Bell and I don't even known who their children were or where they went. Laura Bell and William Elbert Bell were brother and sister. William and Letitia Bostick divorced in 1879 and William was found in Williamson County, MS to sign the divorce papers. I can not find anything about him after that. I know that several of the Copiah County, MS Bosticks moved to Pleasant Hill, LA in Sabine Parish. I have ordered census records and am going to hunt in LA next. As for William Littleberry Bostick, who was born in GA, I can find nothing on his parents. Can anyone help? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The last portion of Georgia marriages follows. Thanks to John O'Melia ( for compiling and sending this information. SPALDING COUNTY (Griffin) GEORGIA Spalding Co, GA was formed in 1851 from Fayette, Henry and Pike Counties. BOSTWICK, Azariah to Elizabeth Smith 22 Dec 1859 BOSTWICK, John Butler to Martha Crowell 25 Sep 1856 BOSTWICK, Martha/Mattie to H.P. Freeman 10 Feb 1861 BOSTWICK, Sam to Alice Starr 07 Jan 1868 STEWART COUNTY (Lumpkin) GEORGIA Stewart Co, GA was formed from Randolph County in 1830 BOSTWICK, Elijah William to Rebecca Scaife 08 Sep 1858 BOSTWICK, Elizabeth to Moses Gasney 03 May 1840 BOSTWICK, Elizabeth A. to George W. Rutledge 11 Feb 1844 BOSTWICK, John B. to Mrs. Sena Gregory 01 Jan 1854 BOSTWICK, Louna J. to William J. Jones 17 Sep 1854 BOSTWICK, Sarah to James Kenedy/Kennedey 10 Jan 1847 BOSTWICK, Theresa to Fielding Davis 12 Feb 1837 BOSTWICK, William to Mary Grampshire 11 Jan 1835 TROUP COUNTY (LaGrange) GEORGIA Troup Co, GA was formed in 1826 from the Creek Indian Cessions and is an original county. BOSTICK/BOSTOCK, John to Nancy Banks 21 Apr 1836 WALTON COUNTY (Monroe) GEORGIA Walton Co, GA was formed from the Creek Indian Cession lands in 1818 and is an original county. BOSTWICK, Emily to George Glore 06 Jul 1834 BOSTWICK, L.B. to Mrs. Sallie Hudgens 27 Mar 1864 BOSTWICK, L.B.J.D. to Elizabeth P. Ferguson 25 Jan 1861 BOSTWICK, Mary to Thomas W. Prime/Prince 11 Dec 1828 BOSTWICK, Nancy to John Mullens 24 Dec 1829 WILKINSON COUNTY (Irwinton) GEORGIA Wilkinson Co, GA was formed in 1803 from Creek Indian Cessions of 1802 and 1805. BOSTICK, J.E. (Miss) to E.L. Martin 01 Dec 1874 BOSTICK, L.S.R. (Senna) to Josiah Jones 01/15 Nov 1857 BOSTICK, Rebecca J.** to Elbert J. Williams 03 Feb 1876 **Daughter of James and Jane (Donaldson) Bostick BOSTICK, Robert C. to Serena Ann R. Pace 13 Nov 1851 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following information is taken from =Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations A-L= by Betty Couch Wiltshire (c) 1991. State Co where Name Service Unit birth/death born buried Bostic, G.B. 38 GA Inf 1839-1921 GA Tishomingo Bostick, R.S. 27 MS Inf AL Choctaw Bostick, Richard S 35 MS Inf 1840-1924 AL Harrison Bostick, T.J. 46 MS Inf 1845-1908 Kemp. Co Laud. Bostwick, H.B. GA troops 1846-1909 GA Forrest ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John O'Melia sends the following on his William Bostwick and Mary Bailey line: Many family lines have been well documented on the trail to William BOSTWICK. Originally, the wrong William BOSTWICK was thought to be the one. Then the problem occured when as many as five William BOSTWICKx were found in GA in the 1700`s. Too many folks fell upon the work of a BOSTWICK researcher who supposedly had the inside track for family in CT and all points west and south. When I received encouragement to join the conference of families who had ties to William BOSTWICK and his bride Mary BAILEY the conventional feeling was that William was from Dover, DE, had roots to MD and then into CT. I had just finished working on an Irish line and a Scotch line and it was a brutal undertaking. To my eye and mind this seemed too simple. Just a gut feeling. So I decide to work from my mother-in-law back with what facts she remembered hearing when she was a girl. Well, I reached William and Mary and could not reach the same conclusion. The other researches did find two William BOSTWICKs and managed partly to separate them. When I finished looking I found a William out of TN, one out of NC, one out of VA, and two out of SC. At least the background on them stated that. I did not consider the DE or CT much less the NJ and NY entries. Communication with the family reseachers who had ties to William and Mary were getting quite heated because I challanged their information. Eventually, they saw the same thing I found. They began to rework their lines and did come to the same conclusion I had. A small group of the family researches knew from handed down memories that William was always said to be from VA but they never had hard data as to where. Most of the BOSTWICKs in my wife`s family were farmers, newspapermen, woodwright, or wheelwright, or just plain carpenters. We knew that our William was mentioned in the will of Francis GIDDENS and that the administrator was to pay William BOSTWICK for building Mr. GIDDEN`s coffin. We also know of William`s day book or work book in his own handwriting that has disappeared from a researchers files. He is currently looking for it after loaning out his files to someone he has not yet identified. I have also seen several BOSTWICK entries in the World Family Tree CD`s that are pitiful because they depend on secondary sources that are painfully in error. Too many people are in a hurry to buy a brown bag regardless what is in it. William BOSTWICK and Mary BAILEY had five children: James Bailey BOSTWICK who lived to be 83 years old in Stewart Co GA Azariah BOSTWICK who lived to be 35 years old in Morgan Co GA Elizabeth Leticia BOSTWICK who lived to 38 years old in Gwinnett Co GA Amy (Annie) BOSTWICK who lived out her life in Walton Co GA Berry BOSTWICK who lived to be 74 years old in Morgan Co GA Family searchers for JACKSON, DIAL, REAGAN, MITCHAM, HEARD, HESTER, LEWIS, SCAIFE, MEADORS, BUTLER, MANLEY, ROSSER, DAVIS, BARTLETT, BARKLEY, SMITH, LIVEOAK, PURSLEY, McCOY, COLQUITT and COOPER have all come to the same conclusion with the facts in front of them. William was from VA and was part of a large family that moved south before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. They did have the same problem I encountered as to the spelling of the family name....BOSTICK/BOSTWICK. There are some of us who are planning on visiting states to the north and looking into the resources available in archives and libraries. Many of us are not young or in good health. It is painful to realize that we may never finish the search, but we do feel deeply grateful to seize the truth of first hand documents that tell the story. With more families making contact to the BOSTWICK line with legitimate information our "family" is growing. This hobby of genealogy is fun but serious business that we do not take lightly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Suzie Arnaul sends additional information on her Ira Harmon Bostwick, who was mentioned in the last newsletter. He was born around 1837, died around 1901 and is buried in Giles Street Cemetery, New Orleans. He married Petrian Lovern in 1864 (from marriage record). Petrian Lovern was born around 1846. They had a daughter, Lenora Jane Bostwick, who was born April 1865 in Montgomery County, Virginia (Roanoke). She died May 24, 1926 in Bluefield W VA. Lenora was married to John P. Cromer on Dec. 26, 1884. Ira Harmon Bostwick was a private in Co. E 7th Louisiana Regiment Infantry. (Taken from enlistment papers for the Confederacy). He was detailed as a nurse to General Hospital #1 in Lynchburg, Virginia and also at Montgomery White sulphur springs, VA hospital. Suzie's grandfather was Leon Chalmers Cromer Sr, the son of John and Nora (Lenora) Cromer. Her father was Leon Chalmers Cromer Jr. Census records indicate that Ira Harmon Bostwick was black, but being from New Orleans or Texas area, that may not be true. On his marriage record in 1864, Harmon's parents are listed as Harmon and Mary C. Bostwick. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Periodically the names, email addresses, and ancestors of newsletter subscribers will be listed. If you wish to share your information, please get in touch with them. Bettiann Lloyd ( Stephen Bostick (born ca 1818-1825 Ga) married Matilda Langston (formerly married to Morris Woods), who was born ca 1823 AL. 1850 Chickasaw Co, MS and 1860 Calhoun Co, MS Joan Whitaker Landrum ( Hubert Bostick, who married Rebecca Jane F. Whitaker 1834 Jefferson Co, GA Wanda Little ( Charles Bostock through his son William Bostick and through his son Charles and through his son Richard. VA, Caswell and Rutherford Co, NC John M. O'Melia ( William Bostwick and Mary Bailey Georgia Candy ( Henry Bostic (born 1898, died 1974), son of W.M. Bostic and Louisa Jane Cochran and grandson of John Bostic and ___ Yates. Pike Co, KY James Bostick Morse, 8065 Ashley Dr, Olive Branch, MS 38654 is not online, but has an interest in all branches of the Bostick family and has helped many people research their southern Bostick lines. He has published a book, =Bostick Trails & Ties,= which covers his line and is available from him at $35. James descends from William Bostick, who died 1792 Person Co, NC. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 1 November 1997
1 November 1997 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One state we have never covered is Arkansas. Perhaps some of this information will be of help to someone. The list of Arkansas Confederate soldiers was sent to me about 15 years ago by a Bostick descendant in Texas. No source is listed, but verification and additional information could be obtained from the Arkansas History Commission, One Capitol Mall, Little Rock, AR 72201. =ARKANSAS CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS= A.W. Bostick - Pvt. Co G, 35th AR Inf Berry R. Bostick - Pvt. Co F, 10 Witts AR Cav B.R. Bostic - Pvt. Co B, 4th Batt'n AR Inf James A. Bostic - Pvt. Co B, 4th AR Inf J.H. Bostic - Pvt. Co D, 21st AR Inf J.W. Bostic - Sgt. Co D, 37th AR Inf (original under J.A.W. BOSTWICK) Richard Bostic - Pvt. Co H, 14th (McCarvers) AR Inf (also 8th AR Inf as Richard BASTICK) S.R. Bostic - Pvt. Co D, 20th AR Inf Thomas J. Bostic - Pvt. Co F, 4th AR Inf (also Howard's AR Cav) William Bostic - Pvt. Co D, 21st AR Inf Berry B. Bostic - Pvt. Co D, 4th AR Inf George Bostick - Capt. Ernest's Co (local defense) J.B. Bostick - Pvt. Co C, 4th AR Inf (orginial under John G. Bostick) [see 1860 Montgomery Co, AR census ... BJJ] John H. Bostick - Pvt. Co ?, 35th AR Inf Joshua H. Bostick - Pvt. Co B, 17th Lemoyne's AR Inf and Co D., 21 AR Inf L.S. Bostick - Pvt. Co E, 20th AR Inf [see 1860-1870 Hempstead Co, AR census ... BJJ] Richard Bostick - Pvt. New Co. G, 8th AR Inf S.S. Bostick - Pvt. Co 11 S (Consolidated AR Inf) William Bostick - Pvt. Co B, 17th Lemoyne's AR Inf (also Co D, 21st AR Inf) William Bostick - Co B, Cockes Regt. AR Inf ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =The Confederate Veteran= vol I, #8, August 1893, page 263 has the following entry: "Camp John Wallace, Van Buren, AR, August 21, 1893. - S.A. Cunningham - Dear Sir: At the meeting of the members of the Camp John Wallace on the 19th inst., the Confederate Veteran was indorsed and adopted as the organ of this Camp without a vote to the contrary. [signed] W.C. BOSTICK, Adjt." The Confederate Veteran was a magazine published in Nashville, TN for many years. CSA vets and their families submitted their versions of various battles, obituaries, who was searching for whom, and anything else thought to be of interest. These magazines have been reprinted and are found as bound volumes in a number of larger libraries. They are a wonderful source of information on CSA veterans. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following is taken from =Arkansas Military Bounty Grants (War of 1812),= compiled by Katheran Christensen and published by Arkansas Ancestors (c) 1971 White Co, AR: Nathaniel Bostick, warrant number 23,057 patent date 1820 Faulkner Co, AR: Daniel Bostwick, brother and other heirs at law of Raymond Bostwick, warrant number 26,781 patent date 1836 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Crawford Co, AR was formed 18 Oct 1820. Van Buren is the county seat. Crawford Co, AR Marriage Book A 1877-1880: Andrew J. Phillips, 33, married Julia Bostick 7 Oct 1878 Alfred W. Bostick, 30, married Jane McBride 23 Feb 1879 Crawford Co, AR Marriage Book H: Charles Williams, age 33, married Bessie Bostick, 27 16 Jun 1907 >From early Van Buren, AR newspapers: 1860: Married in this city on 1st inst. Mr. D.W. Heard of Fort Smith and Miss M.J. Bostick, daughter of John Bostick, Esq. Friday, Nov. 2 1861: Married in this city 15th inst. by Rev. John Harrell, Col. John B. Latham of Fort Smith and Miss Bettie A. Bostick of this city. Friday, Jan. 18. 19 Jul 1867: Died in this city on Thursday evening, July 11th, after a protracted illness, Mr. John Bostick, aged about 70 years. Mr. Bostick was one of our oldest and much respected citizens. For many years he kept the public house known as the Bostick Hotel. He leaves a wife and a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn his loss. 1869: Married in this city on 26th inst. Mr. Wm. C.** Bostick and Miss Sallie Alexander, both of this city. Oct. 26. 1870: Married in the Episcopal Church in Fort Smith on Tuesday night last (15th) Mr. Edward McKenna and Miss Millie Bostick. Feb. 22. >From =History in Headstones, Crawford Co, AR= by Susan Swinburn (c) 1970. Fairview Cemetery is located in the city of Van Buren on Fayetteville Street. Page 130: Fay Murta Bostick 26 Oct 1878 - 2 Aug 1910 Abbie Bostick, wf of Ben M. Jones 1875 - 1906 W.G.** Bostick 1844-1919 Sarah E. Bostick, born near Charlotte, NC 1844-1912 Bobbie Lee Bostick, son of Wm. A and Pearl 7 Oct 1905 - 15 Jun 1906 Pearl Still Bostick 1871 - 1960 ** This is as written, but I wonder if they could be the same man. The 1840 Crawford Co census shows a Taliferro Bostic and John Bostic in Van Buren Township. In 1850, Taliferro is not listed, but John BOSTWICK is listed as a 48 year old hotel keeper, born in GA, with his wife Sarah, 38, born VA, and their children. There are other Bostwicks listed in Crawford Co that same census year as well as in 1860, 1870, and 1880. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diane Mason sends her Bostick line. It begins with the earliest known ancestor: Thomas Bostick and Mary (undocumented). son: Thomas Bostick mar. Tamer. Sons: 1. John Bostick. 2. JAMES BOSTICK Sr. born ca 1745 Queen Anne Co., MD. died 1823/24 Richmond Co, NC. Married (abt. 1767) to Comfort Love (no documents located), who was born ca 1745. Children: 1. Elizabeth: Married William J. Baird of Richmond Co, NC. Migrated to Wilson Co, TN. 2. William: 15 Oct 1768 - 2 Aug 1829 Married Naomi Sprawls (1773-1832, dau. of Solomon Sprawls and Mary Ann Thompson. 3. Nathaniel Bostick 4. James Jr.: Married Mary "Polly" McDonald (1777-1823, dau. of Lt?Major) Donald McDonald and Keziah Robinson 5. Levi 6. Thomas J.: Died abt 1838; married Mary "Polly" Pemberton, dau of Stith Pemberton and Martha Jennings. Thomas J and Mary moved abt 1830 to Hardeman Co, TN. 7. Mary: Married Eli McDonald son of Daniel/Donald McDonald and Robinson/Robertson 8. Sarah: Born abt. 1786 -09/08/1871; Married twice, (1) Wilson Baird (abt:1785-1818/1819) 9. Tristram; died in Marion District, SC. mar.Nancy/Mary(?) Thomas. Notes: James Bostick believed to have been born a Quaker and converted to the Baptist faith perhaps after moving into NC. James Bostick served during Am Rev; likely did not serve from Richmond County area, perhaps not even NC; service record has not been located. Will of James Bostick dated 09/20/1823, will proved 04/1824 Richmond Co, NC Court. James said to have lived in Richmond Co, NC from abt 1745 until death; he was a farmer and lived along Squirrel Creek near Ellerbe Springs. One source records James' wife as "Ann", however will of James Bostick records his wife as "Comfort". "W.I." Everett sketch" of 1927, records James Bostick's wife as "Ann". Could Ann have been an earlier wife? Or was this a mistake by Everett? Baird family said to have operated a grist and saw mill somewhere in Richmond Co, NC. One source records that death was between 09/20/1823 & April 1824. Wilson Baird and John Baird were sons of Alexander Baird and Elizabeth Jennings. See Burial in Old Baird Cemetery, Crestview Road, Milan, TN. See Dates from gravestone located in Old Saron Church Cemetery, Richmond Co, NC. Most of this data from The Richmond Co. Descendants P.O. Box 848 Rockingham, NC 28380 Ph. 910/997-6641. More later on James' son William. Diane Mason [Watch for more on the line of Levi Bostick in the next issue... BJJ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John O'Melia sends the index for Bostic/Bostick/Bostwick on the 1790 South Carolina Census. BOSTIC, William - Camden Dist., York Co, pg 29 BOSTICK, Floid - Camden Dist., York Co, pg 30 BOSTICK, John - 96 Dist., Edgefield Co, pg 64 BOSTICK, John - Camden Dist., Richland Co, pg 26 BOSTICK, John Jr - 96 Dist., Edgefield Co, pg 64 BOSTICK, Richard - Beaufort Dist, pg 11 BOSTICK, Stephen - 96 Dist., Edgefield Co, pg 64 BOSTICK, Thomas - 96 Dist., Newberry Co, pg 78 BOSTICK, Tolliver - 96 Dist., Edgefield Co, pg 64 BOSTICK, William - 96 Dist., Spartanburg Co, pg 88 BOSTWICK, Jonathan - Prince Fredericks Parish, Georgetown Dist, pg 50 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remember the Warrick Co, IN Ira Harmon Bostwick who was mentioned in the newsletter of 1 October? At that time I said he did not live long enough in Warrick Co to generate a record to indicate where he lived before settling and marrying in Warrick Co. Well, sometimes when you can't find what you need by researching the person himself, you have to go in a different direction. This time it paid off, but more work needs to be done to prove it to my satisfaction. This is what I found: Ira Harmon Bostwick died in 1831. Listed on the 1830 Warrick Co census with Ira H. was a Lanson Bostwick. This Lanson died intestate by 1842, leaving an estate which named his heirs: widow Leah, Harmon, William M. and Jared Bostwick. In 1842 Harmon and William M. were not residents of Indiana. Just by chance, a friend who researches in Webster Co, KY told me about a Jordon/James/Jno. Bostwick family that appears in that county by 1860. A Jordan Bostwick appears on the 1850 Henderson Co, KY census. Henderson is within hollering range of Warrick Co, IN and part of Henderson was taken to create Webster Co in 1860. By 1860, James Bostwick (with the same children as the Jordan of 1850 Henderson Co) is in Webster Co. Then, in 1870, Jno. (with the same children as James and Jordan Bostwick) is still in Webster Co. The older children, Albert M and Wiley Co. were born in IN, while the youngest child, Mary E., was born in KY. The Webster Co court minutes show that Jared Bostwick was a road surveyor in 1860. I am pretty sure Jordon/James/Jno/Jared were all the same man. Back in Warrick Co in 1837, Jared Bostwick married Martha S. Jones. The wife of Jordon/James/Jno. on the KY census records was named Martha S. Now, to the good part. In each of these census records, the birthplace of John/James/Jordan is listed as VA. The 1810 Brooke Co, VA (now W VA) census index shows a Lanson Bostwick. Brooke Co was created from Ohio Co, VA in 1796 and is located in that strip of W VA sandwiched between PA and OH. There is an 1816 marriage in Ohio Co, VA/W VA for a Lanson Bostwick and Lea Vandersen. I am pretty sure that Lanson Bostwick was from Brooke Co, VA/W VA, moved to Warrick Co, IN before 1830 and died there by 1842. It was most likely his son, Jared, who moved to Henderson Co, KY - to the area that later became Webster Co. One other bit of info: The estate inventory of Ira Harmon Bostwick in Warrick Co in 1831 lists a mortar and pestle, surgical instruments, medicine and medical saddlebags. It isn't difficult to determine his occupation. Now, were Lanson and Ira Harmon Bostwick father and son or brothers? How do they fit in with other Bostwick families? I need to do more checking, perhaps in Brooke and Ohio Co, VA/W VA, to be sure of their relationship and to see if other Bostwick families were in the area. If you have a stray William M. or Harmon Bostwick that you can't place, keep in mind that Lanson Bostwick had sons by those names and they had left Indiana by 1842. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a funny to share with you. Several years ago a friend sent me a newspaper clipping that appeared in the High Point, NC newspaper 20 Oct 1935. Pictured is a tombstone with the following cutline: "The tombstone shown above stands at the head of the grave of Henry Ritter Emma Ritter Dema Ritter Sweet Potato Creamatarter Caroline BOSTICK. The muchly-named child died at the age of nine years and the stone ... stands near Wetumka, Elmore County, AL" The picture is not clear, but it appears that this child was the daughter of Ben? & Sukey?? born at S??? 1843 Died in Wetumka ? Can you place this child? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More families being researched: Nelda J. Pugh Martha Bostick and Thomas Johnson Pickens Co, GA Ken Merkel Mary Bostick (born 1805 SC) and Jesse Breland SC and southern MS Nancy Siders Elizabeth Bostwick and Sylvester McKay Married 1782 Washington Township, CT Bob Erwin William Bostwick and Mary Bailey of Georgia Mary Bostick and William Leake of England and VA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy Halloween. Next issue 15 November 1997
15 November 1997 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well known in Texas history is Sion Record Bostick. According to "Reminiscences of Sion R. Bostick," which appeared in The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Vol. V, No. 2, October 1902, Sion Record Bostick, made the following statement in San Saba Co, TX 31 May 1901: "... I, Sion Record Bostick, a resident citizen of the county and State aforesaid, being over 80 years old and feeling the infirmities naturally incident to old age, and being desirous of perpetuating testimony that may be of interest to future historians of Texas, do make the following statement: I came to Texas in 1828, while a mere boy; scarcely ten years of age. My father belonged to Austin's colony and settled first in the red lands of Eastern Texas, in what is known as Shelby county." He goes on to give in detail his role in the capture of Santa Ana at San Jacinto in 1836. An unidentified newspaper dated 1936, sent to me by Max Bostic about 15 years ago, also describes the capture and mentions that Sion Bostick was from Alabama. Another source, =Early Fisher County [Texas] Families Biographical History 1876-1910,= by Baird and Baird (c) 1976 provides some family information on this family. On page 192 there is a sketch on Joshua Frederick Bostick, youngest son of Sion R. Bostick, and his first wife Susan Townsend. Sion married Susan Townsend 4 Apr 1839 in Colorado County, TX, where they had grown up as neighbors. The second wife of Sion Bostick was Indiana Rhodes Bostick. It also states that Sion Bostick was born in Montgomery County, AL 7 Dec 1819 and was the youngest son of Levi and Martha (Hill) Bostick. The parents of Levi Bostick were James and Comfort Bostick. The 1840 Census of the Republic of Texas shows Sion R. Bostick with 1 poll and 2 slaves in Colorado County. He is also listed in Colorado County in =Republic of Texas: Poll Lists for 1846= by Marion Day Mullins (c) 1974. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diane Mason continues her Bostick line out of Richmond Co, NC. William Bostick 10/15/1768-08/02/1828 (son of James Bostick and Comfort Love) married (bond date 5/4/1791) to Naomie Sprolls (1773 to 07/--/1852) Children: 1. Solomon (born ca 1795; from 1850 census) married three times: (a) Hannah Dockery dau, of Thomas Dockery, Jr. and Nancy Covingtion (b) Rachel Northam born ca 1815, dau. of George Washington Northam and Lucinda "Celia" Covington and (c) Sarah Northam dau. of George Northam. 2. William II married Naomie Townsend (09-26/1804 - 11-23/1853). >From Saron Church Cem. 3. Tristram (ca 1804 - 10/16/1876) married Sarah Ann "Sallie" Roper, died 01/30/1884. Burial Saron Church Cem. 4. Elijah b. 04/14/1802 to 11/30/1842. (Elijah and Elisha were twins) Married Elizabeth Turner. (sister to wife of General Alfred Dockery) 5. Elisha b. 4/14/1802. Not mentioned in father's will. Married Rebecca Ingram, sister to Major S.M. Ingram. Parents were Montgomery Ingram and ?? Newberry. 6. James (3/10/1800 - 09/10/1854) owned land on Long Branch. Married Ann Capel. 7. Naomie married Solomon Townsend (9/11/1797 - 6/20/1873) Saron Church Cem. 8. Anna married John Rush. 9. Mary married ?? Williams. 10. Elizabeth (6) married Samuel Usher son of Thomas Usher 1755-1825. Notes: Will mentioned that William I owned a fishery located at Grassy Island. A source shows that Samuel Bostick mar. Sarah "Sally" Northam, dau. of George Northam. In will of William Bostick I: Elizabeth Bostick left 2 tracts of land on Big Mountain Creek: (a) one site known as the Perry "Sprole" land. (b) One site known as "McLaen" (McLean-?) land. William Bostick I grave said to be oldest marked grave in Old Saron Church Cemetery. 1826 William Bostick I and wife, Naomie, appear as members of newly organized Saron Baptist Church. Will of James Bostick dated 9/20/1823 and proved 4/1824. If Rachel was born in 1815, as 1850 census records show it, she could not have been daughter of George W. Northam, Jr. Perhaps she was daughter of George W. Northam (Sr.) Most of this data from The Richmond Co. Descendants P.O. Box 848 Rockingham, NC 28380 Ph. 910/997-6641. Diane Mason ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to Dale Bostic ( we now have a reference for those Arkansas Confederate soldiers. Dale says the list, plus a Charles O. BOSTWICK of Co G, 9 AR Inf, Pvt, Musician I did not have, are from a 3 vol. set titled =Index to Arkansas Confederate Soldiers.= Dale has sent additional state lists of Confederate soldiers, which will be used in future issues. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stewart Bostic ( descends from Moses Bostick of Greenbrier Co, W VA. He sends the following: The first knowledge I have of Moses Bostick is a record in the Virginia State Library showing him enlisting in Dunmore's War from Bedford Co, VA in 1774. The records also show a John Bostick as a grantee for real property in the same county. Somehow I believe this to be one of the John Bosticks who lived in Buckingham Co, VA as shown on the 1790 census. That part of Bedford where he lived had been annexed to Buckingham Co. Sadly enough, although Buckingham Co escaped the courthouse and record burning of the Civil War, it was not so fortunate in the mid-1880's, when all of the courthouse records were destroyed by a fire of undetermined origin. The only record escaping that fire was a land record book that happened to be out of the courthouse at the time. I believe there is a connection between Moses and the other Bosticks in Goochland and Halifax Counties, VA. However, who the other John is remains an enigma. When we solve that, we will have that family line complete through Moses and his descendants in Monroe Co, W VA (VA). In an earlier newsletter, Brenda related the story about the Three Bostick Brothers who came to America. I also find this hard to belive as I have found no evidence to support such a theory. Although I can't prove it, I strongly believe, from my own research, that Charles BOSTOCK, who lived in New Kent Co, VA ca 1670's - 1709, is our common ancestor. =Cavaliers and Pioneers 1666-1695= by Nugent lists the following: BOSTOCK, Charles 7 Apr 1671; BOSTOCK, Ed 21 Oct 1 669; BOSTOCK, Edward 1674; BOSTOCK, Francis 1683; BOSTOCK, George 1674; BOSTOCK, Richard 1667-1668. Page 91 shows Charles BOSTOCK arriving in Virgina. He did very well for himself since it seems he arrived in Virginia as an indentured servant. Some of the best records of the time are found in the parish vestry and register books. From St. Peters Parish in New Kent County 1684-1786 we find the following: "At a vestry held at St. Peters Parish Church on behalf of St. Peters Parrish this 4th day of May 1687. It is ordered by the present vestry in obedience to an order of New Kent County Court bearing date 28 February 1689 each vestry doe putt their Parrishes in Precincts and appoint a time for processing and remarking bounds of each mans land." Among those listed has having lands processed was Charles BOSTOCK. St. Peters Parish was formed from Blisland Parish about 1678. Present St. Peters Church was built about 1704-06. Over 100,000 bricks were used in its construction and the church and parish are still active today. This is in spite of the Revolutionary and Civil War activity in the area and St. Peters being in the middle of the Penisula Campaign and used as a hospital during the Civil War. Gen. George Washington and Martha Park Custis were married in this church and her father, Park Custis, was a member of the vestry. >From the Parish Register: Mary BOSTOCK daughter of Charles BOSTOCK baptized the 24th day of June [ ] 16? Charles BOSTOCK "dyed" the 4th day of January 1700. Mary BOSTOCK departed this life 7th day of December 1709. James Crump and Veronica BOSTOCK were married 14th day of July 1709. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Bostick researchers: Karen Sion Record Bostick and his daughter Hanna Bostick - Texas Lynn Chesley Bostic/Bostick Rutherford Co, NC Kate William Bostic of Kemper Co, MS; in Franklin Co, AR 1870 Daughter Texana born 1860; married William Gray ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 1 December 1997 --=====================_879529242==_ Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS
1 December 1997 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #9 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and also hope you aren't still eating leftovers! There are 36 of us taking this newsletter - about 3 times the number when it began the first of August. Most of us are researching the Southern Bostic/Bostick families, with only a handful working on the families in the East and Northeast. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some Bostick researchers claim Osmer as the progenitor of the Bostic/Bostick/Bostwick family in America. John O'Melia provides background on Osmer, which should clear up some of the mystery. This series will be continued in several issues of the newsletter. ~ OSMER ~ Genealogy, sometimes providing wicked turns, can manage to stump on one hand and gush with facts on the other. This discussion will follow the phrase " to be or not to be....that is the question...." Most of us started with our parents and siblings and started working backward. Some of us found more than we bargained for or found the key to those relatives in the lower forty that no one knew about. Well, this discussion will do just the opposite. Whether today we are working BOSTIC, BOSTIK, BOSTICK, BOSTICKE, BAUGHSTICK, or even BOSTWICK.....our trails will reach the British Empire and BOSTOCK. There are still BOSTOCKs in America and England. Those who have been studying BOSTOCK are quick to state the reason for the name change by some of the family. BOSTOCK was a big player in commerce. Whether the commerce was rum, hemp, silk, lumber, iron, ships, and slaves you would eventually face a BOSTOCK. Many of the BOSTOCKs built ships, produced iron, and own their ships as well as being the master of their ships. Many of the BOSTOCKs rushed to serve in the Royal Navy and had distinguished careers serving the Crown in war. But, we will start earlier with this family. Even President Thomas Jefferson is supposed to have ties with the BOSTOCK in England. We know the general area that this family of BOSTOCK first appeared. BOSTOCK is listed in different accounts as BOESTOCK or BOSTOKE in its earliest appearance in some texts. William the Conqueror, after his initial conquest of the Angles, Jutes, Danes, and Saxons, awarded property to one OSMER. OSMER had distinguished himself in battle on behalf of William against other Saxons. William felt that the fierce combatants in the Saxons were perfect to control the Welsh on the southern frontier. But, here we get ahead of ourselves. The Saxons were mercenaries that came with the Romans. When the Romans vacated the island the Saxons stayed. The Celts gave them the name "Saxon". Around 400 AD the Jutes invaded Kent, the Saxons invaded the South and the Angles invaded the midland and northern area. The Danes and the Norwegians arrived between 800 AD and 900 AD. England between 650 AD and 800 AD was conformed to Northumbria, Lindsey, Mercia, East Angles, East Saxons, Kent, South Saxons, West Saxons, and Hwicca. Between 800 AD and 900 AD the area settled into Northumbria, Mercia, and Wessex. The first knowledge of OSMER the Saxon in any text appears during the reign of Edmund Ironside, the son of Ethelred. Edmund was born as early as 981 AD and died 30 Nov 1016. OSMER was present with Edmund in his battle with the Danes at a place called Sherastan, now Sharstan. Some Saxons sided with the Danes. They tried to dishearten the English by beheading of OSMER because of his resembling Edmund. This ploy did not work to rout the English. We can assume the possibility of our subject of OSMER may have a birth before 1016. When William ordered a survey of his domain the country was divided into seven circuits. Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex formed the seventh circuit. By this time our OSMER was not a young man nor could you depend on his allegiance. ~ continued next issue ~ John Michael O`Melia (c) 30 Nov 1997. May not be reproduced in any manner without the consent of the author. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Add this to the info on Sion Record Bostick, who was mentioned in the last issue. This was sent to me by James B. Morse of MS and comes from =Ancestors and Descendants of Joshua Frederick Bostick= by Jet O. Lewis and available in the Houston Public Library. I do not have this book, but from the pages I have seen, the documentation is superb. "On 3 October 1858 Sion married Mary Indiana Rhodes. He died on 15 Oct 1902 and was buried at San Saba, Texas. On Saturday, 21 April 1973 an official Texas Historical Marker was placed at the cemetery where Sion is buried to commemorate his role in Texas history." "Because of the controversy regarding Sion Record Bostick and his first wife Susan Townsend, I am herewith adding a true copy of a legal document that appears in Vol. C, pg 1296, Civil Minutes, District Court, Colorado Co, Texas. This document confirms the fact that Sion and Susan did get a divorce. It was granted in 1856. The decree is referred to as Cause. No. 1172, stylved Susan Bostick vs Sion R. Bostick." There is a great deal more information on this line in this book. Descendants would be wise to locate a copy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dale Bostic sends the following lists of Confederate soldiers by state as abstracted from =The Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861 - 1865,= edited by Janet B. Hewett and published by Broadfoot Pub. Co of Wilmington, NC. KENTUCKY Bostic, C.A.----------12thCav.-----------Co.A Bostic, L.W.----------12thCav.-----------Co.A Bostick, Albert C.----3rdCav-------------Co.H Bostick, C.A.---------2ndMtd Inf---------Co.D Bostick, Forrest G.---3rdCav-------------Co.H Bostick, James------Morgans Men----------Co.E LOUISIANA Bostick, A.G.----------3rdInf------------Co.E Bostick, Arthur--------4thBn.------------Co.F Bostick, E.H.----------Mil.Beauregards Bn--- Bostick, E.M.----------Mil.-Conf. Guards-Co.C Bostick, John E.-------11th.Inf.---------Co.F Bostick, John E.-------14th.Bn.----------Co.A Bostick, S.R.----------3rd.Inf.----------Co.D MISSOURI Bostick, Mark A.G.-----1st.Cav.----------Co.F SOUTH CAROLINA Bostick, Andrew J.-----10th Inf---------Co.A Bostick, Benjamin------4th Cav----------Co.K Bostick, Benjamin R. Jr.-Mtd Inf------------ Bostick, Edward---------4th Cav---------Co.K Bostick, Frank J.-------10th Inf--------Co.F Bostick, Jacob A.-------1st Mtd Mil---Martins Co. Bostick, Jacob A.-------3rd Cav---------Co.E Bostick, James N.-------10th Inf--------Co.F Bostick, J.H.-----------10th Inf--------Co.I Bostick, John S.--------1st Mtd Mil---Martins Co Bostick, John S---------3rd Cav---------Co.E Bostick, Joseph H.------Arty.-----------Griggs Co. Bostick, L.R.-----------4th Cav---------Co.K Bostick, L.T.-----------Hamptons Legion-Inf--Co.G Bostick, O.P.-----------1st Mtd Mil-----Martins Co. Bostick, Paul J.--------Arty.-----------Griggs Co. Bostick, Paul J.--------Arty-Manigaults Bn.-Co.C Bostick, R.F.-----------4th Cav---------Co.K Bostick, Richard F.-----3rd Cav---------Co.E Bostick, Thomas H.------1st Mtd Mil-----Martins Co. Bostick, Thomas H.------3rd Cav---------Co.E Bostick, T.J.-----------10th Inf--------Co.I ALABAMA Bostick, A.L.-----------5th Inf---------Co.H Bostick, Andrew J.------11th Inf--------Co.H Bostick, Floyd----------26th Inf--------Co.C Bostick, H.F.-----------23rd Inf--------Co.G Bostick, Hillary D.-----5th Bn----------Co.A Bostick, J.J.-----------32nd Inf--------Co.G Bostick, Joshua D.------11th Inf--------Co.E. Bostick, J.S.-----------5th Inf--------Co.A Bostick, L.S.-----------5th Inf---------Co.D Bostick, W.D.-----------1st Inf.------------ ~ continued next issue ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ABSALOM BOSTICK I of STOKES CO, NC When Absalom Bostick died in 1803 in Stokes Co, NC, the stage was set for confusion regarding one son and one grandson, both of whom were also named Absalom. For this reason, I have numbered these Absaloms of three generations as Absalom I, Absalom II, and Absolom III, with Absalom I being the one who died in 1803. In his will (Stokes Co Will Book II, pg 37), named are the following children: John, Absalom, Ferdinand, Manoah, Bethenia Hampton, Susanna Blackburn, Anne Guinn and Christina Bostick. I believe Absalom I had another daughter, per entries in the NC journal of Francis Asbury. On 18 Feb 1784 Asbury stated, "Being sent for, I went to Mr. Bostwick's on Dan River." On 22 Feb 1784 he stated, "Preached at the funeral of Absalom Bostwick's daughter." The name of this daughter is unknown. In the 1930's, musician Harry Z. Tucker wrote a booklet, "Notes on the History of the Dalton and Related Families," which also contains a section on the Bostick family of Stokes Co, NC. Mr. Tucker listed the same Bostick children as named in the will of Absalom Bostick I, and went on to state that Absalom II married "Nancy Dalton and then later married Susannah Dalton." Well, this just can't be. Absalom II did marry Nancy Dalton as his first wife, but he never married Susannah Dalton. Let me explain why. Before Absalom I died, he was known as Absalom Bostick Sr and his son was called Absalom Bostick Jr. Then, when Absalom Sr died, his son, Absalom Jr (or Absalom II) became Absalom Sr and his son, also named Absalom, became Absalom Jr. This is proven by entries in a number of land conveyances showing transactions for Absalom Bostick Sr and Jr in Stokes Co. after 1803. I think the confusion started when Absalom III married Nancy Dalton in Stokes Co in 1817 and then settled in adjoining Rockingham Co, where he died. On 25 Jan 1842, Susannah Bostick, widow of Absalom Bostick Jr (dec'd) is listed in the estate file of her late husband. So, now we know that the Absalom, who married Susannah, died before 25 Jan 1842. But what about the other Absalom - the older one who married Nancy Dalton? What happened to him? Adding to the confusion, Absalom Bostick II (formerly Jr but now Sr) lived in Stokes Co, but married as his second wife, Dolly White, in 1822 Rockingham Co. Thank heavens, this Absalom left NC and lived long enough to provide some clarity to this mess! This Absalom II moved to Christian Co, KY, where he appears on the 1850 federal census. In Dist 1, pg 453, we find the following: Absalom Bostick 80 farmer born VA Dolly M. " 48 VA Sarah A. " 23 NC Catherine " 20 NC Edward M. " 18 NC Beverly C." 17 NC Jona. L. " 15 NC Martha C.L." 12 NC Emily " 22 NC This 80 year old Absalom was born 1770, just the right time to have been the son of Absalom I of Stokes Co, but too old to have been the grandson of Absalom I. The 1896 obituary for Sophia Emily Bostick Sivley provides additional information. Sophia Emily, daughter of Absalom and Dolly Bostick was born in Stokes Co, NC Aug 1, 1827. She was one of a family of 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls. The entire family moved to Christian Co, KY May 1846. The father died in 1855 and the mother in 1865. I hope this has been clear enough to follow. If not, please let me know and I'll try again. I might add that Absalom Bostick II was the not the first of the family to go to Christian Co. In 1823, his brother, Manoah, married as his second wife, Francis Talliaferro Harvie, in Christian Co. He didn't hang around KY long, preferring to settle in Illinois. More on this family in future issues. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bostick web sites you might want to check out can be found at the following: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Bostick researchers: Fred Cox James & Comfort Bosick of Richmond Co, NC Max Bostic Henry R. Bostick of GA and his son Joshua T. Bostick of Barbour Co, AL Brenda Joyce Jerome Absalom Bostick and Bethenia Perkins of VA and Stokes Co, NC through their son, Ferdinand. Ruth Ellis Hezekiah Bostick, born Louisville, KY 1831; died 1886 New Orleans, LA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 15 December 1997.
15 December 1997 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Several of you claim Charles Bostick of Rutherford Co, NC as your ancestor. Perhaps the following information will be of value. Charles Bostick is found on the 1777 Caswell Co, NC Tax List, according to =Caswell Co, NC Land Grants, Tax Lists, State Census, Apprentice Bonds, Estate Records= by Katharine Kerr Kendall (c) 1977. His land was on Mayo and Castle Creek in the part of Caswell Co that became Person Co in 1791. In 1796 Charles sold his Person Co land and moved to Rutherford Co, NC, where he bought land on the waters of Wilkey's Creek. Back in Person Co, Charles had been a member and messenger of Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church. [=Heritage of Person Co, NC=] In Rutherford Co he was an early member of Sandy Run Anabaptist Church. The following information comes from =The Sandy Run Settlement & Mooresboro= by Virginia DePriest (c) 1978. "Sandy Run Settlement may have begun as early as the 1750's. The Anabaptist Church or Society of Sandy Run was organized in 1772. Name Roll Information Charles Bostick 1804 joined 1797 Elizabeth Bostick 1814, 1846 Mary Bostick 1814, 1846 dismissed Peggy Bostick 1804 Ruth Bostick 1804, 1814 joined 1797" Charles Bostick died testate in Rutherford Co between 17 Oct 1813, when he wrote his will, and Jan 1814, when the will was proven in court. [Rutherford Co, NC Will Book C, pg 5] Named in the will are the following: Wife: Ruth Sons: Richard, Chesley Daughters: Susanna Parrott, Lucy Reynolds Daughter-in-law: Margaret, widow of son Reubin Others: Frances Harrel, Polly Harrel and Betsey Harrel and children of John Harrel and Reecy Walker, wife of John Walker Jr. Some researchers claim William Bostick as the father of Charles. If you have serious documentation (& not just a 'feeling') to prove this, think about sharing it with us. Bill Hightower recently sent newspaper articles published on Bostic, NC's centennial year in 1993. The following information is gleaned from these articles. Shortly after the Post Office was established, the town of Bostic was incorporated on March 4, 1893. The first mayor of the town was George Bostic. For the folks who lived in Bostic there were 3 post offices at the end of the Civil War. Since there was no town here, people would often refer to their area by using the name of the nearest post office. Bostic was named for George Bostick (1833-1919), one of two men who had given a large amount of land for the railroad right-of-way. George T. Bostick was born in 1833 near what is now Forest City. His father, John Bostick, is credited with building the first dwelling in the town of Forest City. He also gave 3 and 3/10 acres of land, for $10, to the Cool Springs Church (Now the First Baptist Church of Forest City) when it was organized in 1848. George Bostick, like his father, was a devoted Baptist. According to the 1860 Federal Census, George Bostick was a fairly well-to-do farmer with a wife, Margaret, and 4 children; Eugenia, age 11; Martha, age 7; John, age 4; and Charlie, an infant. Their home was located about a mile west of the present town of Bostic; a beautiful two-story house which has since been destroyed by fire. George Bostic was also on the first board of trustees of Burnt Chimney Academy, when it was organized in 1874. Legend has it that when the decision was made to name the post office after George Bostick, an employee of the railroad put up a sign which read "Bostic" and after that, George dropped the "k" from his name, as did members of his immediate family, while some of his cousins retained the old spelling of their name. More on this family in a future issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ OSMER continued ~ The Battle of Hastings in the southern part of England decided which three challengers would claim the crown. In 1066 King Harold Hardrada of Norway, Duke William of Normandy, and Harold Godwinsson of England made their claims. William of Normandy and his followers made the day. England would now be part of the continent rather than part of the Scandinavian sphere of influence. William still had to bring the local people around to his terms. It seems that our OSMER sided with William when he arrived in the southern portion of England. William the Conqueror decided to take inventory down to the last chicken and pig. OSMER evidently did not relish the commissioners and the sheriffs counting everything under the sky. When the commissioners finished their circuits they sent the results to Winchester, then the capital of England. We must remember that the Domesday Book is an abbreviation of the first six circuit returns, made by a single scribe at Winchester. The return from circuit seven, known as Little Domesday, was never abbreviated. Also, it is important to know that both books have different origins. Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester and Richard de Vernon, Baron of Shipbrook were assigned the task of keeping OSMER under control. There was the problem of the Welsh and the Scots to reckon with. Naturally the thinking to keep the Angles and Saxons for maintenance of the "buffer zones" against the enemies of the crown. The Norman Conquest is quoted in many texts as 1066. William the Conqueror did not reach Chester until 1070. OSMER, at the time of the Conquest by the Normans, was the Lord of Botestoch (Bostock)(also known as Bostoke), Shipbrook, Davenham, Andlem, Claverton, Crewe, a part of Edlaston, a part of Wybunbury-cum-Frith, a part of Leftwich, a part of Wistanston, two hedge enclosures for deer, an avery for hawks, houses in Chester, and a salt pit in Norwich, all of this in Cheshire. Most of these lands were granted after the Conquest to Richard de Vernon of Shipbrook as recorded in the Domesday Book. OSMER was sometimes referred to as OLIVER in some texts. When there was a need for William to raise an army against his enemies, the Earl of Chester would in turn call on de Vernon to require the service of OSMER and his kind to fill the ranks and meet the demand of the king. No one seems to know OSMER`s spouse. There is agreement that OSMER had a son called Hugh. Hugh de Bostock born about 1080 in the county of Cheshire. Hugh, according to the old pedigrees might have been named after Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester, when OSMER became reconciled to the new order of things. Hugh de Bostock (spouse unknown also) had a son, Richard de Bostock, born about 1100 in the county of Cheshire. Richard was possibly named after the son of Hugh Lupus, who was drowned by the sinking of the vessel BLAUSH NEF, off Barfleur, on 25 Nov 1120. Richard de Bostock (spouse is unknown) had a son, Roger de Bostock, born about 1130 in Cheshire. To be continued. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dale Bostic continues the list of Confederate Soldiers by state. FLORIDA Bostick, James T.---------------6th Inf-------------Co.B Bostick, James W.---------------Lt. Arty.-------Perrys Co. Bostick, Joseph L.--------------3rd Inf-------------Co.D Bostick, Joshua R.--------------3rd Inf-------------Co.D Bostick, Wiley W.---------------3rd.Inf ------------Co.D Bostick, William L.--------------6th Inf------------Co.B TEXAS Bostic, J.H.---------------------11th Bn.-----------Co.B Bostic, John William-------------18th Cav-----------Co.E Bostic, L.T.---------------------29th Cav-----------Co.G Bostick,Charles W.---------------16th Inf-----------Co.C Bostick, James H.----------------Cav--(Wallers Regt)-- Bostick, J.H.--------------------13th Vol.-------4th Co.I Bostick, J.M.--------------------32nd Cav-----------Co.C Bostick, J.M.--------------------Cav.(Morgans Regt)-Co.G Bostick, J.W.--------------------Cav(Wallers Regt)--Co.C Bostick, J.W.--------------------9th Inf------------Co.G Bostick, Sion R.-----------------5th Inf------------Co.B Bostick, T.M.--------------------17th Inf-----------Co.D Bostick, W.C.--------------------32nd Cav-----------Co.C Bostick, William K.--------------13th Cav-----------Co.G MISSISSIPPI Bostic, William L. Jr.-----------16th Inf-----------Co.C Bostic, William L. Sr.-----------16th Inf-----------Co.C Bostick, Ferdinand---------------18th Inf-----------Co.D Bostick, G.W.--------------------27th Inf-----------Co.A Bostick, G.W.--------------------35th Inf-----------Co.A Bostick, James-------------------40th Inf-----------Co.I Bostick, J.W.--------------------35th Inf-----------Co.K Bostick, L.C.---------------------1st Inf--------Hobarts Co Bostick, L.C.--------------------27th Inf-----------Co.A Bostick, M.-----------------------3rd Bn Inf--------Co.E Bostick, M.D.---------------------6th Cav-----------Co.F Bostick, Newton J.---------------44th Inf-----------Co.E Bostick, S.C.----------------------5th Inf----------Co.G Bostick, S.G.----------------Jeff Davis Legion------Co.I Bostick, Tandy C.H.----------------5th Inf----------Co.I Bostick, A.-----------------------17th Inf----------Co.H Bostick, W.H.H.-------------------27th Inf----------Co.A To be continued ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following comes from =Known Military Dead During the Revolutionary War 1775-1783= Josiah Bostick Pvt 15 Mass. Died 20 Jan 1777 George Bostwick Delaware Died 30 Mar 1779 Joel Bostwick Conn. Died 11 Apr 1777 >From =Massachussetts Soldiers in the War of the Revolution= vol II John Bostick On list of Berkshire Co. in 1779 to serve in Continental Army. Capt. Wilcox's Company. Age 17, stature 5 feet 6 3/4 inches, light complection, residence Alford. Zachariah Bostick Gunner. Served 1 Mar 1778 - 31 Apr 1778 and 1 Nov 1778 - 31 Dec 1778 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Henry Ransom sends this obituary from the Florida Times Union, Jacksonville, FL 8 Dec 1997: Avey B. BOSTIC passed away on December 6, 1997. Born in Bryceville, FL, she was a resident of Jacksonville all her life. She was a member of the Biltmore Baptist Church and is survived by a son, George Smith; three daughters, Nancy Sue McKinney, Patricia Wilson and Jacqueline Behrens; two brothers; three sisters; ten grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 11 am Tuesday, Dec. 9, in the chapel of Hardage-Giddens Funeral Home with Dr. Stanford Kruse and Dr. Gene Crews officiating. Interment in Restlawn Cemetery. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bostic/Bostick/Bostwick Researchers: Kenneth Swaim Jr Mary Ann Bostick married Moses Swaim 1866 Jackson Co, AL Henry Ransom Ellenor Josephine Bostwick born 1850 Decatur Co, Ga; daughter of George W. Bostwick and Nancy A. Clary/McClary ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ May your Christmas be filled with joy, hope and goodwill as you gather with family and friends. God bless. Next issue 1 January 1998
1 January 1998 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #11 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to face the new year with love and hope and the goal of finding that lost ancestor. May this be the best year yet in your genealogical research. We now have 47 subscribers to the newsletter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ The Johnson - Bostick Family ~ Nelda Jordan Pugh submits this sketch on her line. Thomas Johnson and his wife Martha Bostick were pioneer settlers of Pickens Co, GA. Thomas (born 1798, died 1875) married Martha 3 Jan 1827 in Rutherford Co, NC. Martha's sister, Elizabeth, married Henry Hunt McConnell and another sister, Nancy married Robert Harbin. Before 1840 Thomas and Martha Bostick Johnson had migrated to Cherokee Co, GA with David and Susannah Johnson, parents of Thomas. Thomas Johnson and family are found on the 1840 Cherokee Co, GA census (page 184) and 1850 Cherokee Co census (page 407). The Johnsons and Bosticks were active and faithful members of the Baptist Church, sucessful in establishing houses of worship in communities where they lived. Thomas Johnson's grave site at Hinton Baptist Church Cemetery is marked with a stone slab inscribed with the initials "T.J." Martha Bostick Johnson may be buried there in an unmarked grave. Children of Thomas and Martha Bostick Johnson were John S. Johnson, born 1828; married Arlamissa Kemp 11 Jan 1849 in Cherokee Co, GA. M. Johnson (female), born 1830 Nancy Ann Johnson, born 1832; married Tull Bradley and moved to Texas. David Dyer Johnson, born 1833; married (1) Harriett Elizabeth (Bettie) Bradley, sister of Tull Bradley and married (2) Martha J. Griffin. Died 1911 and buried at Hinton Cemetery Charles Richard Johnson, born 5 Apr 1835; married Sarah Ann Bedford 20 Nov 1846 Pickens Co. Died 1 Oct 1912 in Eastland, Texas. Margaret Johnson, born 1837. Thomas Lafayette Johnson, born 29 Aug 1839; married 1 Apr 1862 to Susannah Erwin. Died 7 Jul 1923 Fairmount, Gordon Co, GA. Elizabeth (Bettie) Johnson, born 1841; married Jeff Murphy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ OSMER ~ Part III Roger, son of Richard, grandson of Hugh, and great-grandson of OSMER; according to old pedigrees, who with his son, Sir Gilbert, is named in the deed of gift by Hugh KYVILIOCK, Earl of Chester, on the marriage of his daughter Amicia to Ralph MAINWARING, afterwards Justice of Chester, as follows:- "Hugo Comes Cestr. Constabular`, Dapifer, et omnibus, Baronibus suis et Universis Ballivis et hominibus suis Francis et Anglicis tam presentibus quam futuris salutem. Sciatis me dedisse et concessisse et hac praesenti Karta mea confirmasse Radulpho de MENILWARIN cum Amicia Fila mea in libero maritagio servitium Gilib. filii Rogeri, scilicet, servitium trium Militum faciendo mici servitium duorum Militum ille et haeredes sui michi, et haeradibus meis, quare volo etfirmiter praecipio ut nullus super hoc cum velhaeredes suos vexet, vel amplius quam servitium duorum Militum de hoc praedicto tenemento requiurat. Teste. R. Abbate Cestr. Bertreia Comitissa Cest. Simon Thuschet, etc., etc., etc." The date of the deed is about the year of 1174. Sir Gilbert de BOSTOCK, the son of Roger de BOSTOCK, was born about 1150. And, again we cannot determine the spouse of Roger nor Gilbert. Back to the above mentioned deed, by which the said Hugh, Earl of Chester, gives unto Ralph MENILWARIN (or MAINWARING) with his daughter Amicia in free marriage the services of Gilbert, son of Roger; vis, the services of three Knights fees doing unto the said Hugh and his heirs the service of two Knights fees. There is nothing in the deed to show that Gilbert, son of Roger, is Gilbert de BOSTOCK; but, Gilbert de BOSTOCK is styled a Knight in the old pedigrees, and is the first of the Name of BOSTOCK who is so designated. The head of the house of MAINWARING was seated at Warmincham in Cheshire, and the male line became extinct in the time of Edward the First, when the daughter and heiress of Sir Warin MAINWARING married Sir William TRUSSELL, and their direct heirs failed early in the reign of Richard the Second. During the absence of a patron to the living of the parish of Warmingham caused by an uncertain succession to the Manor, in the year 1435, John BOSTOCK of Warmingham, as "Scuteferi hac vice" (i.e., Esquire to the Lord, this time) presented to the living, and he was a descendant of Gilbert son of Roger (de BOSTOCK). About the year 1150, many gentlemen did begin to bear arms by borrowing from their Lords arms of whom them held in fee, or to whom they were most devoted. (Camden`s "REMAINES CONCERNING BRITAIN".) The BOSTOCKs held arms under the VERNONs. The arms of the VERNONs were Or a fesse azure. Their crest a bear`s head. The arms of Gilbert de BOSTOCK as given in the Visitation of Cheshire in the year 1580, were Sable a fesse humette` (cut off each end) argent. Crest on the stump of a tree, a bear`s head mussled. It must have been before the adoption of these arms by Gilbert de BOSTOCK that he renounced the fishing in Davenham in favor of Warin de VERNON, as found in the deeds and evidences of Sir John SAVAGE, preserved in HAR. M.S. 1424 fo. 123, and 1505, fo. 126 as "Carta Gilberti de BOSTOCK in qua quiet clamavid Warino de VERNON "piscatura `de Danen: Testib`z Ric`o VERNON fraire Wareni de VERNON Ric`o filio Martini BANESTER, Ric`o filio Wareni "de VERNON Rad`o Will`o et Rob`to fratribus ejusdem Richardi". Below this summary is the drawing of a circular seal of an eagle displayed, the head turned to sinister. "S. Gilberti de BOSTOCK". Above the arms (Sable a fesse humett`argent) is written "Willms filio Gilberti de BOSTOCK remisit d`nop suo Warino de VERNON". Continued next issue. John Michael O`Melia Note by BJJ: Folks, before you order new stationery with the coat of arms described above, remember that a coat of arms was granted to a particular person, not to a family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I came across this query in the Spring 1997 issue of Carologue, a publication of the SC Historical Society, and thought it might be of interest to some of you. "Where is Mary Harrietta BOSTIC buried? She is the first, not second, wife of Dr. Charles Davant, b. Pendleton, SC. His second wife is buried with him in Pendleton." Dr. and Mrs. Charles Davant, Jr., PO Box 186, Blowing Rock, NC 28605-0186 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dale Bostic continues the series on Confederate Soldiers. NORTH CAROLINA Bostic, David R.-----------12th Inf----------Co.C Bostic, Isaac--------------43rd Inf----------Co.A Bostic, James H.-----------16th Inf----------Co.D Bostic, John M.------------8th Bn------------Co.E Bostic, John M.------------43rd Inf----------Co.A Bostic, John M.------------66th Inf----------Co.H Bostic, Thomas J.----------12th Inf----------Co.C Bostic, Thomas J.----------43rd Inf----------Co.A Bostic, T.S.--------------7th Bn-Jr. Res-----Co.C Bostick, B.D.--------------33rd Inf----------Co.K Bostick, Bryant W----------30th Inf----------Co.E Bostick, Daniel------------51st Inf----------Co.C Bostick, Daniel J.---------13th Bn-----------Co.D Bostick, Daniel J.---------51st Inf----------Co.C Bostick, David R.----------13th Bn.----------Co.D Bostick, David R.----------51st Inf----------Co.C Bostick, D.R.--------------30th Inf----------Co.E Bostick, Elijah------------51st Inf----------Co.C Bostick, George------------50th Inf----------Co.I Bostick, James M.----------38th Inf----------Co.E Bostick, James T.----------38th Inf----------Co.E Bostick, James W.----------3rd Inf-----------Co.B Bostick, James W.----------16th Inf----------Co.D Bostick, John--------------3rd Cav-41sr Regt-Co.B Bostick, John C.-----------3rd Inf-----------C0.B Bostick, John S.-----------2nd Bn-------Local Def. Bostick, Joseph W.---------3rd Inf-----------Co.B Bostick, J.W.--------------6th Inf-----------Co.I Bostick, McBryor-----------16th Inf----------Co.D Bostick, Samuel E.---------50th Inf----------Co.I Bostick, Samuel T----------3rd Inf-----------Co.B Bostick, T.----------------3rd-Jr. Res.------Co.I Bostick, Thomas T.---------52nd Inf----------Co.E Bostick, W.H.--------------12th Inf----------Co.E Continued next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In 1983 James V. Lynam Sr of Biloxi, MS shared a copy of a Bostick family Bible. Mr. Lynam stated that the Bible was given by Levi C. Bostick to his grandson, George Washington Bostick, who in turn gave it to his oldest living son, Charlie Nash Bostick. Nash Bostick gave the Bible to a younger brother, Arthur Dewey Bostick, who gave it to his daughter, Jacqueline Bostick Shipp, who was living in Starkville, MS in 1983. Levi C. Bostick is found on the 1850 Montgomery Co, AL census and by 1860 was in Oktibbeha Co, MS. Original spelling is retained. The HOLY BIBLE containing the Old and New Testaments New York for the American Bible Society 1839 Marriages Levi C. Bostick and Jane McLean His wife was Married the 7 Day of Febuary 1830. Levi C. Bostick and Mahala Scogin was married the 23 of June 1844. Jno. Bostick Borned June the 16th 1891. Died April 30, 1895 E. [illegible] was bornd the Janry 2 189[?] Levi C. Bostick and Nancy Vaughts was married the 4 fourth day of January 1855. Levi C. Bostick Died November 25th 1890, aged 85 years. Births Levi C. Bostick was Born the 19th day of May 1808 Jane Bostick his wife was Born the 22nd Day of April 1814 Little Berry Allen Bostick Sun of Levi C & Jane Bostick was born the 25 day of January AD 1831 Nancy Elvira Bostick Daughter of Levi C & Jane Bostick was Born the 24 day of December AD 1832 A Little infant girl Daughter of Levi C & Jane Bostick was Born the tenth day of May 185? and died the same day and date Hillery Daniel Bostick Sun of Levi C Bostick and Jane Bostick his wife was born the first day of December 1837 John Washington Bostick Sun of Levi C Bostick & Jane Bostick was Born the 6 day of december December [sic] 1840 William Henry Harrison Bostick Sun of Levi C & Jane Bostick was Born the 19th day of December 1841 Green Winkfield Bostick Sun of Levi C and Jane Bostick was Born the 11 day of febuary 1842 Marquis D. Laftte[?] Sun of Levi C and Mahala Bostick Was Born the 26th Day of June 1845 Richard Scogin Bostick Son of Levi C & Mahala Bostick was Born the Tenth day of September In the year of hour [sic] Lord 1847 Little Saly[?] Bostick Was Borned April 28th 1894 W. [N?] E. Bostick was Borned Jan 29th 1893 Geo. Bostick was born Sept 1st 1869 Deaths T.B. Taylor died June the 2nd 1883 Geo[?] Bostick was born June 18 1900 C.N. Bostick was born Oct 15 1902 Nina E Bostick was born Oct. 27 1904 Noel Bostick was born Sep 8, 1907 Jane Bostick Wife L.C. Bostick Departed this Life on the 26th Day of September 1843 Third Wife Nancy Bostick Departed this Life the 11 day of April 1883 Katy Jewel Bostick was born Dec 1 1909 Mahala Bostick Wife of L.C. Bostick Departed this Life on the 8th Day of August 1854 Nancy Bostick died the 11 day of April 1883 [sic] "I am going to read the New Testament. I love God and I love the angles to. Written by George Bostick. I am elevn year old." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Indiana State Library Genealogy Division has a searchable index of Indiana marriages through 1850. I did a quick search for BOSTICK and came up with the following: BOSTICK, Clementine - James Griffin Dearborn Co 8-17-1845 BOSTICK, John - Clementia Clark Dearborn Co 9-4-1834 BOSTICK, Jeremiah - Rebecca Thomas White Co 12-2-1840 BOSTICK, Mathias - Elizabeth Jones Dearborn Co 4-18-1845 (lic) BOSTICK, Sarah Ann - Ira Cowles Dearborn Co 4-29-1847 BOSTICK, William - Mahala Martin Dearborn Co 1-12-1840 If you have BOSTIC or BOSTWICK in Indiana, you might want do a little searching. You can find this database at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bostick researchers: Tommy Bostick Descendant of Toliver and Elizabeth (Epperson) Bostick VA to NC to GA (Charles Bostick line) Tom LaMunyon Descendant of Bethenia Bostick, who married Samuel Hampton (Absalom Bostick line) Beverly Whitaker Jemima Bostick and Valentine Hatcher VA to GA (John & Elizabeth Bostick line) Jerry C. Bostick Descendant of Toliver Bostick VA to NC to GA (Charles Bostick line) Jim Blain Descendant of Richard Bostick and Mary Harriet Robert Beaufort Dist., SC Lew Griffin Charles Bostick of Rutherford Co, NC through his son Chesley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 15 January 1998
15 January 1998 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #12 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOSTWICK FAMILY of CONNECTICUT by Nancy Cluff Siders 704 Sunrise Road Roswell, NM 88201 Besides being from Saxon blood as John O'Melia recently wrote, it looks probable we descendants of BOSTOCK et. al., might be of Puritan stock as well. What do I know about my BOSTWICK ancestor? The first known connection to the BOSTWICK name was an introduction in the 1960's by my Aunt Hazel McKay Bach to a book entitled =Genealogy of The McKay Family, Descendants of Elkenny McKay= by Dr. James Adolphus McKay, West Superior, Wisconsin in 1896. In this book it lists as my ggggrandparents, Elizabeth BOSTWICK and Sylvester McKay, marriage date unknown. I will have to say that this book triggered my interest in genealogy. The above was all I knew about Elizabeth for years until I met John O'Melia on the Internet. Based upon the McKay relatives living in Massachusetts and New York, I hadn't thought about looking in other New England states. John led me to =Early Connecticutt Marriages As Found on Ancient Church Records Prior to 1800= edited by Frederic W. Bailey, Baltimore, 1968, Volume 5 where my ggggrandparents were listed as being married September 13, 1782 in the Town of Washington in Litchfield County, CT. I know that according to Dr. McKay's book the children of Elizabeth and Sylvester were: Silas, born July 7, 1783; died July 30, 1843, at Mansfield, NY. Philo, born July 28, 1785, died December 30, 1862. Augustine, born June 8, 1787; died August 21, 1849. Joseph, born July 12, 1789; died April 7, 1868. Betsy, born October 1, 1791; died August 12, 1870. Lois, born October 25, 1793; died March 12, 1872. Polly, born February 28, 1796; died March 6, 1866. Daniel, born July 18, 1798; died February, 1863. Sylvester, Jr., born March 4, 1801; died June, 1860. I know that according to the Wadsworth Family Bible listed in The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine, September-October, 1947. Sylvester died in April of 1804 at Union, Chenango County, NY. As far as what happened to Elizabeth, I do not know at this time. The McKay's eventually settled in Erie Co., NY. Whether she did or not, I haven't found a trace. According to the Family Tree Maker - WFT CD Vol 1 #3235, there was an Elizabeth BOSTWICK born 28 January 1761, who was the daughter of Ebenezer BOSTWICK (b Jan 1716/17 in New Milford, CT) and Elizabeth Taylor. Ebenezer descends through Ebenezer (1693 CT - 1753 CT), John (1667 CT - 1747 CT), John (1638 England-?), Arthur (1603 England-?). In =A Catalogue of the Names of the Early Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut with the Time of Their Arrival in the Country and Colony= by Royal R. Hinman, 1852: "BOSTWICK , Arthur (Bostock, Bostick,) was from Cheshire in England, and settled at Stratford, Conn., with his wife and sons John and Zachariah, as early as 1650, where the name is spelled Bostock, Bostick, &c., on the record. In 1659, his wife petitioned the Gen'l Court regarding her husband's lands; said Arthur agreed that the Court should appoint Mr. Blackman, Goodman Beardsley, Mr. Fairchild and Joseph Judson, of Stratford, to be a committee to settle the question. And in May,. 1660, the Gen'l Court confirmed "ye act of the Committee at Stratford, about Arthur Bostock's estate.' Mr. Bostock had a large landed estate in Stratford. Soon after 1660, Arthur gave most of his estate by contract to his son John, in which John stipulated to support his father, and 'find him a horse when he wished to ride forth,' &c. His son John of Stratford, was ...?isated for a freeman, Oct., 1668. Arthur and John were both in the list of freemen at Stratford, in 1669. ... JOHN, son of Arthur, Sen., removed to New Milford, in 1707, the 2d settler in the town. He had seven sons b. at Stratford, viz., John, b 1686; Robert, Ebenezer, Joseph, Nath'l, b. 1699, Lemuel, b. 1704, and Daniel. ...BOSTWICK, JOHN, the 2d son of the 2d John, lived in the north part of N. Milford. He was many years a deacon in the church. He m. Jemima Canfield, of N. Milford; issue, Jesse, Edward, Mathew, Gilbert, John and Nathan. ...(Most of these facts are extracts from a genealogy collected by Erastus Bostwick, and Stratford record.) " Arthur is found again in the =Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticutt= Volume 1-4 by Cutter, et al., 1911: "BOSTWICK The surname of Bostwick is of Saxon origin, and is traceable to the time of Edward the Confessor, who preceded Harold, the last of the Saxon kings, upon the throne of England. Like all ancient names, it has undergone some mutations in over seven centuries, and has even been materially changed since the time when Arthur Bostock first transplanted it into the wilderness of America. (I) Arthur Bostwick (Bostock), emigrant ancestor of the family, was baptized at Tarporley, Cheshire county, England, December 22, 1603. His first wife, mother of his five recorded children, was Jane Whittel, whom he married January 8, 1627-28. He emigrated to America in 1641 or 1642, and located at Stratford, Connecticut, being one of the first seventeen settlers of that town. The exact date of his death is unknown, but he was living in 1680. (II) John, son of Arthur and Jane (Whittel) Bostwick, was baptized in St. Helen's Church, Tarporley, Cheshire county, England, October 18, 1638. He married, in Stratford, Connecticut, Mary Brinsmead, born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, July 24, 1640, died in 1704. John Bostwick received the entire estate of his father to which he made large additions from subsequent divisions of the townlands. He died in 1688. (III) John (2), son of John (1) and Mary (Brinsmead) Bostwick, was born in Stratford, Connecticut, May 14, 1667. He married Abigail Walker, a granddaughter of Rev. Peter Prudden. In 1707 he went to New Milford Connecticut, and was the second settler of the town, where he died, being upward of eighty years of age." Arthur and John appear in the =Connecticutt 1670 Census= by Jay Mack Holbrook, 1977. Arthur (1650,1669) and John (1697) appear in Stratford, Fairfield County, CT in the FTM's =Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789= CD. It cannot be assumed the Elizabeth in the FTM-WFT CD listed above is my Elizabeth. Her age fits nicely and her Mother was also named Elizabeth. In Bailey's =Early Conecticutt Marriges= mentioned above, however there was another Elizabeth Bostwick in Washington, CT who married 8 years later on April 7, 1790 to Ebenezer Smith of Ridgefield. A will of Ebenezer's is needed where her married name is listed. Needless to say, a lot more research is needed before I can prove that my Elizabeth descends from Arthur. I welcome anything researchers might have to assist me with proving my Elizabeth's parentage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dale Bostic continues the list of Confederate soldiers. TENNESSEE Bostic, John R.------------4th Cav---------------Co.K Bostic, J.P.---------------13th Inf--------------Co.L Bostic, William------------4th Cav---------------Co.K Bostic William E.----------23rd Inf--------------Co.B Bostick, Abram-------------7th Inf---------------Co.K Bostick, Albert C.---------1st Inf---------------Co.A Bostick, C.R.--------------5th Inf-----------2nd Co. F Bostick, James H.----------48th Inf--------------Co.K Bostick, J.H.--------------Inf. Sowells Detach.----- Bostick, John--------------1st Bn. Cav(McNairs)--Co.C Bostick, John--------------11th Cav--------------Co.I Bostick, John------------Douglas Bn-Part.Rangers Bostick, Joseph------------34th Inf--------------Co.A Bostick, M.H.--------------20th Inf--------------Co.B Bostick, Thomas------------34th Inf--------------ACS Bostick, Thomas H.---------7th Inf---------------Co.K Bostick, T.K.--------------45th Inf -------------Co.C Bostick, W.D.--------------46th Inf--------------Co.B Bostick, W.H.--------------20th Inf--------------Co.B Bostick, W.T.--------------4th Inf---------------Co.B GEORGIA Bostic, John C.-----------Cav-Nelsons Ind. Co.-- Bostic, W.G.--------------26th Inf---------------Co.H Bostick, A.B.-------------19th Bn Inf------------Co.C Bostick, C.A.-------------51st Inf---------------Co.C Bostick, Caswell H.-------36th Inf --------------Co.G Bostick, C.A.W.-----------47th Inf--------------Surgeon Bostick, D.A.-------------51st Inf---------------Co.C Bostick, D.R.-------------8th Inf----------------Co.C Bostick, E.O.-------------59th Inf---------------Co.D Bostick, F.C.-------------2nd Inf----------------Co.D Bostick, G.W.-------------19th Bn.---------------Co.C Bostick, Henry J.---------12th Inf --------------Co.I Bostick, James F.---------36th. Inf--------------Co.F Bostick, James G.---------7th Inf----------------Co.E Bostick, James H.---------10th Inf---------------? Bostick, James H.---------17th Inf---------------Co.I Bostick, J.E.-------------1st Bn Cav----------Tufts Co. Bostick, J.E.-------------8th Bn Cav-------------Co.A Bostick, Jesse S.---------50th Inf---------------Co.G Bostick, J.M.-------------Lt. Arty--------------12th Bn Bostick, John M.----------Arty--------------Carltons Co. Bostick, John M.----------2nd Inf-----------Stanleys Co Bostick, John R.----------14th Inf---------------Co.B Bostick, John R.----------42nd Inf---------------Co.A Bostick, John W.----------14th Inf---------------Co.A Bostick, Nathaniel B.-----14th Inf---------------Co.G Bostick, N.L.-------------59th Inf---------------Co.D Bostick, Patrick N.-------20th Inf---------------Co.C Bostick, Rhesa J.---------12th Cav----------Wrights Co. Bostick, Thaddius M.------14th Inf---------------Co.G Bostick, William A.-------51st Inf---------------Co.C series to be concluded in next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I want to tell you about a great new book I just received. It is =Tennessee Convicts Early Records of the State Penitentiary= by Charles A. and Tomye M. Sherrill. This is one of the Bostick entries: Littleberry Bostick, age 48, born SC, farmer. Convicted of manslaughter by a Davidson Co court and sentenced to 2 yrs in the Penitentiary. Received 18 Jan 1843 and discharged 7 Dec 1844. Also listed is Orlando M.D. Bostick, age 35 in 1839, born SC and Clem Bostick is listed as a cousin in the record of Samuel H. Todd. An interesting sidelight - Chuck Sherrill is with the TN Archives and is a Bostick descendant. This book can be ordered from him at 1023 Waters Edge Circle, Mt. Juliet, TN 37211. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ OSMER ~ The material pertaining to OSMER the Saxon, and his descendants can be found on the Internet, archives, libraries, publications, books, essays, and government records. I am not privy to first hand information and the references that I will post came to me with the information I received when I started an inquiry the first time I realized I was dealing with BOSTWICK, then to BOSTICK, moving from there to BOSTOCK. Many family lines kept going back to the period of the BOSTOCK. Some of the BOSTOCK stayed BOSTOCK in the U.S. as well as in England. Some of the BOSTOCK decided to change after arriving from England. Some changed to BOSTICK or BOSTWICK before coming to the U.S. These points are not what this series is about. Primarily I am trying to tell you people on this side of the pond where you should look after you have exhausted your search in the U.S. There are a lot of loose threads and cannons in the field of genealogy of these families. It is not my intention to prop up or apologize for anyone`s work. Only time and truth will correct that. After saying that, I do hope this information will be of help to you to find the facts, history, and everything else to flesh out those individuals in your lines so you can answer the who, what, where, when, and why of it all. One more thing to remember is that you were not there. Neither was the person who managed their searches and were able to publish their finds. None of us have all the answers, but, at least we are trying. Just remember to always keep your sources and results together. The careless researchers never intended to fail by loosing the information sources. Information without sources is worthless. Empty jibberish. You have wasted your time. You have wasted other people`s time. That makes it a failure to yourself, to your ancestor, and to your newly found cousin. To keep the resource listing at the end of these posts which will take some time to post I will start adding the sources for your study at the end of each post. That way, if you are interested you can approach your librarian to work on inter-library loan. So, here goes the first part of this endeavor. SOURCES: J. N. L. Myers, The English Settlements, The Oxford History of England, (Oxford: Claredon, (c)1986) Gildas, "The Works of Gildas," in Six Old English Chronicles, edited by J. A. Giles, (London, Bell & Daldy (c)1866 ) Ian Wood, "The End of Roman Britain: Continental Evidence & Parallels," in Gildas: New Approaches, edited by Michael Lapidge and David Drumville (Woodbridge: Boydell, (c)1984 ) Frank M. Stenton, Anglo-Saxon England, third edition, The Oxford History of England, (Oxford: Claredon (c)1971 ) Martyn J. Whittock, The Origins of England: 410 to 600, (Totowa: Barnes & Noble Books, (c)1986 Burton Raffel, translation, Beowulf, (New York, Mentor, (c)1963 Vera I. Evison, The 5th Century Invasions South of the Thames, (London, Althone Press, (c)1965 More on Osmer in next issue. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Several years ago Max Bostic ( sent me a copy of the following Bostick history. It was written by Joseph R. Bostick and published by J.H. Bostick, The South Georgian, Nashville, GA, 1901. This history will be presented in three installments. BOSTICK Genealogy of the Bostick Family My Great-Grandfather Bostick moved from Maryland to North Carolina and settled on a little stream called Squirrel Creek when a young man. He moved in a horse cart, bringing with him his wife and one child, and all his worldly possessions. The writer has forgotten her name. She was very frail and delicate in health, but possessed a goodly degree of energy and frugality. He was a man of good sense and possessed a wonderful physical constitution, and with energy, industry and unabated preservance amassed during his long life of eighty odd years a fortune of $100,000. He was a Quaker, and I have ofttimes heard my father speak of his even, quiet manner, and was a devoted Christian. His name was JESSE BOSTICK. My grandfather left his father's home and stopped awhile in Darlington county, SC. Not long afterward he moved on southward and pitched his hut on the banks of the Great Pee Dee, at a place called and now known as Birche's Ferry, Marion county, bringing thither with him his wife Nancy and three sons, Tristram, James and Bunyan. There were also two daughters, but I have forgotten their names. Grandfather's name was Tristram Bostick, if I am not very much mistaken. He died at the age of 50, leaving only a small property. His wife's maiden name was Nancy Thomas. I do not remember what became of her, but think she died at Birche's Ferry. My father, James T. Bostick, was born December 23, 1804. He left home after his father's death and spent a year with his grandfather, Jesse Bostick, of Squirrel Creek, NC. Came again to his old home in Darlington and Marion counties. At the early age of 17, he taught school for one or two years. Afterwards located with Mr. Josiah Harrell in west Marion, who lived on the Great Pee Dee, at the place now owned by Mr. A.A. Myers. Mr. Harrell opened and operated a large water-power grist and saw mill, located on the stream Big Swamp. My father assumed the management of said mill and shops, proving to be an excellent mechanical genius. Three years later some strange freak possessed Mr. Harrell to leave his native home and his large possessions. My father, James T., having recently married a niece of his employer, a daughter of Mr. Jacob and Pethevia Harrell, became purchaser of sd. mills with about 2000 acres of land surrounding, which he owned and operated nearly all his life. Continued next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Max Bostic also has requested that we list the locations where the different Bostic/Bostick/Bostwick families settled in America. He offers the following: Charles Bostick/Bostock came from England to VA in 1671 and settled just east of present day Richmond, VA. Thomas Bostick/Bostock came from England and settled in Cecil County, MD in the mid-1600's. Part of this family went to Richmond Co, NC Arthur Bostwick came from England and settled in Connecticut in the 1600's. Some descendants went to NY. Are the New York, Delaware, Maryland and Connecticut families all connected? Were there other early Bostick, etc settlers in America? What about Vermont? Several towns in the USA carry our family names: Bostic, NC Bostwick, GA Bostwick, FL Are there more? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Faye Moran sends the following from =Marylanders to Kentucky 1775-1825= by Henry C. Peden Jr Hezekiah Bostick was born ca 1796 MD and married Elizabeth Flood or Elizabeth Truitt. He migrated to Kentucky where these children were born, presumbly in Jefferson County: Amelia Elizabeth Bostick (born ca 1820) married Samuel Bailey; William P. Bostick (born ca 1823) married Sarah J. Young and died in Louisville, KY 1884; Ellen Amanda Bostick (25 Jul 1827-2 May 1919 Houston, TX) married (1) James R. Birkhead and (2) Charles A. Gray; and Ellis Hezekah Bostick (22 Aug 1831-27 Oct 1885) married Katherine B. Moore and died in New Orleans. BTW, Faye has put a link from her Stokes Co, NC page of the NCGenWeb to the current issue of the Bostick OnLine Newsletter. The current issue only can be found at The current issue is also linked from my web page at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Newsletter subscribers: (We have 54 now!) Don Gentner David Bostick born 1853; died 21 Nov 1902 Lived Burnett, OK Traci Bostic Kelley Henry R. Bostick of GA and his son, Joshua T. Bostick of Barbour Co, AL Selena DuLac Charles Bostick of Rutherford Co, NC web page: Rod Ballengee William Lewis Bostic died ca 1899 Monroe Co, WVA C. Glen Johnson Martha Bostick and Thomas Johnson, married 1827 Rutherford Co, NC Check out Candy's web page with Bostic information in Pike Co, KY at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 1 February 1998
1 Feb 1998 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #13 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Winter is a favorite time for genealogists to really dig in and do some serious researching. If you live in a part of the country that battles snow and ice, it may be difficult for you to visit courthouses and libraries. A new series on Revolutionary War soldiers begins with this issue. I hope you will find at least one name that will open a new door in your research. The following comes from =Index to Revolutionary War Service Records vol I: A-D= transcribed by Virgil D. White and published by the National Historical Publishing Company, Waynesboro, TN (c) 1995. BOSSTICK/BOSTWICK, Daniel, Pvt 3rd CT Regt BOSSTICK/BOSTICK, Newel, Pvt in Enos' Regt CT State Troops BOSTICK/BOSTWICK, Daniel, Pvt 3rd CT Regt BOSTICK/BOSTWICK, Pvt 5th CT Regt BOSTICK/BOSTWICK, George, Pvt in Hall's DL Regt BOSTICK, John (a PA man), Sgt in Hazen's Regt of Cont. Troops BOSTICK, Josiah, Pvt 1st MA Regt BOSTICK, Richard, Pvt 4th CT Regt BOSTICK/BOSTWICK, Robert, Pvt Thomas' Regt NY Mil BOSTICK/BOSTWICK, Salmon, Pvt Warner's Regt Cont. Troops BOSTICK/BOSWICK, Salmom, Pvt 7th CT Regt BOSTICK, Samuel, 4th CT Regt BOSTICK, Stephen, Pvt VA Troops BOSTICK, Thomas, 4th MD Regt BOSTICK, Taliaferra, Pvt VA Troops BOSTOCK/BOSTWICK, George, Pvt Hall's DL Regt BOSTWIC/BOSTWICK, Nathaniel, Capt Nathan Smith's Command of VT Mil BOSTWIC, Robert, Lt in Capt Richd. Smith's CO of CT Mil BOSTWIC/BOSTWICK, Shedrick/Shadrack, Pvt 5th CT Regt BOSTWICK, no given name, Capt in Silliman's Regt of CT Troops BOSTWICK, no given name, Lt in 19th Regt of Cont. Troops BOSTWICK, Amos, Ensign 19th Regt of Cont. Troops BOSTWICK, Andrew, Cpl 2nd Regt of Light Dragoons in Cont. Troops BOSTWICK, Arthur, Ira Allen's Regt of VT Mil BOSTWICK, Daniel, Pvt in Johnson's Regt of CT Mil BOSTWICK, Daniel, Pvt 3rd CT Regt; also see 9th CT Regt BOSTWICK, David, Pvt 5th CT Regt BOSTWICK, Ebenezer, Sgt 2nd CT Regt BOSTWICK, Edward, Pvt in Capt Baldwin's Co of Rangers NY Troops BOSTWICK, Edward, Pvt in Willett's NY Mil BOSTWICK, Edward, Capt in Whiting's Regt of NY Mil BOSTWICK, Edward, Robert Van Rensselaer's Regt of NY Mil BOSTWICK, Elijah, Capt in Whiting's Regt of NY Mil BOSTWICK, Elijah, Capt in 3rd Regt NY Levies BOSTWICK, Elisha, Lt in 19th Regt of Cont. Troops BOSTWICK, George, Pvt in Hall's DL Regt BOSTWICK, Isaac, Capt. in 19th Regt of CT Troops BOSTWICK, Israel, Ira Allen's Regt of VT Mil BOSTWICK, James, Pvt in Thomas' Regt of NY Mil Continued next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OSMER PART IV William de BOSTOCK, son of Sir Gilbert de BOSTOCK, was born about 1175. William married Margaret, daughter of Warin de VERNON, Baron of Shipbrook. (Probably dowered with some of the lands formerly belonging to Osmer). Remember, de VERNON family was one of the trusted souls of the Duke of Normandy when he decided to add England to his domain. As William the Conqueror took control of the regions in England he left his trusted knights in control by paying his debt for their services. In the time of Phillip de ORREBY, Justice of Chester (1209-1229), William de BOSTOCK acknowledges holding his lands of Warin de VERNON, Baron of Shipbrook, by ploughing and shearing his Lord`s demesne lands (Cheshire Domesday Roll). In the year 1218, Warin de VERNON confirms the hamlet of Merebury to William de Merebury and the deed is witnessed by Ricardo de VERNON and Matthas filo suo, Gilberto de BOSTOCK and Willielmo filo suo, Hugone de TW`A, Harmone BRITON, and others. Sometimes, William is also known as Ranulph de BOSTOCK. And, we must add that it is thought that our Saxon family is thought to have taken on the surname about 1174 by Gilbert when he was knighted. Hereafter, there will be a number of names provided. Therefore, I will endeavor to provide charts for those who like charts to help keep the information in an orderly manner. CHART A Osmer, the Saxon : Hugh : Richard : Roger : Sir Gilbert de BOSTOCK : William de BOSTOCK : (to chart B ) More Sources: Ormerod`s "History of Cheshire", Helsby`s edition, no date listed Ormerod`s "Cheshire Domesday Roll", no date listed Earwaker`s "History of East Cheshire", no date listed Cussan`s "History of Hertfordshire", no date listed Chetham Society`s Publications, Volume 78, no date listed Camden`s "Remains Concerning Britain", no date listed Herald`s "Visitation of Cheshire, 1580", Harleian Society, no date Nicholas` "Agincourt Roll", no date listed "Deed of Award of John, Abbot of Saint Albans', no date listed "Registrum Abbatae Johannis Whethamstede", rolls series, no date Newcombe`s "History of Saint Albans Abbey", no date listed "Life of William of Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester", no author listed, no date listed Harleian Manuscripts in the British Museum Church Registers of Parishes of Tarporley, Bunbury, Malpas, County Cheshire; St. Savior`s, Southwark, etc. Wills and Administrations Continued next issue. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following comes from Goodspeed's =History of Lewis, Clark, Knox and Scotland Co, MO= (c) 1887, page 1000, Knox Co. Albert G. Bostick of Edino, MO was born 29 May 1841 in Benton, Holmes Co, MS and was the son of Absalom & Mary (Patton) Bostick, natives of NC and TN respectively. The father was a merchant in TN and a short time at Cape Girardeau, MO. The mother still resides in Nashville. Born to Absalom and Mary Bostick were six children [only 4 are listed]: 1. Robert F. of Gainesville, TX 2. Angeline, wife of Thos. T. Jordan of Los Angeles 3. Cordelia, wife of W.D. Covington (lawyer) of Nashville 4. Albert G., reared in Nashville and educated at Cumberland University, Lebanon, TN. In 1864 he went to Quincy, IL (mercantile business). In 1868 he went to Edina, MO and was principal of schools for 8 years and then went into the grocery business. He married 16 Mar 1865 to Mary E. Hines, a native of near Lexington, KY. No children. Albert G. is a Democrat. [Note by BJJ: A family Bible lists the birthdate for Absalom Bostick as 22 Apr 1809. He married Mary Patton 24 Sep 1829 Williamson Co, TN. Mary G. Patton was the daughter of Jason Patton and Bethenia Bostick, who was the daughter of John Bostick and Mary Gervais/Jarvis.] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you are interested in the Bosticks of Williamson Co, TN, you might want to obtain a copy of a fairly new book, =Old Enough to Die= by Ridley Wills II. The book is based on letters written by the descendants of Hardin Perkins Bostick (1804-1861) and Margaret Rebecca Litton (1804-1897) mainly during and after the Civil War. The book is excellent and contains several family pictures, including one of John Bostick (1765-1850). The book was published by Hillsboro Press, Providence House Publishers, 238 Seaboard Lane, Franklin, TN 37067, 1-800-321-5692. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOSTICK Genealogy of the Bostick Family by Joseph R. Bostick Part II They were married February 5, 1828; settled on western bank of Mill Pond, and continued to push his business with energy. His brother, Bunyan, being several years his junior, came to live with him, and after some years married a younger daughter of the same family. About this time, through the blessing of our Heavenly Father, a missionary of the Baptist faith and order, came along; have forgotten his name. Father and mother, though not professing Christians, were much in sympathy with such work, and tendered all the aid in their power during his work. There arose a great desire among the people for spiritual light and knowledge (O, how often do the words of my sainted father recur to my mind!) during the preaching of this godly man. My father - who in his youth had better religious training than most of his present neighbors - became awfully convinced that he had long trifled with God's grace, in consequence of which his soul was irredeemable lost. Being a man of great fortitude and quiet endurance, he continued for several years to suffer great anguish of spirit in secret, not disclosing his mind and feelings to any one. Soon the warm, genial life-giving rays of the Son of Righteousness illuminated their minds, and the promises which Jesus left were theirs to have and to hold as long as life should endure. And it was enough now, for it gave ample satisfaction. Soon a church was organized nearby (Mt. Zion), of which my father was elected deacon, and remained so until his death, some 43 or 44 years. During his life he became a representative man in his county; was for many years magistrate; a member of the board of county commissioners (or road commissioners, as they were then called); opened up many highways, etc. He was a friend of education, of missions and of the gospel at home; a strong pillar in his own church, exerting an influence throughout his entire community. A wise counsellor and a loyal friend, and always loyal to his own family. He was never harsh in his criticism or severe in correction; a word of approval or discouragement was sufficient always, coupled with a good reason, thus convincing the judgment of a narrower observation of how fatal the first step in a wrong direction might prove. Such was James T. Bostick as his youngest son remembers him. He had in all 10 sons and one daughter. Those who lived to years of maturity were Andrew J., who was killed in the late war at the battle of Atlanta, in the field. He married Miss Maria Ingram, who two months preceded him to the grave. They left two daughters and one son, all of whom now live and have families. The eldest daughter still resides near the old home, near Florence. The other daughter and son, J. Harry, are now in South Georgia, he being a successful turpentine operator. The second son was Thomas J., who was also killed in the late war while leading his company in charge on the enemy's breastworks at Franklin, Tenn., having eight balls shot into him. He, however, fell into kind hands and was tenderly cared for by his Masonic breathren, lingering for over a week. They erected a monument to this memory over his grave. These two were consistent Christians, being memebers of the Baptist Church (Mt. Zion) for several years, without reproach or stain known to the writer. [Note: Fred Cox contacted me after the last issued was mailed and said there was a mistake in the name of Joseph R. Bostick's grandfather. Instead of Jesse it should be James. Fred is right. Joseph R. Bostick had a memory lapse when he named his grandfather. Thanks, Fred.] Continued next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The list of Confederate soldiers provided by Dale Bostic concludes with the following: VIRGINIA Bostic, Benniah-------------26th Bn Inf----------------Co.G Bostic, B.R.----------------22nd Inf-------------------Co.B Bostic, C.A.----------------26th Bn. Inf---------------Co.G Bostic, Hiram---------------26th Bn Inf----------------Co.G Bostic, James C.------------108th Mil-------------McNeers Co Bostic, John A.-------------116 th Mil------------Ballards Co Bostic, Thomas C.-----------36th Bn Cav----------------Co.A Bostic, William ------------29th Inf-------------------Co.H Bostick, Addison------------108th Mil-------------McNeers Co Bostick, Addison------------26th Bn Inf----------------Co.C Bostick, Alex---------------60th Inf-------------------Co.A Bostick, Berriah------------135 mil--------------------Co.A Bostick, Calvin-------------11Th Bn Res----------------Co.E Bostick, Caperton-----------22nd Inf-------------------Co.B Bostick, Charles J.---------22nd Cav-------------------Co.E Bostick, C.J.---------------Va. Mil----------------Scott Cty Bostick, D.-----------------60th Inf-------------------Co.A Bostick, H------------------59th Inf----------------1st-Co.B Bostick, H.-----------------60th Inf-------------------Co.A Bostick, Henry--------------60th Inf-------------------Co.A Bostick, Henry A.-----------108 Mil--------------------Co.A Bostick, James A.-----------Lt Arty-------------Chapmans Co Bostick, James A------------108 Mil--------------------Co.F Bostick, James E.-----------Lt Arty-------------Chapmans Co Bostick, James H.-----------108 Mil--------------------Co.C Bostick, James L.-----------19th Cav-------------------Co.G Bostick, James L.-----------46th Bn Cav----------------Co.F Bostick, James L------------108 Mil--------------------Co.A Bostick, John---------------108 Mil--------------------Co.G Bostick, John A.------------11th Bn Res----------------Co.E Bostick, Joseph-------------60th Inf-------------------Co.A Bostick, Leonard F.---------Arty---------------------Paris Co Bostick, Lewis--------------60th Inf-------------------Co.A Bostick, Nelson J.----------108 Mil--------------------Co.G Bostick, N.J.---------------26th Bn Inf----------------Co.B Bostick, P.B.---------------26th Bn Inf----------------Co.B Bostick, Peter B.-----------108 Mil--------------------Co.G Bostick, Robert F.----------26th Bn Inf----------------Co.C Bostick, Robert F.----------108 Mil--------------------Co.A Bostick, S.R.---------------59th Inf-------------------Co.E Bostick, Thomas C.----------108 Mil--------------------Co.G Bostick, William------------24th Cav----------------------- Bostick, William Jr.--------60th Inf-------------------Co.A Bostick, William Sr---------60thth Inf-----------------Co.A Bostick, William L.---------108 Mil--------------------Co.A Bostick, William M.---------60th Inf-------------------Co.A State Not Designated Bostick, A.J.---------------Eng. Dept.-----------Army Of Tenn. Bostick, Asburry------------Meads Cav------------------Co.A Bostick, Charles O----------Woods Cav------------------Co.F Bostick, F.M.---------------Meads Cav------------------Co.A Bostick, Henry R.-----------4th Inf--------------------Co.D Bostick, J.L.-------------Gen.& Staff------------------ADC Bostick, J.N.-------------Eng. Staff------------Army of Tenn Bostick, John-------------Meads Cav--------------------Co.H Bostick, Joseph---------Gen.& Staff(Maj)---------------AAIG Bostick, R.-------------Caswells Staff(Capt)--------------- Bostick, Thomas H.------Cheathams Div.(Maj)---------------- Bostick, Tristram-------3rd Eng.Troops-----------------Co.A Bostick, William L.-----3rd Eng. Troops----------------Co.A ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =Marriage Bonds of Duplin County, North Carolina 1740-1868= by Cora Bass as sent by Dale Bostic Bostick,Dan.,Nancy Dunmark,10 Dec. 1829 (b)Jas. M. Dixon. (w) Jas. Pearsall,c.c. Bostick,Jacob,Ann Jane Evans, 6 May 1835 (b)Wm. K. Frederick Bostick, John, Treasy Boyett, 23 May 1833 (b) Wm. K. Frederick. (w) Jas. Pearsall. c. c. Bostick, Samuel, Barbara Merrit, 16 May 1854 (w) John J. Whitehead Bostick, William, Sarah Garrison, 25 Dec. 1828 (b) Phill Southerland. (w) Jas. Pearsall, c. c. by James Dixon Boustick (Bostick) John, Elizabeth Miller, 19 Oct. 1811 (b) Phill Southerland. (w) Lewis Dickson Maxwell, Hugh, Sally Bostick, 10 July 1829 (b) Phill Southerland. (w) James Pearsall, clk. Yates, Wm., Polly Bostick, 2 Aug. 1832 (b) William K. Frederick. (w) Jas. Pearsall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Grant Humphries would like help. His great grandfather was Robert BOSTIC Humphries and he named a child Hillary BOSTIC Humphries. He suspects that Robert Bostic Humphries' father had a brother also named Hillary Bostic Humphries, born 1828 GA. Another Hillary Bostic Humphries, son of Thomas Humphries, was born 1850 GA. Can anyone help him connect this Humphries line with the Bostic family? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bostick Researchers: (We now have 65 subscribers!) Charlotte Williams Francis White Bostick of AL Absalom Bostick of Stokes Co, NC Debi Sanders James Erwin Bostic born 1844, died 1913 Greenbrier/Monroe Co, W VA Cynthia Fulcher Absalom Bostick and Mary Petty from Halifax Co, VA Florine Bostic Reklinski Bruce Spurlock Both are descendants of Henry R. Bostick of GA and his son Joshua T. Bostick of Barbour Co, AL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 15 February 1998
15 February 1998 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may receive this issue a little early. This is going to be a very busy weekend. THE BOSSTICK FAMILY OF INDIANA Back in the 1950's Robert E. Turman published articles in a Sullivan Co, IN newspaper on families of southern Indiana. One of these families was the BOSSTICK family. Mr. Turman stated that the first men of this family who came to Sullivan Co, IN were named Archibald and William BOSSTICK and were natives of TN. He goes on to say that the original English spelling of this family name was BOSTWICK, but the "w" was silent and pronounced BOSTICK. According to Mr. Turman, William Bosstick was drowned in the Wabash River in 1843, while en route by boat to market at New Orleans. His only daughter, Jane, was age three and his son, John R. (born 25 Dec 1842) was just an infant. William Bosstick married Alsannah Milligan, daughter of James and Nancy (Johnston) Milligan, who had come to IN from near Gettsyburg, Adams Co, PA. Isabella Rankin, daughter of Alexander Rankin, married John R. Bosstick in 1866. The 1884 =History of Sullivan County, IN= tells how John Bosstick as a boy "remained with his widowed mother until the age of 16, when he started out to do for himself, going first to Illinois." John Bosstick served in Co H, 29th IL Volunteers as a Union soldier. Mr. Turman's articles are very interesting, but, unfortunately, he provides little documentation. Does the information about brothers Archibald and William come from fact - or tradition? Who were these Bosstick brothers, Archibald and William? The 1807 Census for Indiana Territory shows a John BOSTICK in Knox Co. In 1820 and 1830 John BOSTICK is listed in Sullivan Co. Could this John have been the father of William and Archibald? Did this family, indeed, live in TN at one time? Indiana became a territory in 1800 and a state in 1816. Sullivan Co, IN was created from Knox Co in 1817. In 1985, a descendant of William Bosstick contacted me about this family. She had based most of her early Bosstick research on Turman's articles and, in 1987, privately published a history of her families entitled =Where Have All The Griffins Gone A Genealogy of the Griffin Family and The Affilated Families of Asher, Bosstick, Hammond, Howard, Redmon and Welch/Welsh.= At the time her book was published, she had not found documentation to properly identify the father of Archibald and William. If you have any clues about the identity and origins of the family of William and Archibald Bosstick, please let me know. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOSTICK Genealogy of the Bostick Family by Joseph R. Bostick Part III (conclusion) The third, James N., still lives. He passed through the war unhurt, save in hard service and severe imprisonment; returned after its close and not long afterward was married to Miss Elizabeth J. Wolls, of Charleston, SC. They settled near Mt. Zion and raised a large family of boys and girls. He was elected deacon of Mt. Zion 18 or 20 years ago, and since filled the office without a single reproach known to the writer. Truly, the mantle of his father, in this sense, has fallen on him. Just prior to this writing, himself and family removed from this state to Florida. The prayers of his younger brother most ardently follow him. The fourth was Jacob H., who joined the Confederate army at the age of 16. Large of stature, healthy and robust, he was permitted to go for two years while camped in the state and not in active service. He enjoyed good health and was a good soldier, but later on, while in more active service, he sickened and died in the hospital at Knoxville, Tenn. He was also a consistent member of the church and a dutiful son. The fifth is Joseph R., who was the youngest son living and who is the writer here. He is poor and feels almost worthless, but desires to imitate and reflect the glorious image of his Lord and serve Him faithfully until death. Yet he feels that he has enjoyed many blessings and favors from the Devine hand; being allowed a happy union with Miss Rebecca Myers for above 7 years, when she was called home, leaving two daughters - the elder four, the younger one, who now resides with me, are both kind and affectionate and dutiful. My life has since been brightened and blessed by union with Miss Maggie LeGette, who is wise and good, and who is at present mother of three bright little boys, and a true helper in life's battles. The sixth is my sister, Anna J., who married Mr. B.H. Myers. They have reared a large family and are still living in the neighborhood. Since this writing my father, Joseph R., has, too, gone to meet his loved ones, having departed this life February 20, 1895. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In 1866, the West Virginia state legislature authorized medals to 26,000 Civil War veterans. A list of men for whom unclaimed medals remain is found at the following site: http:/// When you get to this page, click on List of Unclaimed Civil War Medals and scroll down to Bostick. There you will find the name of Joseph Bostick and the regiment in which he served. Do any of you claim Joseph as an ancestor? While you are visiting this site, check out the list of W VA researchers. A number of state archives and libraries are now putting material online. Of course, the best of all sites is the Library of VA. I can not even begin to describe it here. It is something you need to experience for yourself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OSMER Part V Sir Warin de BOSTOCK, son of William de BOSTOCK and Margaret de VERNON, was born about 1200. Sir Warin was probably named after his maternal grandfather, Warin de VERNON. Our Sir Warin de BOSTOCK was married about 1220 to Hawise (Countess of Lincoln, widow of Robert de QUINCY, son and heir of Sayer de Quincy, Earl of Winchester), 1st daughter of Hugh KYVILIOCK/KEVELIOC, 3rd Earl of Chester, and sister to Randle BLUNDERVILLE, 4th Earl of Chester. The first husband of Hawise died about 1217 before his own father died. Randle, brother to Hawise, was created Earl of Lincoln on 23 Mar 1217. He transferred the title to his sister Hawise on his death 28 Oct 1232, and the same was confirmed to her son-in-law, John de LACY on 22 Nov 1232. Hawise had only one child of her first marriage, daughter Margaret, born about 1210. The daughter also had two husbands to die before she passed. Her first was John de LACY, Constable of Chester; the second husband, Walter MARSHALL, Earl of PEMBROKE. Sir Warin and Hawise had a son, Sir Henry de BOSTOCK, born about 1220. Sir Henry married Eleanor, daughter of Robert POOLE of Cheshire. Another son, William witnessed with William de BOSTOCK and others to a gift of land to Church of St. Wilfred of Mobburley about 1272. Here again, a daughter of Sir Warin and Hawise is named Margaret. This particular Margaret married Nicholas de HARLEY. The Harleian Manuscripts #1535 state that Hawise had issue by both husbands. ================== SOURCES/RESOURCES: Bede, A History of the English Church and People, translated by Leo Sherley-Price (Hardmondsworth: Penquin, (c)1955 Nennius, "History of the Britons," in Six Old English Chronicles, edited by J. A. Giles, (London: Bell & Daldy, (c)1866 Geoffry of Monmouth. Histories of the Kings of Britain. London: Dent & Sons, (c)1912 ================= CHART B Sir Warin de BOSTOCK==Hawise KYVILIOCK==Robert de QUENCY : : : : Sir Henry Margaret William Margaret : : (to Chart C ) continued next issue. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The series from =Index to Revolutionary War Service Records= by Virgil D. White concludes with this list. BOSTWICK, John, Ira Allen's Regt of VT Mil BOSTWICK, John, Bradley's Regt of CT Troops BOSTWICK, John, pvt in Samuel Drake's NY Regt BOSTWICK, John, pvt in Ludington's Regt of NY Mil BOSTWICK, John, pvt in PA Troops BOSTWICK, John, Waterbury's Regt of CT Troops BOSTWICK, John, 10th MA Regt BOSTWICK, Jon'a, pvt in 5th CT Regt BOSTWICK, Levi, 5th Regt of CT Troops in 1775 BOSTWICK, Nathan, Ensign in 7th CT Regt BOSTWICK, Nathaniel, Ira Allen's Regt of VT Mil BOSTWICK, Nathaniel, Capt Nathan Smith's Command of VT Mil BOSTWICK, Nuel, 5th Regt of MA Mil in 1783 BOSTWICK, Oliver, Sgt in 7th CT Regt BOSTWICK, Richard, pvt in Fitch's Indpt Co of CT Vols BOSTWICK, Robert, pvt in Samuel Drake's NY Mil BOSTWICK, Robert, pvt in Capt Mills' Co of Guards, NY Troops BOSTWICK, Robert, pvt in Thomas' Regt of NY Mil BOSTWICK, Ruben, Capt in Enos' Regt of CT Troops in 1777 BOSTWICK, Salmon, NY Troops, card #4923 roll #5 BOSTWICK, Salmon, Bradley's Regt of CT Troops BOSTWICK, Salmon, pvt in Willett's NY Regt BOSTWICK, Salmon/Solomon, pvt in 4th CT Regt BOSTWICK, Salmon, pvt in 6th CT Regt BOSTWICK, Salmon/Solomon, pvt in 7th CT Regt BOSTWICK, Samuel, pvt in Samuel Drake's NY Regt BOSTWICK, Samuel, pvt in Thomas' Regt of NY Mil BOSTWICK, Samuel, Waterbury's Regt of CT Troops BOSTWICK, Samuel, 1st NY Regt BOSTWICK, Shadrick, pvt in 5th CT Regt BOSTWICK, Stephen, pvt in Samuel Drake's NY Regt BOSTWICK, Stephen, pvt in Thomas' Regt of NY Mil BOSTWICK, Warner, Ira Allen's Regt of VT Mil BOSTWICK, William, Lt & 1st Lt in 3rd NJ Regt BOSTWICK, William, pvt in 7th CT Regt BOSTWICKE, Isaac, Capt in 7th CT Regt ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following comes from Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly vol 14, #1 March 1969 page 319: Choctaw County OK Marriages Willie Fort, age 20, and Lettie Bostick age 21. Married by W.M. Henry, minister, 21 Feb 1909 in the presence of J. Rabins and Dave Jackson of Sawyer, OK James Bostick, age 22 of Hambdon, and Leanna Prior, age 22 of Hugo. Married by F.R. Douglas, minister, 27 Oct 1908 in the presence of Mrs. C. Shull and Mr. and Mrs. Wade Stephens. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jessica Quiroz is researching Clement BOSTWICK, born 11 Dec 1796 MD and died 19 Nov 1863 Renault, Monroe Co, IL. He married Polly F. Hendrick 12 Dec 1817 and had the following children: Amanda - born 1818 Sarah - born 1820 Louisa - born 8 Nov 1821 Melinda - born 1825; married Jacob Fultz Jr Lucinda - born 1828 Elijah N. - born 29 Nov 1830 Issac Newton - born 9 Nov 1834; died 15 Apr 1916 William L. - born 9 Nov 1836 Eleazor - born 29 Nov 1838; died Mar 1922 Can anyone help Jessica find the parents of Clement Bostwick? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bostick Researchers: (We have 70 subscribers!) Virginia Redden Virginia is our first international subscriber. She lives in Queensland, Australia and is a descendant of Richard S. Bostick (born 1758 SC) and his daughter, Ann Eliza Bostick (born 1802 SC) Frank Bostick Henry Bostick (born ca 1830) and Sarah Hoffman. Lived Marietta, Lancaster Co, PA Peggy Bostick James J. Bostick, possibly born Aug 1848 GA, buried Quay Co, NM Bettiann Lloyd Stephen Bostick, born ca 1818-25 GA; married Matilda Langston. On 1850 Chickasaw Co, MS census and 1860 Calhoun Co, MS census. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 1 March 1998
1 March 1998 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOSTICK FEMALE ACADEMY Recently Max Bostic shared with me a couple of pictures of the Bostick Female Academy in Williamson Co, TN. According to =Williamson Old Home Sites= by Virginia McDaniel Bowman, this beautiful old brick building is located on top of the hill south of the intersection of Horton Highway and 96. She goes on to say "A wealthy citizen of Tribune, Dr. Jonathan Bostick moved to Mississippi soon after the War Between the States. He died there leaving directions in his will that a certain amount of money be used for a new school for girls at Tribune. Located on 11 acres across from Samuel Perkins' plantation, the new school was begun about 1885 with a liberal arts course along with music and art." About 1900 the school trustees turned the building over to the county and it was used as a public school until about 1956. Later it was used as a meeting place for various organizations. The Bostick family really left a mark on Williamson Co, TN as a number of homes and old buildings with which they were associated still stand. The first person of this Bostick family to settle in Williamson Co, TN was John Bostick, son of Absalom and Bethenia (Perkins) Bostick. John was born 18 June 1765 prob. in VA and died 20 Sep 1850, Williamson Co. He married Mary Gervais/Jarvis 20 Dec 1787 in Richmond Co, GA. They lived in Stokes Co, NC, until 1808/09, when they moved to TN. The Bible record of this family has been published by the Maury Co, TN Historical Society in =Maury County Cousins= (c)1967. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ARTHUR BOSTWICK FAMILY I.Arthur1 Bostwick married Ellen Johnson. He was born in 1603 at England. He married Jane Whittel, dau. of Robert Whittel Rev, on 8 January 1627. A. Mary2 Bostwick was born in 1629. B. Jane2 Bostwick was born in 1631. C. Ellen2 Bostwick was born in 1633. D. Arthur2 Bostwick was born in 1636. E. John2 Bostwick was christened on 18 October 1638 at England. He married Mary Brinsmead, daughter of John Brinsmead and Mary Carter, circa 1665 at CT. He was buried on 11 December 1688. 1. John3 Bostwick married Abigail Walker. He was born on 12 October 1667. He died after 1747. a) John4 Bostwick married Mercy Bushnell. He was born on 12 December 1688. He died on 12 June 1741 at age 52. (1) John5 Bostwick married Jemima Canfield. He was born on 24 March 1715. He died on 17 December 1806 at age 91. (a) Matthew6 Bostwick married Rebecca Bostwick Bostwick. i) Shelburne7 Bostwick married Mercy Smith. He was born on 11 August 1781 at New Milford CT. He died 7 Sep 1865 at Mentor OH at age 84. (a) Manley8 Bostwick (b) Alpheus8 Bostwick (c) George8 Bostwick was born on 1 May 1814 at Tully, Onondaga, NY. He married Jennet "Jeanette" McKinley, daughter of James McKinlay and Elizabeth Cameron, on 3 Apr 1840. He died on 19 December 1887 at Aurora, IL, at age 73. i) Eloine Elizabeth9 Bostwick married John Bell. She was born on 14 May 1840. She died on 6 February 1866 at age 25. ii) Walter Whitfield9 Bostwick was born 11 July 1843 at Thompson, Geauga, OH. He married Elizabeth Swartout 10 Feb 1869 at Aurora, IL. iii) Charles George9 Bostwick was born 14 Aug 1855. iv) Florence Jeanette9 Bostwick was born 10 Mar 1862. She married Fred P. Estee on 14 Oct 1886. (a) Claire10 Estee (d) Sidney8 Bostwick (e) Matthew8 Bostwick (f) Shelburne8 Bostwick (g) Emily8 Bostwick (h) Alfred8 Bostwick (2) Benajah5 Bostwick married Hannah Fiske. He was born 8 Feb 1717. He died 23 Oct 1776 at age 59. (a) David6 Bostwick married Hannah Hill. He was born 3 Aug 1742. He died 4 Oct 1821 at age 79. i) Joel7 Bostwick married Nancy Stone. (a) David Elmore8 Bostwick Dr Bostwick # 1514. He was born 22 Feb 1821 at New Milford CT. He married Adelaide McKinley, daughter of John McKinley, 26 Dec 1850 at West Chester PA. He died 17 Mar 1872 at Litchfield CT at age 51. i) Arthur Elmore9 Bostwick married Lucy Sawyer. He was born 8 Mar 1860 at Litchfield CT. (a) Andrew Lynn10 Bostwick BIOGRAPHY: BA Yale 1908. He was born 8 Sept 1886. He married Martha McKittrick Jones in 1918. (b) Esther10 Bostwick was born 30 Aug 1887. (c) Elmore McNeill10 Bostwick married Alma Sterling Simon. He BIOGRAPHY: Yale ex-'16. He was born 8 Apr 1892. 2. Joseph3 Bostwick was born 11 May 1672. He married Ann Burr 14 June 1698. He died 8 Apr 1726 at age 53. a) Abraham4 Bostwick was born 5 Sept 1702. He married Hannah Collins, daughter of Daniel Collins and Ruth (--?--), 13 Sep 1732. He died 2 Apr 1776 at age 73. (1) Joseph5 Bostwick married Anne Tuttle. He was born 14 Nov 1735. (a) William6 Bostwick married Sally Carter. He was born in 1775 at CT. He died 23 Sept 1823. i) Oliver7 Bostwick married Melinda Thomas. He was born 2 Oct 1816 at Madison tsp, Ohio. He died 29 Apr 1867 at age 50. (a) Annette8 Bostwick was born 26 Aug 1840 at Fayette Co, OH. She married James Jones 17 Mar 1859. i) Willis9 Jones married Lara E McKinley. He was born 14 Feb 1865 at Monroe, OH. (a) Herold C10 Jones was born 26 Feb 1896. Prepared by: Bill Reque 619 Connecticut Street San Francisco CA 94107 Reference data: =The Bostwick family in America= =The descendants of Arthur Bostwick of Stratford, Connecticut, by Henry Anton Bostwick 1901, 1987 Edition. Source: Sutro Library, San Francisco CA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OSMER Part VI Sir William de BOSTOCK, son of Sir Henry de BOSTOCK and Eleanor POOLE, born circa 1240; married Elizabeth AUDLEY, daughter of James, Lord of Audley and Lord of Heligh [or as another source states: the father is Hugh AUDLEY Senior, Lord AUDLEY, of Stratton, Audley, and Oxfordshire]. Sir William had a second wife, Amice, who had to sue John de Arclid for dower, 31, Ed. 1., 1302. -o- Sir William and Elizabeth`s children were Sir Edward, born circa 1260; married to Lady TRUMPINGTON; Philip [born circa 1260] marries Maria, daughter of Matthew de VERNON; Hugh marries Hawise, daughter of Richard de HELLESBY; and Joceram. Little else is known of these individuals. -o- Sir William and Amice`s children are Amice, marries John, son of Richard de CROXTON, brother of Warin, Lord of CROXTON; and Gilbert de BOSTOCK of Tarporley and Wethamstead. -o- Sir William de BOSTOCK (our subject of this text) is killed at the Battle of Evesham in 1265. -o- Joceram, son of William and Elizabeth, marries Amice (2), daughter of William and his second wife, Amice(1). Joceram is Amice (2) first husband. The records at hand show there were children by this marriage but no names listed. One source mentions two and the other lists three children of this union. -o- We will pick up from Sir Edward de BOSTOCK and Lady TRUMPINGTON in the next issue. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RUTHERFORD COUNTY, NC CEMETERY RECORDS On 17 April 1981, during a visit to Rutherford Co, NC, I copied the following records from an unpublished manuscript of Rutherford Co cemeteries in the public library in Rutherfordton: Bethany Church Cemetery, Forest City, NC M. Baxter Bostic son of JC & S Bostic 1 Oct 1884-4 Jun 1884[sic] Bertha Bostic dau of TA & S Bostic 25 Nov 1894-15 Nov 1895 Mattie G Bostic 23 May 1886-7 Jun 1887 Nettie May, wf of Milson Bostic 11 Jun 1883-11 May 1910 Concord Church Cemetery, 1/2 mile E of Forest City James T. Bostic 11 Oct 1902-10 Mar 1903 Bertha A. Bostic 13 Dec 1893-20 May 1896 Delilah Bostic 15 Jan 1826-18 Mar 1846 Lola I., dau of SL & CL Bostic 26 Aug 1896-16 Sep 1898 Margaret Bostic 30 May 1833-6 Oct 1899 S.L., son of SL & CL Bostic 1900-1970 Narcissa Bostic 1804-1868 Cool Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Forest City Amelia C. Bostic died 8 Oct 1849 Benjamin S. Bostic 1854-1856 Cynthia Bostic died 15 Dec 1862 Frances E. Bostic died 7 Nov 1840 John Bostick died 22 Sep 1873 Mary C. Bostic died 15 Sep 1862 R.P. Bostic died 28 Sep 1862 Samuel E. Bostic died 19 Jun 1866 T.W. Bostick died 23 Feb 1867 Leonard Bostick died 4 Jul 1870 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following is transcribed from =Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files vol I: A-E= by Virgil D. White and published by the National Historical Pub. Co (c) 1990. The number following the name is the pension number. Copies of the pension files may be ordered from the National Archives, using form 80. These forms may be ordered online by sending an email to In the subject line put: NATF FORM 80 In the text of the message put the number of forms you would like to receive, your name and address. Those who applied for a pension in 1818 had to prove they were indigent. The pension numbers beginning with W indicate a widow's pension. BOSTICK, Absalom R1039, VA Line, applied 26 Jan 1837 Halifax Co, VA, aged 77 on 15 Dec next. BOSTICK, Ezra & Drusilla W23653, NC Line, soldier applied 17 Sep 1832 Montgomery Co, IL, aged 78 and a resident of Bostick's settlement; enlisted Anson Co, NC, he was born 1753 Queen Anne Co, MD; in 1803 moved to KY and in 1820 to IL. Widow applied 30 Oct 1843 Montgomery Co, IL, aged 74; they married Feb 1792. Soldier died 10 Feb 1843. BOSTICK, John R1040, NC Line, soldier's cousin Hellery B. Bostick was age 82 & on 31 Jul 1854 signs an affidavit in Muscogee Co, GA stating that he and soldier were boys together in Surry Co, NC & that soldier was appt'd Capt of Militia and after the war soldier's uncle & family moved to Richmond Co, Ga and soldier came to visit a relative of soldier's wife, after soldier married he returned to NC and in 1808 moved to Williamson Co, TN & died there in 1850, leaving children James A. Bostick, Bathemia Patton, Elizabeth Bell, Jane Wilson, Christina Coltart & Hardin P. Bostick; son Hardin P. applied 8 Mar 1853 Davidson Co, TN, aged 58; soldier left a will (filed 28 Aug 1844) & in addition to the above children he named a dec'd daughter Mary (Reeder?)[sic] & her daughter Mary (Clarinda?) names not clear; also named dec'd son Hampton Bostick & his 2 sons John H & James A Bostick, also named sons (soldier's) John & Absalom Bostick; a John Claybrook & Jonathan Bostick were witnesses to his will in 1844. [Editor's note: This John Bostick is the same as the one mentioned in the first article in this newsletter.] BOSTWICK, Amos S45312, Cont. Line (CT), applied 10 Sep 1819 Otsego Co, NY, aged 74, a resident of Unadilla, NY, soldier enlisted at New Milford, CT; in 1820 soldier was aged 74 with wife Sally age 71 & daughter Sally aged 33, soldier died 19 Nov 1829, soldier served under a Capt Isaac Bostwick, relationship not stated. BOSTWICK, Andrew S36915, Cont. Line (CT), applied 3 Apr 1818 Litchfield Co, CT, a resident of Southbury in New Haven Co, CT; in 1820 soldier was aged 66 with wife aged 67. BOSTWICK, David S36418, BLW #2193-160-55, CT Line, applied 8 May 1818 Litchfield Co, CT, aged 57, a resident of New Milford, CT & enlisted there, in 1820 soldier had a wife aged 57; soldier mentioned a Philomela Bostwick in 1820, but no relationship stated; soldier applied for Bounty Land Warrant (BLW) 23 Mar 1855, aged 93. BOSTWICK, Doctor S2384, CT Line, applied 28 Aug 1832 Portage Co, OH, aged 67, a resident of Ravenna, OH; soldier was born 1764 New Milford, CT and enlisted there & afterwards lived in Chittenden Co, VT 16 years and then to Dutchess Co, NY 7 yrs and then to Gloucester, NJ 7 yrs & about 1816 moved to Ravenna, OH. Continued next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following was found in The NC Genealogical Society Journal, Vol XXIV, #1, February 1998 Marriage and Death Notices from the North Carolina Presbyterian 1867 Issue of 6 Nov 1867: Married on 17 Oct, David A. McDiarmid of Cumberland Co. to Miss Mary E., daughter of the late James Bostick of Richmond Co. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Citing Your Sources I started seriously researching my families almost 30 years ago - back in the days when the mailman was my best friend as sharing and exchanging of family information was done only with the cooperation of the U.S. Postal Service. Much of the information I received was hand written as computers weren't available and not everyone could type. Today we have email to send and receive information, almost eliminating the stress of waiting for that piece of much-needed material. But ... the standards for research remain the same. Every statement, every date and every name must carry the source of the information. Did it come from a will or a marriage? If so, cite the book number and page. Did it come from a published family history? If so, cite the name and author of the book. If a copy of the original document is not provided, you should not - no, can not cite the origin of the document. Cite the published family history as that is where you got the information. Then order a copy of that document. If the info came from someone and no documentation is provided, cite that person, but get a copy of the document. Taking another person's word without proof is tantamount to walking out into the street in heavy traffic. Sooner or later, you are going to be knocked down. Enough said. I'll get off this soapbox now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you had relatives who could have served in the Civil War from Illinois, check out the searchable database at You can also find Regimental histories from the Adjutant General's Report at this site. For Mississippi Civil War information, try this one: The South Carolina Historical Society has a page at Check out the great online information The Georgia Dept of Archives & History can be found at http://www.SOS.State.Ga.US/archives/default.htm Alabama Dept of Archives & History has a web page at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ QUERIES Robert is looking for information on Mathew Denny Bostick of AL/TN; possible CSA solier. Jim is researching William T. Bostick, who was possibly born 1802 SC; in Gadsden Co, FL 1830 and 1840 and Jasper Co, TX 1850 and died shortly thereafter. We now have 75 subscribers to the newsletter! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 15 March 1998
15 March 1998 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #16 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CHARLES BOSTICK and FAMILY By Lew Griffin Charles Bostick was born in VA ca 1745 and died ca Dec 1813 Rutherford Co, NC, at approximately 68 years of age. Charles was *possibly* the son of William Bostick Jr and wife Micha, but that has not yet been proven. Charles Bostick married Ruth Scoggin ca 1765. Ruth was born ca 1742 and was the daughter of Richard Scoggin Jr and wife Mary. Ruth Scoggin Bostick died after 1813 Rutherford Co, NC. Charles Bostick was in Halifax Co, VA at the time of his marriage to Ruth Scoggin. By 1777, he was in Caswell Co, NC, where he appears on a tax digest. Since Caswell Co was formed from Orange Co in 1777, Charles may have been in Orange Co earlier. Charles bought and sold various tracts of land in Caswell Co before he moved from the area. In Nov 1788, Charles bought 100 acres of land in Halifax Co, VA from William Harris and John Scoggin, with Lucy Scoggin among the witnesses. (Halifax Co Deed Bk 14, pg 454) John Scoggin and Sarah Scoggin Parrott were the illegitimate children of Charles' wife, Ruth, and may have been the children of Charles as well. Charles may have given this land to his son, Richard, who seems to have been living in Halifax Co during this period. Charles appears on t he 1790 Caswell Co census in St. Lawrence Dist. When Person Co was created in 1791, his land fell in the new county and he appears on the 1794 and 1795 tax lists there. In Jan 1795 and Nov 1795, Charles sold land in Person Co and, in Jan 1796, he appointed his son Chesley as his lawful attorney to transact all matters in his absence as he was going to deal with suits from Delilah South, "on account of my son Richard Bostick getting a base begotten child with her." (Person Co Deed Bk B, pg 298) Charles Bostick moved to Rutherford Co, NC in 1796 and bought land in Sept of that year on Wilkey's Creek. In Nov 1796 he bought more land. In Oct 1806, he sold the first tract of land. In 1813, Charles died in Rutherford Co. His wife, Ruth, survived him, but is not listed on the 1820 census. Charles Bostick and Ruth Scoggin had the following children: 1. possible daughter - born Halifax Co, VA. Charles Bostick's will mentions Ricy Walker, wife of John Walker Jr and Walker family records indicate that John Walker Jr married Ricy Johnson. This would suggest two possibilities. Either Charles Bostick had a dec'd daughter who married first a Mr. Johnson and had a child named Ricy or else Charles had a daughter who was first married to a Mr. Johnson and second to John Walker Jr. Further research is needed. The 1850 and 1860 TN Census Indices show John Walker and Reicy/Rice in McMinn Co. In 1850, Rice Walker is listed as age 56 and in 1860, Reicy is listed as age 65. This would make her born ca 1794-95, probably too young to have been the daughter of Charles Bostick. 2. Susannah - born ca 1766 Halifax Co, VA. Married Reuben Parrott in Caswell Co, NC 1784. Reuben was born 14 Feb 1762 and was the son of James Parrott and Catherine. 3. Chesley - born ca 1768. Died after 1830 Spartanburg Dist, SC. He married twice: (1) possibly to a Boswell ca 1788 and (2) Susannah Weber 23 Dec 1806 Rutherford Co, NC. 4. Lucy - born ca 1770 Halifax Co, VA. Married George Reynolds 14 Jan 1793 Person Co, NC. 5. Reuben - born ca 1772 Halifax Co, VA. He died before 1813 Rutherford Co, NC. Married Margaret Davidson 12 Sep 1797 Rutherford Co. After Reuben died, Margaret and children moved to Kentucky, along with her Davidson relatives. Issue: William, Richard, Nancy, Martha, Davidson, and Aspacia. 6. Richard - born ca 1774 Halifax Co, VA. Richard died ca 1839 Gwinnett Co, GA. He married Ann Link. Issue: Martha, James, Nancy, Elizabeth, John, Toliver, Richard Jr and Chesley. 7. Nancy - born ca 1776 Halifax Co, VA. Married John Harrell in Rutherford Co 31 Jul 1797. Issue: James, Polly and Betsy. Sources: Deed books cited above. Katherine Kerr Kendall, =Person Co, NC Compilations of Wills, Tax Lists 1792-1820= Halifax Co, VA Marriage Records Person Co, NC Marriage Records Rutherford Co, NC Marriage Records. Next issue to continue with Chesley Bostick, son of Charles. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OSMER Part VII In this issue, we will try to follow Sir Adam de BOSTOCK, son of Sir Edward BOSTOCK and Lady TRUMPINGTON, born about 1285, married Jane (some refer to her as Joan) BRERETEN, daughter of Sir William de BRERETEN, Lord of Brereten, Cheshire. Sir Adam de BOSTOCK was knighted by King Edward I in Scotland, 22 Jul 1298. Ralph de BOSTOCK, brother of Sir Adam, married (spouse unknown) amd his son, William, was a monk of Vale Royal. Our subject of this text, Sir Adam BOSTOCK and Jane BRERETEN had the following children: (1) Sir William de BOSTOCK, born about 1315, Seneschal of Frodsham 30 Sep 1361, knighted by Kind Edward III, married: (1)[name unknown], daughter to Sir Richard WINNINGTON, the children of this union are: (1) Sir Adam de BOSTOCK, married Margaret de WETTENHALL, daughter and co-heir of Sir John de WETTENHALL, Lord of Wettenhall and Acton, Cheshire. (2) Robert de BOSTOCK, of Warmingham. Sir William married (2) Alice de MOULTON, daughter and heir to Sir William de MOULTON, Lord of Moulton, Cheshire. Children by Alice were: (1) Ralph de BOSTOCK of Moulton, ancestor of BOSTOCKs of Moulton and Wixhall. (2) David de BOSTOCK (3) William de BOSTOCK. Sir William married (3) Joan de NORREYS, widow of Sir Thomas DANVERS, of Tabley, Lord of Bradley in Appleton, and daughter of Edward de NORREYS. Later, Joan will remarry after Sir William dies. Her third husband is Michael SCOTT. (2) Thomas de BOSTOCK (3) Hugh de BOSTOCK -o- In the next issue, we will deal with Sir Adam de BOSTOCK, son of Sir Adam BOSTOCK and Jane BRERETEN. The plots begin to thicken from this point of our study. We get into the time period where a woman can be the wife of the King of France, gets the boot and becomes the wife of the King of England. She then has three sons of which two become King of England. The third son inspires the stories of "King Arthur". John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following is found in South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine under Marriage and Death Notices, Charleston. vol. XLVIII July 1947 #3 "We regret the painful task, of recording the untimely exit from this world of a worthy inhabitant of Georgetown, SC. Mr. Eli S. BOSTICK was a native of Connecticut, a Carpenter and House-Joiner by trade - lived here about 4 years, during which time he conducted himself, as an industrious honest man. On the 26th of last month, returning from North Island, in a sail boat, with two other persons the boat upset, one man swam to the shore - one clung to the mast of the boat, which remained above water, from whence he was rescued by a boat, fortunately then passing. But, poor Mr. B. having on a pair of heavy boots, sunk and rose four times - the fifth time, he sunk to rise no more! Thus was a worthy man deprived of life, in the 39th year of his age, leaving a young widow, a father, mother, brothers and sisters, to lament the unfortunate accident ..." (Saturday, April 14, 1821) This one comes from the same publication, Marriage and Death Notices from the City Gazette of Charleston. vol XC Jan 1939 #1 "Died, at his Plantation in Williamsburgh, on the 26th of October, Jonathan BOSTWICK, Esq. aged 66 years, after a short but very severe illness." (Saturday, Nov. 19, 1814) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stewart Hampton Bostic sends the following: VIRGINIA LAND GRANTS The following was transcribed at the Virginia State Library 8 Oct 1977. 31 Aug 1844 Grant 95, pg 567 Bostick, David. Monroe Co. 50 acres on waters of Laurel Run, a branch of Second Creek. 2 Nov 1857 Grant 114, p. 346 Bostick, John. Monroe Co. 19 acres on Humphries Run, a branch of Indian Creek. 31 Aug 1844 Grant 95, pg 566 Bostick, Joshua. Monroe Co. 20 acres on Big Run, a branch of Second Creek. 30 Nov 1847 Grant 99, pg 662 Bostick, Reuben. Monroe Co. 90 acres on waters of Second Creek. 30 Jun 1847 Grant 98, pg 702 Bostick, David. Monroe Co. 3 acres on Carpenters Run, a branch of Second Creek. 30 Nov 1838 Grant 89, pg 717 Bostick, William. Monroe Co. 100 acres on waters of South Fork of Laurel Creek. 28 Jan 1790 Grant 21, pg. 631 Bostick, Moses. Greenbrier Co. 100 acres on Turkey Creek, a branch of Indian Creek, adjoining William West. 1789-1790 20 Jun 1733 Patent 15, pg 43 Bostick, John. Goochland Co. 350 acres on both sides of Great Guineas Creek. 1732-1735 8 Sep 1736 Patent 17, pg 171 John Bostick. Goochland Co. 400 acres on branches of Great Guinea Creek. 1735-1738. Sold to Valentine Bostick, who sold to John Woodson 16 Jun 1741. 20 Sep 1745 Patent 22, pg 504 Bostick, Charles. Goochland Co. 125 acres on both sides of Great Guinea Creek, adjoining John Bostock. 1743-1745 23 May 1763 Patent 35, pg 194 Bostick, John. Prince Edward Co. 400 acres on south side of Appomattox River, adjoining the lands of Chiles, Harris, etc. 30 Jun 1845 Grant 96, pg 413 Bostick, James. Tazwell Co. 140 acres on waters of Maiden Spring Fork of the Clinch River. 14 Jul 1769 Patent 30, pg 706 Bostick, John. Buckingham Co. 89 acres on the north branches of the appomattox River. 1768-1770. 1 Aug 1772 Patent 40, pg 836 Bostick, Absalom. Halifax Co. 397 acres on branches of Sandy and Dan Rivers, adjoining his own and the land of Wilson, Little, etc. 6 Apr 1769 Patent 38, pg 563 Bostick, Charles. Halifax Co. 400 acres on south side of Childries Creek, adjoining Hubbards land. 13 May 1763 Patent 35, pg 177 Bostick, John. Halifax Co. 400 acres on south side of Dan River, beginning where the county line crosses sd. river. 30 Jul 1748 Patent 26, pg 506 Bostick, Charles. Albemarle Co. 580 acres on the branches of Willis' Creek and Holliday River. 1 Jun 1750 Patent 30, pg 151 Bostick, John. Albemarle Co. 2000 acres on Appomattox River, adjoining Henry Chiles and Anthony Hoggatt. 1750-1752 20 Sep 1768 Patent 37, pg. 563 Bostick, Charles. Lunenburg Co. 295 acres on south side of Childrys Creek, adjoining William Cunningham's lines. 2 Aug 1819 Grant 68, pg 194 Bostick, Manoah. Cabell Co. 15 acres on 4 Pole Creek, beginning on the upper side of S.D. Creek on the line of a Mily. survey granted to John Savage. 2 Aug 1819 Grant 68, pg. 294 Bostick, Manoah. Cabell Co. 450 acres between a military survey granted to John Savage and others and a survey granted to Samuel M. Hopkins. 1819 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Continuing with Bostick & Bostwick listings from =Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files Vol. I: A-E= abstracted by Virgil D. White (c) 1990 BOSTWICK, Ebenezer, S42090, BLW #32-100, CT Line, applied 11 Jun 1828 Portage Co, OH; in 1820 soldier was aged 65 and a resident of Portage Co, OH with wife Jemima, aged 53, and a girl, Catherine Ives, aged 11, no relationship to soldier was stated. Soldier enlisted at New Milford, CT. BOSTWICK, Elisha, S10376, CT & Continental Line, applied 30 Jul 1832 Litchfield Co, CT, aged 83. Soldier born 17 Dec 1848 at New Milford, CT and enlisted there. He died 11 Dec 1834. BOSTWICK, Elizur/Eliezer, S4269, CT Line, applied 28 Aug 1832 Portage Co, OH, aged 75 & a resident of Edinburgh, OH. Soldier born 1757 Danbury, CT and lived at New Milford, CT at time of enlistment. In 1816 he moved to OH. Soldiers mentions a Capt Isaac Bostwick, Ebenezer Bostwick & a Doctor Bostwick, but no relationship stated. BOSTWICK, John, Betsey W1810, BLW #6408-160-55, MA Line, soldier applied 24 Jul 1832 Allegany Co, NY; a resident of Pike, NY and states he was placed on pension roll of NY on 6 Aug 1818 and was dropped 4 Mar 1820. In 1818 soldier lived at Hartwick, Otsego Co, NY. Widow applied 4 Jun 1849 Wyoming Co, NY, aged 78. Soldier married Betsey Brown 3 Dec 1796 at Hartwick, NY and he died 21 Oct 1848 at Pike, NY. Soldier's and widow's children were David, Born 21 Aug 1797; Bethane, born 28 Sep 1804; widow applied for BLW [Bounty Land Warrant] in 1855, the following is shown in the family records but no relationship to soldier or widow stated: Peter Kendal, born 10 May 1753 and died 27 Jan 1825; Betsey Willson, born (date not given); Susanna Spalding, born 20 Sep 1753; Peter married 4 Jul 1776 to Betsey Willson, who died 13 Nov 1793l Peter Kendal married 9 Mar 1794 to Susanna Spalding, who died 18 Feb 1825; Hervey Kendal married 21 Feb 1811 to Susanna Gardner, who died 20 Jul 1826; Hervey Kendal married 27 Jan 1839 to Miranda Comford Sheldon; children of Harvey & Susanna Kendall were: Lucy, who married 1 Jan 1832 to Marvin Partridge; Maryan, who married 3 Feb 1833 to Lyman Clark; David, who married 27 Jan 1836 to Julia Metcalf; Eveline, who married 20 Mar 1836 to Elisha Roe; Betsey, who married 13 Nov 1836 to Seth Angle & Hervey Gardner Kendall, who married 21 Apr 1841 to Harrit Brass. BOSTWICK, Jonathan, S14978, CT Line, applied 6 Aug 1832 in Litchfield Co, CT, aged 70, a resident of New Milford, CT. Soldier born 7 Jul 1762. Soldier's brother David Bostwick of New Milford, CT signs affidavit 5 Jun 1833. BOSTWICK, Levi, Anne or Anna, W21699, CT Line, widow applied 6 Sep 1836 Fairfield Co, CT, aged 80, a resident of Brookfield, CT. Soldier enlisted under widow's father, Capt Joseph Smith of Brookfield, CT. Soldier & widow married 5 Nov 1776. Widow's brother Abel Smith states he was 18 months younger than widow and that widow's oldest chid was Annie or Annice, born Aug or Sep 1777. It was stated soldier and widow had a large family of children. Soldier's date of death not shown. continued next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On April 5, HBO will air a 12-part series entitled "From the Earth to the Moon." This series was co-produced by Michael Bostick, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer with Tom Hanks as Executive Producer and Jerry C. Bostick as a Technical Advisor. Jerry C. Bostick jerkieb@worldnet.att. net (Technical Advisor) is one of our subscribers and the father of Michael Bostick. Congratulations! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ QUERIES Jerry is researching James Etley Bostic, who was born 16 Sep 1828 and is found in Monroe Co, VA/WVA. Does anyone know the names of James Etley's parents? Karen is researching Everett Bostick, who was born 29 Aug 1892 and died 4 Jun 1964. Birthplace unknown, but is buried in MS. His father, James, was born NC and had a brother Lawrence or Laurence Bostick. Can anyone help Karen? Tim is researching Nancy Bostic, daughter of James William Bostic and Nancy Catherine Johnston. Nancy Bostic married Henry Arthur Kiger. Both were from Winston-Salem, NC. Can anyone help? Kelly and would like to confirm the identity of the parents of Henry Bostick (born ca 1827 Lancaster Co, PA). Will share info on descendants of Byron Bostick (born 1861 Marietta, Lancaster Co, PA) and Flora Bostick (born 1863 Marietta, Lancaster Co, PA) We now have 81 subscribers! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 1 April 1998

1 April 1998 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #17 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope each of you has put Winter to rest. As I write this, the sun is shining and it is almost 80 degrees in Southern Indiana. The sky is blue, the tulips are blooming, the grass needs mowing ... Ah Spring! Several different Bostic/Bostick famililes lived in Tennessee at one time or another. This list is likely incomplete and came from secondary sources. For verification, please obtain a copy of the original from the county courthouse. TENNESSEE MARRIAGES BLOUNT COUNTY, TN Bostick, Floyd - Rosannah Murray 12 Jun 1817 DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN Bostic, Elizabeth - Aaron Turpin 17 Apr 1811 (bond) Bostick, Catherine - John B. Halbert 9 Sep 1847 dau of Hardin P. Bostick of Nashville Bostick, Hardin P. - Margaret R. Litton 30 Dec 1824 Bostick, James A. - Maria L. Smith 23 May 1839 Bostick, John H. - Catherine L. Temple 20 Dec 1838 Bostick, Richard W.H. - Rebecca Cannon 19 Jan 1841 Bostick, Eliza Jane - John Fletcher Early 1860 FRANKLIN COUNTY, TN Bostick, Mary - Presley R. Buckner 6 Nov 1856 Bostick, Nancy - Garland M. Woods 24 Dec 1865 Bostick, Chesley B. - Francis Griffin 10 Dec 1842 Bostick, B.R. - M.M. Bennett 18 Sep 1866 Bostick, Berry - S.A. Buckner 16 Jan 1870 Bostick, Chesley B. - Susan S. Stovall 9 May 1852 Bostick, Nathan - Caroline Stovall 18 Jul 1841 GILES COUNTY, TN Bostick, Tabitha S. - Wm. F. King ca 15 Dec 1851 [see Maury Co, TN] HENRY COUNTY, TN Bostic, William - Mary Ann Taylor 20 Dec 1843 Bostick, Charles D. - Rutha A.J. Owen 30 Mar 1848 Bostick, D. - A.F. Carr 5 Feb 1851 Bostick, C.R. - Nancy Y. Clark 20 Nov 1865 Bostick, W.A. - Mary A. Bowden 11 Sep 1866 LINCOLN COUNTY, TN Bostick, Hampton - Susan B. Blackburn 1813 MADISON COUNTY, TN Bostick, A. - Joseph Iver 1 Nov 1842 Bostick, John - Susanna B. Hudson 24 Feb 1841 Bostick, John - Mary Carrington 31 Dec 1845 Bostick, Levi - Caroline Carrington 15 Oct 1846 Bostick, Margaret C - W.B. Williams 28 Jul 1856 Bostick, Margaret C - Wilson E. Stewart 17 Oct 1859 Bostick, Mary A. - John J. Matthews 2 Sep 1847 MARSHALL COUNTY, TN Bostick, A.M.D. - Rachel Leggett 22 Dec 1837 Bostick, George - Malissa Neal 5 Jan 1869 (bond) Bostick, Wm. E. - Jane Bishop 18 Aug 1841 (bond) Bostick, Wm. E. - Martha Luna 8 Jul 1850 MAURY COUNTY, TN Bostick, Dosha - Albert W. Collier 24 Sep 1839 Bostick, Elizabeth E.M. - Wm. M. Sullivan 18 Jan 1843 Bostick, Mary - David Fogleman 25 Oct 1832 Bostick, Mattie E.N. - James C. Murphy 18 Apr 1860 Bostwick, Tabitha - William H. King 16 Dec 1851 ROBERTSON COUNTY, TN Bothick, John - Nancy Carr 25 Jun 1839 (bond) RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN Bostick, Ada - Barton Bostick 28 Dec 1871 Bostick, Boson - Emma Banks 17 Jul 1869 Bostick, Eliza - Charley Magatee 29 Jun 1867 Bostick, Jonathan - Margaret Elliott 6 Nov 1844 Bostick, James A. - Mary J. Elliott 15 Jan 1845 Bostick, Mason - Kincheon Jordan 24 Sep 1865 Bostick, Starlin - Martha Edwards 29 Jun 1867 Bostick, T.K. - M.H. Peay 21 Sep 1856 SHELBY COUNTY, TN Bostick, James H. - L.S. Swearagin 31 Mar 1831 Bostick, Jos. R. - Ann Manning 5 Aug 1856 WEAKLEY COUNTY, TN Bostick, Martha L. - James M. Wester 18 Nov 1858 Bostick, R.F. - Sarah J. Riggs 24 Apr 1861 WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TN Bostick, Angeline - Wm. T. Jordan 29 Aug 1859 Bostick, Bethenia - Jason Patton 29 Jul 1811 Bostick, Bettie M. - G.W. Ransom 9 May 1860 Bostick, Christiana - John Collart 5 Dec 1833 Bostick, Delia - Wm. D. Covington 27 Feb 1867 Bostick, Ebgorn to Bettie Lane 13 Nov 1865 Bostick, James C. - Fannie L. Abston 1859 Bostick, Jane - Jason C. Wilson 29 Sep 1815 Bostick, John - Polly Hyde 18 Dec 1815 Bostick, John - Sallie J. Reams 8 Feb 1866 Bostick, J.C. - Eliza Jane Jordan 22 Feb 1859 Bostick, Lucy J - Thomas W. Jordan 10 Aug 1858 Bostick, Mary Manoah - F. Grundy McGavock 8 Jan 1855 Bostick, M.H. - Mary E. King 14 Apr 1871 Bostick, N. Cannon - Estelle Mosely 2 Oct 1865 Bostick, Parthenia - James Anderson 16 Nov 1845 Bostick, Sally A. - James M Peebles 9 May 1861 Bostick, Wes - Viney Bennell 25 Dec 1879 (bond) WILSON COUNTY, TN Bostick, Elizabeth - Jonathan Prichard 20 Jul 1843 Bostick, Maryanne - Westly Prichard 7 Jun 1842 References: Ansearchin' News, Spring 1980. Ansearchin' News, vol 8 1961 Davidson Co, TN Marriage Record Book 1 Jan 1789-13 Dec 1837 by Lucas Madison Co, TN Marriage Book 2, 1838-1848 Marriages from Early Tennessee Newspapers 1794-1851 Marriages of Shelby Co, TN 1820-1858 by Whitley Marshall Co, TN Marriages 1836-1870 Maury Co, TN Marriages 1808-1852 by Whitley Maury Genealogist, Feb 1973 Rutherford Co, TN Marriages 1804-1850 by Col. Hardy Murfree Chapter, DAR Rutherford Co, TN Marriages 1851-1872 by Col. Hardy Murfree Chapter, DAR History of TN (Williamson Co) by Goodspeed Williamson Co, TN Marriages 1851-1879 by Lynch Wilson Co, TN Marriages 1802-1850 by Whitley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CHESLEY BOSTICK by Lew Griffin Chesley Bostick, son of Charles and Ruth (Scoggin) Bostick, was born ca 1768 Halifax Co, VA and died after 1830 in Spartanburg Co, SC. He married twice. The surname of Chesley's first wife is unknown, but it is possible that she was a Boswell as there was a Boswell Bostick in the next generation who could have been Chesley's son by his first wife. Further research is needed on this possibility. The 1800 Rutherford Co, NC census shows Chesley and his first wife with two sons aged 10-16 and five daughters, four under the age of 10 and one aged 10-16. Boswell Bostick *may* have been one of Chesley's sons. He was born around 1791 and the 1800 census indicates that one of Chesley's sons was born possibly as late as 1790. Boswell named a son Chelsey, another indication that Chesley could have been the father of Boswell. Also, a reasonable explanation for Boswell's name is that it was his mother's maiden name. This writer has not been able to establish the identities of Chesley's other son or sons. Chesley Bostick married (2) Susannah Webber 23 Dec 1806 in Rutherford Co, NC. Susannah was the daughter of Casper Weber and Rosannah ___. Susannah was born ca 1774 and died after 1860 in Spartanburg Co, SC. In a Rutherford Co deed in 1814 (Deed Bk 29-31, pg. 200), Casper Webber conveyed until his daughter, Susanna Bostick, a parcel of land by the East side of the Broad River. By 1820 Chesley and Susannah were in Spartanburg Dist., SC. Records of the Court of Common Pleas in Spartanburg Co show that Chesley owed a debt of $80 to Zachariah Sullins dated 14 Mar 1814, which he was unable to pay. This debt gradually accumulated interest and court costs over a period of 18 years. In 1825, he owed about $123. In 1826 Sheriff Thomas Poole attempted to sell Chesley's land and could not find a buyer. By 1832, he owed $252. Chesley's land was apparently sold by Sheriff James Hunt by writ of Fieri Facias issued 2 July 1831. This, along with the prior sale of farm animals and personal belongings, fell short of the amount owed by about $10. The sale of the land was not recorded in Spartanburg Dist, but may have been recorded in Rutherford Co, NC. Chesley's date of death is unknown, but he was living in 1830 in Spartanburg Dist, perhaps with his daughter, Rebecca, who married Smith Elder. Susannah Bostick was still living in 1860 and was listed in the census that year in the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Rebecca and Smith Elder. The following children are *thought* to have been the children of Chesley Bostick and his first wife. This is based on the fact that none of these children have been proven to have been the children of any of Chesley's brothers. 1. Sally - born 1790; married William McSwain Jr in Rutherford Co, NC, 1812. The book, =The Hamrick Generations= by S.C. Jones (c) 1920, says that Sally Bostick married James McSwaim, but that is either an error or else she was married to both William and James. 2. Boswell - *assumed* to be the son of Chesley. Born ca 1791 and died 1874 Rutherford Co, NC, age the age of 83. He married Narcissa McBrayer in Rutherford Co ca 1825. That Narcissa was a McBrayer and the daughter of David McBrayer, has not been entirely proven. It is based on the fact that David McBrayer did in fact have a daughter named Narcissa and that Boswell and Narcissa named a son McBrayer. The Bosticks in this branch seem to have often named a son after the wife's maiden name. 3. Susannah - born ca 1796, died ca 1874 Hopewell, Rutherford Co, NC. Married Thomas Walker ca 1816, Rutherford Co. 4. Lucy - born Rutherford Co ca 1797; died Timpson, Shelby Co, TX. She married Obediah Hester 8 June 1815 in Rutherford Co. 5. Elizabeth - born 13 May 1790; died 7 Feb 1900 Cleveland Co, NC, age 100. Her body was interred in Boiling Springs Cem. She married George Champion in Rutherford Co ca 1815. There is some question about whether Elizabeth's maiden name was Boswell or Bostick. Two different books list different surnames - one says Boswell and the other says Bostic. More research is needed. Issue of Chelsey Bostick and Susannah Weber: 1. Lethe - born ca 1807 Rutherford Co; married Peter Elder ca 1825 Spartanburg Dist., SC. Lethe is listed as a resident of Greene Co, TN in 1850. 2. Mary J. - born ca 1808 Rutherford Co; died 1863 Tallapoosa Co, AL. Married William Wynn Smith ca 1831 Spartanburg Dist., SC. 3. Rebecca - born Rutherford Co ca 1810; married Smith Elder. References: Ernest Norton. =Bridges to the Past= This Week, Courier-Sun Newspaper, S.A.R. Library, Glendale, CA, 5 Apr 1978. 1810 Rutherford Co, NC census 1830 Spartanburg Dist., SC census 1860 Spartanburg Co, SC census Constance C. Young. =Cleveland County NC Heritage= S.C. Jones. =The Hamrick Generations= (c) 1920 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Conclusion of Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files BOSTWICK, Medad, Mary M., R1042, BLW #34591-160-55, CT Line, soldier applied 18 Jun 1833 Armstrong Co, PA, aged 74 and a resident of Toby Township, PA. Soldier was born 1760 Danbury, Fairfield Co, CT and lived in New Milford, Litchfield Co, CT at enlistment. He married Mary M. Craig 1 Oct 1818 Harrison Co, OH and died 15 Mar 1841. Widow applied for BLW [Bounty Land Warrant] 24 May 1855 Pittsburgh, PA, aged 60. In 1894 a Chauncey B. Bostwick of Pittsburgh, PA stated he was a son of soldier and widow; in 1834 an Ebenezer and Elizar Bostwick made joint affidavit in Portage Co, OH and an Edmond Bostwick was Clerk of Court for Portage Co, OH, but their relationship is not given. BOSTWICK, Nathan, S400009, CT Line, applied 15 Jun 1818 Bradford Co, PA, aged 71 and a resident of Pike Township, PA; enlisted at New Milford Co, CT. In 1820 soldier had a wife Elizabeth, aged 75, who was born Jun 1745 and lived with a son (not named). Soldier had a daughter Mrs. C.G. Gridley. Soldier died 10 Aug 1829. BOSTWICK, Oliver, CT Line; soldier's name appears on list of applicants returned by CT to House of Reps on 25 Apr 1794; serviced as Ensign in Col. Beebe's Regt. Lived at New Milford, CT and was disabled 2 Jul 1780. BOSTWICK, Reuben, S19551, CT Line; applied 17 Aug 1832 Chittenden Co, VT, aged 73 and a resident of Burlington, VT. Soldier was born 1759 at New Milford, Litchfield Co, CT and enlisted there and after the war soldier lived in Whitehall 1 year and then to Hinesburgh, VT 1 year and then to Burlington, VT. BOSTWICK, William, BLW #153-200-23 Dec 1799 to Obadiah Bostwick and others; also recorded under #2524-200-23 Dec 1799 issued to Obadiah Bostwick, son of soldier and to Andrew Morrell, guardian of Charles and John, sons of William Bostwick; NJ line, no papers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following comes from =Will and Bond Record 'B', Mar. 1853- Sept. 1864 Floyd Co, Indiana= by Piankeshaw Chapter, DAR, New Albany, IN (c) 1982. Book B, page 114. Will signed 1 Nov 1858; probated 22 Nov 1858. Mary BOSTOCK. Signed with X. Heirs named: Daniel and James BOSTOCK (sons) and Ellen BOSTOCK and Mary Ann Waters (daughters). Witnesses: N.B. Wilson and L. Sitason. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OSMER Part VIII Before we continue our gripping drama concerning Osmer`s offspring; it might be a good idea to touch on the various persons to start the Bostock in different locations. I am on this side of the puddle from our Saxon families that will influence the family holdings from time to time. The reason I mention this is that I will not dwell on any possibilities. Case in point is our Bostock on this trail we are trying to follow will fail because of no male OR female heir. But, as all soap operas go, there will be a Bostock that will marry back into the family that does inherit all of the Bostock holdings. After stating this, we do see the various other branches of the family, but no one seems to work them out. Of course, there may be a lot of natural dead ends. And to muddy the field further, there is mentioned from time to time of children of the name associated with a mistress. It appears that Gilbert, brother to Edward, and son to William and Elizabeth Audley is the first listed independent branch of the Bostock. Our Gilbert is said to be Lord of Tarporly and Wethamstead. In the next generation we find William, brother to Ralph and Adam, son of Edward and Lady Trumpinton, is the first Lord of Huntington. The following generation in our discussion you will remember mentions Robert, Lord of Warmingham; Ralph, the Lord of Moulton, Whixall, and Lord of Salop. continued next issue. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dale Bostick recently found the following while researching at the Orange Co, VA Historical Society: Orange Co Road Orders vol. 1 28 Feb 1744 A permit to run an ordinary at the same location as previously run by Edward Ware was granted to Valentine BOSTICK. Orange Co Deed Book 5, pg 8 18 Jul 1744 Valentine BAUSTICK listed as surety on a land transfer for Thomas Graves. Orange Co Will Book 2 (1744-1778), 26 Jan 1748 BOSTICK was mentioned on an estate sale to pay debts. The money was paid to a *** Smith for BOSTICK. Orange Co, VA was created in 1734 from Spotsylvania Co. It is bordered today by Culpeper, Madison, Greene, Albemarle, Louisa and Spotsylvania counties. Could this be the same Valentine Bostick who is later found with wife Mary in Onslow Co, NC in 1750? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stokes Co, NC Wills - Devisees Index Read at the NC Archives 1981 [Bostick only listed] Date Devisee Devisor Will Bk/pg 1803 Absalom, John, Absalom Bostick 2/37 Christiania, Ferdinand, Manoah Bostick 1833 Bethenia P. Bostick Thornton P. Guinn 3/243 1841 Bethenia P. Bostick David B. Guinn 4/85 1844 Heirs of Eliz. Bostick Jno. T. Blackburn 4/160 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New Subscribers We have 89 now! Barbara Jones Sandy Thacker Charlotte Bostic Fleming All researching Bostic family of W VA Debra Bostick Matthew Denny Bostick born 1824 Lincoln Co, TN Becky Allison James Jones Bostick born 1848 and Hillery Bostick of GA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 15 April 1998
15 April 1998 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #18 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOSES BOSTICK By Stewart Hampton Bostic Moses Bostick was born in VA about 1752-54. Although I have no proof, I believe him to have been the son of John Bostick of Buckingham Co, VA. Moses enlisted in Dunmore's War in 1774 from Bedford Co, VA and served in Capt. Joseph Hayne's Company at the Battle of Point Pleasant in Oct of 1774. Payrolls show 119 days, L8.8.6 paid in pounds per British style. This was the battle said by many historians to have been the first battle of the American Revolution. It is also the first record of Moses being in the Greenbrier area. In 1780, Moses enlisted in Capt. John Kennedy's Company, KY Militia, under the command of Gen. George Rogers Clark. This was Revolutionary War service against the British and Indians in the Northwest Territory, North of the River Ohio. This was a cavalry command and each soldier furnished his own horse and weapons. It was the fifth call for troops and most of the men were from Greenbrier, Halifax and Shendandoah Co, VA. For their service, private soldiers each received a patent for 100 acres of land and $700. I believe Moses stayed on the frontier after Dunmore's War. Perhaps he stayed in the military either at Point Pleasant or at Fort Lee in present-day Charleston, W VA. Next we find him in the Greenbrier Co records in 1782, being appointed as a road surveyor from Sowards on Dropping Lick to Conrads Mill on Turkey Creek, Greenbrier Co. It would seem he married sometime before 1780, when he left for the campaign against the British and Indians with Gen. Clark. No doubt he was motivated by the offer of land and the bounty of $700. That part of Turkey Creek where he lived became a part of Monroe Co, VA when it was formed in 1799. He first had 400 acres in Greenbrier (Monroe) Co, but I can not find where it was or to whom he sold it. He also had another 100 acres on Turkey Creek that we can not find in the records. The lapse of time since his death makes it hard to trace since the land was parceled many times and sold with other tracts. Moses died in June 1799 and his wife Mary was appointed as executrix of his estate. While he was not a wealthy man, he did have a farm of 100 acres, several head of horses, cattle and sheep. In 1814, his estate was divided among his children, each receiving 10 acres with their mother having a dower right and the graveyard was not to be cultivated. His daughter, Mary, who was living in Gallia Co, OH, initiated the suit for partition in 1812. Moses and Mary Bostick had 10 children: 1. John married Elizabeth Bland 5 Apr 1797; died ca 1830. 2. Ruth married Benjamin Lively 25 May 1803 3. Sarah marred Alexander Bland 10 Jan 1803 4. Thomas married Abigal Bland 12 Dec 1809 5. Moses Jr married Abigal Thomas 24 Jun 1817. They moved to Gallia Co, OH in 1824 and numerous descendants still live in OH. Moses Jr died 24 Jun 1862 Gallia Co, OH 6. Jonathen was blind and remained single. 7. Robert 8. Ellenor married Robert Fury 27 Mar 1814; died 12 Jul 1860 Monroe Co. 9. Mary remained single as far as we know. She moved to Gallia Co, OH ca 1810. 10. Margaret was still single in 1838 Moses and Mary Bostick have many descendants still living in VA and W VA today. Some spell their name with a "K," but most have dropped it. Sources: Hennings Statues, Vol 10, pgs 18-20, 26-27, 33, 257-258, 327-329, 433-434 W.H. English, =Conquest of the Country Northwest of the River Ohio 1778-1783= Monroe Co, W VA Marriage Records Cemetery recordings of Gallia Co, OH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recently, while working on my Stokes Co, NC Bostick families, I re-discovered one little tidbit that might be of interest to those of you researching William Bostick, who died testate in Person Co, NC. In his will William named Obadiah, son of his "daughter" Keziah Bostick. This Obadiah married Nancy Colquitt 1788 Halifax Co, VA. In Tyler's Quarterly vol 17, pgs 247-250, there is a sketch on the Colquitt family and the will of Jonathan Colquitt is abstracted from Halifax Co Will Book 6, pg 297, 14 Nov 1800 and prob. 27 Jul 1801. Named in Jonathan Colquitt's will are daughters Nancy Bostick and Sarah Bain, grandson Frederick Bain, granddaughter Christian Colquitt, dau of son Ransome Colquitt. W. Mac. Jones, who wrote this sketch on the Colquitt family, also included a son, Frederick Colquitt. What caught my eye was a bill of sale in Stokes Co, NC in which Ransom Colquitt of Stokes Co sold 3 slaves to Absalom Bostick on 18 Jan 1799 (Stokes Co Deed Bk 5, pg 545). My Ferdinand Bostick witnessed this bill of sale. We can assume that Ransome Colquitt and Absalom Bostick were acquainted. Would Absalom Bostick have also been acquainted with Ransome's sister, Nancy Colquitt Bostick? What was Ransome Colquitt doing in Stokes Co, NC? Was there some stronger connection between the two families? Something to think about, and might be a clue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1850 Mortality Schedule of Texas Bostick, Absalum, age 32, lawyer, born TN, died August, Fayette Co, TX of "killed" 1860 Mortality Schedule of Texas Bostick, William, age 57, farmer, born SC, died August, Jasper Co, TX of typhoid pneumonia, sick 3 days ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OSMER Part IX If I haven`t lost my place and not lost you along the way we should have followed: OSMER,the Saxon [mercenary in the service of the Romans.] | HUGH | RICHARD | ROGER | Sir GILBERT | WILLIAM + Margret de VERNON | Sir WARIN + Hawise de KYVILIOCK | Sir HENRY + Eleanor de POOLE | Sir WILLIAM + Elizabeth de AUDELY | Sir Edward + Lady TRUMPINGTON | Sir Adam + Jane BRERETON | Sir William + Alice de MOULTON * | Adam + Margaret(Margery) de WETTENHALL (Wetenhale) *NOTE: Alice is Sir William`s first wife and the lineage we are following. Sir Adam BOSTOCK, of BOSTOCK, knighted by the Black Prince living 1344, married Margaret de WETTENHALL, daughter and heir of Sir John WETTENHALL, Lord of Wetenhale, Kingsley, Acton, Cheshire. Sir Adam is known to have participated in the Battle of Najera in 1367. His father by the same name was in the Battle of Falkirk in 1298. In 1363, Adam occurs as senion in his appointment as Seneschal to the Lord of Frodsham. In 1364 Adam entered into the recognizance with David, his brother, to the Earl of 20 marks, part of a fine for 40 pounds sterling made with the Earl by Randal de Roter. Before Adam`s demise he had aquired lands in Bradewell. In 1370, his wife, Margret died. Adam`s I.p.m. was dated 1374; his brothers are mentioned as Ralph, David, William and Thomas, of whom Ralph was the ancestor of the BOSTOCK of Moulton and Whixhall (co. Salop). R.C. BOSTOCK, in his pedigree, gives as the second son of Sir William, Robert of Warmingham. Thomas was listed as an archer in the Crown`s livery. Adam`s son, Adam, was born on the 15th of August 1363; and as he was not of age at the time of the death of his father, he was placed under the guardianship of Walter DOMMORY, the parson of Davenham. At this point, we must remember that all of the sources drawn from do not agree beyond the first Sir Gilbert de BOSTOCK. But they all do agree with Sir Warin without any difficulty. And, with all of the Latin text drawing the conclusion to OSMER and not beyond is about as far as the BOSTOCK brick wall will move back. Our next issue will take up the story of Adam, born 15th August 1363 and his brothers who put down more roots for the BOSTOCK to flourish. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Viet Nam Memorial Wall lists: BOSTICK, Benjamin R. IV; Lexington, KY AR-06 [Army-Captain] 11011942 [1 Nov 1942] - 09261970 [26 Sep 1970] Submitted by John Michael O'Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For those of you interested in Cheshire, England, try this: Then click on Wills at Cheshire Record Office. Descendants of Sion Bostick of Texas will want to check out the following site: Those who are researching the Dalton family of VA and NC in connection with the Bostick family should check out ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following comes from =Index to Mexican War Pension Files= by Virgil D. White (National Historical Pub. Co, Waynesboro, TN, 1989) WC = Widow's Certificate WA = Widow's Application BOSTICK, Charles H., Sarah A. WC-7337, 17 Nov 1890 & SC-9016, both MI, served in Co C 3rd US Arty as a private. BOSTICK, John S., Mary Ann, WC-11259, 4 Apr 1898 & SC-3358, both TN, served in Co F, 1st TN Mtd. Vols as a private. BOSTICK, Leslie Combs, SC-3953, 28 Mar 1887, CA, served in Co C Willock's Separate Bttn MO Mtd. Vols. BOSTICK, Manoah T., Love D., WC-13194, 4 Mar 1903 & SC-4930, both TX, served as a 1st Lt. in Co K, 1st IL Vols. BOSTICK, Sion R., Mary I., WA-16852, 12 Nov 1902, TX, served in Hubbard's Co, no other data. BOSTWICK, Harmon J., Mary A., WA-6329, 18 Apr 1888, LA & SA (Survivor's Application) in CA, served as Overseer in QtrMstrDept. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following is from the Burke Co, GA Index to Deeds Grantee Index 1844-1925. Bostick is found on page 27 of the index. The first date is the date of the deed and the second date is the date the deed was recorded. [Only copied index through 1860] Bostick, Little Berry from Alfred C. Bostwick, Jas. H. Foreman deed 7 Feb 1844 - 10 Feb 1844. Book 9 1/2, pg 70 Bostick, Alfred C., guardian from Rhesa Bostick, trustee of, from Little Berry Bostick 7 Feb 1844 - 10 Feb 1844 Book 9 1/2, pg 67-69. Bostick, Littleberry from David Attaway deed 7 Nov 1844 - 7 Nov 1844 Book 9 1/2, pg 156 Bostick, L.B. from Saml. P. Davis deed 20 May 1847 - 3 Aug 1847 Book 9 1/2, pg 463 Bostick, Harriet from J. Rufus & John Rogers, M. Contract. 21 Feb 1853 - 26 Jan 1854. Book 11, pg 249 Bostick, Thos, admr of from J. Rufus Rogers 13 Dec 1855 - 20 Mar 1856 Book 11, pg 588 Bostick, Thos. from Heirs of Aaron Thompson by guardian - guardian deed 5 Sep 1842 - 9 Jul 1860 Book A, pg 85 Bostick, Thos. from Joseph Dickey 6 Dec 1842 - 9 Jul 1860 Book A, pg 87 Grantor Index 1844 - 1925 [Only copied through 1870] Bostick/Bostwick found on pg 101 of index. Bostick, Littleberry to Alfred C. Bostick, gdn & Rhesa, executor of 7 Feb 1844 - 10 Feb 1844 Book 9 1/2, pg 67 - 69 Bostwick, Alfred C et al to Littleberry Bostick deed 7 Feb 1844 - 10 Feb 1944 Book 9 1/2, pg 70 Bostick, Littleberry, exector of to Robt. J. Morrison deed 7 Jan 1858 - 19 Mar 1869 Book B, pg 448-449 Bostick, Julia A. (gdn of) to Robt. J. Morrison Bk B, pg 452-3 Bostick, Charles A.W. to Robt. J. Morrison 7 Jan 1858 Bk B, pg 454 Bostick, Emma (gdn of) to Robt. J. Morrison 11 Jan 1858 Bk B, pg 456 Bostick, Rhesa to Robt. J. Morrison 11 Jan 1858 Bk B, pg 458 Book 9 1/2 pg 67 Whereas in and by the will of Rhesa Bostick, late of Burke Co, Ga, dec'd, land, negroes & personal property bequeathed to Littleberry Bostick & Alfred C. Bostick in trust for the use of Mrs. Betsey Bostick during her natural life ... whereas the sd. Betsey Bostick has departed this life since the death of sd. Rhesa Bostick leaving 2 children living at her death ... the sd. Alfred C. Bostick and his sister Eliza A.M., now the wife of James H. Forman (of Chambers Co, AL) ... there were in the lifetime 8 children of the sd. Little Berry Bostick and by the will of Rhesa B. (dec'd) are entitled to the other 1/2 of all the estate ... a division was made & Little Berry Bostick became natural guardian of his 8 children .... 7 Feb 1844. Alfred C. Bostick of Pulaskie Co, GA and Littleberry Bostick of Jefferson Co, GA. Deed Book 9 1/2 page 70 shows that Betsey Bostick was the wife of John Bostick dec'd. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bostick Researchers David Dankworth Descends from Lois Bostwick, who married George Sexton 24 Dec 1778 New Milford, CT. Sharon Barrett Researching William Bostick and Galathea S. Moffett of Davenport, OK. Their daughter Ollie Adeline Bostick born 15 Nov 1887 Paint Rock, TX; married Lillard Burton Barrett 15 Mar 1903 Stanford, TX. C. Glen Johnson Descends from Martha Bostick, who married Thomas Johnson 1827 Rutherford Co, NC Debi Sanders Descends from James Erwin Bostic Born 1844, died 1913 Greenbriar/Monroe Co, W VA Donna Vaughn Researching Mary Jane Bostick, born ca 1833 TN and the oldest daughter of William Rand Bostick and Jane Browder of Stokes/Forsyth Co, NC John M. O'Melia Descends from William Bostwick and Mary Bailey of GA Jessica Descends from Clement Bostwick, who was born 11 Dec 1796 MD and died 19 Nov 1863 Renault, IL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 1 May 1998
1 May 1998 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #19 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John Bostick of South Carolina by A. Max Bostic John Bostick was born in VA 1735/1740 and moved from Buckingham Co, VA to Ninety Six, SC before 1790. He died in SC 6 Aug 1796, leaving a will naming his children. The will was found in 1983 in Abbeville Equity Court records. It seems the bulk of the estate was left to John's sons, Davis, Littleberry and John Bostick and the other children received a small amount of money, a slave or a horse - far less than what Davis, Littleberry and John received. The other children denied there was a will and, if there was, their father must have been of unsound mind when it was written. Old John had a large estate and the other children wanted their share. John's wife Jane received a lifetime estate in the plantation, some stock and three slaves. Some researchers think that John was the oldest son of John Bostick, who moved from VA to St. Paul's Parish, GA near present day Augusta, in 1763. This theory is based on a deed written in Albemarle Co, VA. in in 1759: Albemarle County, VA May 1, 1759 John Bostick conveys to Valentine Hatcher for 30 pounds, 200 acres part of where John Bostick lives, Head of Little Willis Branch......Witnesses: W. M. Johns and JOHN BOSTICK JR. Other researchers think that John of SC was the son of William Bostick Jr. We may never know. John contributed to the American Rev. War cause by giving in his paper money to the VA Continental Loan Office in 1779-80 while living in VA. His sons Stephen and Taliaferro/Tolliver served in the Rev. War also. Children of John and Jane Bostick of SC: 1. John Bostick Jr. born VA ca 1758 Died ca 1808 in SC Married (1) Mary White (2) Malinda Jenkins. Issue: A. Francis White Bostick born Dec 8, 1797 Abbeville, SC; died Jan 22, 1855 Carrolton, Pickens Co. AL. Married Candace Moreland Wood 1819 in York district, SC. Francis was Clerk of Court in Pickens Co, AL for 22 years and was elected Major General in the Alabama Militia in 1848. Three of his daughters married three Wilson brothers, two of whom were physicians. B. Mark Bostick (no info) C. John Bostick Jr (no info) D. Daug (no info) E. Daug (no info) 2. Stephen Bostick born ca 1760 in VA. Died ca 1816 in Ninety Six, SC. area. Married in to (1)_____ (2) Nancy Richardson in 1799 in Ninety Six, SC. Stephen served in the Rev. War in VA. He was appointed guardian to Frances White Bostick in 1809 when brother John died. He left a large estate in Ninety Six, SC. He had 10 children, but the names are not proven and more research is needed. Issue: A. Joshua D. Bostick born ca 1785 in Ninety Six, SC. Died 1834 Twiggs Co, GA. Married Lucinda____ in Ninety Six, SC area ca 1815 and Moved to Baldwin Co, GA in 1816 with 17 slaves. In 1820 Joshua D. moved to Twiggs Co, GA. He was Justice of the Peace twice in the 1820s in Twiggs Co and owned 18 slaves in 1840 census. He served in the war of 1812 in SC. (10 children) B. Elizabeth Bostick born ca 1800 in Ninety Six, SC. area. Died ca 1865 Auburn, Macon Co, Al. Married Fredrick N. Ward. (One child) C. George W. Bostick born 1802 in Ninety Six, SC area; lived Twiggs Co, GA 1820-1840 and moved to Ouauchita Parish, LA ca 1842 and died there May 26, 1856. Married Clarinda S. Kelly in Twiggs Co. GA. George had 39 slaves in 1840 census. G.W. evidently had a hot temper as he got a year in prison for assault and battery with intent to kill in Ouauchita Parish in 1848. Prof Frank O'Quinn (LSU), a descendant of George W., has filed his lineage on Family Tree Maker (CD) D. William D. Bostick born ca 1796 in Ninety Six, SC area; lived Twiggs Co, GA area 1820-1840 and Pulaski Co. Ga 1850-60. Died after 1860. Married Ester __. He had 24 slaves in the 1840 Twiggs Co. GA census. E. Beverly Bostick born ca 1787 Ninety Six, SC area. No info after 1817. F. Four more daughters and a son. No info. 3. Davis Bostick born ca 1762 VA. Died __. Married Jane/Jenny Jones, who died abt 1824 in Lincoln Co., GA. She was a daughter of William Jones, who left a will in Lincoln Co, GA dated 13 Jan 1800 and prob. 17 Feb 1801. In 1805, Davis Bostick applied for a license to operate a tavern in Lincoln Co. Issue: A. Wade Bostick B abt 1798 in Ninety Six, SC area. Died ca 1824 Lincoln Co, GA. No issue. Left a will dated 16 Jul 1823 and rec. 6 Feb 1824. He lists his sisters Hilda and Elizabeth and brothers Garland and Hillery in his will and mentions his mother's support. Garland and Hillery were executors, along with Wm. Wm. Jones and Mason Jones. B. Garland Bostick born ca 1800 in Ninety Six, SC area. Married Elizabeth_____. (6 children) C. Hillary Bostick born Feb 3, 1802 Abbeville Co, SC. Died Nov 2, 1890 Auburn, Al. Married Judge Frazier's daugter, Martha W. Frazier, Feb. 4, 1830 Lincoln Co, GA. She died July 18, 1897 in Auburn, Al. (9 Children) D. Hilda Bostick (no info) E. Eliza Bostick (no info) 4. Littleberry Bostick born ca 1764 VA. May have died 1853 in Decatur Co. GA. Married in SC. (1) _______ Hanna (2)_______ Chapman, daughter of John Chapman. Littleberry Bostick and his descendants have been researched by Mary & Wayne Hartman for many years. Issue: A. Levi born 19 May 1809 B. Elizabeth born 1814 Twiggs Co, GA C. Mary born 1815 Twiggs Co, GA D. George Washington born 1818 Twiggs Co, GA 5. Taliaferro/Toliver Bostick born ca 1766 VA. Died August 16, 1813 in Abbeville Co, SC. Married Ann Davis, widow of Col. James Moore, a hero in the Rev. War. Toliver was very active in the Ninety Six, SC community. He helped settle many disputes and estates and was active in community affairs. On the 1810 census he had 52 slaves. Issue: A. Washington Bostick born ca 1797 Ninety Six, SC area. Died May 25,1817 Edgefield Co, SC. (No issue) B. Willis Bostick born ca 1800 Ninety Six, SC area. Died 1826 Ninety Six, SC area. (no issue) C. William Bostick born ca 1801 Ninety Six, SC area. Died 1824 in Ninety Six, SC. Married Ann Hamilton (no further info) D. Patsey Jones Bostick born ca 1802 Ninety Six, SC. Married Taliaferro Livingston ca 1820. They moved to Mobile, Al and he left a will in 1842. 6. Nancy Bostick born ca 1770 VA. Married John Norwood. 7. Sally Bostick born ca 1773 VA. Married (1) Jonathon Beasley in 1796 in Laurens Co, SC. Johathan died 1802 and she married (2) Samuel Whitworth and they moved to Jones Co. GA Issue: A. Lattitice Liska Beasley B. Cynthia Floyed Beasley C. Esly Sheldon Beasley D. Jemimah Davie Beasley E. Sally Beasley F. Littleberry Beasley 8. Jane Bostick born ca 1775 VA. Married (1) John Norril/Norrell in 1792. John died in 1795 and she married (2) John Purviss. Issue: A. John Norrell B. Nancy Norrell Sources: Abbeville Dist Equity Court Box 68 Package 3446 Estate record of John Chapman =Early Georgia Wills= by Sarah Quinn Smith (c) 1960: Will of Wade Bostic [sic] National Genealogical Society Quarterly, vol 48 #4 Dec 1960: Lincoln Co, GA Tavern Licenses 1802-1820 National Genealogical Society Quarterly, vol 46, #4 Dec 1958: List of Virginians who turned in paper money to Loan Office =History of Twiggs Co, GA= by Faulk (c) 1960 Criminal court records of Quachita Parish, LA 1849 Civil War Letters from Henry R. Bostick to his wife Elizabeth GA Land Lottery records SC, GA and AL census records = Wilson - Burnside - Warnock Families in the U.S.A. 1660-1969= by Beverly E. Wilson (c) 1969: Chapter on Francis W. Bostick ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OSMER Part X Our subject in this issue is Adam de BOSTOCK, son of Sir Adam de BOSTOCK and Margaret de WETTENHALL. Adam, born 15/18 Aug 1363 in Cheshire, becomes Lord of the manor in 1387 on which date he appears on a licence grant to Hamo de BOSTOCK and Robert le ROTER to act as attorneys of son William in the chancery in Ireland. Adam is listed in some texts as one of the body guards to Richard II. Adam was a faithful supporter of Richard II and had accompanied him to Ireland in 1399. About 1395 Adam had been bound over to keep the peace with Stephen, the Abbot of Vale Royal, the surety of 200 pounds was provided by Ralph de VERNON, Baron of Shipbrook, and by David de BOSTOCK, of Churton, his brother. Adam de BOSTOCK married Jenet/Jonet/Janet de BRADSHAW, daughter to Sir Henry de BRADSHAW, of Bradshaw Lanes. The BOSTOCK and BRADSHAW union had issue: (1) Sir Ralph de BOSTOCK; married to Isabel de LAUTON/LAWTON, daughter to Sir William de LAUGHTON of Wyglond/Wigland. (2) William de BOSTOCK; Lord of Huntington, Cheshire, whose general heir married a COTGREAVE, married to Alice de MULTON/MOULTON. (3) Hugh de BOSTOCK; Lord of Hassell, Lord of Moreton Say(e)Salop. (4) Henry de BOSTOCK; Lord of Huxley, of Tarporley, of Tattenhall; married to Alice de BRETT, daughter to Thomas BRETT of Davenham. (5) Margaret de BOSTOCK; married (1) Huchon DAVENPORT of Henbury. (2) Thomas de STAVELEY (6) Elizabeth de BOSTOCK; never married. (7) Agnes de BOSTOCK; married Thomas BRETT of Davenham. Adam de BOSTOCK was retained for life by Richard and received from the King a yearly grant of 100 pounds for his services. The King took extraordinary number of scions by taking appointments as archers with him to Ireland. This was a post of great honor among the lesser branches of the Cheshire gentry. They generally received 6 pounds per day per year for life and this included Thomas de BOSTOCK, son of John of Worleston, son of William - William de BOSTOCK, son of Sir William - Thomas, son of William, brother to John - Thomas, son of Adam, brother to this Adam - David of Churton, brother of this Adam - John, son of David, a cousin of this Adam, and John, son of.......... One of these Davids received 100 pounds for life per year as did Richard de BOSTOCK, an armiger. David, the cousin of this Adam, son of David, had letters of protection on his departure to Ireland. To better understand all of the intrigue during this period you must study the history of England during the reigns of Richard, his brothers Henry and Arthur, his father Henry, and his mother, Eleanor. Turbulent times indeed. Adam, on 21 Jul 1403, held a command of troops in Percies` army in the Battle of Shrewsbury. Later, an attainder was issued for Adam and David by the King. This attainder was never carried out and Henry IV pardoned him and his brother David later. In 1404, Adam was ordered in a commission of array to lead men in arms to defend the Welsh border. According to all available texts it is thought that Adam died late 1414 or early 1415. We will follow Sir Ralph de BOSTOCK, son of this Adam, in the next issue. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Barbara sends the following from =DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN NAVAL FIGHTING SHIPS, Vol I,= p 144. BOSTWICK Born in Providence, R. I., 21 February 1869, Lucius Allyn Bostwick graduated from the Academy in 1890. He served on board Oregon (BB-3) during the Spanish-American War and received the Navy Cross for distinguished service while in command of South Dakota (Armored Cruiser No. 9) during World War I. He was retired as Rear Admiral and died in Washington, D. C., 14 January 1940. (DE-103: dp. 1240; l. 306'; b. 36' 8"; dr. 11' 8"; s. 21 k.; cpl. 186; a. 3 3", 3 21" TT.; cl. Cannon) Bostwick (DE-103) was launched 30 August 1943 by Dravo Corp., Wilmington, Del., sponsored by Mrs. F. D. Pierce, a cousin of Admiral Bostwick, and commissioned 1 December 1943, Lieutenant Commander J. H. Church, Jr., USNR, in command. On 15 February 1944 Bostwick joined TG 21.16, a hunter-killer group built around Block Island (CVE-21), and made a cruise between Hampton Roads and North Africa (16 February-31 March 1944). On 1 March she joined Thomas (DE-102) and Bronstein (DE-189) in sinking U-709 in 49010' N., 26000' W. After escorting a convoy to the Mediterranean (11 April-30 May) and patrolling in the Northwest Atlantic (25 June-7 July), Bostwick joined Card's (CVE-11) hunter-killer group. She operated with the group until 20 August 1944. Following additional training at Bermuda and a convoy run (October-11 November 1944), she patrolled off the east coast (20 December 1944-27 October 1945). On 30 April 1945 she assisted Thomas (DE-102), Coffman (DE-191) add Natchez (PF-2) in sinking U-548 in 36034, N., 74000' W., 30 April 1945. Bostwick arrived at St. John's River, Fla., 19 November 1945 and was decommissioned 30 April 1946. She was transferred to China 14 December 1948. Bostwick received three battle stars during World War II. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is taken from a surname paper brought back to the States by my great uncle when he came back from Germany (during military service). The words in all caps are that way on the document. It has been translated from German. In the International Coat of Arms Register, Volume "RIETSTAP I" the following is listed under the name BOSTIC: Old Polish family, dating back to the 14th century, stemming from the city of Lemberg (LVOV). The Polish Municipal Register shows first recording around 1862, when Royal Guard & Stable Master JOSEPH GREGOR BOSTIC signed his wedding & moved to the area of city Posen (POZAN). In the following years Soldier & Stable Master J.G. BOSTIC excelled in an unselfish & patriotic manner & was rewarded by the Polish Royal Government with the medal of the "Golden Helbrads" & the large COAT of ARMS on parchment. In the years of the Freedom & Religious Wars with the Russian Occupation Troops, patriot J.G. BOSTIC was commended for his numerous successes as Leader & Commander of a Cavalry Regiment. Decendents of this family emigrated to Northern Germany, Austria, Hungary, Holland & in the 19th Century to England & from there to America. COAT OF ARMS A frontal pointed shield with a black sheld-shadow, being divided in the main section: the upper area gold, the lower area red with 3 Golden Helbrads with black handle as a symbol of noble virtues, love for your mother country & defensiveness. DECORATION OF COAT OF ARMS Done in colors green, dark red, & gold, it is the Open Gothic Style, flanking the helmet & the shield. HELMET A partially frontal helmet in silver color with a closed visor, black visor decoration, black shoulder strap & red sleeve decoration. MAIN DECORATION A banner in colors blue & red, above it a crown with red-blue decoration, the crown itself being gold, out of it extending a knight's arm, dressed in gray & black, holding a red sword with golden handle as a symbol of loyal service, patriotism & willingness to fight for rulers. MOTO: (VICERE VEL MORI)= VICTORY OR DEATH Munich, May 19, 1965 Submitted by Candy Parent ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Virginia Redden has submitted her SC Bostick-McKenzie-Villard connection. Is anyone else researching this line? Richard Bostick (1758-1831) | m. Mary Harriet Robert (1771-1816) | | Ann Eliza Bostick (1802-1843) | m. William Daniel McKenzie ( ) | | Harriet Elizabeth McKenzie (1825-1867) | m. William Benjamin Villard (Dr.) | (1807-1878) | Eliza Agnes Villard (1844- ) (eldest of 10 children; my gg-grandmother) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Charlotte Williams sent along the URL for the electronic version of =Old Plantation Days=. Click on B and then scroll down to DeSaussaure. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Corrections: The correct email address for C. Glen Johnson, who is researching Martha Bostick, who married Thomas Johnson in Rutherford Co, NC, is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We now have 96 subscribers! Next issue 15 May 1998
BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #20 15 May 1998 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LANCASTER CO, PA BOSTICK FAMILY We have been searching for our Bostick ancestors, but without much luck. They lived in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania during the mid to late 1800's and early 1900's. Using census information, city directories, and family records, we have pieced together the following descendant tree. Specifically, we would like to confirm the parents of Henry Bostick (born about 1827 in Lancaster Co., PA) and to find any ancestry information which has been researched. We can, in exchange, share descendant information of Byron Bostick (born in 1861 in Marietta, Lancaster Co., PA) and of Flora Bostick (born in 1863 in Marietta, Lancaster Co., PA) 1 Bostic/Bostick died before 1850 +Catherine born ca 1801 2 Henry Bostick born ca 1827 Lancaster Co, PA; died before 1870 +Sarah Hoffman born ca 1837 Hamburg area, Berks Co., PA 3 Franklin Bostick born 29 Dec 1856 Marietta, PA; died 17 Feb 1857. 3 Byron Bostick Residence(s): in Marietta (1870) & Columbia (1910). Born Nov 1861 Marietta, PA +(1) Anna M. Grove b.? in PA; d. Nov 1899 PA 4 Maude Bostick born Sep 1885 PA +? Herr 4 Charles H. Bostick Residence: in Safe Harbor born Jul 1887 in Marietta, PA 4 Frank Grove Bostick born 9 Feb 1889 Marietta, PA; died 9 Sep 1911 +Carrie M. M. Meister Residences: New York City, Marietta,PA. Born 25 Jul 1891 New York City; died Jul 1976 Marietta, Lancaster Co, PA 4 Roy R. Bostick Residence: in Shillington Born Oct 1890 in PA +Beulah 4 Chester Thomas Bostick born Jan 1892 Marietta, PA; died 1970 Lancaster Co, PA +Eva M. Wesley died after 1970 4 Annie May Bostick born 8 Mar 1895 Marietta, PA +Jay Herr born 22 Jun 1897 Quarryville, PA 4 Paul Bostick born Nov 1896 in Marietta, PA *2nd Wife of Byron Bostick: +Frances A. Conneley born ca 1868 in Maryland 3 Flora Belle Bostick born 1863 Marietta, PA; died ca 1925 Lancaster Co, PA 4 Guy Bostick born 1882 Marietta, PA; died 1947 Lancaster Co., PA +Elizabeth Buchner born 1881 Lancaster Co, PA; died 1968 in Lancaster Co, PA 4 Bessie Bostick born 1885 Marietta, PA; died Asbury Park, NJ +Chris Broome born Columbia, PA +Harry Gerhart 2 Mary Ann Bostick born ca 1826 2 John Bostick born 1832-1835 (1870 Census, Roll 1355, p.389) +Evaline born ca 1837 3 Albert Bostick Residence 1884: 310 W. Orange, Lancaster, PA born ca 1859; died 1927 +Rebecca F. 3 George W. Bostick Residence in 1884: 621 Marietta AV; born ca 1862 3 Kate Bostick born ca 1864 3 Elizabeth Bostick born ca 1867 3 Byron G. Bostick born ca 1862 (probably nephew of John, son of Henry -- see above) Thanks to anyone who may have information on this line. Please E-mail us at and ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dave Bostick is researching the following line: Emanuel Bostick born 1823 Lancaster Co, PA; died 1893 John William Bostick, born 1849 Fort Wayne, Allen Co, IN; died 1901 William Edward Bostick, born 1891 Fort Wayne, IN; died 1933 William Arthur Bostick, born 1925 Fort Wayne, IN Does this line connect to the above line in PA? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following is found in =Switzerland Co, IN Cemetery Inscriptions 1817-1985= by Wanda L. Morford (c) 1986 Eastview Cemetery, Posey Township Section 1 Bostic, Jas. Co C, 47th KY Inf ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bostick - Robinson/Robertson Connection John Bostick married Tabitha Robinson 6 Jul 1785 Cumberland Co, VA. The family later lived in Halifax Co, VA, where John died, leaving a widow and several children. John's will is dated 29 Nov 1795 and is recorded in Halifax Co Will Book 3, pg 216. In the will he names his wife Tabitha and children Charles, Moses, John, & Gene. Archer Robinson was one of the executors of John's will. Tabitha was appointed guardian to her children. [Halifax Co Court Order Book 17, pg 353] Tabitha Robinson Bostick was the daughter of Joseph Robinson as shown in his will in Halifax Co, VA Will Bk 9, pg 149, dated 1 Sep 1811. Joseph names sons Moses, Archer and John; daughter Tabitha Bostick; daughter Susannah West and her husband John; wife Jean; daughter Candice Robinson and grandsons Joseph A. and Isa Robinson, sons of Archer. On 12 Jul 1811 [Halifax Co Deed Book 23, pg 303] Tabitha Bostick, widow of John Bostick dec'd of Halifax Co, VA, conveyed to Charles Bostick, Moses Bostick and Jane Adams, wife of Joshua Adams (late Jane Bostick) her dower interest in land belonging to John Bostick dec'd. This deed was witnessed by Archer Robertson, Joseph A. Robertson, John Bostick, Flemoning Hancock and John Adams. Sometime after this date, Tabitha's sons went to Tennessee, possibly with Robinson relatives. On Nov 1811, Charles Bostick of Sullivan Co, TN conveyed to Joshua Adams, land of his father, John Bostick, on Snakehorn Creek. Among the witnesses were John and Moses Bostick. [Halifax Co Deed Bk 23, pg 311] On 9 Oct 1821, Jeptha Durham of Morgan Co, AL conveyed 200 acres in Smith Co, TN to Charles Bostick [Smith Co Deed Bk H, pgs 343-4] On 8 Feb 1823, Charles Bostick conveyed a Negro man to John Duncan. [Smith Co Deed Bk H, pg 364] Then, on 5 May 1834, John Bostick conveyed to Archer Robertson, his interest in the estate of Moses Bostick. [Smith Co Deed Bk L, pgs 517-8] Moses Bostick's estate inventory had been filed May 1818 by Charles Bostick, administrator. [Smith Co Wills 1803-1896 by Key, Maggert & Turner (c)1985] Stephen Robinson Sr wrote a will in Smith Co 11 Mar 1828. Listed among his heirs were his daughter Nancy Bostick dec'd and her children Jane, Betsy, John, Polly Anne Bostick. Moses Robinson was one of the executors of Stephen's will. Smith Co has lost its early marriages and I do not know which Bostick married Nancy Robinson. It is puzzling that I do not find any Bostick/Bostic listed on the 1820 or 1830 TN census in Smith Co, TN. The Robinson family was in Smith Co by 1815 when Archer Robinson sold land there. There was also a Stephen Robinson, who bought land on Collins' River in Smith Co, in 1804, but I am not sure if it is the same Stephen who left the 1828 will. Two Stephen Robinsons appear on the 1830 Smith Co census; one was age 40/50 and the other, 70/80. There are a lot of unanswered questions about this family. What happened to Charles Bostick and John Bostick? Did they stay in Smith Co only a few years and if so, where did they go? Most importantly, who was the father of John Bostick, who died in 1795? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Osmer Part XI We have arrived at the time line of the 15th and 16th century dealing with the Lords of BOSTOCK. Our subject in this post is Sir Ralph de BOSTOCK, born in 1392 to Adam de BOSTOCK and Janet de BRADSHAW in Cheshire. Sir Ralph was knighted in France while campaigning with Henry V. Henry spent a lot of time reviving the claim to the French throne. Henry even challenged the Dauphin to a one on one duel, in return for marriage to the Dauphin`s sister, Catherine. In 1415, Ralph took out Letters of Protection and he was then termed esquire. This is the year that Henry V invaded Harfleur. By autumn, Ralph appears as a knight under the captaincy of Sir Richard HASTINGS in France. By December Ralph again takes out Letters of Protection, now under Thomas BEAUFORT, Duke of Exeter and is named in the Agincourt Roll. And in the following year Ralph was made captain of archers (seven times in all) for the fourth time. Sir Ralph de BOSTOCK was a participant in the Battle of Harfluer, Battle of Agincourt, and the Battle of Normandy while in the service of Henry V. While during the Normandy campaign Henry lost greatly his popularity due to the fact of refusing to allow several thousand non-combatants free passage through his lines. Henry watched them all starve and perish in front of him. In 1412, Ralph and his father, Adam, had been witnesses to the famous amorial dispute between LEIGH and GROSVENOR deed. And in 1419, Ralph had been sued by Sir William ATHERTON, for making inroads upon his property. Sir Ralph de BOSTOCK married Isabel, daughter and heir to Sir William de LAUGHTON/LAWTON of Wyglond/Wigland. The union of Ralph and Isabel issued: Sir Adam de BOSTOCK, born 22 Feb 1412 Hugh de BOSTOCK, one of the parties to the award of the Abbot of Saint Albans, 11 Feb 1434 [John BOSTOCK] Henry de BOSTOCK, Lord of Middlewich ( considered an illegitamate son) Our next study will be concerning Sir Adam de BOSTOCK, born 1412, whom marries Elizabeth de VENABLES. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following is abstracted from =Index to Indian Wars Pension Files 1896-1926 vol I A-K= by Virgil D. White (c)1987 Bostic, Millis SC-735508 IN 14 Mar 1933 served 1883-8 Bostick, James H. SA-5055 FL 27 Apr 1895, enlisted 1856 Bostick, John G. widow Mary M, WC-1179 TX 2 Nov 1892, FL War service Bostwick, Carlos G. (or Charles G) SC-1616288 KN 21 Jan 1930, served 1871-2 Bostwick, Henry A. (alias Mack Hertz) SA-18942 Wash DC 4 Jan 1923, enlisted 1874, IC-894455 Copies of these pension files may be ordered from the National Archives, using the NATF form 80. Copies of the forms may be ordered online from: In the subject line put the word form In the body include the form number (80) and the number of copies of the form you want plus your address. They will be sent to you by snail mail. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ellis Hezekiah Bostick By Virginia Pruet I have been trying to trace my Bostick family, but am stuck in Kentucky. I am descended from Ellis Hezekiah Bostick, son of Ellis H. and his wife, Elizabeth Truitt (Flood). I don't have any concrete evidence of his parentage, just hearsay, and info on three other children of these parents. Ellis Jr was supposedly the youngest of 13 children, and his father supposedly was from Baltimore. We have the birth of Amelia Elizabeth, Wililam R., and Amanda Ellen in Mason Co, KY in the 1820's. Ellis was born ca 1831-1834 and came to New Orleans around 1852. (There was a John Eli Bostick living in New Orleans at the time, but I don't know of any relationship.) We also know of a Hezekiah Bostick on the rolls of the MD Militia for the War of 1812, AND a Hezekiah Bostick married an Elizabeth Webb 11 Feb 1811 Cecil Co, MD. I am descended from John Wallace Bostick, son of Ellis H. and Katherine Moore in New Orleans. He was the oldest of 9 children and his daughter, Virginia, was my grandmother. She married John Schneidau. Can anyone help? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you are interested in Ohio Bostwicks, check this out: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diana Bostic Hyde is researching the family of John Bostic and Sophia Yates. Their son, Taze Howard Bostic, was born 7 Oct 1877 Russell Co, VA and died 27 Dec 1952 Centerburg, OH. He married Anna Keene, who was born 1887 Buckingham Co, VA and died 1970 Mt. Gilead, OH. Their son, Walter Clyde Bostic (Diana's grandfather), was born 1918. Diana and subscriber Candy have discovered they are working on the same family - Congratulations! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1860 Georgia Mortality Schedule Joseph Bostick, Charlton County, age 90, died May of lockjaw, born GA. Frederick Bostwick, Stewart County, age 7 [sic], died March of suicide, born GA. Herbert H. Bostwick, Bibb County, age 47, died Sep of stomac [sic] inf., born GA. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1880 Mississippi Mortality Schedule James Bostwick, Hinds County, age 82, died Sep of pneumonia. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Subscibers WE ARE 101 STRONG!! Harriet Martin Riggs Beaufort Co, SC Bosticks Lois Bostwick, who married George Sexton 24 Dec 1778 New Milford, CT Ronald Allison James Jones Bostick of GA; born 1848 and married Sarah Adeline Stidham of Milam Co, TN 1857 Jim Thompson William T. Bostick, born SC ca 1802 and in Gadsden Co, FL 1830 & 1840 and in Jasper Co, TX 1850 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 1 June 1998
1 June 1998 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #21 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Folks, as a book vendor and avid researcher, I like to attend seminars and conferences and to take research trips during the summer months. Therefore, the newsletter will be sent out monthly in June, July and August. We will be back to the regular schedule in September. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ferdinand Bostick of Stokes Co, NC By Brenda Joyce Jerome Ferdinand Bostick died when he was only 47 years old in Stokes County, NC. Born to Absalom and Bethenia (Perkins) Bostick 9 Mar 1772 in VA, he married Elizabeth Rand, daughter of William Rand, 28 May 1799. Note that he is shown here as Ferdinand - not Don Ferdinand - as that is the way I find him in all Stokes Co records. Some researchers have him listed as Don Ferdinand, but, to my knowledge, he never carried that name - just Ferdinand. Ferdinand first appears in Stokes Co records in 1796, when he witnessed a deed from Absalom Bostick to Absalom Bostick Jr. (Deed Bk 3, pg 8). The next year he first appears on the Stokes tax lists. In 1798 he again witnessed a deed, this time from Charles McAnnally to Absalom Bostick Sr (3/127) and a bill of sale from Ransom Colquitt to Absalom Bostick in 1799 (5/545). He appears on the 1800-1820 Stokes Co census records. Absalom Bostick died in 1803 and his son Ferdinand is shown as an heir. William Rand sold a slave and her two children to Ferdinand Bostick 16 Jun 1817 (Deed Bk 6, pg 372). Rand stated the slaves were to remain in his possession until Ferdinand paid $800 and after that time Rand would again own the slaves and he would go to live with Ferdinand. The 1820 Stokes Co census does not indicate that an older male was in the Ferdinand Bostick household. There is a tradition in the Rand family that William Rand, because of his love of fine horses and other luxuries, died in the poor house about 1830. My last record of him is in April 1820, when he was declared an insolvent. Ferdinand outlived his father by 21 years, leaving a nuncupative will in 1824. In the case of a nuncupative will, the testator's wishes were to be presented in writing to the county court within a short time. As this will was presented in court 24 Aug 1824, we can safely assume he died in Aug 1824. Witnesses to the will were David Dalton (who would later be granted letters of administration on Ferdinand's estate), Polly Cox and William Blackburn. This nuncupative will is found in Stokes Co Will Book 3, pg 132, but is not listed in the will book index. I believe Ferdinand probably died suddenly because he left a nuncupative will and because he left a number of unpaid debts. As he died owing debts, most of his land (after 1/3 was allotted to Elizabeth, his widow) was sold to satisfy creditors. His heirs are listed as Parthenia [Bethenia?], William, Ann (who married Wm. Mills), Elizabeth, Absalom, Ferdinand, Westley, Pinkney and Louisa. A number of years ago, I became acquainted with Chris Morgan of TN. He had a transcription of the Bostick-Mills family record from a Bible owned by William and Anna (Bostick) Mills and which was then in the possession of a relative in Mississippi. Chris sent me a copy of this transcription, which follows: Family Record Ferdinand Bostick and Elizabeth Bostick was married the 28th day of May A.D. 1799 Anna Rand Bostick and William Mills was married the 20th of August 1821 William Gays and Elizabeth A. Bostick was married the 12th day of July, A.D. 1828. [Note: This is my line. William Joyce and Betsey Bostick were married in Patrick Co, VA] W.R. Bostick and Jane Browder was married the 19th day of September 1828 Absalom Bostick and Mary G. Patton Sept. 24th, 1829 James W. Rowland and Elizabeth A. Mills was married the 22nd day of Dec 1841 R.C. Wilbourn & M.A. Rowland was married Sept. 8th 1867 Ferdinand Bostick was born 9th March 1772 Elizabeth Bostick his wife was born 12th of August 1784 Births of their children: Bethunia Bostick was born the 13th day of May, 1800 Anna Rand Bostick was born the 19th day of December 1801 William Rand Bostick was born the 28th day of October 1803 John Bostick was born the 11th of October 1805 Elizabeth Bostick was born the 13th of May 1807 Absalom Bostick was born the 22nd of April 1809 Ferdinand Bostick was born the 14th of January, 1811 Westley Bostick was born the 19th day of March 1813 James Pinkney Bostick was born the 7th day of June 1815 John Thornton Bostick was born the 29th day of May 1817 David Jackson Bostick was born the 1st day of September 1819 Louisa Bostick was born the 24th day of Septmember 1827 Births of their grandchildren Richard C. Mills was born 5th day of October A.D. 1822 Elizabeth A. Mills was born 2nd [or 22nd] day of March 1824. Wm. Gays, mentioned in the Bible record above, was William Joyce, my great-great-grandfather. If you use the hard, German G sound, it sounds like Joyce [sometimes pronounced Jice] and the name is properly spelled in the Patrick Co, VA marriage record of William Joyce and Betsy Bostick. William and Betsy (Bostick) Joyce left NC in the early 1830's and settled in Lawrence Co, TN. Bostick descendants seemed to have a penchant for recycling given names. My great-grandfather was James Pinkney Joyce and his brothers were William Ferdinand and A[bsalom?] B. Joyce. Sources: Deed books cited above. Estate settlement file of Ferdinand Bostick, NC State Archives, C.R.090.508.9 Will of Absalom Bostick, Stokes Co, NC Will Bk 3, pg 8 Nuncupative will of Ferdinand Bostick, Stokes Co, NC Will Bk 3, pg 132 Bostick-Mills Bible transcription by Chris Morgan Patrick Co, VA Marriage Records Stokes Co Insolvencies, NC Archives, C.R.090.914.1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OSMER Part VI Sir Adam de Bostock, born to Sir Ralph de Bostock and Isabel de Lawton, in Cheshire on 22 Feb 1412. Sir Adam de Bostock, one of the parties, with his brother, to the award of John Bostock, Abbot of Saint Albans in 1434, fought at the Battle of Blore Heath in 1459. In 1424 our Adam entered into a recognizance of 200 pounds to not depart from the inner bailey of Chester Castle in which he was confined. Later, in 1427, a quarrel between him and his guardian, John de Kyngesley/Kingsley, which broke out into a feud. In 1434, our Adam was bound over to keep the peace at least five times, with the sureties of 100 and 200 pounds set. In fact, it seems that Adam had disagreements with Thomas de Hyll/Hill and George de Wevere/Weaver. Also in 1434, Adam was commissioned to arrest Henry Mereton and John Croxton. In 1443, our Adam, having already possession of the manors of Occleston, Calvyleigh, Alsager, Moulton, and Tetton, as well as part of Wetenhale, he aquired lands in Wygland. Six years later, the old quarrel with Vale Royal broke out again. Adam was once more bound over for 100 pounds to keep the peace toward Thomas, the Abbot. The sureties were being stood for by Hugh de Venables and others. In 1452, Adam was again bound over for 200 pounds. Because Adam had fought for Henry VI in the War of the Roses he was bound over for 400 pounds on Edward`s accession to the throne. Adam may have served in the retinue of the Queen, Margaret of Anjou. Our subject of this text, Sir Adam de Bostock, married Elizabeth de Venables, daughter and coheiress to Sir Richard de Venables, Lord of Kinderton. Yes, her brother and coheir, Hugh, who guaranteed the civil behavoir of Adam, her husband. The union of Sir Adam de Bostock and Elizabeth de Venables had issue: Ralph de Bostock, born about 1440; John de Bostock of Belgrave, Cheshire; Nicholas de Bostock of Mobberley, Cheshire; William de Bostock of Bostock, Stapleford, and Wimbaldsley, Whatcroft, and of London is considered the connection to Bostwick in America; Eleanor de Bostock, marries cousin Humphrey de Bostock of Moreton Say Salop; Jane de Bostock, marries Sir Edward Holt; Margaret de Bostock, marries William Whitney; and Elizabeth de Bostock, marries John Gatacre of Gatacre. Sir Adam de Bostock died on 30 Apr 1475 according to his Inquisition Post Mortem. But, the Visitation later states that he was killed in the Battle of Blore Heath in 1459. There may have been some confusion during the searches that this may have been two seperate Adams in question. Our next text will follow Ralph de Bostock, Esq., Lord of Bostock. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1840 Missouri Census Index Bostic, Mary D. Boone County page 109 Bostwick, David S. Pike County page 114 Bostwick, John Barry County page 28 Bostwick, T.C. Pike County page 128 1840 Kentucky Census Index Bostic, Armstead Graves County page 106 Bostic, Edgar Boone County page 259 Bostick, William Simpson County page 187 Bostwick, Wm. Spencer County page 215 Bostwick, Wm. Franklin County page 322 1840 Illinois Census Index Bostick, Clemant Monroe County page 350 Bostick, Ezra Montgomery County page 376 Bostick, James Montgomery County page 375 Bostick, John Montgomery County page 376 Bostick, Loyd Monroe County page 346 Bostick, Sarah Jefferson County page 302 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =Confederate Patriot Index 1894-1924= published by the Tennessee Division United Daughters of the Confederacy (c)1976 provides information on a number of Bosticks who had service in the Civil War. The United Daughters of the Confederacy was organized in Nashville, TN 19 May 1894 and the first chapter, Nashville #1, was chartered 11 Sep 1894. The first recording secretary kept a copy of all application papers, which were compiled into many volumes. The numbers in parenthesis refer to the original application volumes and page numbers. Copies of the applications may be ordered from the TN Dept of Archives. I have added a couple of notes in brackets. Volume 1 (of this series; not the original applications) BOSTICK, Major - Bostick was living in Yazoo City, MS at the outbreak of the war; organized the 1st company of volunteers and was elected first lieut. He was ordered to Virginia Army, and was wounded in every battle he took part in until he was killed in battle before Richmond. Member: Mrs. W.R. Grigsby (widow remarried) (3/293) [His given name was Ferdinand Bostick.] BOSTICK, Abram - 7th TN; brother, Capt. Litton Bostick. Member: Mrs. James A. Davis (sister) born 25 Dec 1842 Davidson Co, TN. (14/24) BOSTICK, F. - Co D, 18th MS; died on Malvern Hill, buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA. Member: Lusola Bostick Bell (daughter), born 13 Jan 1862 Yazoo Co, MS. (3/29) [See above entry for Major Bostick] BOSTICK, John - Capt. Bell's Brigade, 2nd TN. Member: Mrs. Macon Bostick Beckwith (daughter) born Williamson Co, TN (8/195) BOSTICK, Mrs. John - Nursed Confederate soldiers at home. Member: Katie Mai Bostick (granddaughter) (27/129) BOSTICK, Joseph - Major, Co A., Churchwell's Regt., Inspector on Cheatham's staff, Haney's Brigade, 34th TN Inf. Member: Kate Bostick Blacklock (daughter) born 25 Oct 1866 Marion Co, TN (5/577) Mary Halbert Lewis (niece) (9/236) Alberta Baird Lewis (gr. niece) 9/248 Mrs. C.W. Halbert (sister) born 13 Aug 1827, Williamson Co, TN. (13/222) Janie Mead Lewis (niece) born 24 Oct 1883 Warren Co, TN. (13/375) BOSTICK, Thomas Hardin - 7th TN. T.H. Bostick was a brother of Mrs. C.W. Halbert, who was sent from Nashville by the Yankees during the war. She and her son, Hardin Bostick Halbert, who is the father of Margaret Litton Halbert, worked for the Southern soldiers during the war. Member: Margaret Litton Halbert (niece) (26/220) Continued with Volume 2 in next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CASUALITES OF THE KOREAN WAR As found at the following sites: and BOSTIC, David Jr. 27 years Home: Marlboro Co SC Serial # 44187684 Rank: E4 U. S. Army Died: 14 Feb 1951 while captured/interned BOSTIC, Frank 31 years Home: McDowell Co WV Serial # 13351701 Rank: E3 U. S. Army Died: 26 Aug 1953 killed in action BOSTICK, Charles L. 32 years Home: Randolph Co WV Serial # 52194520 Rank: E3 U. S. Army Died: 13 Jun 1953 killed in action BOSTICK, John 30 years Home: Chatham Co GA Serial # 53077762 Rank: E2 U. S. Army Died: 09 Oct 1951 killed in action BOSTWICK, John Stewart born 26 Aug 1920 Home: Balboa Co CA Serial # 031314 Rank: O3 U. S. Marine Corps Died: 10 May 1952 killed in action John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OLD REHOBETH CEMETERY Monroe County, W VA By Stewart Hampton Bostic This cemetery is situated in the church yard of the old Rehobeth Methodist Church in the sinks a few miles east of Union, W VA. This is where our Bostick grandparents are buried, along with Granddaddy Andrew's sister Margaret. Since they lived close by, I believe that more of them are buried there. This is the oldest church of the protestant persuasion west of the Alleghanies. It was founded by Bishop Francis Asbury ca 1786. I had the first car in my family. We would take our dad over to good ole Monroe County quite often. He loved that place. We would go to the Cemetery often. When we started making our visits in the late 1940's the cemetery was in a bad state of repair. Brush, vines, weeds - you name it, it was there. It was in the charge of the Methodist Church. However, several years later perpetual care was added. During those early years we cleaned off the graves of our grandparents and Rosa Ann Bostick, Uncle Hugh's baby girl. One of the foot stones was missing. Dayton Hellms gave me one to replace it. It was our dad who provided the grave markers for his parents. BOSTICK, Andrew Eldrege 12 Oct 1829 - 23 Nov 1904 BOSTICK, Rebecca Ann 13 Oct 1836 - 22 Nov 1900 BOSTICK, Rosa Ann 12 May 1892 - died age 2 yrs WISEMAN, John R. 21 Jul 1796 - 21 Nov 1882 [Blacksmith - member of the town council, Union] WISEMAN, Mary (Bostick) died 9 Oct 1862, age 58 yrs HONAKER, John B. 3 Sep 1822 - 2 Feb 1891 HONAKER, Charlotte 22 Sep 1827 - 6 Oct 1907 HONAKER, James G. 7 Sep 1848 - 8 Feb 1891 PRITT, William 15 Oct 1832 - 11 Jan 1902 [Married Margaret Ann Bostick, who was a sister to Andrew E. Bostick. William Pritt was a Pvt, Co B, 60th Reg. VA Inf in the Civil War] PRITT, Margaret Ann (Bostick) 10 Apr 1841 - 8 Feb 1911 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bostic/Bostick/Bostwick/Bostock Researchers We stand at 104! Alan W. Bostick is researching John Bostick, born 1859 Enfield, Hartford Co, CT, died 1938 same place; married 16 Feb 1887 Alice Betsy Button. Wallace B. Schneidau Researching Ellis Hezekiah Bostick of KY Karen Bostick Researching James Tillman Bostick of Kemper Co, MS Glen Cook Researching James B. Bostick, born ca 1790 SC and died after 1880 Whitfield Co, GA. Father of Caswell Harp and Ben Bostick. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next issue 1 July 1998
1 July 1997 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #22 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer and gearing up for the 4th of July. Summer vacation is the perfect time to do a little genealogical digging in courthouses, libraries and well-mown cemeteries. If you locate information that would be of interest to other Bostick researchers, think about sharing via the newsletter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DESCENDANTS OF RICHARD BOSTICK Richard Bostick was the son of Charles Bostick of Rutherford Co, NC. 1 Richard Bostick born 1800 in Rutherford Co, NC Died ca1837 in Hart Co, KY +Nancy Dawson born 1800 VA or Hart Co., KY Married 1822 Died Nov 5, 1874 in Hart Co, KY 2 [1] Gabriel F. Bostick born Aug 11, 1823 Hart Co, KY Died July 13, 1875 +Almyra Taylor born ca 1823, Died ca 1843 *2nd Wife of [1] Gabriel F. Bostick: +Emily F. Self Married bef. 1857 *3rd Wife of [1] Gabriel F. Bostick: +Elizabeth Walters Married bef. 1861 2 [2] Ransom A. Bostick born 1826 Hart Co, KY +Martha E. Jones *2nd Wife of [2] Ransom A. Bostick: Mary A. *3rd Wife of [2] Ransom A. Bostick: Nancy Self 2 Isophrona Bostick born ca 1828 in KY, died bef. 1880 +Emory Harper 2 Aspasia Bostick born January 20, 1829 Simpson Co, KY Died July 7, 1861 Hart Co., KY +Jeremiah Dawson born January 22, 1820 Hart Co, KY Died August 1, 1895 2 Jeremiah Bostick born 1831 Simpson Co., KY 2 [3] Bicy A. Bostick born 1833 Hart Co., KY +Augustine K. Jaggers born June 28, 1823 died May 17, 1869 *2nd Husband of [3] Bicy A. Bostick:Jesse Fuqua Married bef. 1880 2 Martha E. Bostick born ca 1835 Green Co, KY +James W. Logsdon 2 Susan Bostick born 1837 Hart Co, KY +Littleberry Self My wife descends from Aspasia Bostick and Jeremiah Dawson. Submitted by: Bob King 991 Autumn Glen Lane Casselberry, FL 32707-5852 Home Page: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =Confederate Patriot Index 1894 - 1924 vol. 2= by TN Division of United Daughters of the Confederacy. BOSTICK, John C. - Capt., Co. A, 10th & 11th TN Cav., born 20 Oct 1843 Nashville, TN, died 7 Sep 1925 Fort Worth, TX. Married Sallie Reams 1 Sep 1865 Franklin, TN. She was born 12 Nov 1847 Franklin, TN and died 24 Nov [no year given] Franklin, TN. Soldier's parents were Richard Bostick and Rebecca Letitia Cannon. Children of soldier: Macon Bostick Johnson Beckwith and Sallie Oscar Bostick. Member: Bertha Maye Johnson Gathmann (gr-grdaughter) (63/72) BOSTICK, John Rufus - Co. B, 14th GA, born 25 Nov 1840 Jefferson Co, GA, died 19 Feb 1914 Wadley, GA. Married Mary Branan Sep 1865 Wilkinson Co, GA. She was born 1 Jul 1846 Wilkinson Co, GA and died 19 May 1891 Gordon, GA. Member: Willie Clara May Crouch (granddaughter) born 8 Aug 1906 Wrightville, GA. (60/29) BOSTICK, Thomas H. - Co. K, Archer's 7th TN Inf. Died Davidson Co, TN. Members: Katherine Pennebaker (Mrs. E.R.) (daughter)(43/655) Kate Chamneys Halbert (grandniece) (61/195) BOSTICK, Dr. Thomas King Sr - Co C, 4th TN Inf, born 28 May 1833 DeKalb Co, TN, died 16 Feb 1872 McMinnville, TN. Married Martha W. Peay 22 Sep 1857 McMinnville, TN. She was born 30 Sep 1839 and died Jun 1898 McMinnville, TN. Member: Martha Agnes Bostick Davies (Mrs. D.L. (granddaughter) (66/674) BOSTWICK, Robert - Co. K, 154th TN Inf, born 21 Jan 1834 Charlotte NC, died Memphis, TN. Assistant surgeon for Co. K. Married Fannie Guy Oats 21 Jan 1869 Hardeman Co, TN. She was born in TN and died 30 Dec 1893 Memphis, TN. Member: Lula Pauline Bostwick (daughter) born 11 Sep [no year given] Hardeman Co, TN. (47/525) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OSMER Part XII Let us take time to review our path as we approach the 1500`s time line. There will be many and there are many different lines of BOSTOCK in England yesterday and today. Many of you who are trying to nail down which BOSTOCKs decided to change their names; for whatever the reason they arrived at that notion, we are trying to give you a picture of the diverse nature of the family. Most of the name changes, according to the family genealogists willing to discuss the issue, say that the main reason they have encountered is the disassociation of those in the family that the continued trading in rum and slaves fell out of public favor. It had become the politically incorrect issue of their day. They changed the name to get a fresh start in England and if they had to they moved to Europe or to the Colonies. True, this is not a cut and dried answer for all. I think the name suffered the tin ear syndrome of the public officials who keep the records. If you follow the family long enough you will encounter the distortion in public records the like of which BOSTICK and BOSTWICK as late as 1900 here in America. Somewhere in all of this we have to understand that all of the allied lines, such as BRANCH and JENNINGS, that are related to Thomas JEFFERSON lay claim to one of the BOSTOCK lines. Remember, this is their story and they are sticking to it. Okay, we started out with BOSTESTOCK(Osmer/Oliver) to BOSTOCK (Hugh, Ralph, William, etc.). As the various alliances were made you find BOSTOCK(William) of BOSTOCK; BOSTOCK(Rafe) of Moberley; BOSTOCK(Rafe) of Moulton; BOSTOCK(Sir Adam) of Wettenhall; BOSTOCK(Humphrey) of Mortensey; BOSTOCK(Rafe) of Norcroft; BOSTOCK(David) of Churton; and BOSTOCK(Robert) of Middlewich. After saying that, you can see there are other lines that will have to pick up the pieces to continue the family tradition of being of BOSTOCK. The various cousins and illegetimate children over the years will have to be reckoned with. We will shortly come to the end of this thread that leads to Osmer the Saxon. The end will be due to intrigue and no heir. We will see other BOSTOCK lines stepping up to claim the name and property. By force or joining new alliances against old allies. I realize I did not furnish you a program before or after the curtain went up on this continuing drama. I am trying to travel along a thin trail as far as the arrival of the Saxons, Angles, with Julius Caesar. In the next issue, we will get back on track with Ralph de BOSTOCK, son of Sir Adam de BOSTOCK and Elizabeth de VENABLES. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1850 Florida Census Index Bostwick, Thomas Gadsden County page 188 Borthwick, Preston Gadsden County page 219 Bestwick, Albert Leon County page 38 1850 Missouri Census Index Bostick, Elizabeth Monroe County page 88 Bostick, Henry St. Louis County page 317 Bostick, Noble D. Ray County page 364 Bostock, Charles Pettis County page 131 Bostock, Ferdinand Holt County page 112 Bostwick, Henry St. Louis County page 396 Bostick, John St. Louis County page 193 I was really curious about the Ferdinand Bostock and this is what I found: Holt Co, MO, page 112, Household #536 Ferdinand Bostock 37 born Germany Nancy " 34 born PA Mary " 12 born OH Ann " 10 born OH Jacob " 6 born OH Ferdinand " 8 born OH Adaline " 1 born MO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Obediah Bostick Part I by Candy Parent Obediah Bostick, grandson of William Bostick, was born about 1765 in Halifax Co, VA to Keziah Bostick. Obediah is referred to in William's will as "my daughter Kezias son". (A daughter in law was often referred to as a daughter in wills of this time period). Obediah's father's name is unknown. Obediah was listed as executor of his grandfather's will and was to inherit his grandfather's estate upon the death of his grandmother, Micha. (The will was proven in Person Co, NC in September, 1792 [Person Co, NC, Record Book 1, p. 45]) Obediah married Nancy Colquitt (c. 1767-between 1830 & 1836), daughter of Jonathan and Tabitha (Ransome) Colquitt on 3 Jan 1788 in Halifax Co, VA.[Halifax Co Marriage Book 1, page 13] The couple moved to Wythe Co, VA sometime prior to 5 Dec 1798; Obediah signed a legislative petition to form Tazewell Co from parts of Russell and Wythe Counties. He is listed on the Tazewell County property tax lists for the years 1801, 1802, 1803, 1806 and 1820. He appeared on the census in 1820 in Tazewell County, VA as head of household. Obediah and Nancy settled in the Maiden Spring Fork Section of the Clinch River in what became Tazewell Co. This land was left as an inheritance to his children. Obediah died before April 1825 in Tazewell County, the date when the court ordered inventory of his personal property. He had been in the process of purchasing approximately 323 acres of land from Abednigo White but both men died before the transfer was finished. The court ordered that the deed be completed with all the heirs protected. The deed was officially recorded on 27 April 1837 in Tazewell Co, VA. [Tazewell Co, VA Deed Book 6, p. 364] This deed lists the children of Obediah and Nancy as Josiah and Caleb as well as three daughters-- the spouses of George Green, Talbert Elswick and William Green. It also mentions the children Fanny and John Smith--likely the children of another daughter who died before Obediah. By comparing marriage records, we find that Jane married Talbert Elswick, Anne married George Green and Sarah "Sally" married William Green. The 1830 census of Russell County, VA lists Nancy Bostick as head of household (one male 20-30; one female 50-60). The deed between Obediah and Abednigo White does not mention Nancy, so it is assumed that she died after the 1830 census and before the deed dated March 8, 1836 was written. Continued next issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remember the Absalom Bostick who was listed as murdered in Fayette Co on the 1850 Texas Mortality Schedule? A little more information was found in =Miscellaneous Texas Newspaper Abstracts - Deaths= vol 1, compiled by Michael Kelsey, Nancy Graff Floyd and Ginny Guinn Parsons, Heritage Books, (c) 1995. pg 119 28 July 1849 Corpus Christi Star: "The Victoria Advocate of the 20th inst. has had an account of a recontre which took place at La Grange the 7th inst., between Gen. James S. Mayfield and A. Bostick, in which the latter was killed." This Absalom was the son of Ferdinand and Elizabeth (Rand) Bostick of Stokes Co, NC. Also found in this same book is the following: page 64 23 Oct 1858 Texas State Gazette "Jackson Co. Three Negroes were hung for murder of R.S. Bostick, their master." Does anyone know who R.S. Bostick was? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following comes from =The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers= vol III: pg 1889 Goochland County, VA Valentine Bostick of Hanover County sells to John Woodson of Goochland 400 acres in Goochland on the north side of the Appomattox River granted by patent to John Bostick Sept 8 1736 and by sd. John Bostick sold to Valentine Bostick. Dated 4 Dec 1740 and recorded 16 Jun 1741. pg 1836 Cumberland County, VA John Woodson and wife Elizabeth of Cumberland County sell to John Noell 400 acres in Cumberland County, being same John Woodson purchased of Valentine Bostick. 6 Jul 1754. pg 2000 Henrico County, VA Tarlton Woodson acknowledged a deed dated 3 Jul 1720 to Charles Bostick July 1720. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reference: =Delaware Bible Records= by Donald O. Verdin vol 1 Heritage Books (c) 1991 page 80 under Sipple Bible Records of Kent County. This Bible was printed in 1789 and bought in 1793. Robert Bostick and Sarah Reed were married August 2, 1785 John Coppage and Sarah Bostick were married July 30, 1787 Martha Coppage, daughter of John and Sarah his wife, was born November 14, 1788. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following are sites you will want to check out! For news of one of our subscribers, Stewart Bostic, take at look at This is a really good site on Rutherford Co, NC. Be sure to check out all the links to cemeteries. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bostic/Bostick/Bostwick/Bostock Researchers 111 Strong! Bonnie M. Johnson Researching James W. Bostick, who was born 1836 IN and married Sarah A. Lester in Sullivan Co, IN. This is the BOSSTICK family mentioned in a issue #14 of the Newsletter Carolyn Crabtree Researching Absalom Bostick II and wife Dolly White of Stokes Co, NC and Christian Co, KY Arline Sudberry Researching Sir Oliver de Bostock Mabel Mitchell Researching Samuel Bostick, who had son James, born 1835 Frederick Co, MD. This family is also found in PA and KS. Sharon Bostick Researching William Berry Bostick, son of William R. Bostick and Margaret Elizabeth Carden. William Berry was born Princeton, AL 1887 and moved to TX ca 1900. Bob Battistella Researching James L. Bostic, born 1811 DE and died 1861. Appears on the 1860 Dearborn Co, IN census Donna Vaughn Researching Mary Jane Bostick, born ca 1833, oldest daughter of William Rand Bostick and Jane Browder of Stokes Co, NC Bob Erwin Researching William Bostwick and Mary Bailey of GA and Mary Bostick and William Leake of England and VA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next issue of the newsletter will be sent 29 July - a little early as I will be at a seminar at the normal time.
1 August 1998 BOSTICK ONLINE NEWSLETTER #23 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Bostick OnLine Newsletter is ONE YEAR OLD 1 Aug 1998! We have grown from about a dozen subscribers to over 120!. This is proof we do care about our origins and strengthens my belief that we can't know where we are going if we don't know where we have been. I appreciate all who have submitted material for the newsletter and hope that you will continue to share your data (with documentation, of course ). Please excuse the erratic delivery of the newsletter, but it can't be helped. Summertime is very busy and I feel it is better to be early than late. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OBEDIAH BOSTICK PART II By Candy Parent The children of Nancy & Obediah Bostick are: 2. Sarah "Sally" Bostick (ca 1788 Halifax County, VA-27 May 1857 Tazewell County, VA.) She was married to William GREEN (born ca 1791) on 31 Oct 1814 in Tazewell County, VA. 2. Josiah Bostick (ca 1792 Halifax County - between 1844 & 1850 Russell County). He married Priscilla Wilson (ca 1797-after 1880). The last known record of Josiah Bostick was a court record recorded in 1844. He doesn't appear on any census records after 1840. His wife, Priscilla, is recorded in the 1850-1880 census records of Scott County, VA. She is listed as being 88 and living with Thomas Bostic in 1880. The 1840 Russell County census mentions 7 children, three are listed with Priscilla in the 1850 Scott County, VA census: Thomas 22, Dorcas 19 and Charles 16. The 1860 census shows Priscilla, 63, living with Charles, 24. 2. Jane Bostick. (C. 1795-) born in either Halifax or Wythe County, VA. Married Talbert Elswick (c. 1793) on Oct. 20, 1818 in Tazewell County. [Talbert is listed as Tolbert Blankenship on the marriage records, Talbert Elswick on the deed and Talbert Elswick in the 1850 census for Tazewell County, VA. Other deeds list Talbert as Talbert Blankenship Elswick. Children of Talbert and Jane according to the 1850 Tazewell census are: 3. Josiah Elswick (ca 1822-) 3. Talbert Elswick (ca 1829-) 3. Jno Elswick (ca 1830-) 3. Ann E. Elswick (ca 1827) 3. Sally Elswick (ca 1834-) 3. Louisa Elswick (ca 1836) 3. Robt. Elswick (ca 1839) 3. Agnes Elswick (ca 1837) 2. Anne Bostick (ca 1797, Wythe County, VA- before 1850 Tazewell County, VA) married George Green (ca 1796-) on March 10, 1820 in Tazewell County, VA. George is listed in the 1850 Tazewell Co, VA census, but Anne is not. 2. James BOSTICK. (c. 1798/99-) is listed by Paul Bostic as a possible son. He married Sally Gent on Sep. 18, 1834 in Tazewell County. Paul bases this on the fact that a James Bostick sold 36 acres of land on the waters of Maiden Spring Fork June 11, 1857. The Gent family lived near Nancy & Obediah. A James Bostick is listed in the 1850 Tazewell County, VA census as being 50 years old and a farmer. Sally is listed as 40 years old. No children are listed with the couple. 2. Caleb Bostick (July 15, 1801 Tazewell County, VA-June 3, 1879 Russell Co, VA) married Charity Catherine Miller (March 6, 1811 Virginia-March 18, 1885 Russell Co, VA) around 1831. Caleb inherited 35 acres of his father's estate on the Maiden Spring Fork area of the Clinch River in Tazewell Co, VA which he sold to his brother in law, William Green for $100. [Tazewell Co, VA Deed Book 5, pg. 374] Caleb and Charity must have moved to Russell Co after selling the land, for they are in the Russell Co Census in 1870. (Interestingly, Caleb is listed as Caleb "Baustic". Obediah was listed as Obediah "Baustick" in his grandfather's will. Since these Bostics were illiterate, I'm assuming that was the pronunciation of the surname. My family has lost that pronunciation and goes by "Bahh-stik." Are there any others that still go by that original pronunciation?) The 1850 Tazewell County Census lists Caleb as 50 and a farmer, Charity as 36 and the children James 18, Valentine 16, John 14, Wm. 12, Rebecca 11, Sally 9, Moses 6 and Martin 2. The 1860 census lists Caleb as 45, Seviale 40 and the children William, 21, Rebecca 18, Sarah C. 16, Moses 14, Martin 12 and Davis 10. The 1870 Russell Co Census records the family this way: Caleb, 69 works on a farm, Charity 58, keeping house, William 34, at home "afflicted", Moses 22, works on a farm, Davis 19, at home "afflicted" and Eliza 18, at home. According to Paul Bostic's book, Davis was crippled from a childhood fall. William's affliction is not known. Children of Caleb and Charity: 3. James (c. 1832, VA) married Frances "Franky" Blankenship (c. 1835) on March 4, 1855 in Johnson Co, TN. James moved to Claiborne Co, TN with his brother Valentine around 1859. Family history says that he later moved to Indiana. 3. Valentine Miller Bostic (Jan. 6, 1834 Russell Co, VA-Jan. 11, 1879 Claiborne Co, TN) married Amanda M. Fitzallen Ferrell (Nov. 19,1835 Russell Co, VA - Jan. 13, 1879 Claiborne Co, TN). Valentine served in the Union Army during the Civil War. According to Paul Bostic, this couple died within days of each other and family members suspect that they were perhaps poisoned by a land company after Valentine refused to sell his property. This line is well documented by Paul Bostic and I would recommend contacting him for a copy of his book if you descend from this family. 3. John D. Bostick (Aug. 28, 1835 Russell Co, VA-Dec. 7, 1904 Russell Co) married Sophia Yates (b. Sept. 1838) on Feb. 28, 1861 Russell Co, Va. John served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. They are both buried in the Bostic Cemetery located on Poplar Ridge in Swords Creek, Russell Co, VA. The children listed are taken from the 1870 & 1880 censuses for Russell Co, VA. 4. Mary Alice Bostic (c. 1863-) 4. William Bostic (February 15, 1864-May 31, 1936) married Eliza Jane Cochran (19 Aug. 1871-Feb. 26, 1962) daughter of Bob and Jane Collins Cochran, on Jan. 8, 1884. The couple moved from Bloomfield, VA to Kentucky, to Ohio and then back to Kentucky. He settled for some time in McVeigh, Pike Co, KY. William and Eliza are both buried in Kimper, Pike Co, KY on or near the land that they raised their family on. Many of their grandchildren still live within walking distance of the property they once owned. (These are my great-great grandparents. Anyone searching these lines is welcome to contact me for more information. 4. George Bostic (c. 1866-) married Lisie Cochran. 4. Alexander Bostic (c. 1868-) married Lidy Owens. 4. Nannie Bell Bostic (c. 1870) married William Childress. 4. Annie Cahterine Bostic (c. 1871-_ married Gilbert Simmons 4. Sarah J. Bostic (1873-) married T. J. Chapman on July 21, 1896. 4. Julia Bostic (c. 1875-) married Albert Nichols and died young after being bitten by a snake. 4. James Bostic (Sept. 10, 1876-Feb. 11, 1952) married Ida Bell Miller (May 1884-) on April 27, 1899 in Russell Co, VA. 4. David Crockett Bostic (c. 1878-1890) 4. Thomas Bostic (July 15, 1880-) married Grace Patirick (Sept. 1907-1963) on Nov. 15, 1927 in Russell Co, VA 4. Taze Bostic (Oct. 7, 1877 Russell Co, VA-27 Dec. 1952 Centurburg, OH) married Annie Keene (Sept. 28, 1887 Buckingham Co, VA-June 1970 Mt. Gilead, OH) on June 24, 1907. [This is Diana Hyde's line. [ ] 3. William F. Bostic (c. 1838 Russell Co, VA-?? Buchanan Co, VA) He is probably buried in the Duty Cemetery on Indian Creek. William married Malissa Dye (Aug. 15, 1861 Russell Co-?? Tazewell Co, VA) daughter of Rachel Price and Absalom Dye on Jan. 9, 1884 in Russell Co, VA. The couple divorced in Russell Co on Nov 7 1 896 [Chancery Court Order Book, Russell Co, VA, p. 197] William served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War as a member of the 29th VA Infantry. Paul Bostic notes in his book that William was so crippled with arthritis he had to be buried sitting up. Malissa apparently had two children before she married William, John & Richard Dye, and after the divorce she married Jim Welch and had two more, Mary and Westly. 3. Rebecca Ann Bostic (Oct. 1840 Swords Creek, Russell Co, VA-after 1910) married Joel Fields Duty (Sep. 1836 Duty Branch of Indian Creek, Russell Co, VA-before 1905) on Nov. 30, 1864 in Russell Co, VA. Both are buried in the Duty Cemetery on Indian Creek in Dickenson Co, VA. 3. Sarah C. "Sally" Bostic (c. 1842 Russell Co, VA-) married Thomas Henderson Clark (1835-1925) around 1865 3. Moses Bostic (c. 1844-) according to Paul Bostic; he never married and is said to have died in Buchanan Co, VA. 3. Martin Bostic (July 9, 1848 VA-Sept. 10, 1909 Russell Co, VA) married Mary Jane Miller (c. 1847) daughter of John and Polly Hess Miller on Oct. 4, 1871 in Russell C, VA. Martin is buried on the mountain near where he lived in Swords Creek, Russell Co, VA. 3. Davis C. Bostic (July 4, 1850 Tazewell Co, VA-Oct. 27, 1933 Meigs Co, TN) married Mary Ann Richardson (Nov. 28, 1862-Jan. 8, 1930) daughter of William Richardson, on Feb. 8, 1881 in Russell Co, VA. Davis and Mary Ann are buried in Ten Mile Community Cemetery in Meigs Co, TN. 3. Eliza V. Bostic (c. 1852-) married William Sykes on July 30, 1873 in Russell Co, VA. Paul notes this in his book on page 69, "Even though Eliza is listed at home with Caleb and Charity Bostic in the 1870 U.S. Census of Russell County, Virginia, the marriage records of Russell County lists Eliza's parents as Valentine and Rachel [Russell Co, Virginia, Marriages, Book 2, page 38, line 63). Eliza was not listed with Caleb and Charity Bostic in the 1860 U.S. Census of Tazewell Co, VA. 2. Daughter Bostick (presumably the mother of Fanny and John Smith mentioned in the deed transfer between Obediah and Abednigo White). Additional Sources: Bostic, Jenkins and Other Families, by Paul E. Bostic. (c) 1993 Family Bible of Henry Bostic Cemetery Inscriptions from Kimper, Pike County, KY The help of Diana Hyde ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A memorial has been established to put new markers on Caleb and Charity Bostic's grave site. Anyone who wishes to contribute, should make their check payable to: Caleb & Charity Bostic Memorial Fund Acct. 3247 and mail to First Sentinel Bank, 315 Railroad Ave, PO Box 1050, Richlands, VA 24641 Attn: Laura Compton. Selena DuLac ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOUIS BOSTWICK Louis BOSTWICK, a civilian employee of the Quartermaster Corps during the Battle of Little Big Horn, was with the 7th Calvary when they left Fort Abraham Lincoln on 17 May 1876. There were 1200 civilians and soldiers, and 1700 horses and mules. Louis Bostwick did not participate in the battle, but was with 142 Quartermaster employees that remained with one of the many supply depots established along the Yellowstone River either at the mouth of Rosebud Creek or further east. Sorry that I have no other information. This might help someone that could be looking for a link in their time line part of their ancestor`s travels. Someone mentioned to me that they thought they saw either Bostick or Bostwick in connection to the battle. There was only one individual listed and they were not sure of the spelling. So I started looking. Thanks to R. H. Nichols at and who provided this information from his complete list of casualties and the survivors of the Big Horn battle we have this information about Louis Bostwick. The 7th Cavalry was very busy during 1874 to 1876 and it was not uncommon to have as many as 300 wagons following with supplies at any given time. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >From =Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850 - An Index= by Carole Willsey Bell comes the following: Bostwick, Ashbel - will 1849, Portage Co. Case 968, administration docket 3, pg 57 Bostwick, Charles - estate 1823, Portage Co Case 51, administration docket 1, pg 26 Bostwick, Ebenezer - will 1840, Portage Co Case 629, administration docket 2, pg 26 Bostwick, Reuben (of New Milford, CT) - will 1814 Trumball Co, probate record 2, pg 119 Bostwick, Shadrack - will 1837, Trumball Co Probate record 9, pg 73 Bostwick, Shadrack L. - will 1838, Portage Co Case 537, administration docket 2, pg 154 Bostwick, William - estate 1830, Fayette Co Will book A, pg 57; Common Pleas Court Book F, pg 112; Common Pleas Court Record Book E, pg 132 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OSMER PART XIV In this issue we will study Ralph BOSTOCK, son of Sir Adam de BOSTOCK and Elizabeth de VENEABLES. Ralph, born about 1440 in Cheshire, participated in the Battle of Barnet and earned the titles of Sir and Esquire. About 1458, Ralph married Elizabeth DUTTON, daughter and coheiress of Sir Thomas DUTTON. In 1481, a special licence was granted to Ralph for entrance into the Barony of Kinderton. Ralph was much like his father and had to be bound over to the King [Edward V] to keep his allegiance. During his lifetime Ralph was continually at odds with the VENEABLES family, who had rejected his claim to the Barony. Thus, he was bound over several times. In fact, Ralph was once bound over for the sum of 1000 pounds. Perhaps as the result of this running feud, Ralph was poisoned on 04 Aug 1482. His I. P. M. is dated in 1483. His wife died in 1516, the year of her I. P. M. After the death of Ralph, Elizabeth remarried to Thomas SKRYVEN. Ralph had three brothers, William, Nicholas, and according to Ormerod, John of Belgrave. Nicholas BOSTOCK [Moberley] of Cheshire, whose descendants assumed the surname of RICH after his marriage to the heiress of that family. The union of Ralph BOSTOCK and Elizabeth VENEABLES had issue: William, born 09 Oct 1468 in Cheshire, never married, and died about 1487. Anne, heiress of her brother William, married Sir John SAVAGE. John, thought to be illegitimate, is also thought to be the ancestor of Laurence BOSTOCK, the Antiquarian. John and Laurence perished without issue. After the death of her brothers, Anne inherited all of the BOSTOCK holdings. She married Sir John SAVAGE, of Clifton. Sir John was the Sheriff of Worcester. On Anne`s death in 1528 all of the BOSTOCK lands passed into the SAVAGE family. Getting back to Ralph`s brother, William. William BOSTOCK is thought to be the start of BOSTICK and BOSTWICK in America. William was born about 1445. He had married Elizabeth DONE or DONNE. In the next issue we will cover the family of William BOSTOCK and Elizabeth DONE. There is a mixed concensus concerning the children of William. John Michael O`Melia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >From =Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois= by Mrs. Harriet J. Walker (c) 1917: pg 104 Montgomery County Ezra Bostwick born 1753 Queen Anne Co, MD. Enlisted under Capt. Patrick Began, NC Troops 15 Oct 1780. Came to ILL 1818 in Bostwick settlement, not far from present village of Irving. Buried in little graveyard not far from Irving. No pension. >From =Soldiers of American Revolution Buried in Illinois= by Illinois State Gen. Society (c) 1976: Bostwick (Bostic), Ezra Died Jan 1843 Buried McCord Cemetery, near Irving, IL. Spouse: Drucilla Pension - Illinois Pension Census 1 June 1840, Montgomery County, age 86. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Charlotte Williams suggests that we take a look at the Marshall Co, MS GenWeb Click on Members of the Old Hudsonville Church. Look for Col. and Mrs. Wm. M. Bostick. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Researchers There are 121 of us now! Harlan Lunsford Researching Toliver Bostick, born 1811 NC, lived GA and died Marion Co, AL 1902 Kensey Alsman Researching Hiram H.D. Bostwick, born 1846 Clark Co, IL, father of James Aaron Bostwick, born 1875 Vermillion Co, IL Mary and Wayne Hartman Researching Littleberry Bostick born ca 1775 SC; probably son of John and Jane Bostick Charles Reeves Researching William Dennis Bostick of Madison Co, AL; born ca 1870 Ernie Alf Researching Peter Bostwick, whose Union Army service record indicates he was born 1809 Dover, PA. Married 1834 Trumball Co, OH to Mary Isahour/Isaham/Isahorn. He died 1862 Nashville, TN. Leanne Dowdell Researching Berry Bostwick and Elizabeth McCoy, who married 1818 Morgan Co, GA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next Issue 1 September 1998

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