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Welcome to my small speck in the universe!
My geographical location is Winter Haven, Florida.
I have been retired from the operations area of the data processing center at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas since January of 2000.
I have been involved with Joy since March of 1999 and she is the love of my life.   It is my prayer that we will always remain together.
In May of 2003, I earned a BA degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Finance from Warner Southern College in Lake Wales, Florida.   I graduated with an aggregate GPA of 3.4.
That's not bad for not attending college since receiving my AAS degree from Galveston College in December of 1979.

The Winter Haven Senior Softball Club website.

Galveston - a quick tour of my home town.

Big Cedar Lodge Vacation

Friend Ships - A worthy endeavor

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Bill of No Rights

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