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Fun Stuff Introduction Page

Welcome to the Fun Stuff page. This area will contain a collection of items that we find interesting while surfing the net. It will have some JavaScript applets and other items that will give you an idea of what you can do to an HTML page and hopefully streach your imagination. All the items that are posted here are or have been released to the public domain, so feel free to copy and use them.

Frank and Susan

Some of the items here are:

  1. Background Color Changer
    • use the 'color wheel' to select a color and see the resulting color code to use in your HTML <BODY BACKGROUND=# > command
  2. Installed Plugins
    • Check your Netscape's Plugins
    • See which plugins are installed, enabled, and what they effect
  3. This month's calendar
    • See today's date and current time highlighted on this month's calendar

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