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Different Alternative Search Engines for Surfing the Net

LookSmart LookSmart is a new search site from Reader's Digest designed for non-technically oriented folks and for users fed up with the search sites out there today. LookSmart offers a new model for the way search sites work: You can navigate through LookSmart's category searching, run keyword searches on LookSmart's database or on those of five other search sites, and surf.

MetaCrawler Searching All4one Search Machine, which lets you input your search criteria just once, sends them out simultaneously to four popular search engines -- Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista and WebCrawler -- and then displays the results in four Netscape 2.0 frames. With MetaCrawler you can search In addition to basic any words, all words, and phrase options, MetaCrawler recognizes a special search syntax that allows you to describe your desired results very accurately.

MetaSearch at Highway 61 MetaCrawlerHighway 61 is a metasearch engine that will submit your search to Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, Infoseek Ultra, Hotbot, Excite, etc.

HotBot HotBot is an "Internet search engine" - a fast, accurate tool for finding information on the vast and ever-growing Internet. HotBot periodically visits pages on the World Wide Web using a program called "Slurp the Web Hound." Slurp is an extremely fast "Web crawler," or Web robot, that uses parallel "network-of-workstations" technology to download over 10 million Web pages a day from around the world.

For Ultraseek, type a specific question, phrase or Name.


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Or use one of the popular search engines with the Java Script Routine below:

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