Thomas Fransen Oudewater by his second wife, Mettie Pieters had daughter, Elizabeth, bapt, Dec __ 1707, Hackensack Church; d 25 Sep 1732; m May 20, 1726 to Claes ROMEYN. She joined the Hackensack Church May 23, 1731. Children: 3 [ROMEYN] 2 sons and 1 daughter:
     1. Lammatje, bap 4-23-1727
     2. Thomas,   b 19 Mar 1729; bapt 9 Apr 1729, witnesses Thomas Fransen Outwater and
         Mettye Pieterse, his wife, the grandparents of the child; m [1] July 15, 1756 in Albany,
         NY, Margareta Frelinghuysen; m [2] Susanna Van Campen.  Children: 7 ROMEYN]
         sons.  Thomas Romeyn was a pastor in the Dutch Church.
     3. Jan, bapt 15 Oct 1732

Klaes Romeyn and Elizabeth Outwater were witnesses at baptism -
Elizabeth Outwater, bapt. Sep 30 1744.
Source:  Mildred A. McDonnell, comp., "The Romine Family (Romeyn, Romaine, Romyn, etc.), Book I," p. 53. McDonnell cites "Oudewater-Outwater Linage"by Dr. Samuel Outwater  in "New York Genealogical & Biographical Record" 55 (1924): 351, 353.

Translation of a record on the fly leaf of an old Dutch Bible, the property of  a Capt. Henry Romine Fort McPherson GA. by a Mrs, C. F. R  Matthews, Croton-on-Hudson, NJ, a great granddaughter of Dirck Romine.

"Give praise to God above all, by all praise. In the year 1726 the 3d May, I Claes Romine married with Elizabeth Outwater and my son Thomas Romine is born 19 March 1729, and my wife Elizabeth  died in year 1732;  the 25th of Sept. I am again married with Rachel Vrelant in the year 1733, 14 April and my son Jan Romine, born 22d Feb. in the year 1734, and my daughter Elizabeth Romine is born the year 1739, the 18th Dec. and my son Dirck Romine is born in the year 1741, the 12 Jan.  Lord God save them.  In the year 1761 the 10th of May (new style) as my wife Rachel died and was aged  56 yrs. 10 mo. 10 days, and in the year 1763 on the 10 of Mar (new style) evening -- Claes Romine deceased aged 63 yrs. 4mo. 15 days. Going before his children. (This last clause evidently by other hands.)

    The Bible was in Dirck Romine's possession till his death.  It came to my possession from Mrs. Van Cortlandt of Van Cortlandt Manor at her death.  The "Thomas" mentioned in the record was my great grandfather, prominent in the Dutch Reformed Church and as a patriot in the Mohawk Valley during the war of the Revolution, and when settled as pastor at Caughwawawanga (now Fonda), A.D. 1763 was the most settled pastor in the province.
[Signed]  Henry Romeyn, U.S.A.
Source:  Mildred A. McDonnell, comp., "The Romine Family (Romeyn, Romaine, Romyn, etc.), Book I," p. 50. McDonnell cites New York Genealogical & Biographical Record" 27 (1896): 108.

David Ackerman, bapt. Apr. 1, 1681, married Gerrebreght Clase Romeyn at Hackensack Apr. 24, 1703, his birthplace being stated as NY and hers as Gravesend.  He was called David Ackerman the younger when he joined Hackensack Church in 1700.   It was doubtless this David who was one of those accused at East Jersey Council Meeting at Perth Amboy May 25, 1816, of being disaffected persons to the Government, who had prevented a session of the Assembly, of which Ackerman was a Member from Bergen County.  His arrest was ordered.  He had ten children bapt. at Hackensack.
(Source:  Family Tree Maker Genealogies of New Jersey Families, Vol. II, Ackerman)

Oliver Decker, b. C. 1787 at New Springville, S[taten] I[sland]., d. prob. there, m. Johanna Simonson at the home of her father, Barent Simonson, on 31 Oct 1816.  Her mother was Sarah Romaine.  Oliver & wife buried in Mor. Cemetery, New Dorp, S[taten] I[sland].
(Source:  Family Tree Maker Genealogies of New Jersey Families, Vol. I, The Decker Family.)

Charity, daughter of Gerrit J. Hopper and Elizabeth Ackerman, born. 21 Feb. 1807, bapt. 5
July 1807, NYC-Greenwich Reformed.  Md. Benjamine Romaine.

Cornelius Hopper  (bapt. 30 April 1758) married Catharine, 11 June 1780, daughter of Stephen Terhune and Letitia Bergen.   She was born in 1764 in New York.  She married second 10 Oct. 1795 at Passaic, John N. Romein, as Catharine Terhune, widow.  She died either 15 Oct. 1841 or in November 1840.   Children of Cornelius Hopper and Catharine Terhune:
1.  Stephen.  (Will of Stephen Hopper of NYC, dated 24 June 1815, mentions:  Uncle Michael
     B. Terhune, Mother, Catharine Romaine, wife of John Romaine.  Brothers and sisters,
     Cornelius Romine, Elizabeth Romine, and Michael Romine.)
2.  Catharine - born 10 Sept. 1786, bapt. 1 Oct. 1786.
(Source:  Family Tree Maker Genealogies of New Jersey Families, Vol. I)

Rachel  Van der Linde, b. 11 Sept. 1751 (Bible), bapt. 6 Oct. 1751, Schraalenburg; witnesses Poulus Loots and wife Rachel;  married Benjamin Romeyn, son of Nicholas Romeyn and Belitje Demarest, bapt. 3 Aug 1746, Schraalenburg, witnesses Benjamin Demarest and wife Elizabeth.
(Source:  Family Tree Maker Genealogies of New Jersey Families, Vol. I, The Van der Lindes in Colonial America)


Dirck Romeyn is said to have been descended from Claes or Klaese (Nicholas) Jansen Romeyn, who, according to family tradition, migrated from Amsterdam to Brazil, between 1650 and 1660, and came thence to New Netherland about 1653.  It is more probable that it was his father, Jan
Romeyn, who was the emigrant, and that Claes was but an infant, if he was here as early as 1653, for it was not until May 2, 1680, that he m. Styntje Albertse Terhune.  He bought a plantation, March 3, 1679, at Gravesend, L.I., where he resided several years.  In 1696 he bought a tract of 300 acres of land between the Hackensack and Saddle rivers, to which he added 600 acres in 1697.  He was a cooper by trade.  He lived near Hackensack about ten years, removing thence to Shappekenlke, or Greenwich, now in New York City, where he died.  Kristyne Ter Heune, wid. of Klaes Jansen Romeyn,  Minades Island (i.e. from Manhattan Island) was received into the Hackensack church by letter, May 18, 1732.-- History of Paterson, by William Nelson, I.,210.

In the work above quoted, details are given of the children and grandchildren of Claes Jansen Romeyn, which indicate this line of descent for Dirck:  Jan, son Claes Jansen, m. Lammetje Bongaert, May 20, 1699, and was the father of Klaes, bap. Feb. 25, 1700, m. 1st, Elizabeth Outwater, May 20, 1726;  she d. Sept. __, 1732, leaving one son, Thomas, b. March 9, 1729;  he graduated at Priceton College in 1762, and became a noted preacher in the Reformed Dutch Church.  Nicholas Romeyn in April, 1733, trod again in the honorable state of matrimony with Rachel Vreelandt, according to his Dutch family bible.  (The Hackensack Dutch church records, in chronicling the baptisms of their children, in at least one instance, 1744, gives her name as Marretje.)  They had Dirk, bap. At Hackensack Aug. 1, 1736, who d. In inf.   On Jan 12, 1744, was b. another son, who was bap. at Hackensack Jan 29, 1744,  Dirk.  This was used by the Dutch in Northern New Jersey generally as the equivalent of Richard, but sometimes for Theodorick.  The latter interpretation was assumed by the boy born in 1744.  Upon graduating at Princeton in 1765 he received, besides his small parchment diploma, a certificate of his religious conduct and standing,
signed by President Finley, at Princeton, Sept. 28, 1765.  After leaving College he studied theology, part of the time under the Rev. J. M. Goetschius, of Hackensack and Schraalenburgh, who preached his ordination sermon, in May, 1766, when he was called to the pastorate of the Dutch churches of Marbletown, Rochester and Wawarsing, Ulster county, NY  He became pastor of the churches of Hackensack and Schraalenburgh in May, 1776, just at the  beginning of the Revolution.  When the British pursued Washington through Hackensack in November, 1776, they plundered Dominie Romeyns house and destroyed all his furniture, books and papers.    He then removed his family to New Paltz,  and thence to his mother-in-laws at Marbletown, where they remained nearly two years.  He made frequent, but brief visits to his congregation, often at great personal risk, he being obnoxious to the British and their tory sympathizers.  He received many calls to other and better charges, but it was not until 1784 that he concluded to change, and accepted a call to Schenectady.  Here he was largely instrumental in establishing an academy, which subsequently developed into Union College.  He received the degree of D.D. in 1789, from Queens College, and in 1797 was appointed a Professor of Theology by the General Synod.  He d. April 16, 1804.  He m. June 11, 1767, Elizabeth, dau. of Wessels and Catherine (Dubois) Brodhead; she d. July 27, 1815.  One of their children was the Rev. John Brodhead Romeyn.
Source:  Biographical and Genealogical Notes from the Volumes of the New Jersey Archives by the late William Nelson - Genealogical Publishing Co,Inc. , Baltimore 1973.