"My Mother"
By April Lane Whitaker
I wanted to share with you my story of "Life with a Chronically Ill Parent"
When a parent is sick, it has an affect on the whole family.
The Lord has been faithful to walk beside my family through all these years.
Maybe I can encourage another kid who is dealing with the
FEAR and UNCERTAINTY of an illness in the family.
I cannot remember a time when my Mom was NOT sick.
She has always been in and out of the hospital.
Since I was the oldest I always felt responsible to
take care of my sisters.
I had to be the brave one for them...or so I thought.
I kept all my fear for my Mom inside and I tried
not to let it show.
My Mom told me that it was NOT a good thing to
keep my fears to myself.
She said I should share them with someone.
And it DOES help...
Most importantly I learned to share my fears
with JESUS. He is always with me, even when Mom
is at the hospital.
When my Mom had to go into the hospital for
her amputation I was so afraid!
"Would she be bitter and angry when it was over?"
"Would I be afraid to see her?"
"Could she die?"
The Bible verse in Phillipians 4:13  is so true for me and my family
"I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength"
With the Lord's help, all of my fears disappeared.
I was thrilled to see her!!
She was still my MOM!
In fact, she is healthier than before!
My Life has not been easy. But I still wouldn't trade places with anyone.
My Mom is my HERO...she is the bravest person I know.
All the pain in her life and she almost never complains.
She may not be able to run a race or climb a mountain,
but she is able to tell people about Jesus and she shows
Jesus to others in the way that she lives her life.
Click Hereto read a POEM I wrote for my MOM
If you are a kid that has fears about
your parents illness, send me an E~Mail and
we will share our fears together.
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Copyright, April Lane Whitaker, 1998

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