The Whitaker Family Kitchen
Welcome to our Kitchen !
We are so very glad you have stopped by!
The kitchen is the of a home!
I LOVE entertaining friends and family by creating some of my
favorite recipes and by making my home a welcoming place.
Cooking & Baking are also a wonderful way for my girls and I to
spend some quality time together.
Each one of them enjoy creating a favorite recipe, occasionally
making dinner for the family, baking an evening "snack surprise"
for a "Movie Night" and collecting recipes with me.
I want to share some of my favorite recipes with you here.
Remember to check back often!
More and more recipes will be added from time to time!
I will list some of MY favorite recipe links here too!
I hope that this site will be one that you look to time and time again
when you are planning a meal for your family and friends.
Recipe Collections in the Whitaker Kitchen
Spring 2000
Winter '99-'00
Watch for:
Christmas Collection '99
Autumn's Harvest
Home Canning Tips
and lots more
Cooking/Baking is a fun and practical way to teach your child MATH (measuring, counting, division, etc.)
READING (following a recipe)
(gathering ingredients, following directions, etc.)
(cleaning up, meeting the needs of others)
(preparing food for family and friends, making party plans, etc.)
Spend some time in the kitchen with your kids. Messes can always be cleaned up later but the memories that you will make together will last both of you a lifetime :o)*
Don't just save your "good china" or your antique linen's, favorite baskets, flavored teas, and all those other things you save JUST for that "special occasion"!! who is more precious...more "SPECIAL" to you that the man you love and the precious children that God has blessed you with?!
*Surprise them some night with a candlelit dinner using Grandma's antique tablecloth and your best china and platters!
*Give your daughters (and sons!) a special treat! Have a Special "Tea Party" using your favorite Tea Set. Bake some yummy muffins and spread them with preserves or serve dainty cucumber/dill sandwiches with fresh fruit. It will be a memorable occasion that you all will remember
*A spot on a table cloth or even a chipped cup is not as important as the memories that you will be making when you show your family how SPECIAL they are to you!
Georgia's Kitchen
A Mom of 7, shares her "family favorites", many with a "Ukrainian flair"
Cooking With The Carter's
Another "Mom's" favorites PLUS lot's of great cooking links !
Peggie's Kitchen
Like all of Peggie's Places, this one is packed with great recipes, links and laughs!

I would also like to share with you the link
to a website for 2 of the BEST cooking magazines around !
Here you can find sample recipes and subscribe to these great magazines.
I subscribe to both and they are the most "down-to-earth" recipes I have found.
Many of my family's favorite's have come from these pages!!
I'm sure your family will thank you for checking them out too :o)

Please Visit Here Often.
We will always be adding new recipes.
Thanks for stopping by...
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