Capt.  N. L. Huff      died since war
let Lt.  J. F. Sessions died since war
2nd Lt. E. W. Harris
3rd Lt. N. B. Wilson killed ICRR wreck Ponchatoula 2.28.1862
Ord.  Sgt.  Samuel Oneal
2nd Sgt. A. F. Davis died since war
3rd Sgt.  B. T. Anderson killed ICRR wreck 2.28.1862
4th Sgt. M. Day died during war lot

Corp. F. M. Wilson
 2nd Corp. Ho G. Reynolds wounded at Nashville and died
 3rd Corp. F. J. Edwards killed ICRR wreck 2.28.1862 Ponchatoula, La.
 4th Corp. Joel Freeman
 Joe Butler
John P. Jones
 J. E. Bain
W. J. Jones killed ICRR Wreck
 R. Bass killed Chickamauga
Jones died Pass Christian
 M. Bass died since the war
C. S. Jones
 J. A. Bright killed ICRR wreck 2.28.1862
 Cicero Brown died since the war
S. G. Long
O. Bradshaw
Thos. Lard Sr.
 J. S. Burkhalter
Thos. Lard Jr.
 M. Cowart J. Levy discharged as ali
 R. W. Clark died since the war
G. W. Moore
 G. P. Claughton. died cbiring the war
J. F. Mayhkll
 F. L. Causay
W. J. Mercer killed IC wreck
 G. Carlook
Dave MaKey
 R. M. Cassels
Thos. W. McGehee wounded Shiloh
 R. T. A. Carraway
J. H. McGehee
 W. T. Carlook
Thos. McKnight
E. Cain
E. McManus lost leg Jonesboro
 N. Cain
L. McGehee hired substitute
W. H. Durham killed Chickamauga
T. C. Parker died 1910
 Jo M. Day
B. F. Parsons
 W. H. Doy
J. T. Parsons
 H. Day
J. R. Parker killed Jonesboro 7.186
 H. Dillon
J. M. Reynolds died Ryan, Tenn.
 J. W. Ewell
S. E. Rawlinson
 T. J. Godbold
W. P. Robertson
 Ed. J.. Forman
N. B. Robertson died 1915
F.M. Freeman died Federal prison
Alex Robertson killed Atlanta 7.22.1864
B. Gardner
Sam Steele
J. F. Griffin
V. P. Sterling died 1914
I. Griffin
J. N. Sterling
H. Garner
A. J. Steele
W. L. Godbold
Thos. Swearengin died during war
S. Haygood
Benton Steele totally blind from bullet going through head, died 1912
P.  C. Huff
W. H. Huff
Cicero Smith
Thomas Halford
Denman Taylor
S. Howell
W. B. Taylor
S. Hickingbottan
John Tillery,
E. A. Hughey
J. S. Turner
E. K. Webb
John White
William White
Thos.  White
Joe White
Frank Whittington   killed in ICRR wreck Ponchatoula, LA. 2.28.1862
Dempsey Whittington
G. B. Whittington    died 1914
M.  C. Whittington
N. B. Whittington
J. L. Whittington
S. Y. Whittington
L. J. Whittington     wounded lost am
S. T. Whittington
S. D. Wilkinson       died 1914
Solomon Weatheraby
Sumpter Wilson     killed ICRR wreck Ponchatoula 2.28.1862
W. Aldred
M. Aldrich
T. Anderson
B. D. Alfred
R. Cloy
Eastman Ford killed at Shiloh
Matt Freeman   killed during war


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