CORRECTIONS & ADDITIONS These are corrections and additions to Issues
numbers one and two.

page 21  JESSE MONTGOMERY FINNELL  see page 56  of
Reverend Daniel Brown of Culpeper County, Virginia and Allied
Families; compiled by Colonel Woolsey Finnell, Sr [1954?]
additions:   Jesse Montgomery Finnell  d. 1933
     LONGINO WHITE FINNELL m./1 to Winona Gardner; m/2
     to Grace Robertson
     EMMA PAULINE FINNELL; m. to Willima Wallace White
     HAZEL ALICE FINNELL; m. to Dwight L. Browder
     ANNIE RUTH FINNELL; m. to James Herrin
                     + * + * + * +

page 14 JONATHAN FINNELL; b. 1774 (age 81 on 2 Apr 1855) as
stated in his Bounty Land Warrent Application for service in the War of 1812.
Served as a private in Capt Kennedy's Regt of Ky Militia, War of 1812.
Volunteered in Garret Co, KY for 90 days.   On 10 Aug 1853 states his age as
80yrs resident of Linn Co, MO. Served as a Private in Capt Joseph Lagston
Division Commanded by Genl Wilkenson in War against the Kickpoo Indians
1792 on the Wabash River Territory west of the Ohio River. Volunteered at
Paint Lick, Madison Co, KY about July/ August 1792 for 3 months. Discharged
at Madison Co, KY in October/ November 1792.  Also served as Orderly Segt
in Capt Thomas Kennedy's Co, KY Militia Division commanded by Gen'l
Hopkins in a war west of the Ohio River. Enlisted  Aug 1813 for 3 months,
enlisted at Lancaster, Garrard Co, KY and discharged at Lancaster, KY in Nov
1813.   Jonathan settled in Howard Co, MO in 1819 on his plantation about 3
miles north of Fayette, MO. In 1850 living in Linn Co, MO. The 1850
Cenmsus (October) as living with his Daughter Eliza [Polly] and Aza Kirby.
                     + * + * + * +

     HERBERT MARION;  of Superior, NE
     NEWTON GEORGE; Farmer in Unity, Sack, Canada
     GRANT;  of Portland, OR
     FLOYD BAILEY;  of Long Beach, CA  [said to
     have had a family Bible]
     BESSIE IDELLA;  of Meza, AZ
     Clara BELLE; of Unity, Sack, Canada
     VERDA;  of Unity, Sack, Canada
     FLORENCE; of California
     McKINLEY HARRIS of Oregon
                       * + * + *

page 14 SALLY FINNELL should be changes to SARAH E.
FINNELL; b.18 Feb 1812; d.27 Apr 1897 Schulyer Co, MO; m.19 Nov
1935, Howard Co, MO to Hugh Alexander (b.13 Aug 1809; d.15 Jan 1875
Schuyler Co, MO) Both buried  in Harmony Cemetery, Greetop, MO  Lived
for a time in Appanoose Co, IA about  1850, moved back to Schuyler Co,
     [4th son]  WILLIAM AMOS ALEXANDER; b.1843; d.3 May
     1923, Martinsburg, IA; m. to Susannah L. Scott
                     + * + * + * +

page 14 RACHEL FINNELL  dau of Jonathan & Rhoda (Green)
Finnell  b.6 Sep 1809, Monroe Co, MO
m. 1 Jan 1833 to Marcus Stephenson (son of Marguis & Sarah (Meeks)
Stephenson (he b.25 May 1789)
     JOHN W. STEPHENSON; b.30 Sep 1833
     NANCY J. STEPHENSON; b.4 Jul 1835; d.8 Apr 1866; m. to
     Wms Mikel
     RHODY E. STEPHENSON; b.13 Mar 1837; m to John P. Lay
     MELISSA J. STEPHENSON; b.13 Jan 1839; d.4 Oct 1845*
     MARTHA S. STEPHENSON; b.17 Oct 1840; d.8 Oct 1845*
     JESSY G. STEPHENSON; b.10 Feb 1842; d.8 Oct 1845*
     JAMES R. STEPHENSON; b.12 Feb 1845; d.15 Oct 1845*
     SARAH D. STEPHENSON; b.6 Oct 1846; d.21 Apr 1854
     MARY C. STEPHENSON; b.10 Oct 1848; d.19 Apr 1854
     MARCUS F. STEPHENSON; b.22 Feb 1852; d.20 Feb 1858
* burial in Old abandoned Cemetery north of Glasgow, Chariton Co, MO called
the Childrens Cemetery, for all the children who died of Cholera in 1845
                       * # * # *

b. 28 Nov 1809, Boone Co, KY; d. 3 Dec 1886, Boone Co, KY; m. to
Elizabeth Roberts  (she b.20 Jan 1814, Boone Co, KY; d.1894)
WILLIAM L. FINNELL; b. 1845; d.10 Nov 1845; age 2m 10dys*
LIZZIE L. FINNELL; b.1850; d.1870*
MARTHA A. FINNELL; b.__; d.9 Apr 1855, aged 3yrs 27dys*
JAMES THOMAS FINNELL; b.1847; d.1 Aug 1862, age 15yrs 1mo*
SALLIE RICKETTS FINNELL; b.24 Sep 1862, Walton, Boone Co,
KY; d. Jun 1944; m. to Andrew Rowlette Hance
* Buried in Old Salem Cemetery Walton Boone Co, KY

                       * + * + *

page 28  Correction   HORACE GREELY FINNELL
d. at Cleveland, TN; bur Hilcrest Cemetery, Cleveland, TN
                       # * # * #

page 14, 15 & 29  ELIJAH FINNELL the entries on these pages
needs to be deleted and replaced with the following entry. There
seemed to be some confusion as to the parents of Elijah. There are some
references that Elijah is the brother of Asa K. Finnell
ELIJAH FINNELL; b.18 May 1805, Garrard Co, KY; d.10 Feb 1890,
age 84yrs, 7mos 23dys; bur old Chapel Cemetery, Armstrong, Howard Co,
MO; m/1 1831 to Isabella Marrett, Garrard Co, KY; m/2 to Frances Green
CHILDREN: (in part from the 1850 Census Chariton Co, MO)
     MARY3 FINNELL; b.1833
     WILLIAM FINNELL; b.c1837
     JOHN OWEN FINNELL; b.1840, Roanoke, MO; d.Mar 1869
     [?]; bur on the Farm; m. 23 Oct 1862 to Rebecca Frances Goock in
     Roanoke, MO ( b.20 Jun 1838; d.20 May 1924, bur Clifton Hill,
     Cemetery) CHILDREN:
          ISA JANE4 FINNELL; b.1 Dec 1863,
          Howard Co, MO; d.12 Dec 1933, Roanoke, MO; m.4 Aug 1889
          to Henry Beltz
          FLORA O.FINNELL; b.25 Jul 1869; d.4 May 1904;
          bur Clifton Hill Cemetery
          ALVERY MARCELLEOUS FINNELL; b.8 Oct 1865,
          Salisbury, MO; d.18 Jan  ____; Roanoke, MO; m. to Mary
          Elizabeth Fuhrman (b.13 Jun 1867; d.28 Feb 1945) both bur.
          Roanoke Cemetery CHILDREN:
               FRANCES IRENE5 FINNELL;
               b.29 Sep 1902, Roanoke, MO; m. to Garnet Frederick
          EUGENE LOUIS4 FINNELLb.6 Oct 1874,
          Roanoke, MO; d.2 Mar 1954; bur Sunset Gardens, Moberly,
          MO; m. 8 Mar 1903 to Mary Jane Dunivent. CHILDREN:
               AUBREY CECIL5 FINNELL;
               b.6 Jul 1905, Moberly, MO; m. to Violet ____
               THOMAS ERCILL FINNELL; b.16 Jun 1909,
               Clifton Hill, MO; m. to Edith Cross
               STELLA FRANCIS FINNELL; b.10 Jul 1911,
               Clifton Hill, MO; m. to Greyson Kimbrough
               WALTER MADDOX FINNELL; b.17 Mar
               1914, Moberly, MO; m. to Ruth Beacom
     AARON [CAM]3 FINNELL; b.1842; d.10 Jan
     1895; age 53yrs 2mos 12dys; bur old Chapel Cemetery, Armstrong.
     Howard Co, MO; m. 15 May 1867 to Frances A. Markland (she b.7
     Nov 1844; d.8 Dec 1912; bur Old Chapel Cemetery; dau of Matthew &
     Loretta (Harvey) Markland
     JAMES FINNELL; b.c1844; m. to Elizabeth Markland (she
     d.2 May 1873, bur old Chapel Cemetery; dau of Matthew & Loretta
     (Harvey) Markland).
second marriage
     KATE FINNELL; m. to Wesley Robinson
                     * # * # * # *

page 29  JOHN FINNELL    replace with this entry. Elijah should be
removed as could not a child.

JOHN FINNELL; b.1794, KY; d. 7 Jan 1854; bur Old Finnell
Cemetery*; m. to Mary [Polly) King (b.1792; d.d.1860)
     MARTHA A.2 FINNELL; d. 1904
     LOUIS [LEWIS] FINNELL; b.6 Jan 1822; d.27 May 1911;
     bur Clifton Hill Cem; m/1 to Mildred Yancy (b, 14 May 1833; d.12 Feb
     1864; bur Yancy Cemetery, Howard Co, MO); m/2 20 Apr 1871 to
     Elizabeth T. Humphris (b.17 Nov 1835; d.27 May 1932) she m/2 to
     ___ Goodman
     JAMES FINNELL; b.1828; d.12 Nov 1862; bur. Old Finnell
     MOSES FINNELL;b.15 Feb 1833; d.8 Dec 1864; bur.Old
Finnell Cemetery*

* The "old Finnell Cemetery" located in 1969 at Roanoke, MO on a farm
rented by a Mr J.N. Sires. The Cemetery located on the old Finnell Homestead
3 miles NW of Roanoke.
                       * # * # *

             BIBLE RECORDS


HOLY BIBLE  copied from leaves removed from the Family Bible 6 Nov
1970. The original then owned by John D. Mikel of Kirksville, MO.

D. H. MIKEL b.4 Aug 1806; d.2 Jan 1855 FATHER1
married  13 Jan 1831 to
Margaret M. MIKEL b.  Nov 1815; d.16 Mar 1889
M. L. MIKEL, b.1 Jan 1832
William D. MIKEL, b.21 Jan 18342
Suzan L. MIKEL, b.9 Jul 1836
Mary E. MIKEL, b.23 Dec 1838; d.1839, age 8wks, 4dys
Anthony MIKEL, b.22 Feb 1842
John C. MIKEL, b.24 Jun 1844; d.6 Jan 1863
Thomas M. MIKEL, b.10 Nov 1846
Nancy J. MIKEL, b.26 Feb 1848
Warren P. MIKEL, b.13 Jan 1851; d.1854 aged 3yrs 2mos 20dys
James Harvey MIKEL, b.20 Apr 1854; d.20 Apr 1869

1. burial in New Harmony Cemetery, Schuyler Co, MO
2. m. to Nancy J. Stephenson, dau of Marcus & Rachel (Finnell) Stephenson

THE RETREAT   Stock Farm & Residence of S. [Simpson]
FINNELL    Section 18 Madison Twp, Fremont Co, Iowa. [from A.T. Andreas;
Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa; 1875.]

          [Short] GENEALOGIES

              JOHN FINNELL of Kentucky
JOHN FINNELL; b. 1777, VA; d. 1803, Clark Co, KY; m 2 Feb 1797 to
Caty Surry in Orange Co, VA (she b.1780, NC; d. Mar 1860; m/2 28 Apr 1817
to Thomas Stone.
JANE2 FINNELLl b.1798; m. 1816 to James Stephen
JOHN F. FINNELL; b.1800, VA; d. w.28 Jan 1869, Estill Co, KY;
m/1 to Susan White; m/2  21 Nov 1833 to Susan Rawlings; CHILDREN:
     FOUNTAIN3 FINNELL; b.1833; d. by 1869
     LOUISA FINNELL;  m. to Robert Fluty
1. FOUNTAIN2 FINNELL; b.1802, Orange Co, VA;
d.1877, IA; m. to Mary Oliver
 LOTTIE FINNELL; b.11 Dec 1804; d.11 Sep 1905, age 102yrs
2mos; m. to John Williams
2. KITTY ANN FINNELL; b.1810; d.1903; m. to John Wesley Hisle
NIMROD L. FINNELL; b.1799, VA; m. 17 Aug 1815 to Eliza Rielly
in Clark Co, KY. One Son:
     JOHN W.3 FINNELL; b.24 Dec 1821; d.1
     Aug 1927
SALLIE2 FINNELL;  m. to _____ Stone. Madison
Co, KY
NELLIE FINNELL; m. to _____ Stone

FOUNTAIN2 FINNELL; b.8 Mar 1802, Orange Co,
VA; d.6 Mar 1877, Fremont Co, IA; m. to Mary Francis Oliver (she b.26 Feb
1802 Estill Co, KY; d.21 Jul 1882, Fremont Co, IA) both bur. in Family lot
Mt Olive Baptist Cemetery, rural Hamburg Fremont Co, IA.
     SUSAN FINNELL; b.1838
     JAMES / JONES FINNELL; b.1842 Has a son:
          JAMES4 FINNELL; b.1866; m. to
Isabel Chipman
3.   SIMPSON3 FINNELL; b.1827 Estill Co, KY;
     d.1910 Fremont Co, IA
     JOHN FINNELL; b.1829/30, Lexington, KY; d.7 Oct 1905,
     Napa Co, CA; m. 1849 to Elizabeth Stevenson; Children:
          FOUNTAIN4 FINNELL; b.1848/49;
          d.28 Jun 1907, CA
          SIMPSON FINNELL; b.1857/58; d.3 Feb 1936, CA
          WILLIAMSON FINNELL; b.1850/51; d.7 May 1937,
          Almeda Co, CA; m. to Harriet H. _____
          JOHN FINNELL, Jr; in 1905 of Red Bluff, CA
          JAMES FINNELL; in 1905 of Chico, CA
          BUSH FINNELL; in 1905 of a lawyer in San
          Francisco, CA
          MILDRED E. FINNELL; b.1871/72; d.27 Oct 1933; m.
          to Walter G. Uridge
          _____ FINNELL [dau]; m. to R. B. Safford

2. KITTY ANN2 FINNELL; b.4 Mar 1810, Estill Co,
KY; d.27 Jan 1903, Madison Co, KY; m. 7 Dec 1831 to John Wesley Hisle
     WILLIS3 HISLE; b. 20 Mar 1835

3. SIMPSON3 FINNELL; b.13 Oct 1827, Estill Co,
KY; d.10 Jul 1910, Fremont Co, IA; m. 17 Jul 1849 to Fanny Tuttle in Clark
Co, KY (dau of William Tuttle; b.7 Aug 1832, Clark Co, KY; d.2 May 1882)
Both bur. in Mt Olive Cemetery, rural Hamburg, Fremont Co, IA. Simpson &
John Finnell lived in St Joseph, MO before they went to California. They
drove freight wagons to St Joseph and back to California. When they returned
to Missouri they "picked up" a small Indian girl that was to be abandoned
on the Prairie. Simpson gave the parents $20.00 in gold for her. She was
named Pink Finnell and grew up as one of the children, and is buried in the
Finnell Family lot at Mt Olive Cemetery. Pink Finnell and a negro girl. all
raised by the Simpson Finnell Family, never went to school but could read and
write as the Daughters taught them. (from as 1970 letter by J.F.C. Finnell,
a grandson of Simpson. The Family came to Fremont Co, IA at a early date after
having moved from Kentucky to Missouri to California and Oregon and back to
Iowa by the Early 1860's.
     1850, Estill Co, KY; d.26 Feb 1923; m. to Mary Elizabeth Fugate
     MARY FINNELL; b.12 Dec 1851, Platt Co, MO; d.30 Sep
     1936, Bur Mt Olive Cemetery
     JOHN FINNELL; b.6 Mar 1854, Buchanon Co, MO; d.  ;m. to
     ___ Clipford. Went to California
     SARAH FINNELL; b.3 Nov 1856, Buchanon Co, MO
     JACOB FINNELL; b.13 Jan 1859, Napa Co, CA; d.29 Jan
     1959, bur. Rockville, Salano Co, CA
     FOUNTAIN FINNELL; b.26 Jan 1860, Coluc Co, CA; d.24
     Oct 1947, bur Mt Zion Cemetery, m. to Martha Jane Morgan.
          JOHN FAYE C.5 FINNELL; b.15 Sep
          1886; m. to Tabatha Barnes
          1899, Hamburg, IA; d.22 Jun 1965, Hamburg, IA; m. to Bertha
          Martha Reid
          THOMAS ORR FINNELL; b.19 Apr 1890; d.9 Mar
          1957,bur Mt Zion Cemetery, Hamburg, IA; m. 29 Sep 1922 to
          Jesse Hazlett
     1862, Napa Co, CA; d.22 Oct 1937; bur. Mt Olive Cemetery; nm
     JONES FINNELL; b.5 Jul 1865, Jackson Co, OR; d.  College
     Springs, IA; m. to Myrtle _____
     SUSIE [SUSANAH] FINNELL; b.18 Jul 1866, Fremont Co,
     IA; d.18 Jul 1851; m. to Ulyssas S. Sykes
     NIMROD [ROD] FINNELL; b.17 Sep 1870, Fremont Co, IA;
     m. to Luella Hays. CHILDREN:
          RICHARD HAYS5  FINNELL; b.18
          Dec 1914
  SIMPSON4 FINNELL; b.3 Feb 1873; d.2 May
     1956; m. 29 Nov 1900 to Lenora McAchran
     DUDLEY FINNELL; b.14 Feb 1877, Fremont Co, IA; d.6
     Mar 1877, bur. Mt Olive Cemetery

Estill Co, KY; d.26 Feb 1923, Bur Mt Olive Cemetery, rural Hamburg,
Fremont Co, IA; m. 14 Jan 1873 to Mary Elizabeth Fugate. A Pioneer Settler
and Farmer in Fremont Co, IA
     JOHN WILLIAM5 FINNELL; b.27 Sep 1873,
     Achinson Co, MO; d.27 Oct 1935, Hamburg, IA; m. 15 Jan 1896 to
     Alverah Belle Hatten. CHILDREN:
          ARNOLD HATTEN6 FINNELL; b.12
          Jul 1897; d.28 Jan 1948; m. to Mervina Helen O'Brien
     CORA E.5 FINNELL; b.13 Dec 1874, IA; m.
     to William T. Garst
     FRANCIS F. FINNELL; b.21 Oct 1876, IA; nm
     TOWNSEND FUGATE FINNELL; b.10 Oct 1878, IA; d. Sep
     1927; m. to Alice Gertrude Harmon
     SIMPSON F. FINNELL; b.19 Oct 1880; d.6 Nov 1882
     ESTELLA FINNELL;b.2 Nov 1882; d.__ ; m. to Albert White
     CLAY JONES FINNELL; b.31 Jan 1885, Hamburg, IA; d.21
     Oct 1944, Millard, NE; m.1917 to Cuba Esther Russell. CHILDREN:
          CLAY JONES6 FINNELL,Jr; b.18 Mar
          1918, Cedar Rapids, IA; m. 20 Jan 1945 to Marion Schahert
          MARSHALL EVERETT FINNELL; b.7 Jul 1920,
          Cedar Rapids, IA; m. 27 Dec 1941 to Arline Penke
       NORMA DEAN FINNELL; b.30 Jan 1927, Cedar Rapoids,
          IA; m. 30 Aug 1946 to William Ernest
     HUGH5 FINNELL; b.25 Jun 1888, IA; m.
     1912 to Belle Stoner CHILDREN:
          b.9 Nov 1913; m. 1937 to Dorothy Garrison
          MARY LOUISE FINNELL; b.17 Nov 1914, m. 1934
          to Orville Funkheuser
          ROBERT HUGH FINNELL; b.10 Jul 1918; m. 1940 to
          Frieda Smith
          ELIZABETH FAYE FINNELL; b.13 Nov 1922; d.25
          Nov 1935
                       # * # * #

      JONES FINNELL of Estill County, KENTUCKY
JONES FINNELL; b. 1838, Estill Co, KY; d.      Winchester, KY; m.  to
Mary Stone
     RICHARD JONES2 FINNELL; b.6 Jun 1865,
     Winchester; KY; d.24 Dec 1936; bur. Lexington Cemetery, Lexington,
     KY; m. to Elizabeth Adams
     SIMPSON FINNELL; b. 15 Feb 1854, Estill Co, KY; d.12
     Mar 1928, Winchester, KY; m.18 Jan 1872 to Mary Harris in Estill Co,
     KY (she b.7 Apr 1851; d.25 Apr 1913)
     WILLIAM FINNELL; b.1867; d.1947, Lexington, KY; m. to
     Susie Baker
     FOUNTAIN FINNELL; b.14 Jul 1859, Estill Co, KY; d.15
     Nov 1933, Lexington, Co, KY; m. to Rosa Ann Owen (she b. 1861,
     Clark Co, KY) CHILDREN:
          JOHN3 FINNELL; no descendants
          KATHERINE FINNELL; m. to ___ Shepherd
          MATTIE FINNELL; m. to ___ Overstreet
          WESLEY FINNELL;  no descendants
          NANCY ROSE FINNELL;  m. to Paul Oliver
          WILLIAM SHERMAN FINNELL; b.22 Nov 1880, Clark
          Co, KY; m. to Gertrude Sears
     ELIZABETH2 FINNELL; b.17 Apr 1851,
     Estill Co, KY; d.5 Oct 1899, Fayette Co, KY; m. 26 Nov 1867 to James
     SUZIE FINNELL; b.__; d. Jan 1894; bur. Log Lick Cemetery
     Clark Co KY; m. to John Kerr
                       # * # * #

               RICHARD Z. FINNELL
RICHARD Z. FINNELL; b. 1827, NC; d.___
m. to Elizabeth A. _____ (she b.1832, NC)
ROBERT H. FINNELL; b.1849, Henry Co, MO
                       # * # * #

 ROBERT COOK FINNELL  Missouri to Washington
ROBERT COOK FINNELL; b.28 Aug 1867, [TN?]; d.15 Apr 1932,
Columbia Falls, MT; m. to Minnie Florence Shamel (b.12 Jul 1870,
Higginsville, MO; d.17 Mar 1904, Corder, MO)
d.18 Oct 1895, Corder, MO
WILLIAM LEONARD FINNELL; b.25 Jun 18906; d.20 Dec 1949;
m. to Jean ____; CHILD:
Infant Boy FINNELL; b.18 Apr 1898; d.20 Apr 1898, Corder, MO
JAMES BEDO FINNELL; b.12 Jul 1899; d.3 Dec 1957, Olympia,
WA; m. to Evelyn St Clair Horning (b.21 Sep 1906, GA)
CERLELDA ELLEN FINNELL; b.4 Jan 1903; d.4 May 1903,
Corder, MO
ROBERT MERRILL FINNELL; b.11 Apr 1904; d.27 Aug 1961,
Olympia, WA; nm
                       * # * # *

      Revolutionary War Service Records

Revolutionary War Service Record for: REUBEN FINNELL
PVT in Capt Richard Taylor's Co, 1st Virginia Regt  Commanded by Col Isaac
Reed (also called Capt Tarlton Payne's Co.) Enlisted for three years Aug 1776
pay $6 3/4 per month
Pay Roll: May 1777; June 1777; Jul 1777
Muster Roll: May 1777; Oct/Nov 1777
Pay Roll: Sept 1777; Nov 1777; Dec 1777; Jan 1778; Feb 1778;
Pay Roll: Apr 1778; May 1778; May 1778; June 1778; July 1778; Aug 1778;
Sep 1778 (in Light Infantry); Oct/Nov 1778;  Dec 1778; Jan 1779; Feb
                                             1779; March 1779; Apr
                                             1779; May 1779; Jun 1779;
                                             Jul 1779;
Muster Roll: March 1778 (Dated at Valley Forge); Apr 1778; May 1778 (sick
present); June 1778 (Dated at Brunswick);    July 1778 (dated at White
                                             Plains, on guard); Aug 1778
                                             (dated at White Plains in the
                                             Infantry); Sep 1778;
                                             Oct/Nov 1778 (dated at
                                             Middlebrook); Dec 1778 (on
                                             Fatigue); Jan 1779 (dated at
                                             Middlebrook on Command);
                                             Feb 1779 and Mar 1779
                                             (Dated at Midddlebrook);
                                             April 1779; May 1779; Jun
                                             1779 (Dated Smith Cove,
                                             Light Inf.); Jul 1779
                                             (finished 1 Aug)
15 Nov 1783 reveived certificates for balance  of three ful years  L24.5.4
  NOTE: In 5 April 1970 Harry L. Keller refers to a letter from a
old lady living in Front Royal, VA telling him the Revolutionary Soldier
Reuben Finnell, was buried in the Old Finnell Cemetery where the Remount
Station is located
                     # * # * # * #

Revolutionary War Service Record for: JOHN FINNELL
Private in Capt Francis Taylor's Company, 2nd Virginia Regt commanded by
Col Christian Febiger
Pay Rolls: Mar 28 to May 11, 1777 [Absent]; Aug 1777 [time of service 5
moths 3days]; Sept 1777; Oct 1777; Nov 1777; Dec 1777; Jan 1778; Feb 1778
Muster Roll:  May 14 1771 [on furlough]; Nov 7, 1777; Dec 1777 (time expire
10 Apr 1778

Revolutionary War Service Records for: JAMES FINNELL
Corpl in Capt Alexander Spotswood Danridge's Troops in the 1st Regt Light
Dragoons commanded by Col Theodorick Bland (3rd Troop) Pay $10.00 per
Pay Roll: Nov 1777; Dec 1777; Jan 1778; Feb 1778; Mch 1778; Apr/May
1778; Jun/Jul 1778; Aug/Sept/ Oct/ Nov 1778; Oct 1778; Nov 1778
Muster Roll: Nov 1777 [sick absent]; Oct/Nov 1778 [dated at Trenton to serve
till 1 Dec 1778];
                       * # * # *

               MAJOR JAMES FINNELL
JAMES FINNELL, Sr; b. 1752, Orange Co, VA; d. cApr 1810,
Garrard Co, KY (invantory & sale of estate recorded Nov Court 1813);m. 1778
to Nancy _____ (she d. wp Oct Court 1819, Garrard Co, KY)
     Lived on a tract of Land in Garrard Co, KY on the waters of Paint Lick
& Black Creek. Possibly part of a Revolutionary War Land Grant. James
Finnell a Capt in the 19th Regt Ky Militia  Cornstock Wars
     JAMES2 FINNELL; b.c1798, Garrard Co, KY
     WILLIAM FINNELL; b.c1792; d.1813 (wp. Jan Court 1814)
     Garrard Co, KY; m. to Rachel ____
     SUSANNAH FINNELL; b.c1796; m. 4 Oct 1815 to Francis
     Drinkard, Garrard Co, Ky. Came to Chariton Co, MO by 1823.
     CLARY FINNELL; b.c1790; m. 1813 to Joseph Oder, Garrard
     Co, KY, a stone mason in the Garrard Co, KY 1850 census
     NANCY FINNELL; b.1800, KY; d.c1875, Monroe Co, MO;
     m.1817 to Andrew King, Garrard Co, KY. Came to Chariton Co, MO
     by 1823 (Andrew, b.c1790, KY; d.c. Oct 1855 Monroe Co, MO)
     ACHILLIS FINNELL; b.c1780; d.c.1860, Chariton Co, MO;
     m. to Lydia ___; A farmer in the 1850 census Macon Co, MO.
     JANE FINNELL; b.c.1778; d. aft 1860 census Boone Co, KY;
     m. 1803 to Joshua Lampton
     ELIZABETH FINNELL; b. c1786; d.c1805 to John Layton
                     * # * # * # *

               JOHN FINNELL 1845-1918

JOHN FINNELL; b.1845, Lexington, KY; d. 1918 Orlando, OK; m. to
Merinda Woods.
a Civil War veteran  wounded in the war.  bur west of Orlando, OK
     MOLLY FINNELL; m. to John Webb
     THOMAS JAMES FINNELL; b.28 Jun 1867, Lexington; Ky;
     d.17 Mar 1937, Perry, OK; m. to Rosa Lute (b.17 Nov 1883, Beatrice,
     NE; d.16 Mar 1966, Perry, OK) In 1890's was U.S. Deputy Marshall,
          CHARLES WESLEY3 FINNELL; b.1 Jul 1898,
          Orlando, OK; m. to Ruth M. ____
                       * # * # *

         WILLIAM FINNELL  Orange Co, VA

WILLIAM FINNELL; b.c1725, Orange Co, VA; d.c1800, Orange co,
VA; m. to Jane Porter (Dau of Benjamin & Ann ___ Porter)
  REUBEN FINNELL; b.1750, Orange Co, VA; d.15 Oct 1823,
     Sheandoah Co, VA; bur near Front Royal,VA; m/1 1775 to Henrietta
     Thorn; m/2 c1789 to Sarah Ashford Mitchell. Served in the AMR REV
     and a Early Methodist Minister
  JAMES FINNELL; b. c1752, Orange Co, VA; d.cApr 1810,
     Garrard Co, KY; m. to Nancy ___
     Served in AMR REV, removed to KY early
  CHARLES FINNELL; b.1762, Orange Co, VA; d.1842 Chariton
     Co, MO; m. 25 Jul 1786 to Lucy Finnell. Served in the AMR REV
     Early Baptist Minister in KY and MO.
  JONATHAN FINNELL; b. Orange Co, VA; m. to Mary King.
     Service in AMR REV  Settled early in KY & MO
  WILLIAM FINNELL;  b. Orange Co, VA; m. 5 Feb 1778 to Jenny
  ANNA RITA FINNELL; b. Orange Co, VA; m. 26 Dec 1796 to
     Hugh McKinley

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