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Jacob SWISHER and Sarah SWISHER....1836, Sept 19


Page 728

John SWITZER or SWISHER, as the name had come to be called, the father of David Warner SWISHER, was married in 1811 to Catherine TROUT. To them were born 13 children; Mary, Anna, Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Jacob, Margaret, David, George, Henry, Samuel, Rebecca and William. Of these, Mary married John KOINER, Anna married Joseph SPORE, Elizabeth married William HENDERSON, Sarah married Jacob SWISHER, Margaret married Stuart BENNETT, and Rebecca married Taylor PARKER. Upon the death of his first wife, John SWISHER married Mary GROW, and two children Daniel & James SWISHER were born to them.


Page 736

James L. SWISHER, farmer of Gore, son of Jacob and Sarah SWISHER, Swiss and German ancestory, was born 1853; married Annie, d/o Michael and M. E. SCANLON, 1886; children Johanna and James. These children own the old SWISHER home, which has been in the family 60 years.

James W F TAYLOR,farmer residing near Higginsville, s/o Joseph I and Harriet TAYLOR. was born 1852; German and Welsh descent; married Kessiah F., d/o Jacob and Sarah SWISHER, 1877; children, Adeline E. and James W F.

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History of Licking Co.OH (Biographies)


Page 410 & 413

....Jacob and Phoebe SWISHER, who were born December 7, 1778, and April, 1781, respectively. They were natives of Maryland, where they were united in marriage January 1, 1805, and they reared the following family: Abraham, who was united in marriage with Hannah WILKINS, March 9, 1826; Isaac, who was twice wedded, first to Sarah CROLLINS, June 27, 1830, and after her death to Sarah WOODRUFFEE, on September 15, 1831; Anna, who became the wife of William KIRK on March 19, 1829; and Mary. The parents of Ora J GREEN were Benjamin and Mary (SWISHER) GREEN. The father's birth occurred in Licking tnshp, this county in May 1814, and the mother was born in 1810 on the same farm on which occurred the nativity of her husband, and which her father entered about the year 1800. Benjamin Green was a local preacher and well known throughout this part of the state for his usefulness in the ministry, while his wife was also a devoted Christian and both were instrumental in doing much toward heightening the moral and spiritual tone of the community. Their children were: Phoebe Ann,widow of Thomas HILLMAN, residing in Licking tnship;Sarah, wife of J. P. SWISHER, of Hebron; Rowena, the wife of George Dillen DICKENS, of Licking Tnshp;Richard, who departed this life in Louisville KY, May 11,1869, in his twenty-sixth year;Illa, the wife of John HAND, of California; and Ora J.

On March 21, 1871, Mr Green, wedded Mary J. POUND, a d/o Isaac and Sarah J (CARR) POUND, natives of Orange Co NY, who came to this county in 1848, settling in Mary Ann Tnshp, where they spent the remaining days on the farm on which they located. Ora J. GREEN was born in Licking Tnshp November 6, 1846......

History of Licking Co OH

Page 815 & 816


....His great-grandfather, Nicholas SWISHER, was twice united in marriage and reared a family of 20 children, one of whom wasJacob SWISHER, the grandfather, a native of Virginia, who came to this state about the year 1802 and carried on general farming, marketing eggs, chickens and butter which he took on horseback to the town, the nearest place at that time where he could dispose of his products being Zanesville in Muskingum county. He labored on his farm all his days until he entered into rest, his remains being interred in Green Co. Cemetary, Licking Tnshp. His son,Abram SWISHER, was a native of Licking tnshp, this county, and resided there several years after his marriage but subsequently removed to the farm in Newark tnshp now under cultivation by his son, where he resided until the year 1830, when he accidentally lost his life while engaged in loading logs. His remains were interred in the Lutheran cemetary which is located on his farm. His wife, Hannah WILKIN, a native of VA, passed away here and was laid to rest in the same cemetary in which lie the remains of her husband. In their family were three children: Alvey; David, a retired cigar dealer living in Columbus OH; and Mary Ann, deceased.
Upon the death of Mr. SWISHER his wife was united in marriage to John EMORY, by whom she had three children: Catherine, wife of Sylvester REASONER, of Newark OH; Martha J. who became the wife of W B RUTLEDGE, residing on a farm in Franklin tnshp; and Elizabeth, deceased..... Mr. SWISHER, when not occupied with the duties of the schoolroom, assisted in the work of the home farm and thereon remained until his marriage in 1846. On March 18, 1846, Mr. SWISHER (Alvey) wedded Miss Sarah FRANKS, who departed this life 58 years later. They had 8 children, namely: Mary Margaret, deceased; Elizabeth S., who keeps house for her father; Nervina, deceased; Elma L., at home; Louisa V., who is the wife of M. MARTIN, residing in Newark OH; and Perry F., deceased.
For many years, Mr. SWISHER has served as township treasurer and being a public-spirited man, has always been ready to further all measures purposed for the general welfare of the community......

Centennial History of the City of Newark and Licking Co Ohio
by E.M.P. Brister
Reprinted 1982 for The Licking County Genealogical Society
by The Hubbard Company, Defiance, Ohio - Steve White, consultant
Volume 1
Chicago - Columbus
The S.J. Clarke Publishing Co


   The pioneers of this township were Phillip Sutton, Job Rathbone, John and George Gillespie, who arrived in 1801;
Benjamin Green, Richard Pitzer and John Stadden, in 1802; Major Anthony Pitzer, Jacob Swisher, Stephen Robinson, and perhaps others, in 1803................. 

....In 1802, soon after Green settled on Hog Run, Jacob Swisher  a settler from Hardy County, Virginia, located on a hundred acre tract.  He had expended all his means in reaching the country, and. without money or assistance undertook to open up and pay for his purchase.  He erected a "pole cabin."  The forest afforded him abundance of game, and the stream a good supply of fish.  In after years he used to claim to his wife and daughters that he was a better cook than they, for while he kept house in his cabin his corn bread and mush never adhered to the skillet, but came out smooth and unbroken.  They in defense always urged that this circumstance was not attributed to the superiority of his cooking, but rather to the fact that he cooked and roasted much fat bear meat and venison, and then made mush  or baked pone without washing the skillet
thoroughly enough to get off all the grease.
    In his solitary way, Swisher lived several years, when he erected a second cabin of round logs, in dimensions, fourteen by sixteen feet.  Into this establishment of two rooms, he, in 1804, installed his new wife, Phebe, the 
daughter of his old neighbor, Benjamin Green.  Swisher earned part, if not all, the price of his one hundred acres of land  (one hundred and seventy- five dollars), by packing salt on horseback from the Scioto salt works,  in
the vicinity  of Chillicothe to his neighborhood.  This was before any road had been cut out.  One man took two horses, and followed the trail through the woods.  Each horse carried four bushels of slat, which cost at the works one dollar and fifty cents per bushel, and sold here at four dollars per bushel.  It took five or six days to make the round trip.  Several years afterward, or about 1809, the settlers thought themselves fortunate in being able to exchange wheat for salt at Zanesville,  bushel for bushel.
    Swisher continued to reside on the same tract until his death June 23, 1843, at the age of sixty-four.
    Hog Run  pioneers seem to have realized fair prices for produce during those early years.  During the first two or three years, corn sold for fifty cents per bushel, and pork seven dollars per hundred-weight.  Wheat
was not much raised at first, but when produced in quantities exceeding the wants of the neighborhood, often sold  as low as twenty-five cents a bushel.  The first two calico dresses Mrs. Swisher purchased cost her one dollar per yard, but they lasted her many years, even until her daughters grew into womanhood.  

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Harrison Co Marriages 1785-1894
Page 11

CURL, Jeremiah
SWISHER, Margaret         20  Aug  1799

SWISHER, Jacob CURLE, Rachel d/o William 20 Aug 1799

CURLE, Jeremiah ROMINE, Synthia d/o James 4 Nov 1800
((Is this the same Jeremiah as above? Just in case,I added it.))

Marriage Records of Harrison Co 1784-1850

..                        Parents         Date and
Contracting Parties      where known      Minister
Paul RICHARDS                            Apr.27, 1816
Mary SWITZER              Jacob      Joseph Cheuvront

Church Records of Berlin, Somerset Co PA


Jacob (son of Peter) b.5/31/1780
Jacob (son of Jacob SCHWEITZER) b. 11/18/1779
Henry b. 12/29/1789 F. Elder Jacob SCHWEITZER, Barb

((I believe this is the Henry spoken of that married d/o Jacob Bowman SCHWEITZER in Brownsville, PA in 1817))

George b.2/12/1807 F. Jacob SCHWEITZER
Peter b. 3/30/1777 F. Jacob SCHWEITZER, Barbara

"Rivesville Centennial Edition" A Historical Newspaper of the Upper Monongahela Valley
Front page article "Bible Records Tell of Building of Indian Forts, and of Rivesville When it was Pleasantville"

According to these records, Paw Paw Station, or Fort Paw Paw, was established before 1774. (Fort Paw Paw was renovated and enlarged in 1781. It's location was the Highlawns section of Rivesville, on property first legally owned by James JOLLIFFE. It stood on the high flat overlooking the Monongahela River and Paw Paw Creek. The "in-fort" spring still flows. Here, very close by, was the area's first graveyard, where tombstones once showed death dates as early as 1767. (In this fort, as is recorded in the John CUNNINGHAM Bible, were born: Jacob SWISHER, 1769; James CUNNINGHAM, 1770; John DAVIS, 1771; Ezekial CUNNINGHAM, 1778; Zackwell C. MORGAN, 1774; William MERRILL, 1789; Andrew ZERN (ZORN) Jr., 1770; Martha WOODS, 1778; James BEALL, 1774.)


John SWISHER (Jacob) and Catherine PALMER...1823, Octo 27.

Early Records of Hampshire Co VA

p81...2nd column

1800   SWITZER, Jacob, from John BAILEY and wife
1779 SWISHER, Nicholas, from John MCDONALD and wife
1761 SWITZER, Valentine, from Stephen HOTSENBELLA,et al
1797 SWITZER, Valentine, from Henry TAYLOR and wife



SWISHER,GEORGE W.;Feb 2;7-0-18; P: Allen & Elisabeth
SWISHER,HARRIET ELLEN;Oct 5;16-10-16;P:John & Elmina
SWISHER,LETITIE ANN; Dec ll;1-5-12; P:? & Elisabeth; G.F.:Jacob Jr.


SWISHER,CHARLES W.; Feb 3; 0-7-5; P: Allen & Elisabeth
*SWISHER, JACOB R.; Feb 13; 73yr; Bn: Pa.; P:John & Sarah W:Drusilla; S: Zadock
SWISHER,LUENZA J.;Oct. 17; 7-4-0; P: John & Catharine


SWISHER,CHAROLETTE; May 13; 18-9-8; P:Geo W & Harriett
SWISHER,RANDOLPH; Dec 23,; 4-8-22; P: Alpheus & Abigail

HAVE 1858 & 1859 S's death records in Marion Co. from same page.

Biographical & Portrait Cyclopedia of Monongalia, Marion & Taylor Co. WV

Pub. 1895 by Rush West & Co. Publishers Philadelphia
P 117 & 118

THOMAS N. SWISHER, a prosperous farmer and business man of Marion Co, and commander of Meade Post, No 6, G.A.R.,at Fairmont, is a son of Jacob and Barsheba Swisher, and was born in Winfield district, Marion Co. VA (now WV), Nov 8 1836. He grew to manhood on the farm, received his education in the district school of his day and engaged in farming, which he followed until August 7, 1861, when he enlisted in companny "C", sixth WV infantry. Ten months later he was transferred to battery "F", first WV light artillery, in which he was promoted to first sergeant, and served until September 15, 1864, when he was honorably discharged at Wheeling WV. He was in the battles of Martinsburg, Carter's farm and Winchester, and after returning home, resumed farming, which he has followed up to the present time. In addition to cultivating his farm of sixty acres, he has don considerable in the line of carpentering and wagon-making

On April 15, 1858, Mr. Swisher wedded Sarah Ann MORLEY, a daughter of Benjamin MORLEY a farmer of Greene Co PA. To their union have been born seven children: Samuel S.,a farmer of Smithtown, Monongalia Co; Francis M., a resident of Fairmont; Charles E., a resident of this county; Willie Grant, now dead; Sabina Belle, wife of Joseph CAROTHERS, a farmer of Monongalia Co; Jacob O., engaged in farming; and James H., a resident of Fairmont.

......The ancestors of Mr SWISHER were, a century ago, resident in Berkeley Co., from which his paternal grandfather, Jacob M. SWISHER came in 1810, to Winfield District. Jacob M. SWISHER purchased a farm there and followed farming. He was a soldier of the War of 1812, and married Miss BUNNER. Their children were: Joseph, Rev Jacob, Henry, Allen, Mrs. Nancy HARRIS, Mrs Elizabeth CARDER, Mrs Roannah BRAIN, and Mrs. Almeda MARTIN. Rev. Jacob SWISHER was born in Berkeley Co and served as a Methodist minister for nearly half a century. He owned a farm of fifty acres in Winfield District, and lived and industrious and useful life. He did considerable in the timber trade on the river, and died March 25, 1881, aged 75 years...In 1829 he married Barsheba FARRELL, who was a daughter of Enoch FARRELL, and died in March 1864, at 53 years of age. They reared a family of seven sons and eight daughters:Solomon C., of Schuyler Co. Illinois; Elizabeth M., residing at Fairmont; E. W., of Champaign Co, Illinois; Nancy, widow of William DOAK, of Doddridge Co; Thomas N., subject of this sketch; Harriett, of Fairmont; Charles W., enlisted in June 1861, in Company "B". Third WV infantry, and was killed at the battle of Rocky Gap; Elvira, of Fairmont; Robert M., a farmer of Missouri;Sarah, wife of DR. J.R. WATSON, of Smithfield, Fayette Co PA;Henry, a farmer of Winfield District; Emeline, wife of Napoleon B. SWISHER, of Catawba, this county; Jennie and Frank, of Winfield District, this county; and Letitia, now dead.


Marion County WV

SWISHER, Barsheba S. d.3-8-1864 (w)Jacob 54y 4m 12d
SWISHER, Catherine d.5-1-1856 (w)Jobe M. 77y 5m 6d
SWISHER, Jacob (Rev) d.3-26-1881 (h)Barsheba(v)CW 75y 1m 13d
SWISHER, Jobe M. (h)Catherine(v)CW 104y 10d (("Jobe" is Jacob Mountain SWISHER

VA/WV Geneological Data From Rev. War Pension & Bounty Land Warrant Records Vol. 5....Sacrey-Tyree
Compiled by Patrick G Wardell/Lt Col US Army Retired/ Heritage Books
SWISHER, Jacob b.3/13/1752 Berks Co PA, where esf 1775 in PA regiment; mvd to Frederick Co, MD, thence Martinsburg, VA, thence Harrison Co VA, where PN 1833; clergyman Jesse H GOSS & Isaac McBRIDE AFF there then per Co JP Josep JOHNSON; sol name dropped from PN rolls 1834 when RW svc found by PN Office not as alleged. F-S6179 R2333.
((I believe this is Jacob Solomon SWISHER))

Harrison County Marriages


Pg 14..
Swisher, Jacob Richards, Roanna d/o Conrad 12 Aug 1802

Pg 11.. Swisher, Jacob Curle, Rachel d/o William 20 Aug 1799

FROM: 1909 Centennial History of City of Newark & Licking County OH

.....The first settlers within the territory which now constitutes Franklin township were George ERNST, John & Jacob SWITZER, who came in the spring of 1805, the first-named from the Shenandoah valley, and the two latter from the "Glades" in Pennsylvania.....

FROM: History of WV

BRAIN Family History

p 398
...Miriam married Henry SWISHER and settled in Marion County;......Elijah H., at the age of sixteen was made an apprentice to learn the carpenter trade, served out his time, was proficient and went out to work for himself. He finally came to Marion County and there married Roanna SWISHER, daughter of Jacob SWISHER and granddaughter of John SWISHER, who emigrated from Germany.

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